Bryson DeChambeau WITB

Bryson DeChambeau is renowned for his technical approach to golf and likes to work with science to consistently repeat his golf swing.

However, his club selection helps, too, and he says his 2024 bag is the best set-up he has ever played with.

That’s why we researched what’s in his bag in 2024, so you can add consider adding one to your bag or at least dream about it.

Bryson DeChambeau WITB — Specs

Here’s a table that summarizes Bryson DeChambeau golf clubs and equipment for the year 2024.

Item Model Loft Shaft
Driver Krank Golf Formula FIRE LD Driver 6° Degrees Project X HZRDUS T1100
3-Wood TaylorMade Burner 9.5-10° LA Golf Tour AXS Blue shaft
5-Wood Krank Formula Fire 13° LA Golf BAD Prototype 85 TX shaft
Utility Iron Ping Crossover 2-iron 15° True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Mid X100
Irons Ping i230 (One length) 4 to PW LA Golf Shafts
Wedges Ping Glide (One length) 45° LA Golf Shafts
Ping Glide (One length) 50° LA Golf Shafts
Ping Glide (One length) 55° LA Golf Shafts
Ping Glide (One length) 60° LA Golf Shafts
Putter LA Golf SIK Pro C-Series N/A LA Golf C2L 180
Ball Pro V1x Left Dash N/A N/A
Grips JumboMax JMX Grips N/A N/A
Glove Bridgestone Tour B X N/A N/A
Apparel Puma N/A N/A

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Bryson DeChambeau’s Golf Clubs

Krank Golf Formula FIRE LD Driver — Bryson DeChambeau Driver

Krank Golf Formula FIRE LD Driver — Bryson DeChambeau Driver

In 2024, Bryson DeChambeau switched up his driver to the Krank Golf Formula FIRE LD with its minimal 6 degrees of loft. Most drivers have 8-11 degrees of loft, so this low loft can help reduce his backspin, leading to a flatter trajectory and more yards. 

However, you’ll need a faster swing speed to optimize the flight with a lower loft, making it a popular choice among players who can already hit the ball hard and are looking to squeeze out a few extra yards.

Want to check out some of Bryson’s longest drives? Read the full post. You can also check out our investigation into who makes Cobra golf clubs.

TaylorMade Burner — 3 Wood

Bryson Dechambeau uses a Taylormade Burner 3 wood
Source: TaylorMade

Bryson’s 3 Wood is a mini-driver. He switched up the Cobra King Radspeed 3 for the Burner in 2024.

It gives 11.5 of loft, but this has been turned down to 9.5 – 10 degrees. The main man himself describes it as a rocket.

Krank Formula FIRE — 5 Wood

krank formula fire 5 wood bryson dechambeau
Source: KrankGolf

Another change to Bryson’s bag in 2024 is a move from the Cobra King Speedzone 5 wood to the Krank Formula FIRE 5 Wood

He operates the Krank club with 13 degrees of loft, offering a spin rate of 4,000 rpm. The 5 Wood combines rapid ball speeds and stability with a stunning look.

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Ping Crossover — 2 Iron (Utility Iron)


After splitting with Cobra Golf, Bryson DeChambeau’s equipment changed, and he started testing out with Ping. Ping has developed a great set of golf clubs fulfilling Bryson’s requirement.

During the Mayokaba tournament of LIV golf, Bryson used this 2-iron a lot and was able to hit these piercing bullets through the air, which performed well with low spin and a low apex.

This club lets you hit low off the tee with no spin, with the ball running forever. If you’re looking for that stinger flight of the tee, put this beauty in your bag.

Ping i230 Irons — One-Length (4 to PW)


The long-awaited question, what irons does Bryson DeChambeau use?

After parting ways with Cobra, Bryson went to the Ping headquarters, and they assessed his swing beyond his expectations.

Ping converted an iron model of the shelf and made it compatible so they could work as a one-length club set.

According to Bryson, Ping did an amazing job. The clubs Ping provided him not only worked great on the fairway, but the face control through rough was also commendable.

The Bryson DeChambeau irons use a draw-biased loft since Bryson likes to hit draws of all of his clubs. Bryson does not use traditional lofts on his golf clubs. In a recent YouTube video, he said he didn’t want to give out all of his lofts but his 5-iron was 17-degrees.

Bryson Irons have the following lofts:

  • 4-iron: 16 degrees (3-iron head)
  • 5-iron: 19.5 degrees (4-iron)
  • 6-iron: 21.5 degrees (4-iron)
  • 7-iron: 25 degrees (5-iron)
  • 8-iron: 30 degrees (7-iron)
  • 9-iron: 35 degrees (8-iron)
  • Pitching Wedge: 40 degrees (9-iron)

Ping i230s are a great set of golf clubs for all golfers providing good design, forgiveness, and a soft feel with the added advantage of piercing the clubface through the rough.

Ping Glide 4.0 — Wedges


Bryson DeChambeau bag has recently added ping glide 4.0 wedges. His usual setup includes a 56, 50, and 45-degree wedge. However, he recently added a 60-degree to test it around the green.

Bryson, in the past, has used Artisan prototype wedges. He still has an Artisan 56 degree to help him play different shots in different considerations.

These wedges are ideal for many golfers because of their exposed and rounded-off bounces. Forgiveness is a great advantage of these wedges.

A lot of other tour golfers, like Victor Hovland, use Ping clubs. Check out Victor Hovland WITB here.

LA Golf SIK Pro C-Series Arm Lock — Putter

Sik c series pro armlock putter plumbers neck line on top

Bryson has tried out a lot of putters in his career. Since putting requires thought, the science of land contours, and angles, this part of his game involves the most technical detail, and he uses a complicated system to define his numbers, distances and feels.

Bryson has opted for an arm lock putter for quite some time now. This Bryson DeChambeau putter has brought him a lot of success in competition and his putting stats. He has transformed his game from an average putter to an above-average putter.

Anyone who believes they can’t find that perfect control over a putter should look into an arm lock putter. The added stability of the club face because of locked wrists and arms can be the difference in your game.

Pro V1x Left Dash — Golf Ball

Pro V1x is one of the most used golf balls on the tour. Unsurprisingly, the fastest player on the planet is using these golf balls.

The Pro V1 has found its great utility because of its all-around performance in all game sectors. Learn more about the Titleist balls in our Pro V1x review.

JumboMax JMX Ultralite — Golf Grips

Bryson uses an ultra-light oversized golf grip on all his golf clubs. These grips promote added club face stability and awareness through the golf ball. Bryson has a higher clubhead speed than most golfers alive. This requires him to have extra control over the club face. The JumboMax grips help him control the club face without adding any wrist rotation in his swing.

Bryson uses graphite shafts in all his irons and golf clubs, which is uncommon for long hitters. He believes graphite shafts can provide an extra level of stability. He even uses a graphite shaft in his putter.

Read more about graphite shafts, and check out the best graphite iron shafts.

Tour B Fit Bridgestone — Golf Glove

The black and white color combination has a great look on the course. The Carbretta leather has a soft feel that comes at a reasonable price. This glove is great for golfers of all categories.


Bryson DeChambeau has been using Puma shoes since 2021. They have multiple features that properly secure your feet and add an extra layer of stability.

The Heel Lock Window technology covers your heel comfortably and locks your foot securely into the shoe. Adaptive Fit System provides all-around support through the internal bootie, while the external bootie, which is layered with PWRFRAME, ensures the foot is fully supported in high-wear areas.

There is a full-length IGNITE Foam cushioning platform and the renowned PWRADAPT Technology provides responsive comfort and 3-dimensional traction that adapts to how you move.

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How Much Does Bryson DeChambeau’s Bag Cost?

Item Model Price
Driver Krank Formula FIRE LD $699
3-Wood TaylorMade Burner $260
5-wood Krank Formula FIRE $339
Utility Iron Ping Crossover 2-iron $130
Irons Ping i230 (One length) $1500
Wedges Ping Glide (One length) $200
Putter LA Golf SIK Pro C-Series  N/A
Ball Pro V1x Left Dash $66
Grips JumboMax JMX Grips $17
Glove Bridgestone Tour B X $19
Total $3252

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What Extras Does Bryson DeChambeau Carry in his Bag?

Bryson DeChambeau carries four rulers, each offering a different purpose. One is his old length putting measurement tool, another is a yardstick marking every five inches to see how far out he is from the hole. Ping alignment sticks also feature as part of Bryson DeChambeau’s equipment.

What Shaft Does Bryson DeChambeau Use?

Bryson DeChambeau uses LA Golf Shafts on all of his golf clubs. All his irons are LA Golf Rebar Proto Shafts with a standard length of 37.5 inches. However, recently he has been using a Project X HZRDUS T1100 shaft on his Stealth 2 plus driver.

Who Is Bryson DeChambeau’s Clothing Sponsor?

Bryson DeChambeau’s clothing sponsor is PUMA. You can see Bryson rocking the Puma sponsor on his cap, shirt, and shoes. Bryson DeChambeau’s long-lasting deal with Cobra-Puma ended at the end of last year, and since then, he has been a free agent ready to be signed.

Final Thoughts

Bryson DeChambeau is one of the fastest golfers in the world. He has tried to add precision along with speed.

Now you know all about Bryson DeChambeau WITB 2024 from his gloves to his sticks and what clubs does Bryson DeChambeau use.

Some may dislike Bryson, but personally I like his keenness to find the extra 1% in everything he does. It pays off.

Following Bryson’s path would suggest you’re going for precision along with golf clubs performing at higher standards at higher speeds. Following the Bryson path is not for everyone. However, his golf clubs can help people who are looking for precision & performance with an obsession similar to Bryson DeChambeau.

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