Why Oversize Golf Grips Can Improve Your Game

Can An Oversized Golf Grip Improve Your Game?

Manufacturers and players alike are so meticulous about their golfing equipment. In order to give us the best chance of playing to the best of our ability, our clubs need to be just right – and it starts with the grip. Most players will opt for the default standard grip when purchasing a golf club, and this is perfectly acceptable if you wear a medium- or large-size glove. However, for those with larger hands, or for those who have persistent


Mizuno MP-18 SC Irons Review – Is It Really An Iron To Touch Your Soul?

Irons to touch your soul. That is the tagline for the Mizuno MP-18 irons. And, there is no debating that. The MP-18 SC – Split Cavity – is part of the MP-18 range of golf clubs from Mizuno with the MP-18, MP-18 MMC, and the MP-18 MC FLI-HI completing the range. For this review, I will concentrate on the MP-18 SC. Aimed at quality golfers and best of ball strikers.  Forgiveness is not the aim. There are other clubs in


Lamkin UTX Review – An Affordable Grip With A Great Reputation

When talking about a grip in golf, most people think about how you hold the golf club. However, the material you hold onto at the top of the club, the grip, is also extremely important. We take a look at one of the leading grip options in our Lamkin UTX review. Lamkin grips were founded in 1925 when the founder, Elver Lamkin, began manufacturing premium leather grips in the garage of his suburban Chicago home. The company began manufacturing leather


Tensei Blue Review – A High Performing Composite Golf Shaft

The TENSEI range of shafts integrates the most advanced materials ever produced by MCA. They are dedicated to designing and developing the highest performing composite golf shafts for discerning golfers around the globe. Many professional golfers are using Mitsubishi Chemical golf shafts helping MCA to establish itself as a leader and innovator in the golf shaft industry. The TENSEI range consists of three different shaft series, TENSEI™ AV series, TENSEI™ CK Pro series, and the TENSEI™ CK series. Design and


PING Sigma G Anser Putter Review – Highly Rated!

At this point, it’s a well established fact that PING make good putters. Their Sigma G range, which contains 16 models, is no exception. This PING Sigma G putter review will focus on the Anser model, but keep in mind that the face technologies used apply across the entire range. Having the right putter in your hands can make a world of difference. Though it is very much a matter of personal preference, we are all ultimately looking for the


Callaway Rogue Vs Callaway Rogue X – Which Iron Is Better?

Golf has changed rather a lot over the years: theories have been developed, technology has been improved, and attitudes towards achieving the perfect swing have become exceptionally nuanced. Thus, there is no such thing as the perfect set of irons, because what works for some might not quite fit the bill for others. In response to this, we have seen more and more manufacturers introduce multiple club head offerings in the same line. This allows players to make more specific


Callaway Rogue Driver Review – Is It Better Than Its Predecessor?

In this Callaway Rogue Driver review, we will explore the various properties of this club, measuring the strengths and weaknesses to determine if it’s the right driver for you. If you’re looking to gain some extra yardage, accuracy, or forgiveness by purchasing a new driver, it helps to know exactly what technologies these manufacturers are producing – and whether or not they actually make a difference. Things to Consider Before Buying a Driver Before rushing to a decision, there are


KBS Tour 90 Review – Setting A New Standard In Steel Shafts

The story of KBS Tour shafts is the joining of two paths into a committed partnership aiming to establish a new vision of golf shaft performance and design. FEMCO Steel Technology (FST), the golf branch of the Far East Machinery Co. Ltd, aims to provide high-quality and cost-effective steel products including golf shafts through constant innovation and technological advancements. FST continues to provide high-quality shafts at affordable prices. Kim Braly designed innovative golf shafts throughout his career. He has validated


Project X LZ Review – Is This Popular Shaft Worth A Try?

True Temper is one of the leading manufacturers of golf shafts and used by professional golfers on all of the major tours. Project X shafts are one range of shafts within their stable. The Project X standard shaft is one of the most popular shafts on Tour and in high swing speed player’s bags. With the introduction of the Loading Zone technology, Project X offers the precision and advantages of Project X standard shaft to a larger player base. They


How to Hit Irons – Perfecting The Games’ Essential Hit

Golf is a game that challenges every aspect of your life. While driving, chipping, and putting are important it is essential that you know how to hit irons. You have to be physically fit and flexible, have a great technical ability, good feel, and be mentally strong. Without these attributes, it is still possible to become a skillful player, but the top ball strikers in the professional ranks have worked hard in refining this aspect of their game. This will


How to Stop a Slice With a Driver – Eliminate The Dreaded Shot!

Hitting a driver that starts out straight and then suddenly veers off course making a depressing curve to your dominant side is not how you want to hit a golf ball. I am talking about that wild curve that heads for the deep rough, deep into a hazard, or even out of bounds. All golfers have hit the dreaded slice at some stage in their golfing experience. I know because I have seen many and experienced it first-hand. It is


Ben Hogan PTx Irons Review – Is This An Iron To Consider?

I recently saw a Rick Shiels Ben Hogan Ptx Irons review that piqued my interest. The manufacturers have released a technologically advanced set, that will go a long way to keeping your shots long. In the past, you needed to sacrifice forgiveness for distance and look and feel, but now you can find players irons that include all these characteristics. Things To Consider Before Buying a Set of Irons Shopping for a new set of irons can quickly become overwhelming,

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