Best 60-Degree Wedge – Our Top 5 Ranked & Reviewed

There’s an old saying, ‘drive for show and putt for dough’, but next to the putter your wedge might be the most important and useful club in your bag. We take a close look at the best 60-Degree Wedges. The approach shot into the green, allowing you the best chance for a two-putt or maybe better, is where the wedge comes into play. The best and most versatile of these wedges is the 60-degree or lob wedge. Types of Wedges:


C3i Golf Wedge Review – Could Advanced Technology Boost Your Game?

Tiger Woods once said that a 30 – 60 yard shot out of a bunker is the hardest in golf. From personal experience, I have found this to be true. Then, I recently watched 4 time PGA Champion Chip Beck’s, C3i Golf Wedge Review. He claimed that the club helps reduce fat shots out of the bunker and the rough. In our review, we will take a look at how Autopilot has managed to harness advanced technology from other industries


Xe1 Wedge Review – Could You Benefit From This Wedge?

Golfers of all abilities will gain some benefit from the Xe1 wedge. Well, in fact, maybe only high handicap golfers. Audacious claims about the design and what benefits you will gain from purchasing the wedge are made in the aggressive advertising campaign and the company’s website. We take a look ourselves in this Xe1 Wedge Review… Xe1 Wedge Review Pros: Extremely high loft angle (59-degree or 65-degree) Bounce is suited to the Auto-Glide sole Simple to align with the square-to-square


The 7 Best Wedges For High Handicappers

Golf is a magnificent sport and an opportunity to spend time in the open air while meeting people from your social circle and the business environment. The equipment required can be confusing to new golfers and even some golfers that have been playing for a while. In this article, we will concentrate on the wedge aspect of your set of clubs and assess which are the best wedges for high handicappers. To reduce your handicap, you must sharpen up your


The New Cleveland ZIPCore Wedge Review

Cleveland is one of the club manufacturers that have concentrated their efforts on the development of wedges through the years. Recently they have increased their focus on a full range of clubs and their drivers are definitely worth a look, in the medium to low, price range. Grooves Maybe it’s a good idea to give some background to all the talk around grooves. Groove technology has been the concentrated area over many years as each manufacturer seeks to offer the


Lob Wedge vs Sand Wedge – What’s The Difference?

The majority of your shots in a typical 18-hole round are going to be 100 yards and into the pin. So, wedges are a very important part of your bag and you should certainly get familiar with all of the types of wedges. The two types of wedges, the lob, and sand wedge are commonly mistaken for each other by most amateur golfers.  There are actually small, but relevant differences between the two. Is There a Difference Between the Lob


7 of The Best Golf Wedges For 2021 [Reviews & Ratings]

The average golfer is probably more interested in the size or name of his or her driver, or the unusual shape and design of their putter. They should, however, rather pay more attention to their wedges. About 30% of your shots are played within 100 yards of the green and your skill with these shots could have an even bigger influence on your handicap. So what should we be looking for when it comes to finding the best golf wedges?


Square Strike Wedge Review – Is It Worth Buying? (Updated 2021)

There are many facets to the game of golf that golfers have to fight very hard to overcome. The short game and wedge shots around the green that cannot be hit with a full swing has proven to be extremely costly for the majority of golfers, up to now… and now here comes the Square Strike Wedge to your rescue. What is the Square Strike Wedge and in which category does it fall? That’s a frequently asked question. It looks

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