Ping Chipr Review: Pros, Cons, Alternatives

I was looking forward to writing this Ping Chipr review when I first saw the club. The PING Chipr is a baby of the Ping Golf Company’s fruitful efforts of developing a golf club to assist chipping. The Ping Chipr can help you hit a bump & run easily from up to forty yards. So, how good is the Ping Chipr?

The Ping Chipr is designed for anyone who struggles with bump and runs or chipping in general. This golf club is heavier than a regular loft wedge; it has a lower loft and more bounce for the club to slide over the ground in a putting stroke fashion easily. It’s highly recommended for a low-confidence short game.

A golfer who is confident around the greens will accomplish more than a golfer who is hesitant. Inevitably, the latter golfer will drop many strokes due to poor short games.

The Ping Chipr can address the inconsistency in your chipping. Let’s find out more about the Ping Chipr wedge.

Ping Chipr Verdict

ping chipr review


  • Useful for your short game
  • It’s longer than a standard wedge; this helps assist the bump and run motion.
  • It’s better looking than gimmicks claiming to be golf putter chippers in the market.


  • You will be made fun of by your friends; it is what it is.
  • It’s hard to hit high shots because of its low loft.

The Ping Chipr does great at what it’s designed for. The Chipr provides great value to any golfer who struggles his way around the green.

It’s commonly accepted that the safest shot around the green is a bump and run, and I’ve found this wedge to be a safe option for this purpose.

At 38.5°, the Ping Chipr has a lower loft than any wedge. It has 8° of loft, which prevents you from producing bad results on a shot where you hit behind the golf ball (a ground first contact).

Lookswise, it’s not excellent, but in all fairness, it’s better than all the gimmick chipper putters on the market. But bully for you; you can either learn how to chip with a standard wedge or compromise on the looks of the wedge.

My Rating of the Ping Chipr

Here’s how I rate the Chipr by Ping.

Overall 90
Forgiveness 96
Feel 95
Workability 89
Aesthetics 75
Price 92

Who’s it Best For?

The Ping Chipr is ideal for high-handicapped golfers, seniors, women, and kids that are new to golf. The Ping Chipr is best for any golfer who finds chipping around the greens a nightmare. The Ping Chipr can help you hit a safe bump & run from up to 40 yards.

If you play golf casually, this is the ideal wedge to go out and have a good time without worrying too much.

You’ll rarely see an experienced golfer play with a Chipr instead of a wedge.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Ping Chipr

The Ping Chipr is ideal for you if you have the following tendencies in your game:

  • Consider your budget. It’s not a very expensive club, but you could get a decent set of wedges around the same price tag, or find a Ping Chipr for sale if you’re lucky.
  • If you’re a high handicapper tired of blading short chips over the green, you could give the Chipr a shot.
  • If you want a safe option in your game around the green and have space for an extra club, put the Ping Chipr in; maybe, you’ll fancy using it.
  • Consider your skill level. I’d recommend you not to purchase the Ping Chipr if you’re a low or a medium handicapper because your fellow golfers will make fun of you, trust me.

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abdul m green ping chipr review
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The Ping Chipr Review

ping chipr review

The Ping Chipr was released in 2021. A big company in golf rarely releases an unconventional golf club, but it also implies it will have some sauce.

The Ping Chipr is a bump & run specialist. It’s designed to help you hit low-height and low-spin shots from around the green and even from 50-60 yards.

I reviewed the Ping Chipr and evaluated it in different circumstances and golf club characteristics, so stick around to find out.

Ping Chipr Evaluation Under Different Circumstances

Various shots are required to hit it close from around the green. I wanted to find out how the Ping Chipr did in different circumstances. Can it be used for something more than just bump & runs? This is my assessment of the golf club.

5-15 Yards From The Edge Of The Green

The Ping Chipr is used to roll the ball like a putt on the green and bounce with no spring on the fringe. The Ping Chipr is ideal for shots from 5 to 15 yards with no obstacles like bunkers or other hazards to chip over.

Whether the ball takes its first bounce on the green or on the fringe, it will always tend to roll because of the low spin rate produced by the club. This is because of the wedge’s low loft and high bounce features.

15-35 Yards From The Edge Of The Green

The Ping Chipr is designed for a bump & run around the green but not from farther distances. However, it is applicable for distances of 15 to 35 yards.

If the fairway runs between you and the green, you can drop the ball behind the green or on the green and watch it roll, depending on where the pin is placed.

However, be careful to judge the distance and roll on difficult greens, as you don’t want to run too far away from the hole.

35-55 Yards From The Edge Of The Green

The Ping Chipr is not designed for longer distances. However, under dire and applicable circumstances, you can run a shot further away from the hole.

You can hit a shot with it, but because it is slightly heavier, it will be hard to hit, and all you can expect is a low shot.

I don’t recommend this, and I’d emphasize you learn how to hit a half-swing wedge shot.

From Behind a Bunker

The Ping Chipr has a loft of 38 degrees, which is not ideal for quickly launching the ball into the air. In my experience, the club will get the ball over the hazard (not easily, though), but the ball will keep rolling after landing.

This shot cannot be used in a shot where you’re short-sided and have no green to work with. This shot should only be tried if the ball is sitting up in a first cut, fairway, or rough, but never from a tight lie or a submerged ball.

However, I found the club to be an automatic choice for hitting over obstacles when you have green to work with and you want the ball to go in low and roll to the target.

From Sand Traps

The Ping Chipr will not work efficiently from a bunker. This is because of the low loft in this golf club, which makes it hard to open the clubface.

From The Rough

This club is a safe and reliable option from the rough. Like any shot from the rough, it is hard to predict the outcome of a golf swing, but with the Ping Chipr, you can rest assured that the club face is going to go through the rough and not dig in or get stuck because of the eight-degree bounce on the club.

The ball will come out low and with no spin, but as I mentioned previously, this club is not ideal for short-sided golf shots.

How The Ping Chipr Performs In Different Categories

ping chipr review

I tested the Ping Chipr to find out how it performed in some important categories. The following categories are considered and explained below:

Overall Utility

The overall utility of the golf club depends on how you decide to use the golf club. There are only a few ways to use this golf club, all of which are bump & run shots from different situations. I found the golf club to have tons of utility around the greens where you don’t have to go over an obstacle and have a straight-up look at the hole.

You can use this club from the fairway, first cut, and even from rough if the ball is sitting up. Do not consider this golf club from the bunker or a ball submerged under heavy rough.

The Ping Chipr will get an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 from the Golfspan crew.


Cost is a little higher than the usual internet-gimmick-y golf clubs. There are two reasons for the +$160 price tag.

  1. Ping makes this golf club.

The company is famous for producing tour-level equipment, so you can expect the latest technology and an immense amount of research behind the golf club.

  1. This golf club will provide a viable solution for your chipping yips.

This club can help your game and give you more confidence around the green. The club has also been developed using high-end materials and the right golf club manufacturing ideology.


Since accuracy mostly depends on your stroke as you get closer to the green, the accuracy of this golf club is up to the best.

The club’s weight forces you to swing in a pendulum keeping the club face relatively square through the shot. This gives you a lot of accuracy and control when hitting your shots with the Ping Chipr.


The Ping Chipr is known for its forgiveness. It’s ideal because it provides a lot of forgiveness on off-center strikes.

It’s important to know that forgiveness decreases as the distance from the hole increases, and since Ping Chipr is used from around the green, the distance is always not very high and you can take advantage of maximum forgiveness.

Check out some of the most forgiving wedges here.

Feel & Appearance

Usually, unconventional golf clubs do not have the best feel. It feels like the ball impacted a hard surface with no elasticity. However, that’s not the case with the Ping Chipr.

Looking at the nut fitted on the heel of the golf club, I can assume that the club has a hollow space inside and is filled with some kind of polymer material.

The Ping Chipr has a soft feel off the face and does not cause any unnecessary stress or shock on your hands, even on off-center strikes.

The Ping Chipr looks slightly bulky for a wedge. But that’s what you pay for, you pay for the safety around the greens and not the looks of the golf club.

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Ping Chipr — Specifications

The Ping Chipr comes with the following specifications:

Type Chipper
Shaft: Ping Z-Z115/Ping Alta CB Slate
Grip: Ping 360 Dyla-wedge Lite
Loft: 38.5
Lie Angle: 70
Bounce Angle: 8
Swing Weight: E6
Length: 35”

The Ping Chipr vs. A Nine Iron


Essentially an advanced level golfer can accomplish the same things as the Ping Chipr using a 9 iron around the green.

A 9-iron has the same amount of loft as the Ping Chipr. Can you also use a 9-iron around the green instead of the Ping Chipr? Let’s take a look.

Both of these clubs can be used to do the same job. However, you can argue that one is easier to use than the other.

Let’s look at the following table to compare some of their key characteristics around the green

Ping Chipr 9 Iron
  • You stand more upright with Ping Chipr because of its length assisting in putt-like stroke.
  • With a 9 iron, the lie angle gets more flatter with the ground and it’s hard to use a systematic motion through the shot.
  • The Ping Chipr is shorter in length than the 9 iron
  • Longer in length
  • Easy to control around the greens
  • Hard to control as you’re worried about solid contacts
  • Cannot hit full shots with it
  • It is designed for hitting full distance shots
  • Not a part of a standard golf iron set.
  • Part of a standard golf kit

How To Hit The Ping Chipr

To hit the Ping Chipr, you need to adopt your putting stroke over the ball. Because of its lie angle and length, the Ping Chipr enables you to hit shots around the green like a putt.

Here’s how you can do that.

  • Stand upright and closer to the ball, more than you normally would. Grip down on the golf club a little bit if required.
  • Your stroke should resemble a putting stroke. No need to make aggressive long swings. Just take it back and through like a pendulum, like you would on a normal putting shot.
  • Keep the club face as square as you can through the golf ball, as you don’t want any unnecessary motion through the golf ball inflicted by your wrists.

Alternate Options

Let’s look at some other options we have available in the market, options that claim to improve your chipping. Let’s take a look:

Mazer Chipper Club

The Mazer chipper club is designed to provide the same results as the Ping Chipr. However, the Mazer is designed to look more like a putter while the chipr is designed to look more like a wedge.


  • It’s cheaper than the Ping Chipr
  • It’s easier to hit because it requires a putting stroke to hit a ball that travels 20% of the distance in air.
  • For more accuracy the mazer has a topline to align the ball like a putter.


  • It does not feel as soft as the Ping Chipr at impact.
  • The shaft and material are subpar.

C3i Wedge

The C3i wedge is not only used for the bump & run. It comes in a sand wedge model and a lob wedge model. This wedge can help you hit all kinds of shots around the green and from the bunker.

The club’s sole is extra wide, which causes the club to glide automatically through any surface. This feature gives you extra confidence around the green to hit any kind of shot, especially from the bunker.


  • C3i wedge is ideally designed to hit the ball in the air without worrying about blading or hitting behind the ball, completely opposite of the Ping Chipr.
  • The C3i wedge has a progressive design and aesthetic look.
  • It’s cheaper than the Ping Chipr.


  • Might not be the best for low handicappers.
  • Does not give you the versatility to hit different kinds of shots.
  • Cannot use it to hit full-swing shots.

Mac Daddy CB Wedge

The Mac Daddy is a more conventional-looking wedge than most of our other options. This wedge is designed to assist golfers with difficulty using sharp wedges. This golf club is recommended for mid-handicappers who would like a wedge to compensate for their lack of skill in chipping and short game around the green.


  • A conventional design
  • Easy to hit
  • Versatile
  • Very budget friendly


  • Lower handicap golfers may not like the game improvement features of the wedge.


How Far Can You Hit a Ping Chipr?

The Ping Chipr is not designed for full-length shots or even long-pitch shots. This golf club is not designed to be swung hard and fast from a distance. The golf club is only recommended when the golf ball is around the edge of the green and you have an open look at the hole with no obstacle (hazards) to fly the ball over.

What Is the Angle of the Ping Chipr?

The Ping Chipr has a loft of 38 degrees. This is why it is easier to hit the ball low and with less backspin, so it keeps rolling on the green instead of checking wherever it lands like it is with other conventional wedges. It also has a bounce angle of eight degrees and a lie angle of 70 degrees.

Final Thoughts

As the Ping Chipr review ends, I’d say that this chipper is for golfers who find it hard to chip around the green and do not have the time or patience to learn how to use their wedges around the green.

The Ping Chipr can be a go-to choice around the green, giving you better results than a conventional wedge.

I highly recommend this Ping wedge to casual and senior golfers who find it hard to use wedges around the green and just need something not to destroy their rounds while enjoying a round of golf.

Abdul Moiz is a skilled golfer and professional writer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Sciences and Technology in Islamabad and has played golf for over 5 years. He has a handicap index of 18.5, uses TaylorMade Sim driver, and loves his 60-degree wedge. He's tested and reviewed over 50 products and specializes in reviewing budget-friendly golf club sets. You can connect with Abdul at X, LinkedIn, or

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