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The 10 Best Callaway Irons 2022

Callaway has produced golf equipment for professionals and amateurs since 1982. As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand, I thought I would pay tribute to the Callaway family by reviewing the best Callaway irons for 2022. Which of the best Callaway irons is right for you? I tested various of the company’s irons,

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The Best Mizuno Irons In 2022

As long as I have played golf, players have praised Mizuno for their quality craftsmanship and the pure feel of their irons. The only downside is that most of their products cater to superior golfers. Nonetheless, I have worked hard to compile a list of the best Mizuno irons in 2022. When they started manufacturing

wilson d9 irons

Wilson D9 Irons Review – High Launch for Soft Green Approach

Wilson may not be the biggest name in golf products. Still, they have been consistently bringing out high-quality clubs since 1914. The D9 series is a testament to Wilson’s commitment to providing excellent equipment at a much more affordable price than many of its competitors. The D series of clubs has proven a popular choice

callaway apex 19 irons review

Callaway Apex 19 Irons Review

Apex golf clubs have a long-standing tradition of excellence dating back to the time when Ben Hogan first produced Apex golf clubs before Callaway bought the company in 2003. Callaway then released the first set of Apex irons in 2014. Finally, they improved the irons for the 2016 range before waiting 3 years to release


Taylormade P770 Review

I recently watched a video where golf Youtuber Rick Shiels tested the P770 irons. He admittedly surprised me when he said they were the “best-looking irons he had ever seen.” Naturally, I felt that we should conduct a TaylorMade P770 review to test Shiels’ claim. In this post, we will look at the pros and


PXG 0211 Irons Review

PXG is a brand that is renowned for high-quality golf clubs that is the result of extensive research and development using only the best materials and processes. The PXG 0211 irons deviate slightly from this recipe. After 4 years of producing only high-quality, high-priced golf clubs, PXG decided to enter the mass market by offering


Titleist T100 Irons Review

Titleist is a premium golfing brand that used to cater exclusively to professional and better golfers. This changed over the last decade where Titleist decided to become more inclusive adding ranges that will suit the average golfer as well as professional and better golfers. The 2021 release of the T100, T200, and T300 are the

Mizuno Mp20 irons

Mizuno MP20 Review

The Mizuno MP20 series of golf irons have something for every golfer. Mizuno was known simply for their player’s blade-type irons for so many years, but things have changed. Mizuno has golf club choices for high handicappers, low handicappers, and the average golfer. The Mizuno MP20 Irons come in three models: MB is for low

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TaylorMade M2 vs M6 Irons

TaylorMade is a name brand that has won many major tour championships with players like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and Rickie Fowler part of Team TaylorMade. TaylorMade continues to develop new technologies with both irons and drivers. Their current Spyder range of putters can be seen in the bags of amateurs and professionals

callaway rogue pro irons review

Callaway Rogue Pro Irons Review – Strong Lofts For Added Distance

In a recent post, I spoke about the forgiving game-improvement features of the Callaway Rogue X irons. This time, I am catering to the advanced players among us and am discussing players’ distance irons. That is why I am conducting a Callaway Rogue Pro Irons review. It can be tough to find the original Callaway

callaway rogue x irons review

Callaway Rogue X Irons Review – Strong Lofts For Added Distance

When you mishit your golf ball, it can lead to a wayward shot and a loss of distance. That is why manufacturers produce forgiving clubs to mitigate the damage of an off-center strike. In this post, we look at a club that increases yardage no matter what. My Callaway Rogue X irons review will determine


Callaway Rogue Vs Mavrik Irons Review

Callaway is an experienced campaigner, producing clubs that help the everyday golfer hit the ball longer and straighter. Included in this portfolio is a range of game improvement irons that promote optimal distance without sacrificing distance. In this article, we are reviewing the Callaway Rogue vs Mavrik irons to determine which irons are better and


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