What Are Hybrid Golf Clubs & How Do They Differ?

A hybrid is generally known as a mixture of two different species or things, usually trying to get the best attributes of both. Quick Answer: Hybrid golf clubs are a mix of woods and irons in an attempt to get the best features of each into one club. The hybrid will take the easier swing mechanics of iron play and combine this with the more forgiving nature of the wood. What Are Hybrid Clubs – And How Do They Differ?


The 3 Wood vs 3 Hybrid – What’s The Difference and Which To Use

Many golfers have invested in hybrid clubs to make their lives easier and to get more consistency in their game. This has not always replaced the fairway wood and we will provide some insight on the differences between a 3-wood vs a 3 -hybrid club. Most golfers will agree that fairway woods are the most difficult club to strike properly from the deck. It is slightly easier off the tee where you can tee it up. Hybrid clubs were brought

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