What Size Golf Tee Should I Use? Does It Really Matter?

Most golfers, including professional golfers on tours, use tees off the tee box to gain maximum advantage, yet the selection of a tee is one of the most neglected purchasing decisions. The question that arises is ‘what size golf tee should I use for a driver and other clubs’? Are they all the same length


U.S. Batteries Vs Trojan Batteries – A Fair Comparison Review

As golfers, it seems that we’re faced with decision after decision about what products are right for us. Choosing the right set of irons is hard enough – but finding the best battery for your golf cart, for many people, can be even more of a headache. There are many elements that constitute the quality


Which Are The Most Expensive Golf Shoes You Can Buy?

The Most Expensive Golf Shoes You Can Buy: Are they worth it? Golf shoes are crucial in maintaining stability and prevent sliding especially when swinging hard and fast for a few extra meters on the long par fives. Comfort and style combined with technology push the price of golf shoes up and can be quite


How Do Golf Shoes Help? Think Stability, Balance & Flexibility!

The golf swing is a complicated combination of components that take a few seconds to execute from the initiation of the backswing until the completion of the release.  You need all the help you can get and many people wonder, how do golf shoes help? Why Golf Shoes Are Important? The downswing component takes less


6 vs 8 vs 12-volt golf cart batteries: Which One Should You Ride With?

In today’s review, we compare 6 vs 8 vs 12-volt golf cart batteries. According to US Battery, golf carts demand 48-volts of battery power to operate. Since batteries come in 6, 8, and 12-volts, vehicle owners may think that purchasing four 12-volt units instead of eight 6-volt’s is cheaper because it has a lower upfront


48 vs 72-Volt Golf Cart: Which One Performs The Best?

My experience of looking for a golf cart was nothing but a challenge. While I took advice from many self-proclaimed experts, they simply threw mathematical equations and scientific terms at me in abundance. Naturally, this amplified my confusion. But, I came to realize that the most important factor of your golf cart is runtime. How

how-do-golf-rangefinders -work

How Do Golf Rangefinders Work? Are They An Essential?

Accuracy and distance control has become part and parcel of the game of golf. Distance markers on the course are generally found at intervals of fifty yards from the green up to the 200-yard mark. This is not sufficient for experienced golfers that require precision to assist in a club and shot selection. Experienced golfers


Trackman Alternatives – Launch Monitor Options

Launch-monitors and related golf technology are able to help golfers at all levels enhance and develop their game. We look at one of the leading names, Trackman, as well as Trackman alternatives. Power in golf is not restricted to club and ball technologies or brute strength. With advanced technologies, golfers can build their swing in


The 5 Best Golf Impact Bags – A Simple & Effective Training Aid

You could have the most technically advanced golf clubs, the shiniest shoes, the smartest clothes, and the fastest, most powerful golf swing in the land – but it will all count for nothing if the moment of impact, otherwise known as ‘the moment of truth’, isn’t quite up to par. That’s where golf impact bags


Best Wide Brim Golf Hats – Face And Neck Protection On The Course

Sunburn, the most sadistic punishment a golfer can endure after a round of 18. Besides the immediate pain, sunburn expedites skin cancer. My recommendation is to look for a wide brim golf hat that gives your entire face and neck protection. In this post, we take a look at the best wide brim golf hats


The Best Driver Headcovers -To Meet Your Fashion & Functionality Needs

Functionally, headcovers do a lot for our drivers. They provide shelter from the rain and UV rays and prevent unnecessary scratches. They’re also pretty handy for hiding your $500 driver from prying eyes. But in this modern age of golf, driver headcovers can be so much more. Creativity has boomed, with sleek, colorful, and sometimes


TecTecTec VPro500 Review: Tried and Tested For You

When it comes to golf laser rangefinders, the most popular brand is Bushnell. 99% of PGA Tour pros and their caddies use the device on the range and during practice rounds. While the price of a Bushnell device may be out of your budget, there are plenty of laser rangefinders available at an affordable price.


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