How To Use A Golf Rangefinder? And The Benefits It Will Bring!

On the golf course, you only have access to the most common distance markers at 100, 150, and 200 yards. This is only the distance to the green. Front, middle, or back? That is not always clear. To make the most of your diligent practice and to tweak your distance control, you must know how to use a golf rangefinder. You could read the entire instruction manual to ensure that you are proficient at using the rangefinder or watch some

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Bushnell Tour V5 Review – Top Choice For Pros, Would It Work For You?

When 97% of PGA tour professionals and their caddies use a product, you know it must be good. However, equipment that works for the professionals doesn’t always for the average golfer. However, this is different when it comes to laser rangefinder technology. They are easy to use and beneficial for all golfers. The Bushnell Tour V5 is the latest in laser rangefinder technology from the leaders in the market. I have taken the time and analyzed its features to see

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Bushnell Pro Xe Review – A Laser Rangefinder With Impressive Accuracy

I have always been a fan of hiring a caddie. Their course knowledge helps you think differently about your approach, and having them on the bag can help you save a few shots. The reality is, hiring a caddie every time can quickly burn a hole in your wallet in the long run. The alternative option is to invest in a high tech laser rangefinder, which will act as your caddie, minus the carrying of your bag. Recently I conducted

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Bushnell Tour V4 Review – Are You After Accurate Yardage To The Pin?

Tight courses leave you little room for error. Landing the ball a few yards short or long is the difference between putting for birdie and trouble. Most distance markers give us the distance to the middle of the green. However, that doesn’t provide us with the distance from our ball to the pin. Luckily, laser rangefinders have solved this problem, given you accurate yardage to within 1 yard. Having found the Tour V3 useful, I have decided to take a

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Bushnell Tour V3 Review – Does This Laser Rangefinder Deserve Praise?

Charging around and looking for distance markers, then calculating how far out you are from the pin, wastes time and detracts from the fun of golf. Fortunately, like with everything else, technology has solved this problem for us, with range finders. The initial GPS rangefinders had their flaws as their accuracy was more of an estimation than an accurate measurement. However, the advent of laser rangefinders has brought the accuracy of some devices on the market to within one yard


Birdie Bundle Review – Subscription Box Gift Solution

These subscription options will suit almost any budget. If you require an inexpensive option, the primary bundle will be ideal and provide you with the basics. Money, not a problem? Select the premium option for top quality premium branded apparel and accessories. Not too sure if you want a big box every month. Select the combo subscription for a primary box followed by a premium box in alternate months. This costs less and will not overload your collection with too


The 11 Best Golf GPS Devices and Watches

In this article we will take a look at the 11 best golf GPS devices and watches on the market. We’ve broken it down into 2-sections so if you’d prefer a watch over a handheld device you can click here to jump to that section. Golf GPS Watch or Handheld GPS Device? Many a golf pundit has strived to provide the solution to this question without major success. Golf is a game comprising of many individual factors and the choice


The Top 5 Golf Stat Apps For Smartphones – track your own stats!

Viewers watching golf on TV have seen the statistics that are displayed for the professional golfers and want to be able to track their own stats as well. Many companies were quick to catch onto the opportunity and you now have a multitude of golf stats apps for smartphones available on all the online app stores. In this piece, we will look at apps that specifically track your golfing stats. Should an app have other functionality available we will indicate


Rapsodo R-Motion Review – An Accurate & Affordable Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo R-motion is one of the most affordable launch monitors and provides accurate data considering the low price. In this Rapsodo R-Motion review. we’ll dive deeper into what makes this a popular training aid and the pros and cons of owning this device. It makes use of photometric technology which measures swing and ball data making it optimal for indoor and outdoor use while it provides instant feedback on a range of clubhead and ball statistics. Clubhead and golf

Garmin Approach S60 Review

Garmin Approach S60 Review – Is It Really Better Than Other Models?

Are you considering buying a golf watch? Or, are you debating whether to buy a golf watch or rangefinder? Both of those questions are pretty popular among consumers today, and a Garmin Approach S60 Review will hopefully show you if it is the right fit for you. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the watch, let me first point out what factors should go into your buying decision when deciding between golf watches. Things to Consider When Buying a


Garmin Approach S40 Review – Is This The Right Model For You?

The golf watch industry is flooded with different golf watches, with different levels of complexity and different features they offer. It can be tough to find which golf watch is right for you. The purpose of a Garmin Approach S40 Review is to see if it could be the type of golf watch that suits you. The good thing is that even if it isn’t then this post will point out a few alternatives for you! Buying a golf watch


Short Par 4 Review – Is The The Golf Subscription Box For You?

Golf apparel is big business and there are many golf stores where you can buy your favorite apparel and accessories. This means that you have to go out to the store to buy your gear. Short par 4 golf is a website that you subscribe to for a monthly fee and they send you a Short Par 4 Subscription box on a monthly basis with a variety of items according to your preferences selected on sign-up. A Short Par 4

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