garmin s60 vs s62

Garmin S60 vs S62: Differences, Pros, & Cons

The Garmin S60 Approach has long stood as the king of Garmin golf smartwatches, but upon the release of its successor, the Garmin S62, it may just well have been dethroned. Yet while it brings about numerous upgrades, it costs a lot more. So is the hefty price jump worth it? Especially for those who already

best golf bucket hats

The 7 Best Golf Bucket Hats

One of the many differences between golf and other sports is the lack of uniforms. We are free to wear whatever we like as long as we adhere to the strict dress codes set by each golf club. Luckily, one article of clothing that is acceptable at every golf course worldwide is the golf bucket

best golf joggers

9 Best Golf Joggers For Men & Women

Finally, the dress code for golf is changing, and we love the direction it’s headed. For years, we have been fighting to include golf in the conversation of sport, and allowing athletes to dress athletically will be a huge step in the right direction. However, just because times are changing doesn’t mean you can wear

golf grip size chart

What Size Golf Grips Should You Use? + Golf Grip Size Chart

It can be easy to shrug off your golf club grip and focus on the flashy driver head or a beautiful set of irons. But your grips could have more of an effect on your shots than you think. Your hands are the only thing in contact with the club, so they should be secure

best budget golf rangefinder
Range Finders

The 10 Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Golf laser rangefinders once carried a premium price tag that deterred the average golfer from leveraging the technology. Fortunately, a surge of players in the industry and reduced production costs have led to lower retail prices. In this post, I unveil the best budget golf rangefinder for 2023 to prove affordable options exist. I included

best golf gifts

The 45 Best Golf Gifts (Including Christmas Gift Ideas!)

Is your loved one besotted with golf, but your knowledge of the sport is rusty, and you want to get them the perfect birthday or Christmas gift? Relax, and strap in. I have prepared a list of the 35 best golf gifts for 2023. You’ll find that the list features a variety of golf equipment,

best golf shoes plantar fascitiis

The 15 Best Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

I have endured my fair share of foot pain from golf shoes, but nothing comes close to the agony inflicted by heel and arch inflammation. Golfers suffering this injustice require cushioned, supportive footwear to ease the suffering. What are the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis in 2023? You’ll notice that most options included on

2 most comfortable golf shoes

The 10 Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

Have you ever got to around the 6th hole during a round of golf and felt a blister start to form? Or even worse, started to experience pain in the sole of your foot, ankle, or calves? One of the most important aspects to consider before going to the course is the shoes you intend

best golf shoe walking

The 7 Best Golf Shoes For Walking

The ideal golf shoe will have a good balance of features, whether in dry or wet conditions or on the grass or sand. Most importantly, it will be comfortable whether you are taking your shot or walking across the course. While most golfers think about shoes to help their swing, your game could suffer if

best golf ball display case

The 7 Best Golf Ball Display Cases

As golfers off the course, there are few things as cool as having a golf ball display case to preserve your most valuable balls.  Whether you want something for one ball or something that can hold multiple balls, there are so many options and variations of those when it comes to golf ball display cases.

garmin golf watches
Range Finders

Pick the Best Garmin Golf Watch to Improve Your Game

If you’re like most golfers, you’re constantly trying to improve your game and lower your scores. While there are many ways to do this, a quick way to get better at golf is to invest in accessories that will help you with your course management. Distance Measuring Devices (DMD) are one accessory you would want

best womens wide golf shoes sketchers max

The 5 Best Women’s Wide Golf Shoes

A struggle that male and female golfers face is the width of their golf shoes. I am a victim of this pain, as my feet are wider than usual. When I use a narrow fit, I get blisters around and under my feet. In a previous post, I unveiled my pick for the best male


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