8 Best Golf Trunk Organizers: Pros, Cons, Reviews

You likely need an upgrade if you’ve been dealing with a chaotic, disorganized trunk filled with your golf gear. Regardless of how often you hit the greens, a quality golf trunk organizer can revolutionize storing and transporting your golf essentials. Not exploring these storage solutions could mean missing out on a stress-free golfing experience.

Here are the 8 best golf trunk organizers for 2024:

  1. Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage – Top Pick for Overall Performance
  2. MAQTOIZ Golf Trunk Organizer – Best for Organization
  3. Callaway Golf Trunk Locker – Best for Golf-Specific Features
  4. Effortless Golf: Compact Trunk Organizer – Best Value for Money
  5. Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Locker Organizer – Premium Pick for High-End Users
  6. Yorepek 2-Layer Golf Trunk Organizer – Best for Versatility
  7. Roonin Large Premium Golf Trunk Organizer – Best for Luxury
  8. JEF World Of Golf Trunk Organizer – Best for Space Efficiency

Golf trunk organizers can dramatically improve how you store, organize, and access your golf gear. This blog post will delve into a detailed review of some of the top golf trunk organizers in 2024, focusing on their cost, design, and organizational capabilities. So, let’s dive in and declutter your golf life!

3 Best Golf Trunk Organizers 2024


Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer 

(Best Overall)

Effortless Golf Trunk Organizer

(Best Budget)

Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Organizer

(Best Premium)

  • Highly durable
  • Versatile compartments
  • Great size for multiple gears
  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Decent capacity
  • Premium quality
  • Expandable compartments Can store a variety of items
  • Some may find compartments too tight for larger items
  • Might lack some robustness
  • Best for minimal gear
  • May not fit into smaller trunks
Price Score (out of 100) 90 95 85
Design Score (out of 100) 93 88 96
Performance Score (out of 100) 92 89 95
Rating (out of 5 stars) 4.7 4.4 4.8

Advantages of Golf Trunk Organizers

Golf trunk organizers can enhance your golfing experience in several ways, including:

Minimized Clutter

One of the primary benefits of a golf trunk organizer is that it helps you maintain an organized and clutter-free trunk. Keeping all your golf gear and accessories in one spot reduces the chances of misplacing or damaging your equipment.

Efficient Use Of Space

Golf trunk organizers are designed to maximize your trunk space. They are built to fit all kinds of golfing gear like shoes, gloves, balls, and tees, making everything neat, organized, and easy to find.

Protection Of Golf Equipment

Another advantage of golf trunk organizers is the protection they provide for your golf equipment. With the golf gear safely tucked in the organizer, the chances of scratching, denting, or damaging your clubs and other golf accessories are greatly reduced.

Easy Transportation

Golf trunk organizers offer a convenient solution for transporting your golf gear. Instead of carrying several items individually, you can simply carry the organizer with all your gear neatly inside.

Lesser Chance of Forgetting Essentials

A golf trunk organizer significantly reduces the odds of leaving behind a critical piece of golfing gear. You have a designated spot for every piece of equipment, ensuring that everything is accounted for before heading to the golf course.

While golf trunk organizers provide numerous benefits, they may not fit everyone perfectly. Some golfers might prefer a more minimalist approach, only carrying the most necessary equipment. Thus, evaluating your specific needs before investing in a golf trunk organizer is essential.

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How We Reviewed These Trunk Organizers

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For this post on golf trunk organizers, I considered the following criteria:

  1. Cost
  2. Functionality
  3. Design
  4. Robustness
  5. Material

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The 8 Best Golf Trunk Organizer for 2024

1. Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage – Best Overall


  • Versatile storage compartments
  • Durable construction
  • Compact design


  • May not fit larger items
  • Somewhat premium price point

Key Features

  • Adjustable dividers
  • Rip-resistant fabric
  • Metal hardware

Rating: 4.8/5

Drawing from our experience, the Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage offers a balance of compact design and versatile storage. It features adjustable dividers, which we found incredibly useful for customizing the space according to our gear size.

Furthermore, we were impressed by the rip-resistant fabric and robust metal hardware, which add to the durability of the organizer.

After conducting experiments, we discovered that despite its compact size, this trunk organizer efficiently handles an impressive amount of golfing gear while keeping your trunk tidy and organized. It is also endorsed by the PGA.

Who’s It For?

This is ideal for golfers seeking a versatile, durable, and space-saving solution for their golf equipment storage needs.

2. MAQTOIZ Golf Trunk Organizer – Best for Organization


  • Extra storage pockets
  • Easy to clean
  • Two story design


  • Not as sturdy as some alternatives

Key Features

  • Multiple compartments
  • Mesh pocket design
  • Waterproof material

Rating: 4.6/5

As indicated by our tests, the MAQTOIZ Golf Trunk Organizer provides additional storage pockets and a two-story design. Its waterproof material makes it easy to clean, a feature our team found extremely useful during muddy golfing days.

With its mesh pocket design, smaller items are quickly accessible, making it easier to find what we need in a snap. Although it lacks the sturdiness of some alternatives, like the Callaway Trunk Locker, its two-story design is a winner for golfers prioritizing portability and space conservation.

Who’s It For?

The MAQTOIZ Golf Trunk Organizer suits golfers looking for an easy-to-clean, compact, and functional organizer.

3. Callaway Golf Trunk Locker – Best for Golf-Specific Features

callaway golf trunk organizer


  • Separate compartments for shoes
  • Ventilation for freshness
  • Spacious design


  • Slightly bulky

Key Features

  • Dedicated shoe compartment
  • Durable polyester
  • Integrated mesh for ventilation

Rating: 4.5/5

In our trial of the Callaway Golf Trunk Locker, we appreciated the separate compartments for shoes and the integrated mesh for ventilation. The robust polyester construction ensures longevity, while the dedicated shoe compartment kept our shoes neatly organized and isolated from other gear.

We noticed that the ventilation areas significantly improved the freshness within the locker, reducing unpleasant odors and promoting quick drying after a damp day on the course.

Who’s It For?

Callaway’s Golf Trunk Locker is a fitting choice for golfers seeking a spacious and breathable organizer, especially for those carrying multiple pairs of shoes. It could be the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

4. Effortless Golf: Compact Trunk Organizer – Best Value


  • Affordable price point
  • Integrated carrying handles
  • Versatile storage


  • Not as durable as premium options

Key Features

  • Multiple compartments
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy-to-carry handles

Rating: 4.3/5

When we trialed the Effortless Golf: Compact Trunk Organizer, we found it to offer exceptional value for its price. Despite its lower cost, it doesn’t skimp on features. It has a range of compartments for diverse golfing equipment and easy-to-carry handles, making transportation simpler. Although it lacks the robustness of some premium options, we were pleasantly surprised by its lightweight design, which didn’t compromise its storage capacity or its practicality.

Who’s It For?

This is perfect for budget-conscious golfers who need a practical and transport-friendly organizer for their golf gear.

5. Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Locker Organizer – Best Premium

samsonite golf trunk organizer


  • High-quality material
  • Expanding design
  • Insulated cooler pocket


  • Higher price point

Key Features

  • Multiple compartments
  • Ventilated mesh area
  • Rugged zippers

Rating: 4.7/5

Our experience with the Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Locker Organizer revealed that it sets the bar high for premium trunk organizers. The high-quality material and rugged zippers are designed for the long haul, and the expanding design allowed us to store more equipment when needed.

One standout feature is the insulated cooler pocket – perfect for storing beverages on those hot days on the course. You do not get this with cheaper options like The Effortless Golf Organizer. It may come with a higher price tag, but our experience confirmed that it’s a worthy investment for the golfing enthusiast.

Who’s It For?

This trunk organizer is for the discerning golfer willing to invest in a top-quality, spacious, versatile organizer beyond basic gear storage.

6. Roonin Large Premium Golf Trunk Organizer – Best for Storage


  • Luxurious aesthetic
  • Large storage capacity
  • Removable dividers


  • Higher price point

Key Features

  • Premium leather exterior
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Customizable storage areas

Rating: 4.8/5

Our hands-on experience with the Roonin Large Premium Golf Trunk Organizer showed that it perfectly blends style and functionality. It stood out for its luxurious leather exterior, which added a dash of class to our golfing gear. The large storage capacity was sufficient for all our golfing needs, and the removable dividers allowed us to organize our storage space to our liking. Despite being at a higher price point, based on our practical knowledge, it is a worthwhile investment for golfers who prioritize great storage ideas.

Who’s It For?

This trunk organizer is an excellent choice for golfers who prefer a spacious, stylish, and high-end storage solution for their golf gear.

7. JEF World Of Golf Trunk Organizer – Best for Space Efficiency


  • Compact design
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Robust construction


  • Limited capacity for larger items

Key Features

  • High-quality fabric material
  • Multiple compartments
  • Breathable mesh pockets

Rating: 4.5/5

The JEF World Of Golf Trunk Organizer caught our attention with its space-efficient design. Our team discovered that its compact size did not compromise its organizational capabilities. The adjustable dividers allow for customization according to our needs, and the robust construction ensured its durability.

While its capacity may not accommodate larger golf items, it’s perfect for storing various smaller essentials. We determined through our tests that its breathable mesh pockets are a valuable feature for airing out items like golf gloves or shoes.

Who’s It For?

This trunk organizer is a great fit for golfers who need a compact yet efficient solution for organizing their golf gear.

8. Yorepek 2-Layer Golf Trunk Organizer – Best for Versatility

No products found.


  • Two-layer design
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Water-resistant fabric


  • Bulkier design may not fit all trunks

Key Features

  • Adjustable dividers
  • Ventilated mesh pocket
  • Robust zippers

Rating: 4.6/5

Our research into the Yorepek 2-Layer Golf Trunk Organizer showed that it is a top-notch choice for versatility. The two-layer design greatly increased the storage options, and the multiple compartments allowed us to keep our golf gear neatly arranged.

We found the water-resistant fabric a thoughtful touch, protecting our equipment from potential spills or dampness. Although its bulkier design might not suit all trunk sizes, it’s an impressive solution for golfers with larger storage needs.

Who’s It For?

The Yorepek 2-Layer Golf Trunk Organizer is ideal for golfers who require a versatile and spacious storage solution for their gear.

Golf Trunk Organizers: Specifications

Golf Trunk Organizer Material Compartments Shoe Storage Portability Features Stability Features
Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage Reinforced Polyester Multiple (adjustable dividers) Yes (Ventilated) Carry Handles Non-slip bottom
MAQTOIZ Golf Trunk Organizer High-grade Polyester Multiple (adjustable dividers) Yes (Ventilated) Carry Handles Non-slip bottom
Callaway Golf Trunk Locker High-quality Fabric Multiple (specialized pockets) Yes Carry Handles Securing Straps
Effortless Golf: Compact Trunk Organizer Durable Nylon Multiple Yes (Ventilated) Carry Handles Non-slip bottom
Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Locker Organizer Ripstop Polyester Multiple (adjustable dividers) Yes Carry Handles Non-slip bottom
Roonin Large Premium Golf Trunk Organizer Premium Quality Polyester Multiple (specialized pockets) Yes (Ventilated) Carry Handles Non-slip bottom
JEF World Of Golf Trunk Organizer High-grade Polyester Multiple (adjustable dividers) Yes Carry Handles Securing Straps
Yorepek 2-Layer Golf Trunk Organizer Sturdy Nylon Two layers (adjustable dividers) Yes Carry Handles Non-slip bottom

What to Consider When Buying a Golf Trunk Organizer

golf trunk organizer

Investing in a golf trunk organizer is a worthwhile decision that promises orderliness and longevity for your golf gear. Selecting an organizer that caters to your unique needs is crucial, ensuring your golfing equipment remains in peak condition for longer and is easily accessible whenever you need it. Here are the key factors to consider when buying a golf bag trunk holder.

Size and Capacity

An essential factor to consider is the organizer’s size and capacity. A golf organizer for your car can be a game changer. Ensure it can comfortably fit into your car trunk while accommodating all your golfing essentials. This includes space for your shoes, balls, tees, gloves, etc. Pay attention to the number of compartments and their sizes to ensure that everything can have its place. If you’re a golfer who likes to be organized, check out our list of the best golf cart bags.

Durability and Material

The material of the golf trunk organizer is vital in determining its durability. Consider organizers made from high-quality materials like reinforced polyester, known for its robustness and longevity. Ensure the material is also easy to clean, as golf equipment can sometimes bring dirt and grass into your trunk.

Design and Configuration

Golf trunk organizers come in various designs and configurations. Some feature compartments specifically designed for golf shoes, while others have pockets for storing golf balls, gloves, and other small accessories. An ideal golf trunk organizer should have adjustable dividers, allowing you to customize the organizer to suit your specific needs. For more content like this, check out our list of the best golf gadgets on the market.

Shoe Storage

If you typically store your golf shoes in your trunk, an organizer with a dedicated shoe compartment can be beneficial. Look for ventilated shoe storage to prevent unpleasant odors and promote quicker drying times if your shoes get wet on the course.


If you frequently switch between cars or carry your golf gear around, an organizer with handles can be very useful. Consider the organizer’s weight, as this could impact its overall portability. A lightweight yet sturdy golf gear organizer is the best bet for those prioritizing mobility. For ultra-efficiency, check out our article on how to organize a 14 divider golf bag.


Look for a golf trunk organizer with non-slip features to prevent it from sliding around while driving. Some organizers come with securing straps, while others have non-slip bottoms to keep them in place. Stability prevents potential damage to your gear and helps keep your trunk tidy.


Finally, consider your budget. The price of a trunk golf organizer varies significantly based on brand, size, material, and features. Identify your requirements and establish a budget that aligns with these needs. Remember, a higher price does not always equate to better quality or suitability to your needs.

Spending time researching these factors can make a huge difference in finding the best golf trunk organizer for your needs. An optimal choice will keep your gear neatly organized and protected and save you time and hassle every time you head to the course.

Golf Trunk Organizer: FAQS

How Do You Secure A Golf Trunk Organizer?

Most golf trunk organizers come with a non-slip base or rubberized feet, ensuring that they don't slide around while you're driving. Some organizers also have adjustable straps or hooks that can be secured to different points in the trunk. If your golf trunk organizer doesn't include these features, you can use Velcro strips or non-slip mats underneath the organizer. Bungee cords can also serve as a secure connection to any anchors in your trunk.

Do I Need A Golf Trunk Organizer?

A golf trunk organizer is beneficial if you're an avid golfer with various golfing accessories - like shoes, balls, gloves, tees, and more - that you need to transport. It keeps your trunk neat and tidy and ensures that your golfing items are systematically arranged for easy access.
Moreover, the golf trunk organizer protects your gear from damage due to items moving or colliding in the trunk.

How Do You Hang Golf Clubs In A Garage?

Hanging golf clubs in a garage requires planning and equipment. You'll need to purchase a golf bag storage rack specially designed to hold golf clubs. Locate the studs in your garage wall using a stud finder to hang the rack. Then, using a drill, secure the rack into the studs. Make sure the rack is level. Once installed, you can place your golf clubs on the rack.

Can I Leave My Golf Clubs In My Trunk?

While you can leave your golf clubs in your trunk for short periods, it's not advisable to do so for extended periods or in extreme weather conditions. Heat can cause damage to your clubs, especially those with a graphite shaft, as it can cause the epoxy that holds the clubhead to weaken. Similarly, very cold temperatures could also potentially damage your clubs.

How Do You Pack Golf Clubs For Storage?

When packing golf clubs for storage, start by cleaning each club to remove any dirt or debris. Once clean and dry, place headcovers on the clubs to protect the heads from scratches or impacts. Next, stand the clubs upright in your golf bag, arranging them by size with the longest clubs, like the driver and woods, towards the back and the shorter irons towards the front.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the wide array of golf trunk club organizers can initially be overwhelming due to the numerous options available. Nevertheless, after thorough research and practical tests, we concluded that the Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage emerged as our best overall choice for 2024. With its comprehensive storage options, robust build, and user-friendly design, it serves as an excellent pick for golfers across the spectrum of skill levels.

The leading golf trunk organizers discussed in this article have proven their utility and efficiency for all golfers, from pros to beginners. They are worth considering if you aim to bring more order and ease to your golfing experience. Remember, though, it’s always advisable to personally check out an organizer before settling on your final choice. And remember, a well-organized golf trunk can’t replace the need for practice and solid golfing techniques. We hope our golf trunk organizer review was insightful and helpful!

Sam has been playing golf for over 20 years and founded Impact Golfer. As a teenager, he discovered his love for the game using his grandad’s clubs, including a wooden driver. As a golf obsessive, Sam plays whenever possible, regularly competing in matchplay with his friends and in tournaments at his local club. He's fortunate to have a close friend who is a club pro– he has tested almost every type of equipment on the market (no freebies yet).

Sam has a handicap index of 13 and likes playing at the Metro Golf Centre near his home in London. He putts with a Taylormade Spider because Rory uses it but regrets selling an old Scotty Cameron putter on eBay.

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