9 Best Golf Joggers For Men & Women

Finally, the dress code for golf is changing, and we love the direction it’s headed. For years, we have been fighting to include golf in the conversation of sport, and allowing athletes to dress athletically will be a huge step in the right direction.

However, just because times are changing doesn’t mean you can wear your old State sweatpants. There is a considerable difference between track or sweatpants and golf joggers.

Know the difference and choose the best ones to avoid embarrassing moments on the first tee. Not all courses are on board with this change in trend, so it’s in your best interest to stick to the best golf joggers of 2024.

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What Are Golf Joggers?

Golf joggers are pants made for the golf course that are much more comfortable than traditional khakis or slacks. They are made from high-end athletic material and, in most cases, are designed to look just as business casual as your traditional golf pants. Their signature trademark is the ankle elastics, which may look a little too short, but that’s the style these days.

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Why Choose Golf Joggers Over Golf Pants?

If you’re tired of wearing the same thing repeatedly and feel like nothing has changed since your Dad played golf, grab a pair of golf joggers. These will inject a bit of life into your style and hopefully help you shoot lower scores.

Benefits Of Golf Joggers

  • More comfortable
  • More breathable
  • More mobility
  • More style
  • More options
  • More functionality

Are You Allowed To Wear Golf Joggers On The Golf Course?

Yes, you are allowed to wear golf joggers on the golf course. This trend has gained a lot of traction over the past few years, and now that we’ve seen some PGA players wearing them in competition, the floodgates have opened.

Of course, golf is still golf, and you will find plenty of courses still dragging their heels. These are primarily private courses and ones with high green fees. To be safe, just call the pro shop before your tee time to find out their exact policy on golf joggers.

In-Depth Reviews Of The Best Golf Joggers For Men

Let’s get right into it so you can get the perfect pair of pants that’s going to help you lower your scores and have more fun.

BALEAF Men’s Golf Joggers Pants


  • Slightly formal style
  • Deep pockets
  • Soft and stretchy material
  • Able to wick moisture
  • Provides UV protection


  • Limited color options

Joggers don’t have to be super casual; these are a nice transition for anyone who is skeptical about wearing joggers to their home course. The flat front and discreet pockets give these pants a touch of class without sacrificing any of the comforts that jogger golf pants are known for.

These are made with golf in mind because they have deep pockets. There is plenty of room to carry your tees, golf balls, and markers.

The material is a massive bonus on these as well. They are thin, stretchy, and moisture-wicking to keep you either warm or cool, depending on the temperature. They even have UV protection for those who play in the intense sun.

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CRZ YOGA Men’s 4-Way Stretch Golf Joggers


  • Zippered pockets
  • Breathable material
  • Hidden drawstring
  • Adjustable ankle zippers


  • Not good for cold weather

Jogger-style golf pants offer more than just a pair of golf pants. Their versatility is what’s helping them drive demand, and these pants are jumping on the bandwagon.

The addition of zippers means that not only will all of your belongings stay secure on the course, but they will also stay put if you wear these pants during other activities.

The zippers on the pockets are the only ones. There are also zippers on the ankles so you can customize the fit for any footwear style or if you just want to relax and release the pressure from the elastic ankle band.

Keep these pants in place with tight and hidden drawstrings. This is a feature that helps to make these pants more acceptable at country clubs. Hiding the drawstring makes them look less like athletic pants and more like joggers for golf.

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G Gradual Men’s Golf Joggers Pants


  • Incorporates spandex for added mobility
  • Zippered front pockets
  • Un-zippered back pocket for your golf glove
  • Elastic waistband and drawstring for the best fit possible
  • Tons of colors to choose from


  • Might be too casual for some purists

The best part about golf pant joggers is their extreme comfort. This is made possible by the material used, but not all material is created equal. For the maximum mobility, you need men’s golf joggers that incorporate spandex.

By only using 13% spandex, these pants maintain most of their business casual appeal but add a whole new level of comfort. These are great for golf and jogging, hiking, or wearing in the airport on travel days.

Keep your belongings safe with the two zipper pockets in the front and one non-zippered pocket in the back. This is how you know they are made for golf since most people use the back pocket for their golf glove, and the addition of a zipper here would be inconvenient.

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Lesmart Men’s Golf Pants Joggers


  • Convenient and large front pockets
  • Styled to look traditional
  • Extra zippered coin pocket
  • Additional back pockets
  • Made from a thin and stretchy combination of materials


  • Not as athletic as other golf sweatpants

These are another great option if you want to blur the line between traditional golf pants and golf jogger pants. They have an elegant look to them that can easily be mistaken for a nice pair of slacks.

This is in large part due to the position of the pockets. The two side ones are deep and easy to access. They can hold two golf balls comfortably with room to spare. The coin pocket has a zip on it, so you can keep your lucky ball marker safe and sound.

What gives these pants their elegance is the back pockets. They are modeled after regular khaki pants, and there are two of them!

While they have this fantastic look, they are still made with a light and stretchy material that allows for maximum mobility.

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Soothfeel Men’s Golf Joggers Pants


  • Includes belt loops
  • Additional fifth zippered pocket for valuables
  • Back pockets give them a traditional appeal
  • Available in tons of different colors


  • Hard to choose which color is best

For the ultimate in class, you need to have golf joggers with belt loops. This will allow you to style your pants the same way you would if you wore slacks or khakis. Pairing these pants with different belts will show that you are at the leading edge of golf fashion.

Belt loops aren’t the only thing these pants have going for them. They also have five pockets at your disposal. The typical front two are easily accessible and deep enough to hold your tees, golf balls, and phone. There’s also a bonus zipper pocket for anything important.

Two back pockets complete the look and allow these pants to be worn in various settings.

If these are your favorite, you’ll be happy to know that they come in many different colors—anything from classic beige to slate blue and even white if you’re brave enough.

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PGA TOUR Men’s Eco Dobby Golf Pant


  • Very athletic fit
  • Drawstring and elastic waist for comfort
  • Snug ankles elastics
  • Back pockets included


  • Not the classiest-looking golf jogger

Ok, enough with the traditional design. If you want to fully commit to the best golf joggers that look like joggers, then here’s a great option.

The elastic waist and drawstring keep things casual and make it easy to get the perfect fit every time. This is great to have if you plan on wearing these for things that are more active than a round of golf.

Golf pants with elastic ankles are typical on this list, but these ones are noticeably snug. You can be confident that your pant legs stay in place and won’t ride up during more strenuous movements.

Front and back pockets provide ample storage, but the real star of the show here is the material used. It’s ultra-comfy and will allow a full range of motion no matter what task you’re engaged in.

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In-Depth Reviews Of The Best Golf Joggers For Women

Women’s golf clothes are miles ahead of men’s when it comes to fashion sense. Having golf joggers for women only makes sense since we all want to be comfortable out there while enjoying this amazing game.

CRZ YOGA Women’s Lightweight Golf Pants


  • Large and secure waistband
  • High-waisted is perfect for athletic activities
  • Drawstring closure enables maximum security
  • New combination of materials for the best performance


  • Not a lot of pocket space

Women’s golf joggers provide a bit more style than men’s, and you can see that with this pair. The larger waistband not only adds a lot of support during activity but also looks great doing so.

The tapered legs end with zippered ankle elastics as well. This comes in very handy when wearing these pants on hikes or bike rides, as it prevents your pants from getting tangled in the bike chain or with your shoes.

The key to any of the best golf joggers in 2024 is comfort, and that is achieved with the right blend of materials. These are made from 76% Polyamide and 24% Elastane. While not exactly household names, they provide extreme mobility and breathability on hot days.

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G4Free Women’s Tapered Golf Pants


  • Deep front pockets
  • Additional back pockets
  • Elastic and drawstring waistband combination
  • Made with a lot of spandex for comfort
  • Available in a good selection of colors


  • Ankle elastics are slightly looser than others

If storage is a necessity, then you need joggers with deep pockets. There can be lots to keep track of when playing golf, especially if you are new to the game.

Use these deep front pockets to keep your golf balls, tees, ball marker, tissue for your allergies, yardage book, and anything else you need to help you have fun and shoot lower scores.

It’s always best to remove your glove in between shots if you can. This will help you relax and prepare adequately for your next shot. It also helps to prevent the dreaded glove tan. The back pockets might be the most important out of all the pockets.

A common material that’s used in the best golf joggers is spandex. While some only use a small percentage, these pants contain 25%! Meaning a quarter of these pants use the best material possible for mobility and comfort.

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Pudolla Women’s Golf Joggers


  • Includes belt loops
  • Adds a touch of class to traditional golf joggers
  • Button top for a snug and secure fit
  • Many colors available


  • Might be too cutting-edge for some

You can never look too good on the course, and I always say that a low round starts in the closet. You have to look good to play good, and these women’s golf joggers will be the first step to getting you on the LPGA.

They are trendy because of the button top and belt loops. This gives them a business casual look that will distract everyone from how comfortable they are.

Not all about looks, though; these are functional as well. With two side pockets that are made perfectly to hold all your golf accessories, they also have a zippered thigh pocket. This is great to have for when you wear them off the course.

Choose from a wide variety of colors but make sure you get a few to match a few different tops. They will soon be your most favorite pair of pants.

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Who Wears Joggers On PGA Tour?

Justin Thomas is the most notable player to wear golf joggers during tournament play. However, others have followed suit, with the likes of Collin Morikawa and Rickie Fowler sporting the same look. You will see guys like Erik Van Rooyen and Tyrrell Hatton getting in on the action on the European side.

What Is The Difference Between Joggers And Sweatpants?

The difference between joggers and sweatpants is the material’s quality. Sweatpants are typically made with inexpensive cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. Joggers use much higher-end fabric, such as spandex, to assist with mobility and breathability.

Are Sweatpants Okay For Golf?

No, sweatpants are not okay for golf. Their material and design features are much too casual for any course, including your local muni. If you don’t have joggers but want to be comfortable, then you can opt for shorts as long as they are not made from denim or any type of sweatpant material.

What Kind Of Pants Are Best For Golf?

The best kind of pants for golf are golf joggers. They provide the best fit and offer unlimited mobility. Since golf is played over the course of four or five hours and will have you trekking up and down hills, sitting, squatting, and swinging, you need to be at your most comfortable.


Golf is notoriously behind the times, but the landscape is changing fast regarding pants. If you’re worried about being denied entry to your favorite track, get the BALEAF Men’s Golf Joggers Pants. They add just enough professionalism to make the transition from couch to course easier for the older members to accept.

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