The 10 Best Putter For Mid-Handicappers

Mid-handicap golfers understand the intricacies of putting but require forgiveness to deliver consistent roll and accuracy.

This post reveals the best putter for mid-handicappers to drain more one-putts this season. But each putter will cater to golfers with different strengths, so you’ll need to find the right one.

Our list features the ten best putters we have tried for mid-handicappers, ranging from high MOI mallets to clean-looking blades. In addition, I included soft-feeling milled faces and technologically advanced face inserts. Plus, I feature the top picks for straight and arch strokes.

Which is best for you? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

The 3 Best Putters For Mid-Handicappers

Best Overall Best Budget Most Forgiving
Odyssey White Hot Double Wide Wilson Harmonized M1 Jumbo TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast #9
  • Classic finish
  • Stable putter  improves the consistency of your stroke
  • Soft feel
  • Entry-level price point
  • Boosts friction
  • Soft feel
  • Optimal stability at impact
  • Preserves topspin across the putter face
  • High MOI
  • The thin grip may cause some golfers to twist the putter face
  • Not suitable for golfers with a moderate or exaggerated arched stroke
  • Not suited to straight or arch strokes
  • Some golfers may disapprove of the reduced forgiveness.
  • No hosel option for extreme arched strokes
  • Golfers with drastic wrist movement may prefer a thicker grip
Price 87.5 98.1 86.3
Feel 94.3 85.4 90.2
Roll 92.8 89.7 91.2
Forgiveness 91.9 89.1 94.3
Rating 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars

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The Best Putters For Mid Handicappers 2024

1. Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide  – Overall Best Putter For Mid Handicappers

  • Classic finish
  • Stable putter improves the consistency of your stroke
  • Soft feel
  • Muted acoustics
  • Built for golfers with straight strokes
  • The thin grip may cause some golfers to twist the putter face
  • Not suited to golfers with a moderate or exaggerated arched stroke

A forgiving putter with a soft feel, smooth roll, and attractiveness ticks all the boxes of a mid-handicap golfer. The Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide is one product that tops our list of the best putters for mid-handicappers in 2024.

Despite its premium features, the Double Wide carries a moderate price tag, which appeals to a broader audience. I enjoyed the blade profile with an extended flange for improved stability through the stroke for straighter putts. It was not excessively bulky, which traditionalists will appreciate.

Next, Odyssey opted for their famed White Hot Insert, which softened the feel and reduced the audio off the putter face. In addition, it produced adequate friction for a clean roll and improved distance control.

Mid-handicappers seeking a classic finish will approve of the customary rich, silver PVD finish on select zones of the putter. Although the alignment aid is underwhelming, it still helped me line up effectively.

Finally, the White Hot OG Double Wide is a face-balanced putter built for straighter strokes. Furthermore, the stock grip is a pistol design, which may prompt excess wrist action and cause your putter face to twist.

Rating: 4.5

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2. Wilson Harmonized M1 Jumbo – Best Budget Golf Belt

  • Entry-level price point
  • Boosts friction
  • Soft feel
  • Increased stability
  • Jumbo grip reduces wrist action during the stroke.
  • Not suited to straight or arch strokes
  • Some golfers may disapprove of the reduced forgiveness.

Wilson has a knack for making entry-level equipment that is forgiving, consistent, and works for the average golfer. The Harmonized M1 Jumbo provides all these features to offer a suitable budget alternative to premium price putters.

The blade design with an extended flange carries an alignment aid that helps frame your ball into a lane for a better idea of the line. I also felt the black and gray combination did well to deflect glare to prevent distractions at address.

Besides its appearance, this putter performed consistently around the green, thanks to its Micro-Injection Polymer Face Insert. The insert enhances friction with the golf ball to produce consistent topspin and soften the feel of each strike for superior feedback.

In addition, Wilson engineers employed a Jumbo Harmonized grip, which restricted wrist movement and kept my putter on path. This suits golfers who twist the putter face during their stroke and need to straighten up.

Lastly, the Harmonized M1 Jumbo carries a plumber’s neck hosel, which works for players with a straight-arch combo.

Rating: 4.5

3. TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast #9 – Most Forgiving Golf Belt

  • Optimal stability at impact
  • Preserves topspin across the putter face
  • High MOI
  • Superb feedback
  • Advanced alignment aid for a better aim
  • No hosel option for extreme arched strokes
  • Golfers with drastic wrist movement may prefer a thicker grip

As a mid-handicapper, you likely have a decent grasp of putting and leaking fewer strokes on the dancefloor. However, you can always use a forgiving putter to boost accuracy and distance control. The TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast 9 is our most lenient flat stick this year.

In my case, the mallet design provided superb stability at impact to preserve topspin across the clubface. My off-center strikes were less severe thanks to the deep center of gravity (CG) and enhanced moment of inertia (MOI).

TaylorMade fitted their efficient White TPU Roll INsert, which produced a muted touch on every putt for superb feedback. This ensured a delightful feel and smooth roll on short putts.

In addition, TaylorMade employed their trademark White True Path alignment aid, ensuring your putter face is aiming at your intended target. It was easy to identify when my putter face was aiming off line and needed adjusting.

The Spider carries a Super Stroke GTR 1.0 grip, a midsize construction that locks in your hands. It suits golfers looking to reduce hand tension and lower wrist involvement. Finally, you have two options, a flow neck or single bend hosel. The former carries 21 degrees of toe hang for a medium-arched stroke. The latter is face balanced for minor rotating strokes.

Rating: 4.5

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4. Ping Tyne 4 Putter – Best Feel

Ping tyne 4 putter
  • Firm feel for optimal distance control on long putts
  • Soft feel on a short putt
  • Clean roll on all putts
  • Built for golfers with extreme arched strokes
  • Glare-resistant finish
  • The excessive toe hang can exacerbate pushed putts
  • Not suited to golfers with straight strokes

Feedback is a vital part of putting as it helps you judge the weight of your putts effectively for superior distance control. I found the Ping Tyne 4 putter outplayed their competitors in this regard due to its Dual-Durometer insert.

On long-range putts, it produced a firm feel which helped me judge the necessary force to strike the ball with. As a result, I enjoyed impressive distance control to leave me a makeable two-putt. In contrast, the front layer of the insert was soft and offered a delicate touch to roll the ball to the cup.

The Dual-Durometer Insert is supported by uniformed, shallow grooves that boost friction and produce a smooth roll across the dancefloor. I noticed my ball rarely skid off the face, which enhanced my control.

Despite its superb feel, the Ping Tyne 4 is not for everyone, as it carries maximal toe hang and is built for players with acute arched strokes. Lastly, the stock grip is a standard pistol shape grip which is not ideal for players who induce excessive wrist movement in their stroke.

Rating: 4

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6. PXG 0211 Hellcat – Best Alignment Aid

  • Advanced alignment aid to keep your ball on line
  • Produces clean roll
  • Soft feel
  • Available in 3 hosels
  • Moderately affordable
  • The stock grips are thin, which may prompt added wrist movement
  • The MOI is not as high as in the PXG V-42

Like any golf shot, putting demands an accurate aim to keep your ball on the intended line and get it to the cup. I find the PXG 0211 Hellcat offers the best putter alignment aid for mid-handicappers in 2024, thanks to its advanced Runway Reticle design.

From the top, the Runway Reticle resembles an airport runway to help you visualize the intended line to reach the target. In addition to the enhanced accuracy, I felt the Hellcat delivered a smooth, consistent roll with minimal skid on all shots.

The clean roll is owed to the milled Optimized Pyramid Face Pattern, which amplifies friction off the putter face for a clean, consistent roll. Furthermore, the Optimized Pyramid Face Pattern prompted a soft touch on all putts for improved feedback.

Besides the performance features, I appreciated the glare-resistant nature of the putter, thanks to its classy black finish. This minimized distractions at address to help me focus on the line and weight of my putt.

PXG fitted a skinny stock grip on the Hellcat, which players with minimal wrist action may appreciate. Finally, the 0211 Hellcat is available in 3 hosels to suit every golfer. A double-bend design helps straight strokes, a plumber’s neck for arch-straight strokes, and a heel-shafted construction for extremely arched strokes.

Rating: 4

6. Cobra King Vintage Nova – Most Consistent Roll

  • Produces a clean, consistent roll
  • Polished alignment aid
  • Increased MOI
  • Adjustable weight construction
  • Crafted for straight strokes
  • The weights are sold separately
  • Not ideal for golfers with arch strokes

When your golf ball skids off the clubface, you lose speed and roll, causing your putt to come up short of the intended target. The Cobra King Vintage Nova preserves topspin and induces a clean roll on all strikes for greater distance control.

The star feature is the SIK Face Technology, powered by Descending Loft Technology (DLT) to prompt optimal forward roll on every strike. Cobra engineers employed 4 descending lofts across the putter face to neutralize topspin and speed on steep, neutral, or shallow strikes.

Next, I welcome the adjustable weight setup, allowing you to tweak the putter’s weight for an optimal stroke. It suits mid-handicappers still searching for a winning formula on the green.

The Nova carries a fanged shape design that enabled the engineers to employ a triple sightline for maximum alignment. Next, this putter is created with a single bend hosel leading to a face-balanced setup, ideal for strokes with limited rotation.

Lastly, the stock grip is the Cobra Lamkin Sinkfit Straight Connect, which gathers data on each stroke for you to analyze after each round. Alternatively, there is the choice of the SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0, which is thicker and reduces grip pressure.

Rating: 4.5

7. Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 – Best Putter For Moderate Arched Strokes

Scotty cameron special select squareback 2 putter
  • Moderate toe hang suits medium arch strokes
  • Premium finish
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Produces a clean roll on all shots
  • Maximum MOI
  • Exceptionally expensive for the average golfer
  • Not made for golfers with straight strokes

Golfers with a moderate arch stroke require a putter with medium toe hang that will help you keep the face open on the backstroke and lag on the forward stroke. In my experience, few feel and roll better than the Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2.

Besides its toe hang, the Special Select Squareback 2 features a mid-mallet head packed with perimeter weighting. I found this enabled me to stabilize the club head and square the face at contact for optimal topspin, roll, and accuracy.

In addition, the putter carries an expertly milled 303 stainless steel face, giving a smooth feel at impact and generating robust friction. As a result, the ball rolls off the face effortlessly across the green without skidding for optimal distance control.

Scotty Cameron opted for the less is more approach by adding a single alignment line to help point your putter face at the target. Finally, the stock grip for this putter is the Scotty Cameron Pistolini Plus, which some players may find too thin for their setup.

Rating: 4

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8. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 – Best Putter For Straight Strokes

  • Face-balanced construction works for straight strokes
  • Soft feel
  • Boosts topspin across the putter face for a clean roll
  • Optimal forgiveness
  • Effective alignment aid
  • It is not made for arched strokes
  • The feel off the face is too soft at times, and it feels as if you never touched the ball.

Cleveland is an admired brand among average golfers for its affordability, feel, and consistency of its roll. The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 mallet putter offers all the above features and carries a face-balanced design to suit golfers with a straighter stroke.

The engineers decided a single bend hosel is the best partner for this putter to resist face twisting during your stroke. I found it remained stable and was easy to square at contact for an accurate putt.

In addition, the Huntington Beach Soft 11 putter sports a CNC-milled face design which does wonders for friction and roll. I noticed the ball glided smoothly across the dancefloor without hassle for optimal distance control. However, I could barely feel the ball coming off the putter’s face.

Adding to the quality of each roll was the Speed Optimized Face Technology, which maintained ball speed and topspin across the putter face. As a result, the ball rolled consistently to improve my distance control on the dancefloor.

Lastly, Cleveland only provides one stock grip for the Huntington Beach Soft 11, a Soft Oversized construction. I felt it did well to minimize wrist movement during the stroke to keep my putter head on the intended stroke path.

Rating: 4

9. Mizuno M. Craft OMOI 01 – Best Putter For Extreme Arched Strokes

  • Advanced toe hang for extreme arched strokes
  • Produces a soft feel on all strokes
  • Generates consistent roll
  • Stable at contact
  • Attractive glare-resistant finish
  • The excess toe hang does not suit straight strokes
  • Premium price tag

Golfers who operate with extreme arch strokes require a putter with an exaggerated toe hang to induce lag on your forward stroke. The Mizuno M. Craft OMOI 01 is my top putter for mid-handicappers with arched strokes thanks to its impressive 60 degrees of toe hang.

Added to its extreme toe hang design, this putter sports a precisely milled clubface from 1025 mild carbon steel. The milled face delivers a delicate feel on each touch to help you judge the weight of each strike. Plus, it amplifies friction to help your ball roll as close to the cup as it can on all putts.

Despite its blade profile, Mizuno engineers employed a heavyweight putter head, rich in perimeter weighting. I noticed this enabled the putter face to stabilize at contact and preserve ball speed and topspin across the face.

The M. Craft OMOI 01 is also equipped with a weight kit that allows you to adjust the swing mass of your club for superior results. Finally, the stock grip is a Lamkin OMOI Sink Fit pistol grip which reduces grip pressure and suits players with lower wrist action in the stroke.

Rating: 4

10. Cleveland Frontline 4.0 – Best Glare Resistant Putter For Mid Handicappers

  • Glare resistant finish
  • Affordable price for the average golfer
  • Prompts consistent topspin across the face
  • Created from straight-arch stroke combo
  • Soft feel
  • Not suited to straight or extreme arch strokes
  • Minor alignment aid

Glare distracts golfers at address and causes us to lose focus and back off from our shots, which wastes time and takes us out of the zone. The Cleveland Frontline 4.0 is my top pick for the best glare-resistant putter this year, thanks to its clean, black finish.

There were limited occasions during testing where glare got into my eyes, and put me off, which improved my focus on each putt. In addition, the plumber’s hosel worked for my slight arch and straight stroke combination to help me square up at impact and start my ball on line.

Cleveland stuck with their famed Speed Optimized Face Technology, which extended the active zone on the face for greater consistency. I delivered optimal ball speed and topspin across the face for improved length control.

One area I struggled with was the thin pistol grip design, which led to added wrist movement during my stroke. This sent my ball off line from impact, leading to less accurate results. Finally, I felt the alignment aid left much to be desired, as it was tough to identify whether my face was aiming at the exact target.

Rating: 4.5

Why You Should Trust Us

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What To Consider When Purchasing The Best Putter For Mid-Handicapper Golfers

Putting Stroke

As a mid-handicapper, you should know whether you operate with a straight, slight arch or extremely arched stroke. If you have no idea, set up two alignment rods slightly wider than the width of the putter head and analyze the movement of your backstroke.

If it travels back and forward along the rod in a straight line, you have a straight stroke, which suits a face-balanced putter. These golf clubs are designed to limit twisting and help you keep the putter face square at contact.

When your stroke creates a slight arch, you may find a putter with an element of toe hang that best suits your stroke. Putters built for this purpose may contain up to 20 degrees of toe hang. The final stroke is an extreme arch, ideal for putters with maximal toe hang.


Hosels impact the toe hang of your putter, and the ideal option is determined by your putting stroke. The four stock hosels commonly employed by manufacturers are a double bend, plumbers neck, short hosel, or center shaft.

The double bend and center shaft typically create face balance to help straight strokes keep the putter face square at contact. Next, the plumber’s neck suits golfers with a slight arc stroke, while the short hosel increases toe hang for arched strokes.


If you still produce frequent off-center strikes, you need a putter that maintains topspin and ball speed across the putter face.

Golf Putters with milled faces tend to boost friction on all shots for a smooth roll and consistent distance control. However, the technology behind Face Inserts now allows golfers to enjoy a soft feel and a clean roll off the face.

In addition, a flatstick with a high moment of inertia (MOI) and perimeter weighting is vital for maintaining ball speed and prompting a smooth roll. You should consider a well-balanced mallet putter with an enlarged sweet spot for increased forgiveness.


Feedback is essential to gauge the power of your putting strokes for greater distance control. I suggest sourcing a putter with a soft feel that enhances feedback on long strikes and a delicate touch from short range.

In my experience, putters with milled faces offer the best feedback. However, I understand the feel is excessively muted for some golfers. If you prefer the technology behind a TPU face insert, then the Ping Tyne 4 putter is worth considering.

Alignment Aid

Even though mid-handicappers leak fewer strokes on the green than high handicappers, you still require pinpoint accuracy for consistency. An advanced alignment aid goes a long way to helping you start your ball on the intended line and improving your accuracy.

I tip my hat to PXG for their work with the Runway Reticle design, which simplifies the task of lining up each putt. If you fancy a one-line golf putter, Cleveland Frontline 4.0 has what you need.


What Is The Best Putter For A Mid-Handicapper?

The Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide is the best putter for a mid-handicapper because it provides a soft feel for enhanced feedback, high MOI, and a clean finish. In addition, it carries a single-line alignment and a widened flange for improved stability through the stroke.


Although you know how to operate on the green and drain the odd sensational birdie putt, consistency is still lacking. This is generally the case for a mid-handicap golfer. If you refine your distance control and accuracy, you will sink more one-putts and continue to lower your handicap.

Our best putter for mid handicappers review highlights a wealth of flat sticks that are forgiving, consistent, and look and feel good. My overall best putter for mid-handicap players is the Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide for its consistency, feel, forgiveness, appearance, and roll.

If your budget is restricted this year, you can still enjoy a quality putter like the Wilson Harmonized M1 Jumbo. Finally, if you demand maximum forgiveness on the green, I recommend the TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast 9.

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