5 of The Best Putters For 2021 [Reviews & Ratings]

The putter is the most used club in any golfer’s bag and with the right putter you can start reducing your score immediately.

Therefore it is crucial to choose a putter that is suitable for your game. It is, however, one of the most overlooked purchases.

We will take you through the best putters for 2020 and give you a few pointers to consider when selecting your best putter.

With the variety of putters in all shapes and sizes on the market making it one of the most difficult purchases. The putter is a feel club and many golfers go back to previous putters that have brought them success in the past when they can’t find a suitable replacement.

Compared to most other clubs in your bag, the improvement in the performance of putters has changed very little over the last half a century.

This can be seen as many professional golfers are using putters with an almost identical look and feel as those used in the past.

The most common style of putters on the market are blade putters and mallet putters. Each option has its own design leading to its pros and cons.

The Top 5 Putters For 2021 Comparison Table

OUR RATING: 4.8/5gstblcr-table__imageOdyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter
  • Firmer feel
  • Triple Track uses Vernier Hyper Acuity for better and more consistent alignment
  • Huge model range
OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__imageOdyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide
  • The multi-material shaft is lighter and stronger
  • Combination of finesse and accuracy
  • Improved tempo in putting stroke
OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__imageTaylorMade SpiderX
  • Personalized feel from redesigned weight ports
  • True path alignment system
  • Durable and stylish looks
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__imageBloodline RG1
  • Unique stand up feature
  • Expect improvement once you are used to the additional weight
  • Interesting design features
OUR RATINGgstblcr-table__imageBettinardi Queen B
  • Premium looks combined with top-shelf control and feel.
  • Awesome distance control from forgiving face
  • Steady reliable and soft feel

Blade vs Mallet Putter

Let’s evaluate the reason for golfers selecting their favorite putters. What are the key factors that you should keep in mind when selecting whether to purchase a blade putter or a mallet putter?

Putting is the part of the game where feel plays the biggest role and the wrong selection of the putter can either help or negatively affect your game.

A mallet putter will have more forgiveness than a blade. It is, however, harder for those with an arc stroke to turn the putter head within their hands. The face of a mallet will be more square than a blade, so you’ll get a different feel as you switch between the two.

If like most golfers, you are unlikely to be able to spend hours fixing your putting stroke, you want to select the club that will give you the best chance to hole a putt.

The forgiveness of the mallet putter on off-center hits would make this the obvious choice for most social golfers. However, as feel plays such an important role the putter should feel right as well as be forgiving on those all-too-often mishits.

Select a putter that best suits your putting stroke. If your stroke is square back and square through the stoke go for a simple putter that will work for you.

Start by selecting a putter that fits your stroke.  A square-to-square stroke is more suited to a mallet and a more arced stroke suitable for blade putters. Upon determining your store pattern, try out a few of the selected type but don’t ignore the other.

Make sure that the putter you selected feels right in your hands and right through the stroke. Take time to adjust to your putter’s look and feel and don’t be discouraged by the heckling of your playing partners about the size of your putter head.

Once you start holing those feel puts, the heckling will stop and your playing partners will soon be visiting their pro-shop top try out their options.

Finally, if your putter assists in holing more putts than before, you will know you are on the right track and will surely see a cut in your handicap on the near horizon.

The Pros and Cons of Blade vs Mallet Putters

Blade Putters

  • Let you develop a more sound putting stroke
  • Traditional look
  • More feedback on off-center hits
  • Better MOI
  • Traditional feel
  • More options of balance and shaft positioning
  • Less forgiving

Mallet Putters

  • More forgiving of a less sound putting stroke
  • Generally more expensive
  • Can look weird
  • More centered weight to promote a straight back straight through the swing
  • Lower MOI
  • Feel awkward to some golfers
  • Fewer options for design and shaft position
  • More forgiving

Face Inserts

These have become extremely popular and help with the feel and consistency of the putter. The hardness or softness of the putter is largely a personal preference.

Hosel and Shaft

  • The hosel and shaft positioning is also a personal preference.  Ther are three main options:
  • A heel-shafted putter connects to the putter, at the heel, as the name suggests.
  • The center shafted putter connects in the middle of the putter head.

The most common design is an offset hosel putter. This appeals to many golfers as it keeps the hands forward when addressing the ball and allows the face to be squared up easily.

The Best Putters of 2020 Reviews

1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter


  • Easy to align and use
  • Firmer feel
  • Huge model range


  • Need to use both putter and ball for the best results
  • Not ideal for people who prefer a soft face

Odyssey Triple Track putters combine exciting technologies for outstanding alignment, reliability, and performance.

You have a wide variety of models to select from in either blade or mallet form


The three Triple Track lines were developed based on Callaway’s innovative golf ball alignment system to help improve your putting accuracy. These lines are prominently featured using the science of Vernier Hype Acuity.

Sound & Feel

The combination of the Microhinge Star face and the Stroke Lab shaft produces a balanced feel that tends to square up naturally

  • Stroke lab weighting:- A saving of 40 grams off the shaft weight is achieved through the use of innovative multi- materials and redistributed to the head and grip end of the putter. This rebalances the putter for superior tempo and consistency in the stroke
  • Microhinge insert:- The Microhinge insert generates a firmer feel off the face and enhanced sound at impact while maintaining the same roll benefits of the popular White Hot Microhinge insert.


The Triple Track is a very sturdy putter, with little face rotation much like with a heel-toe balanced putter.

The head sits square and aligns well with the X Triple Track on Callaway’s Chrome Soft golf ball to provide the confidence for a good stroke.


  • Weight: 365g
  • Finish: Odyssey Triple Track system
  • Face Milling: Microhinge star insert
  • Lie/Loft: 70° / 3°
  • Length Options: 33, 34, or 35 inches
  • Grip: Oversize Pistol Grip


The vivid and effective alignment system on the Triple Track putter makes it ideal for golfers that struggle with alignment and require some assistance to start the ball on their intended line.

Combined with the alignment system, the feel both in your hands and off the face should give you more confidence that you will hole the putt

Additionally, the range spans 9 options in four head shapes and you are sure to find one that will suit your eye.

2. Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide


  • The multi-material shaft is lighter and stronger
  • Combination of finesse and accuracy
  • Improved tempo in putting stroke


  • Some find it too bulky for a blade putter

Odyssey Golf is one of the leaders in putter design and has been on the forefront of putter manufacturing for many years. Being the most played putter in the world makes it a highly sought after brand and retains pressure on the company to continually improve on their products.

This resulted in a completely modified way of their approach to the weight of putters. This emanated from a lighter shaft enabled by new construction methods using multiple materials.

The shaft mainly consists of a graphite body and a heavier steel tip. These changes to the shaft allowed Odyssey to increase the weight of the clubhead sole and the butt-end of the grip. Golfers benefit from these changes resulting in a smoother and more accurate putting stroke that is repeatable.

Most companies concentrate on the dynamics of the patter and the technical areas to achieve better alignment, a squarer face, etc. Odyssey’s new design helps you to enhance the tempo of your stroke resulting in a more repeatable, consistent stroke improving the number of balls dropping into the hole.


The Stroke Lab Double Wide has the look comparable to most blade putters with a bigger and wider head. The two-tone head combines the silver and black colors extremely well which makes the club pleasing on the eye.

Sound & Feel

The shelf stock grips are lighter than previous putters but do not provide you with a comfortable feeling. There are several aftermarket grips available but care must be taken with replacing the grip as it could affect the design integrity of the Stroke Lab Double Wide putter.

Changing the grip could adversely affect the weight and balance of the putter. There are however several options available from Odyssey that will ensure that the integrity is maintained.

The implementation of the Microhinge technology results in the return of the legendary White Hot feel promoting top spin resulting in an improvement in speed and distance control. The technology improves the sound of the ball on the putter.


Stroke Lab putters feature Odyssey’s White Hot Microhinge face insert, combining the legendary feel of the White Hot material with dozens of Microhinge that promote smooth roll and greater distance control.

The enhancements in the golfer’s stroke as a result of the weight distribution achieved by the new shaft as explained previously delivers more accurate speed control.

In controlled conditions in the lab and recorded on high-speed cameras, Odyssey claims to have seen improvements in the consistency of the golfers through consistent backswing time creating a squarer face angle resulting in consistent ball speed and direction.

Results in playing conditions have shown that there is an improvement in the consistency of golfers with an increase in accuracy as a result of the more forgiving nature of the putter.

The increase in the sole weight creates a consistent and smooth stroke.


The Stroke Lab Double Wide allows for the finesse of blade combined with the accuracy of a mallet putter thus combining the best of both worlds.

The history of Odyssey and their great putters combined with the changes, together with the target pricing this putter should put the Stroke Lab Double Wide high on your list of putters to try before your next acquisition.


  • Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide
  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Grey / Black
  • Face Milling: Microhinge technology
  • Lie/Loft: 70° / 3°
  • Length Options: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • Grip: Pistol Grip
  • Grip Options: Oversized

3. TaylorMade SpiderX


  • Personalized feel from redesigned weight ports
  • True path alignment system
  • Durable and stylish looks 


  • Not everyone will find colors to their liking

TaylorMade is renowned for its drivers and Iron sets and has been leaders in these markets for many years. The same cannot be said for their putters. However, this has been changing over the last couple of years and the number of professionals using the TaylorMade putter is increasing steadily.

The design of the SpiderX is based on research that indicates that golfers strike 66% of putts towards the toe of the putter. More than 10000 puts were tested within 12 feet of the hole. This lead engineers to change the mass profile of the putter while introducing True Path technology to improve the alignment of the ball and the putter face resulting in more strikes in the center of the putter.

There is a carbon fiber insert in the central area of the sole of the SpiderX creating the opportunity to move the weight saved to the outer perimeters. This allowed engineers to reduce the SpiderX size by 5%.

The head was stabilized by moving 36% more weight on the outside perimeters and creating a 37mm deeper center of gravity. The result of the design changes is that the MOI remains the same as previous putters.

The SpiderX has a composite core weighing in at 15g with a seamless additional dedicated weight design features 2 weights (aluminum 2g, steel 6g),  the 12g tungsten weights are available as an optional extra, allowing for optimizing your weight preferences.

The weight was moved to the rear with the replaceable weights on the corners of the SpiderX. The 33-inch shaft will find the most benefit from the use of the 2g aluminum weights while the 34 and 35-inch shafts will benefit more from the 6g steel weights.


The new Spider X features an optically engineered vision system designed for improved path, clearer vision and enhanced visual perception through color sensitivity.

The new SpiderX range is available in copper and navy with the true path alignment available in all white or the center line in white.

The body of the Spider X with its Dakota Copper looks similar to the previous models but a carbon composite outer frame replaces the steel frame.

Sound & Feel

The new surlyn insert increased by 2mm to 5mm and consists of a combination of 80% surlyn and 20% aluminum flakes. The 12 grooves set at a 45° angle in the insert promote better distance control a smoother roll and greater accuracy.

New surlyn insert has a positive impact on the sound and feel contributing to a much more pleasant experience.

All models come standard with a SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip that fits very well in your hands and comes with customized TaylorMade Spider graphics.

The Y-shaped white alignment stripe a single white sightline improves the framing of the ball thus making alignment much easier.


The SpiderX is more forgiving on mishits due to the design of the smaller head and increased center of gravity. The grooves on Pure Roll surlyn insert is directly in contact with the ball even on short putts.

The grooves soften the insert and the insert then deforms at impact. The technology reduces the loss of ball speed increasing the number of putts holed.


The surlyn insert together with the improved design, 5% smaller head and deeper center of gravity results in an overall better putter than the previous models. Although it is quite pricey it represents value for money.

Not everyone will find the current Dakota copper or Navy Blue color schemes to their liking but if you can look past the surface the benefits to be realized from this putter far outweighs the concerns, However, do not be overly surprised if TaylorMade ads more colors to the range in the future.

TaylorMade has a history of producing excellent products and at the targeted price the SpiderX is sure to be a winner.


TaylorMade TP Black Copper Collection

  • Weight: 355 grams
  • Material: Steel, Carbon
  • Finish: Dakota copper or Navy Blue
  • Face Milling: Surlyn insert
  • Lie/Loft: 70° / 3°
  • Length Options: 33, 34, 35 inches
  • Grip: SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0
  • Grip Options: None

4. Bloodline RG1


  • Unique stand up feature
  • Expect improvement once you are used to the additional weight


  • The putter is at the top end of the pricing scale
  • The stand-up feature is not likely to be beneficial in windy conditions

A portfolio of patents covers the proprietary aspects of the Bloodline putter’s cutting-edge technology. The Bloodline RG1 putter is catchy in that it through some very interesting design features it stands out from the traditional putter market.

The heads are CNC milled from aluminum and have stainless steel sole plates, integrated hosel, shaft, and built-in grip. All of this enables the Bloodline’s RG-1 to stand on its own while you line up from behind before stepping in to complete your putting stroke.

The combination of the heavier head, shaft, and grip give Bloodline putters their unique balance which works its way through the stroke.

The stand-up feature frames a single view of the club, ball, line, and hole lining up from behind. This will allow for a more accurate line-up and vision of the target line.


Unlike some other brands, the face of the Bloodline RG1 is almost clear of any branding. The brand allows for the premium finish with a sturdy look.

The traditional widebody Anser and a half-circle mallet head shape, the red satin metal look of the head, the white alignment lines and carbon fiber shaft combines beautifully to inspire confidence in the alignment process and creates a very balanced look.

Sound & Feel

At first, the oversized grip feel of the putter in your hands is very different and something to get used to. As the size of the grips on putters has grown over the years the adjustment will be less of an impact but will be worth it.

Commitment to the oversized grip is required if you want to play the Bloodline putter as it is the only available option to retain the stand-up package.

No matter the opinion on the impact sensation, the roll, and consistency through the stroke I saw cannot be denied.

The high swing weight creates a very different feel and you may take some time to adjust to the distance control but the forgiving head will smooth the transition over.

The ball feels dead when it’s struck well and feedback through the hands is firm and dull but off-center strikes feel better.


The use of the stand-up ability for alignment of the Bloodline RG1 putter will require some adjustment initially and could impact on your overall scores.

The heavier head will have an impact on your distance control but will improve as you adjust to the weight. The extremely low balance point of the design assists strike of the head on the ball resulting from the grooves and MOI results in a quick roll and even off-center putts will not have a major impact on the pace and direction on as well,


The stand-up feature will allow you to line up your put in the same was as your player partners would do when standing behind you. This may assist in improving your alignment and aim but in now means will it be a quick fix.

Although the feature sounds exciting caution must be exercised when using it during windy conditions.

The pricing is right at the top end of the scale the Bloodline RG1 will surely have sufficient followers to command such a high price.


  • Weight: 395 grams
  • Material: Body/Face – CNC machined, anodized aluminum, Sole – Stainless steel, Shaft – carbon fiber
  • Finish: Champagne Silver
  • Face Milling: Micro Honeycomb
  • Lie/Loft: 69.5°/3.2°
  • Length Options: 32″, 33″, 34″ (standard), 35″, 36″, and custom lengths
  • Grip: Sub-50g with integrated, oversized, round grip
  • Grip Options: Oversized with no options

5. Bettinardi Queen B



  • Premium looks combined with top-shelf control and feel.
  • Awesome distance control from forgiving face
  • Steady reliable and soft feel


  • Some may find it too bulky for a blade
  • The single-bend shaft is not to everyone’s liking
  • Relatively expensive

Milled putters did not come to the fore until the early 90’s when only a few tour golfers were using milled putters. To date, the Bettinardi putters have achieved more than 80 professional wins worldwide including 3 majors.

The Bettinardi Queen B is a blade putter is a work of art created by using a jewelry grade machine cutter to precision mill the putter head from a single block of soft carbon steel using Robert J. Bettinardi’s patented Honeycomb milling technology.

The finishing is in Champagne Silver and some hand-painted Tiffany blue and white.


At address, the club appears to be slightly upright due to the high toe design and shows a thicker sole. The contrasting Tiffany Blue ”B” logo engraved on the glare-reducing Champagne Silver honeycomb milled face against the is a beautiful sight to behold.

Contrary to popular trends the milling on the majority of the putter face surface is quite shallow.

There is a single white alignment line behind the ball which contrasts well against the Champagne Silver and makes the alignment to the hole much easier.

Sound & Feel

The Bettinardi Queen B has an arcing stroke brought on by the 45-degree toe hang.

The soft carbon steel face with the shallow milling pattern creates a pure and crisp sound and feel. Off-center strikes create subtle changes in the crisp tone and provide the same feedback through to your hands.

The stock Lamkin deep etched corded grips fit naturally in your hand creating a very comfortable feel. The natural feel of the grips quickly translates into increased performance. The grips come in standard and jumbo sizes to cater to most hand sizes.


The roll of the ball off the face is quick and accurate with a consistent roll-out even on off-center contact. The strike on the ball from the heavier head feels steady and the very minimal offset promotes a square face at impact.


The visual impact is impressive from every angle and will not be out of place in any showcase among most top rated putters. The slightly above market price will quickly be forgotten once you see the results on the course.

Although the pricing is towards the upper end of the scale the Queen B provides value for money is highly recommended.


  • Weight: 362 grams
  • Material: Soft Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Champagne Silver
  • Face Milling: Micro HoneycombLie/Loft: 70°/3°
  • Length Options: 33 to 35 in
  • Grip: Lamkin Cord (Tiffany)
  • Grip Options: Standard/Jumbo

Final Thoughts On Choosing a New Putter in 2021

Putters are a highly personal choice and what works for one golfer might not do as well for the next player. We have highlighted a wide range of leading putters to suit all styles and budgets.

We found the TaylorMade SpiderX to be one of the best options for most golfers. It has an advanced design with some serious technology that will help most putters get the most out of their green game and hopefully save a good few strokes.

Look at your specific needs and putting style as well as your budget in order to select the best option for your needs.

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