What Are The Best Golf Training Aids For Game Improvement in 2021?

Golf training aids are big business as all golfers will go to extremes to tap every last opportunity to improve their performance and enhance the enjoyment of the beloved game.

Training aids cover a wide spectrum of the game but most aids can be found in the swing improvement category. While training aids are useful for beginners many are used by golfers at all levels.

The short game (chipping, putting, etc.) is the area where most shots can be shaved of your score and should not be neglected.

How Do Training Aids Work?

The purpose of golf training aids is not to cure your slice or avoid fat shots. Golf training aids provide the required feedback on the causes of the outcomes in order for you to address the right area.

So before deciding which the many training aids on the market to buy, a visit to your local pro for an assessment will be a great investment.

This will ensure that you buy the most suitable aid and gain the most from the training aid. Alternatively, take an honest look at your game and determine your strengths and weaknesses.

To maximize your improvement at golf, your swing should repeat consistently. Every repetition must provide feedback on your technique and the effectiveness of the outcome.

Therefore obtain as much feedback as possible on your technique and the outcome of every shot.


The areas of the swing that produces most of the poor outcomes can be categorized in the following three areas.

  • Grip and Tempo
  • Weight transfer and ball contact
  • Swing Tempo

Short Game

The following areas will result in an improvement in scores and your enjoyment of the game.

  • Hitting accurate medium and short shots within 60m from the green.
  • Hit shots with the correct elevation and accuracy.
  • Chip shots close for up-and-down situations.


Golfers of all ability and handicaps could do with some assistance in improving their putting ability. To address this, there is no shortage of golf training aids to assist in improving your putting.

Some will aim to assist in addressing your mechanics allowing you to improve consistency and bring confidence to every putt.

The aids are aimed at assisting you to improve your

  • The arc of your stroke
  • Maintain the correct acceleration throughout your stroke
  • Reducing the number of off-center strikes.

How To Select a Training Aid

Consider your strengths and weaknesses in order to determine the areas that will benefit the most from a training aid.

Also, consider how and when you wish to use the aid. Some are easy to use anywhere, often even indoors, while others need a bit more space.

Look at the options while considering the areas you want to focus on improving. This will help you decide on the best option for your specific requirements.

Use Your Training Aid

While this sounds obvious, many people buy these aids with great intentions and then they get left in a corner and forgotten about. Some will take a while to master but the good ones can certainly help your game. Use them regularly and monitor your progress as you go.

We have reviewed some of the best options available and if used correctly and often they can certainly help your game.

How We Chose The Training Aids

We wanted to present a range of quality products that have proved themselves in the market. We looked at what they do and how they work but we also read a lot of feedback from golfers that have tried them. This gave us a good indication of what works for most golfers.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Golf Training Aids

OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__imageSKLZ Gold Flex
  • Super easy to use
  • Great for practice at home
  • Suitable for all skills levels
OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__imageOrange Whip Wedge
  • Promotes short game rhythm, tempo, and balance
  • Used to practice short game shots up to 25 yards
  • Low priced training aid
OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__imagePuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer
  • Simple set-up & easy to use
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Low priced training aid
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__imageEYELINE Putting Alignment Mirror
  • Address different areas of your putting stroke
  • Alignment lines highlight the path of the putter
  • Unique training aid on the market
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstblcr-table__imageEyeLine Golf Speed Trap
  • Handy if you battle with a square swing path
  • Versatile for a range of swings
  • Suitable for all skills levels

The Best Training Aids Reviewed

1. SKLZ Gold Flex


  • Ease of use
  • Competitively priced
  • Great for practice at home. A couple of swings a day in your garden or garage can help keep your tempo on point.
  • Any golfer can gain benefits regardless of size, age, gender, length or handicap


  • Not an all-round swing solution.
  • No ball contact and thus no feedback

The SKLZ Gold Flex is a must-have in your arsenal of training aids for all levels, ages, sizes, and skill levels. Everyone can find benefits from using the SKLZ Gold Flex and it works exactly the same for women, children, seniors, beginners, and professionals.

It will help with many aspects including improving your golf muscles, increase flexibility, improve tempo and timing. All this while practicing at home and on those far-too-familiar times when you just cannot go hit some balls before teeing off.

The benefit of using the SKLZ Gold Flex during warm-up is that you can keep it in your bag during your round of golf and it will not count as the 15th club, but remember to refrain from using it out on the course as that may lose you some shots and possibly friends.

The KLZ Gold Flex is available in 40″ vs 48″ shafts. It is recommended that you purchase the 48” shaft as it will work for the entire family. A short husband, wife or juniors can use the 40”. An alternative is that you stick to the 48” shaft and choke down on the grip.

The KLZ Gold Flex allows you to start your backswing normally and the first benefit you will experience is when reaching the top of your swing.

Most golfers have the habit of starting the downswing too earl and then rushing with their arms and body to catch up on the process, The exaggerated flex keeps your hands and arms extended thus lengthening your swing.

Once you reach the top of your backswing, the momentum created by the weight at the end of the KLZ Gold Flex keeps going that extra split second creating the required lag and preventing you from starting your downswing too early.

The weight at the end of the KLZ Gold Flex keeps you hanging in there just long enough to allow for more rhythm in your downswing.

The slight delay at the top and the correct transition into the downswing thereby encouraging your hips to begin the forward swing and correct weight transfer while promoting your wrists to retain its lagged position. The delayed-release allows for a powerful follow-through which contributes to effortless distance.

The Golf Flex is of great assistance rectifying your golf grip thus leading to an improved swing.

There is no training required to use the SKLZ Gold Flex. Once you have unpacked it all you have to do is start swinging it in a safe place and with a smooth swing. Your swing will feel natural and the tempo will soon join the feeling of utter pleasure.

The SKLZ Fold Flex will not allow you to force your downswing. Your swing plane will also flatten out as a result of the downswing being initiated by the lower body and not your arms.

This is a must-have training aid for golfers of all shapes, sizes, age and skill levels. It is easy to use away from the course and driving range.

Now that meeting that kept you in the office the extra 30 minutes or the frustrating traffic jam on the way to the course will soon be forgotten when you are able to warm up your key swing muscles before your round of golf.

2. Orange Whip Wedge


  • Promotes short game rhythm, tempo, and balance that you can feel
  • Trains solid contact for improved distance and accuracy
  • Develops sequencing of the body, arms, and clubhead release
  • Enhances creativity and feel for every shot around the green
  • Helps you understand how to conquer the yips
  • Used to practice short game shots up to 25 yards
  • Develops core muscles, wrists, and forearms.


  • It might interfere with Overspeed training
  • A few golfers with a slow backswing might find it challenging

A few facts about the Orange Whip Wedge

  • Voted #1 Teaching and Training Aid by PGA.com and GRAA
  • Used by over 300 PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour Players
  • Top Swing Trainer choice of PGA and LPGA Members and Instructors and Top 100 Instructors

The Orange Whip Wedge is a training tool designed to help you enhance your short game around the greens through the improvement of rhythm and feel. A consistent impact on the ball will reduce the error margin greenside.

What makes this training aid different from some swing aids is that you will actually have contact with the ball and thus obtain feedback on every shot.

The Stan Utley designed 56-degree wedge head combined with the counterweighted flexible shaft improves the sequencing of the body, arms, and club head release thereby allowing you to develop a solid contact routine and improved distance control shaving shots off your score from more control around the green.

The Orange Whip Wedge is a must-have training aid to gain major benefits on shots within 25 yards from the hole.

Standout benefits from the Orange Whip Wedge:

  • The benefits of freeing up your elbows, arms and wrists result in a vast improvement in the rhythm of your swing around the greens.
  • The enhance rhythm and sequence and the timeous load and reload of the shaft results in consistently solid contact. This adds to distance control and the ball landing in the predefined landing spot and predictable rollout to the hole.
  • The consistency of the swing and contact leads to better Trajectory control and you will gain confidence and more feel for the difficult chips, pitches and flop shots.

3. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

No products found.


  • Simple set-up
  • Easy use
  • Works
  • Use anywhere
  • Low priced training aid


  • Can be frustrating to master

Putting training aids have been around for a long time and have helped many golfers to improve their strokes and accuracy up to a point. Several training aids even return the ball back to you when the ball ends up at the back of the training aid.

The stroke and putt don’t have to be perfect in order to be returned to you as the cup is designed in such a way that the ball eventually finds its way to the back even if it would have missed the hole in the real world.

This defies the second rule of a world-class training aid in that it does not provide instant feedback on the real outcome of your stroke. The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer comes in the form of a parabolic ramp that folds flat and can easily be stored in your travel or golf bag.

On the PuttOut system, any putt crossing the standard hole sized white disc at the bottom of the ramp, rolling up the ramp and returning to you will be counted as a holed putt.

Miss-hit strokes will either fall off the side, drop over the top or return halfway back to you. This provides instant feedback on distance control as well as direction.

In order to putt the perfect putt to test, the PuttOut system has a pop-out on the ramp and only perfectly struck putts will stay put in the hole.


A must-have training aid to perfect your distance control The feeling of achievement when you get the ball to stop in the pop-up on the ramp will make the purchase absolutely worthwhile.

4. EYELINE Putting Alignment Mirror


  • Variations of the EyeLine Mirror allows you to address different areas of your putting stroke.
  • The alignment lines highlight the path of the putter especially compared with your alignment lines on your putter


  • The mirror, especially on the larger options, is likely to scratch with long term use.

The EyeLine Putting Mirror has assisted many professional and beginner golfers in fine-tuning the eye, shoulder, putter face alignment. This allows you to immediately identify where you should place the focus.

Accurate feedback from the training aid is what puts it in the top of its class and you get immediate visual feedback from the Alignment Mirror.

The Putting Mirror assists in highlighting the putter face alignment at impact and changes that are required to improve on the stroke. It furthermore provides feedback on how your eyes align over the ball.

Golfers have their individual preferences when it comes to eye alignment but you will receive the feedback on your specific alignment and how it suits your putting stroke. It also allows you to practice the length of your stroke to your individual preferences and putting stroke.

It is not difficult to set the aid up before you can start using it. Find a flat surface, place the mat where it would allow for you to address in comfort and start your practice.

It fits in a bag quite easily making it perfect for use wherever you may find the time and inclination to work on your setup. Putts in the range between 10” and 15” will benefit most from the Alignment Mirror.

There are 3 models available each serving a different purpose:

9.25″ x 17.5″  – Ideal to see the ball in a parallel “slot and comes with Putter Gate Slots to allow you set up a gate with tees for the toe and heel of the putter.

This results in a more constant stroke as a result of more contact with the sweet spot of the putter. This version is less durable but provides a more inclusive view of the role your shoulders will play in the full putting stroke.

7.5″ x 12″ – Ideal for shoulder alignment

5.75″ x 11.75″ – The Putting Alignment Mirror is great for a quick alignment check and for traveling.

Current users of the EyeLine Mirror and none of them are paid to use the system.

  • 16 of the Top 20 Players in the World (OWGR)
  • 7 of the Top 10 in “Strokes Gained Putting”
  • 9 of the last 12 Major Champions


This is a highly beneficial putting aid providing instant visual feedback of your alignment as well as your putting stroke. The EyeLine Putting Mirror should definitely be one of the first training aids on your list.

5. EyeLine Golf Speed Trap


  • Accurate feedback
  • Handy if you battle with a square swing path
  • Versatile for a range of swings


  • Expensive for what you get
  • Feedback is restricted to just prior to impact only

This is a most versatile product with so many setup options to facilitate almost any swing path adjustment you want to address. The base is constructed of polycarbonate and is virtually indestructible. It links to the base by virtue of Velcro which means it won’t have an impact on your equipment.

It is a very easy training aid to set up and to use. Ensure you align the white target line to your desired location and secure the polycarbonate base to the ground with two tees.

A trademark of great training aids is immediate feedback. The Speed Trap provides great audible feedback from the polycarbonate base which will inform you whether you are hitting the ball fat or scooping it. Immediate feedback from an errant swing will see the rods flying about.

No harm will be done to your equipment although your ego may be impacted at the sight of the rods flying around. Any over the top or casting will be highlighted very quickly by the flying rods as well.

You can avoid most of the ego busting flying rods by placing them at the widest possible gap when starting off and move them closer together as you increase in skill and confidence. The benefit of the Velcro connections of the rods is that it makes the system flexible for use by beginners as well as single handicappers.

By changing the position of the rods you can work on any swing path and adjust to your skill level. The rods can be placed in such a way that the aid can be used b left hand as well as right-hand golfers.

You can train your swing plane to swing the club through the middle of the path provided by rods path. You can start off slowly and increase the speed as your confidence grows in the correct plane and swing path.

The cut-out in the front of the Speed Trap will even allow you to take a divot once you have resolved the trajectory issues and found the correct weight transfer.


The Speed Trap provides immediate feedback on errant swing paths and swing planes. The Speed Trap is an absolute winner in allowing you to start off slowly and increase your swing speed as your confidence in both plane and path increases.

Speed Trap is a useful tool for golfers chasing the ultimate consistent swing plane and swing path.

6. The Putting Arc T3


  • Versatile
  • Can be used anywhere any time
  • Simple to set up and use


  • A bit light for outdoor use (you can peg it down)
  • Not ideal for longer putts

The purpose of the Putting Arc is for golfers – especially with blade putters  – to allow the head to move inside-square-inside on a very precise arc with the putter face remaining square to the arc.

The putting stroke feels natural as it travels along the arc. The Putting Arc is suitable for most golfers as the arc is based on a very large circle and can be used by both left-handers and right-handers without any complication.

Although golfers with blade putter stand to gain most from the Putting Arc it is not unheard of that golfers with other putters benefitting from it as well.


As your putter follows the path of the Putting Arc you can concentrate on improving pace and clubhead position at the time of contact between the ball and the putter face.

The Putting Arc is a highly recommended system for developing a consistently successful putting stroke for beginners and golfers suffering from the dreaded yips.

7. Impact Snap Golf Swing Trainer


  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Allows you to develop correct release mechanics
  • Good wrist training


  • Tricky to get the hang of at first

One of the more popular golf training aids is the Impact Snap Golf Swing Trainer. The area that the Impact Snap addresses is the position of the club at the point of impact and creating a better shaft angle and shaft lean.

These mistakes result in quite a high number of faults in striking the ball. Inconsistent ball striking is a result of the inconsistent position of the club at impact. Scooping the ball is one of the most committed faults due to an early release of the wrists.

A better shaft angle and shaft, while not eradicating the problem completely, will definitely improve the quality of ball striking.

The design of the Impact Snap is aimed at training your hands and wrist to achieve the best possible position and to avoid having your hands behind the ball. This is achieved by the Impact Snap making a “snapping” sound when you have released the wrist angle too soon.

The aim of the Impact Snap is to delay the “snapping” noise from early on in your downswing to only snap when the club is very close to point of impact. The delay in the snap and forward shaft lean position improves the compression of the ball between the clubface and the surface resulting in better ball striking.

The Impact Snap system will be most beneficial to golfers that tends to scoop the ball as the forward shaft lean and delayed “snapping” sound will give them confidence in their swing.

The Impact Snap can be used for improving your short game as well. By turning the Impact Snap to allow the ball to rest on the inside of your lead arm it locks your wrists creating the feel of sustaining the lag and promoting a flat lead wrist during impact.

Scooped shots around the green tend not to roll out to the hole. The delay in the breaking of your wrists will produce better contact with the ball and more consistent impact, flight and roll out on the greens.


The Impact Snap will be a great tool for golfers that tend to release their wrists too soon during the golf swing and tending to scoop the ball. Through proper shaft lean and impact golfers will get better compression, more distance, and better spin control.

Ultimately there are many tools on the market and the Impact Snap has done well to continue being rates as a top golf swing aid.


The standout training aid: SKLZ Gold Flex – This represents the most versatile of the overall swing training aids. Tempo, lag at the top and increased speed at impact.

For swing path and plane Improvement: EyeLine Golf Speed Trap – Versatile and adjustable with Immediate feedback on swing path and plane faults.

Favorite short game improvement: Orange Whip Wedge – “The kind of training aid that gives you several options in one.”

Best for Putting: Putting Alignment Mirror – “Immediate feedback and alignment for every round”

Best for Chipping/Pitching: Orange Whip Wedge – “Provides a solid sequence of arms and body.”

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