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The Reverse Slice Sequence Explained

The dreaded slice is one of the most common problems facing most golfers. The slice has affected golfers of all skill levels and handicaps. In many cases, even with professional coaching or studying the many articles published to cure the slice, the golfer is still slicing. This can badly affect his or her scores and


Four-Ball Match Play Golf Format Explained – Tips & Guides

Most of the biggest and well-known Professional golf team Tournaments such as the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, and, Presidents Cup, play the four ball match play format. In the Ryder Cup for the first two days, Fourball is played during the morning sessions and Foursomes is played in the afternoon. The captain chooses four teams

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Tips For Short Golfers – Play Your Advantage

Golf is a game for all shapes and sizes, and although some believe tall golfers have an edge, many of the top-performing pros of the modern era are not that tall. Tiger Woods, Brooks Kepka, Rory McIlroy, and Ricky Fowler just to name a few. Patrick Cantlay recently walked away with millions of dollars in

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Tips For Tall Golfers – Play Your Advantage!

Being tall on the golf course has a few advantages and some of the best golf swings in the game both past and present, belong to them. Tom Weiskopf, Ernie Els, Sir Nick Faldo, and Davis Love 111 come to mind. They all seem to hit the ball far with effortless grace, and none better

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Match Play Golf Format Explained – Tips & Guides

The majority of us average golfers operate on the standard Stableford scoring system during casual rounds. This format sees us convert our strokes into points, where if you card par on a hole that you stroke, you are awarded three points. But do you ever play any other formats? My personal favorite is match play,

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Foursome Golf Format Explained – Tips And Guides

“Foursomes”, which is also known as “alternate shot” is a “pairs” playing format in golf. This format of golf is often played in Professional team golf competitions such as The Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, Solheim Cup, and the Seve Trophy. The foursomes match-play format is also used in the Walker Cup. In “Foursomes” there are

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Medal Golf Format Explained – Tips And Guides

Of all the many, different golf scoring or competition formats, medal golf is arguably the harshest and most unforgiving method of scoring of them all. At the same time, it’s the format that gives golfers the most complete feedback or measurement of their ability to play the game. This is the medal golf format explained.

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Stack and Tilt Golf Swing – Tips And Guides

The golf swing has over time been fairly static in terms of new ideas to develop more power and consistency. Sure there have been different “swing thoughts” about the stance, setup, weight distribution, swing plane, and the transition from the top of the backswing to the downswing. All these plus a few others were incorporated

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Best Ball Golf Format Explained

Best Ball is a great golf format for a Tournament or Competiton, where you can enjoy playing as a team with another partner and have the personal satisfaction of playing well as an individual. The usual pressure that occurs when playing a team game is drastically reduced when playing the Best Ball Format. A video

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Better ball Golf Format Explained

If you’ve ever wondered how a better ball golf format works, you’re certainly not the first, nor will you be the last. Whether you’re a newcomer or even a seasoned golfer, the many different golf scoring formats can get confusing – even at the best of times. What is Betterball? In this article, we will

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Golf Skins Scoring Format Explained

Which scoring format do you play most often during your casual rounds with friends? Are you a traditionalist who sticks to strokeplay and Stableford? Or do you enjoy mixing it up and playing matchplay or skins? In this article, we are covering the skins scoring format. We will guide you through the details to understand


How To Hit A Driver Consistently – The Ultimate Goal

Hitting a driver consistently during a round of golf is the ultimate goal of most golfers. The feeling of “crushing” a long tee shot down the fairway is hard to beat, especially if it flies past your playing partners. From the outset, it is important to understand that the driver is the most difficult club


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