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How To Stop Pulling Golf Shots And Avoid That Frustration!

A pulled shot is one of the most frustrating shots in the game of golf. Your club head is square at contact as it should be and the ball does not curve like a slice, it starts left and persists in a straight line further to the left. Irrespective of whether this is a persistent problem or only happens sporadically, you want to know how to stop pulling golf shots. Hitting a mid-to short-iron approach shot you expect to hit


How To Use A Golf Rangefinder? And The Benefits It Will Bring!

On the golf course, you only have access to the most common distance markers at 100, 150, and 200 yards. This is only the distance to the green. Front, middle, or back? That is not always clear. To make the most of your diligent practice and to tweak your distance control, you must know how to use a golf rangefinder. You could read the entire instruction manual to ensure that you are proficient at using the rangefinder or watch some


How to Hit Irons – Perfecting The Games’ Essential Hit

Golf is a game that challenges every aspect of your life. While driving, chipping, and putting are important it is essential that you know how to hit irons. You have to be physically fit and flexible, have a great technical ability, good feel, and be mentally strong. Without these attributes, it is still possible to become a skillful player, but the top ball strikers in the professional ranks have worked hard in refining this aspect of their game. This will


How to Stop a Slice With a Driver – Eliminate The Dreaded Shot!

Hitting a driver that starts out straight and then suddenly veers off course making a depressing curve to your dominant side is not how you want to hit a golf ball. I am talking about that wild curve that heads for the deep rough, deep into a hazard, or even out of bounds. All golfers have hit the dreaded slice at some stage in their golfing experience. I know because I have seen many and experienced it first-hand. It is


How To Hit A Fade – Tips To Achieve A Controlled Fade

Controlling the shape of your golf shots will make the game much more enjoyable. It will enable you to ride the wind or hold the ball up against the wind, dependent on what you want to achieve. It is nigh impossible to hit every shot straight. There will be some degree of curvature in every shot. Even if it lands in line with the position on the tee. To successfully shape your shots, you will need a neutral swing path.


How To Hit A Draw – Tips To Achieve The Sought-After Manoeuvre

A draw is the most sought-after ball flight in the amateur game. Every golfer wants to know how to hit a draw. Golfers stuck with the dreaded slice stands in awe and envy when a golfing partner hits a high draw soaring through the air, and with a slight curve returns to the safety of the fairway then rolls out for miles. For many beginners and high handicap golfers, a draw is what they dream of but lack the confidence


How To Putt – Shave A Few Strokes Off Your Game

If you want to shave a few strokes off your game then putting is most often the first place you should focus. It is essential that every golfer knows how to putt. You might not sink them all but you should feel confident on the green. Bobby Locke is considered as perhaps the greatest putter of all time by golfing aficionados and the origins of the phrase “You drive for show, but putt for dough” is attributed to him. No


How To Pick The Right Shaft For Your Driver?

In this article, I will guide you to assess your requirements on how to pick the right shaft for your driver. Often golfers change the shaft on their driver for reasons other than fitting the best shaft. The reason could be as simple as the golfer likes the look of the shaft or a favorite professional golfer uses the shaft. The detrimental effect on your game can be avoided by visiting a professional club fitter. You should, at the very


What is a Calcutta in Golf? Golfing Terms Explained For Everyone

Placing a friendly wager on a golf game and receiving prizes after a golf day is nothing new to golfers. The prize money offered under these circumstances is insignificant compared to what is at stake when you get involved with Calcutta in golf. What is a Calcutta in golf? I hear you ask. In simple terms, a Calcutta is an auction-pool wagering system in golf that goes by a variety of names such as ‘Golf Calcutta’, ‘Calcutta auction’, or ‘Calcutta

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How To Grip a Golf Club – A Visual Guide & 3 Different Grip Options

Your stance and your grip are the two most important fundamentals one has to master in order to play a decent round of golf. The challenge is that there is no one size fits all answer to the question of grip. Many golfers, particularly beginners, wonder which grip is the best. The best golf club grip is the one that feels the most comfortable and confidence-inspiring to you. Even though you have to feel comfortable with the grip that you

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