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Tapered Vs Non-Tapered Golf Grips

Using the right golf grip to suit your hands and grip can go a long way to improve your swing and better your scores. Expect to find yourself playing from the short grass more often when you have the right grips on your club. When closing your hands around a good fitting golf grip your

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Right Arm & Elbow In Golf Swing – Explained For You

There is no correct or incorrect swing in golf, but certain fundamentals are required to play consistent golf. While many beginners or even seasoned golfers thrive on hitting the ball as far as possible all day, consistency and accuracy will win 99% of any matches. Take a look at Bryson DeChambeau as an example. He

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Wrists In Golf Swing – Tips For You

Many theories abound over the use of the wrists in the golf swing. One should bear in mind that the only contact with the golf club is with the hands and a good golf grip will set the wrists in the correct position to hinge and unhinge, creating a powerful strike on the ball. It

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Hip Turn In Golf Swing – Explained For You

Contrary to many golf beginners’ beliefs, the power in any swing is generated through the hips, and not through the power of the shoulders and arms. Power in the swing starts from the ground upwards and in that sequence, which we will discuss in this article. In any swing analysis, the term “sequence” will come

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Weight Shift In Golf Swing – Tips For You

Weight shift or transfer of the weight during a golf swing is a basic fundamental that has to be mastered to become a better player and consistent ball striker. This is also called the “power move” and without it, no power will be generated through the ball at impact. The same weight shift is employed

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Tempo In Golf Swing – Explained For You

Tempo or Rhythm in the golf swing has different meanings to different golfers. There is no right or wrong tempo in golf. Some great players like Nick Price had a quick tempo and he won more than his fair share on the Tour. The Big Easy, Ernie Els, swings the club so much slower than


How Do Golf Tournaments Work?

If you are a higher handicapper, you may be reluctant to enter a golf tournament. I understand. You fear that you are not good enough to compete. I know the feeling well, but the reality is competitions are fun and give us amateurs a chance to experience what the pros do every week. In this


Cart Bag Vs Stand Bag: Which One Is Best For You?

What is your preferred method for navigating the course? Are you a walker? Or do you drive yourself around? The answer to this question gives you a good idea of the type of golf bag you should be using. We will touch on the different types of options in a minute, but our focus for

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The Reverse Slice Sequence Explained

The dreaded slice is one of the most common problems facing most golfers. The slice has affected golfers of all skill levels and handicaps. In many cases, even with professional coaching or studying the many articles published to cure the slice, the golfer is still slicing. This can badly affect his or her scores and


Four-Ball Match Play Golf Format Explained – Tips & Guides

Most of the biggest and well-known Professional golf team Tournaments such as the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, and, Presidents Cup, play the four ball match play format. In the Ryder Cup for the first two days, Fourball is played during the morning sessions and Foursomes is played in the afternoon. The captain chooses four teams

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Tips For Short Golfers – Play Your Advantage

Golf is a game for all shapes and sizes, and although some believe tall golfers have an edge, many of the top-performing pros of the modern era are not that tall. Tiger Woods, Brooks Kepka, Rory McIlroy, and Ricky Fowler just to name a few. Patrick Cantlay recently walked away with millions of dollars in

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Tips For Tall Golfers – Play Your Advantage!

Being tall on the golf course has a few advantages and some of the best golf swings in the game both past and present, belong to them. Tom Weiskopf, Ernie Els, Sir Nick Faldo, and Davis Love 111 come to mind. They all seem to hit the ball far with effortless grace, and none better


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