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how to increase swing speed
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How to Increase Swing Speed: 10 Tips

One of the most asked questions in golf is how to hit the ball farther. To do that, you will need to know how you can swing faster. Here are 10 tips on how to increase swing speed: Focus on your grip pressure Get wide with your hand path Think rotation in your backswing Stay

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The 55 Best Golf Colleges: Kickstart Your Career

The best golf colleges have a history of producing excellent golfers. They have outstanding programs, great facilities, and top-tier coaching staff who can help further your game. As such, you should set your sights high and aim for a Division 1 NCAA university if you have the skills to make the team. These are the

can chatgpt help you break 80

Can ChatGPT Help You Break 80? 10 AI-Inspired Golf Tips

ChatGPT is all the rage right now, but can this AI-chatbot help you improve your golf game? Of course, it’s still in its early stages, and there are teething issues that need addressing, but for the most part, ChatGPT seems to deliver great information with an expert level of comprehension. If you ask it questions,

How to Reshaft a Golf Club (1)
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How to Reshaft a Golf Club: Step-By-Step Guide

The golf shaft is often said to be the engine of the golf club. The right shaft can help a golfer create consistency in their strike. Having your clubs reshafted occasionally should be seriously considered by all serious golfers. Learning how to do this on your own will save you some money. In addition, it

best golf gifts under $50
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The 20 Best Gifts For Golfers Under $50

Gifts for golfers under $50 can be challenging due to the general cost of golf equipment. However, by the end of this post, you will know the top presents for golf lovers under $50, $40, $30, and $20. You will learn how to satisfy your loved one’s golf craving with balls, retrievers, card games, putting

how to hit golf ball straight (1)
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How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight: 10 Tips

One of the most important skills in golf is being able to hit the golf ball straight. It may also be one of the more difficult skills to achieve. Hitting the golf ball straight requires a golfer to be able to understand and execute all of the basic fundamentals within the game, which can be

paint a golf cart
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How to Paint a Golf Cart: Step-by-Step

Golf carts are great pieces of kit; they simply don’t get enough love. Look at yours. It’s probably in a sorry state. Sure, a wash will improve its appearance, but how about a nice new fancy paint job? A fresh paint job will leave it looking as good as new and perhaps even cooler than

best swing tips
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6 Best Golf Swing Tips (with Photos)

For the best golf swing tips to improve your golf game, it can often feel like an uphill battle full of insider secrets. What works for some doesn’t work for others. Meanwhile, you’re chipping and chunking away on the course, just wanting to get closer to the dream of breaking 100 or 90, or 80.

lag putting
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Lag Putting: 4 Tips To Avoid Three-Putts

Lag putting is being able to putt the ball as close to the hole as possible from a longer distance. You are trying to set yourself up for a two-putt in doing so. Good lag putting is essential for all golfers. But it is especially important for middle to higher-handicap golfers. These players tend not

how to measure golf club length
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How to Measure Golf Club Length: 2 Easy Ways (+1 To Avoid)

We have probably all been there – often, it happens when you are just starting out with golf or when you are borrowing a club from a friend to practice. It is noticeably too long or short for you, making it tougher than it already is to make a clean connection with the ball. So,

how to organize a 14 divider golf chart

How To Organize A 14-Divider Golf Bag (Visual Guide)

Golf bags have come a long way since your grandfather’s all-leather MacGregor tour bag that you used to lug around for him. Now they’re made with lightweight nylon, waterproof, and come with as many as 14 club dividers. More dividers seem like a great idea until you’re staring down the barrels of 14 slots, not knowing

golf ball chart position
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Golf Ball Position Chart: Are You Striking the Ball All Wrong?

Do you ever feel like your stroke is consistent, but you struggle to get a consistent outcome? Well, your golf ball placement may well be to blame! It’s an element many golfers overlook that makes the already challenging game of golf a lot harder to play. This write-up explains all there is to know about


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