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Famous Golf Quotes From Legends Of The Game

Professionals, amateurs, actors, singers, comedians, writers, and politicians have all had many words of wisdom and a lot of jokes and witty remarks about the game of golf. Many of these quotes have become legendary and are often repeated on the course or at the nineteenth hole. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out some of the best. The Legends: Jack Nicklaus Also known as ‘The Golden Bear’ is rated as the best golfer in history in


Golf Club Distances – How Far? [WITH DISTANCE TABLE]

Golf rules dictate that you may only carry a maximum of 14 clubs for a round of golf. You will normally have a driver, a fairway wood or two, possibly a few hybrids, your irons, wedges, and a putter. What this means is that you have to understand each club in your arsenal and know the distance they can deliver. The distance a golfer hits the various clubs will differ from player to player. The quality, weighting, loft, and other


The New Golf World Handicap System – All You Need To Know

The World Handicap System (WHS) The world handicap system was launched in January 2020. It provides a unified and more inclusive system for the first time in the history of golf. Not all countries will go live with the system immediately but plan to link-up during the year. Developed by the Royal and Ancient (R & A} and the United States Golf Association(USGA) in coordination with other existing authorities world-wide. The R & A will assist in the governance of


How to Increase Clubhead Speed (And Hit The Ball Further Than Your Mates)

Clubhead speed has received a tremendous amount of interest recently in the wake of the transformation that Bryson DeChambeau has undergone and what he has achieved. Not everyone can undergo the same transformation, but we will look at key factors on how to increase your clubhead speed. By increasing your clubhead speed you will be able to hit the ball further. Research has found that for every 1 mile per hour increase in your clubhead speed, you will gain 3

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Golf Shafts – The Ultimate Guide – All You Need To Know To Choose The Right Shaft

The golf shaft has developed over the years and brought along a myriad of options available to all golfers. The biggest problem arises in the correct choice. Too often your golfing partner brings a new driver to the course and “drills” it past you on every tee shot. Your ego gets the better of you and has endured this for the round, you decide to upgrade to the same driver to match him. Great idea – NO. Firstly he is


How Many Golf Lessons Should A Beginner Take? What’s The Average For New Golfer?

The game of golf has been around for centuries and all efforts are still made to take part in this wonderful game, be it for exercise and fresh air purposes or a new sporting challenge. There is nothing better than playing a round of golf with your friends or business associates, whatever the level of competence may be. The problem arises when the “hit and giggle” turns into something more serious. Many aspirant golfers would have participated in other ball


Short Par 4 Review – Is The The Golf Subscription Box For You?

Golf apparel is big business and there are many golf stores where you can buy your favorite apparel and accessories. This means that you have to go out to the store to buy your gear. Short par 4 golf is a website that you subscribe to for a monthly fee and they send you a Short Par 4 Subscription box on a monthly basis with a variety of items according to your preferences selected on sign-up. A Short Par 4

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How to Swing a Golf Club – The Mechanics Involved For a Perfect Shot

A good swing is the foundation of your game and understanding it is the first step to developing a decent motion that works. While not all players will ever achieve a perfect swing it is essential that you have a relatively consistent swing with a fair amount of power. There is a lot to know and remember and in this article, I will take you through the fundamentals of how to swing a golf club. What’s Involved? Apart from the

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How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball: Golf Instruction

The pin is placed near the front of the green which is protected by a deep bunker. Phil Mickelson takes out his wedge and lines up this 120-yard second shot. It sails over the bunker, over the pin and pitches towards the back of the green. There’s a sigh from the gallery as they expect the ball to overshoot the green, but wait, it bites and spins back coming to rest just inches from the pin. The sighs turn to


Low Compression Golf Balls – And The Pros & Cons of Using Them

Amateur golfers pay attention to the features and aspects of golf clubs such as new drivers or irons, and golf balls usually are overlooked. You use your golf ball on every stroke, so why not pay more attention to what you are playing? The type of golf ball that you play on all strokes of your round should be more important to you than your driver that you hit only 14 times in a golf round! Types of Low Compression

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The Types of Golf Clubs, Their Names and Uses: Beginners Guide

For beginner golfers, it can be confusing to remember all of the golf club names. There is quite a bit to remember about each type of club, but we have put together a comprehensive guide for you all right here. If every beginner could just take a look at this, it could really solve a lot of initial confusion for players that are just getting started. Each section will go through the basics of each club and hopefully be educational

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What Is Senior Flex And How Does It Differ From Regular Flex

The club shaft is the engine of the golf club. There are many different manufacturers of golf shafts worldwide and this includes steel and graphite as a choice to the golfer. The manufacturing process varies from one manufacturer to another and therefore flex differs slightly. In simple terms, the definition of flex is the amount of bend in the shaft when under the load of the swing. Another way to express it is the stiffness or the softness of the shaft. It

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