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how to hit a stinger
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How to Hit a Stinger: A Tiger Woods Favorite

When executed properly, one of the coolest shots in golf has got to be the stinger. This shot has gained great popularity over the last few years. From Tiger Woods to golf social influencers. In this article, we will look at what a stinger is and how to hit it properly. What is a Stinger?

polish golf clubs
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How to Polish Golf Clubs (+ 4 Best Polish Reviews)

A set of clean, sparkling golf clubs can boost your confidence in your next round of golf. Think of it as cutting a tree with a well-sharpened ax in your hand. The tree might be big, but your ax is in optimal condition. Similarly, a set of recently polished clubs boosts performance. But how can

replacing golf spikes
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Replacing Golf Shoe Spikes: How To Guide

It is only natural that your shoe spikes get worn out over time. Obviously, we aren’t all analyzing the soles of our shoes daily, so it may take something like a slip when driving to notice that our spikes aren’t up to scratch anymore. When you spot that you lack some grip with your spikes,

wedge play tips
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3 Important Wedge Play Tips from Golf Pro Andrew Rice

If you dread any form of pitch or chip shot, then this article is expressly for you. If you feel like you could save a few more strokes around the greens, then this article is for you. Utilizing better technique will literally make these shots easier. Here are a few straightforward improvements that will get the job done. Watch Andrew to see

how to fix your golf shank
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The Dreaded Golf Shank: Fixed! 7 Causes to Work On

There aren’t many shots that can rival the shank as a horrific mishit. Some players even argue that a golf shank is worse than a whiff (completely missing the ball). Besides, a shank can ruin your chances of getting a low score. Not to mention, there is also the embarrassment that comes with hitting this off-target

what to wear to a golf tournament
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What To Wear To A Golf Tournament: Tips for Men & Women

Knowing what to wear to a golf tournament will ensure you have a stress-free afternoon, and all your focus can be on exquisite golf. If you already golf, then there are probably no surprises here, but you could benefit from our pro tips from having been to so many golf tournaments ourselves. If you don’t

aimpoint putting
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AimPoint Putting: The Best Approach To Master Reading Greens?

Green reading is challenging for every golfer, as the slightest misjudgment can send your ball significantly offline. A few years back, I encountered the AimPoint Putting system. Golf coach and founder Mark Sweeney was adamant about simplifying putting for every golfer. As with everything, I was skeptical, even after the endorsements from Stacy Lewis, Justin

putting drills
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The 12 Best Putting Drills To Sink More One Putts

My late father was a passionate believer that a solid short game wins you tournaments, a philosophy drilled into me since a young lad. I spent a large portion of my training hours on the green at my home club. In this post, I share the 12 best putting drills that helped me sink more

how to break 90 in golf
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How To Break 90 in Golf: 10 Tips To Lower Your Score

As a PGA Professional and Coach, I understand that breaking a certain score barrier is one of the most common goals students seek to achieve. Depending on a golfer’s experience level and current abilities, that score barrier can vary greatly. Some may look to break 100, and others that are a little more advanced may

best golf gifts

The 45 Best Golf Gifts (Including Christmas Gift Ideas!)

Is your loved one besotted with golf, but your knowledge of the sport is rusty, and you want to get them the perfect birthday or Christmas gift? Relax, and strap in. I have prepared a list of the 35 best golf gifts for 2023. You’ll find that the list features a variety of golf equipment,

break 100 in golf
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How To Break 100 In Golf This Season

Breaking 100 in golf is the first true milestone any golfer can hope to achieve. While there are other small victories like hitting your first draw or making your first par, those pale compared to the joy you feel when you play well for a full 18 holes of golf and card a score under

drive shaft length
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How To Measure Driver Shaft Length (Images + Video)

You can measure driver shaft length using a regular tape measure, but knowing exactly how to measure driver shaft length is a bit more complicated. Golf club, and especially driver, manufacturing is as much science as it is craftsmanship, so measurements are precise. Learning how to measure a driver shaft length requires you to: Identify


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