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How To Clean Golf Irons – Preserve Your Clubs & Optimise Performance

The cleaning of golf irons is often overlooked, but it’s a process that is essential for preserving your clubs and optimizing their performance. We spend a lot of money on our irons, so it makes sense to take proper care of them. Cleaning golf irons doesn’t have to be a hassle – in fact, it

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Golf Grip Guide – Strong vs Weak vs Neutral Golf Grip

In this post, we will look at the difference between strong vs weak vs neutral golf grip. These tips will enable you to identify if you have the best grip for your swing and how to make adjustments for optimal performance. How you grip your club has a direct impact on the result of your

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How To Clean Rusty Golf Clubs – Get Them Back To Good As New!

If you dig out your golf clubs after a long, cold winter to find that they are rusty, don’t panic. There are a number of ways you can get rid of rust, and have your clubs looking as good as new. Here’s how to clean rusty golf clubs. Steel Wool If it seems to be

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What Is A Good, Bad, and An Average Golf Score?

One area that confused me in the early days of my golfing journey revolved around what was a good score or not. I thought if I did not break 80, I had played badly. It took me a while to understand that a good or bad round was only related to your handicap. In this

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How To Hit A Low Golf Shot & Keep Scoring In Windy Conditions!

In principle, golf is a simple game where you attempt to get a little round ball into a hole in as few shots as possible. In practice, it is a different kettle of fish. Getting your ball from tee to green requires common sense, accuracy, and luck. To have the best chance of keeping your

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How to Keep A Golf Score – A Few Basics To Get You Going

Golf is a unique game in two respects. Firstly, unlike most sports, in golf, you want to score LESS not more. Secondly, it is a game where old and young, male and female, professional and amateur can play together or against each other and compete. To understand how this works we need to know how

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How To Clean Golf Gloves – Extend Durability & Maintain Performance

Anyone who’s played a few rounds with a golf glove will know that it doesn’t take much for them to stain or get dirty. Exposed to the sweat from your hands, the elements, and friction against the golf club grip, golf gloves can quickly lose their spark. What many golfers don’t realize is that golf

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How To Clean Golf Shoes – Extend Their Life And Keep Looking Smart

A decent pair of golf shoes is an essential part of any golfing get-up. They can provide comfort, stability, and grip, helping you to play at your best. However, the nature of their leather or synthetic materials is such that they can easily get dirty during a round of golf. Shoe neglect is a common

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How To Aim Properly And Accurately In Golf – It’s Target Sport!

In 2010, The Bleacher Report released their list of the 50 Greatest Golf Quotes. Number 1 on that list was a quote by Winston Churchill which sums up the game accurately. He quipped, “Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed

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How To Clean Golf Grips And Extend Your Golf Club’s Life

After a fair amount of usage, golf grips will start to lose their spark. Hand-sweat, dirt, suncream, and hot/cold temperatures can all affect your grip, causing slipperiness and a loss of traction. This will affect your swing and ultimately the quality of your shots. It’s important, therefore, to take the time to periodically clean your

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How To Hit A Fairway Wood And Become A Consistent Striker

When a man in the league of Butch Harmon says that a “3-wood is the hardest club to hit off the fairway,” you take note. Instead, he recommends that the average golfer opts for a 5-wood that provides more loft, making it easier to get airborne. Just like our irons, fairway woods come in varying

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How To Improve Your Chipping – See Better Results & Lower Scores

Golf requires a combination of athletic ability, skill, and practice. Any great golfer will tell you that practice is the most important of the three. The funny thing about the majority of beginners and even more advanced players is that they tend to focus most of their practice on driving. While this is an important


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