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How to Clean Golf Balls – Your Guide For Spotless Balls

Every golfer loves it when they look down at their club and see a golf ball that is fresh looking and does not have a speck of dirt, grass, or sand. I have met a few people that prefer a golf ball with a bit of character and wear on it, but those people are certainly outliers. For all of you that are normal and prefer the look of a clean golf ball, then this is the perfect article for

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Graduating to Senior Golf – The Experience of a Senior Golfer

For a golfer, as we age, we lose flexibility, which is possibly the most important and noticeable factor. (Do your stretching exercises regularly.) Added to this, the power muscles tend to shrink. Another contributing factor is the old sports injuries we suffered in our younger days when we played rugby or football or other robust activities. Knees, Shoulders, Back, Neck, and Hips, just to name a few…I suppose we can refer to it as father time catchup!!! BUT … All


How to Ship Golf Clubs You’ve Sold or For Travel

There are a couple of reasons you’d want to ship your golf clubs? Either you’re playing away from home, perhaps internationally, or you’ve sold your clubs and need to get them to the buyer. Taking your golf bag along for your travels can be very cumbersome and cause delays waiting for it at the terminal if it was not misplaced by the airline. This could put a major downer on an otherwise exciting experience. In addition, since the 2nd hand


At What Age Do Golfers Play From The Senior Tee?

All of us that play this wonderful game suddenly find that the distance we hit the golf ball has diminished, as we move on in life. Well, it has been ongoing for a while, but we are in Denial. A scary thought for some, but fear not. The Big Question is: When Do We Move to a Forward Tee? Just think back over the last few months when you felt that you have hit the ball well, putt reasonably, but


How to Carry a Golf Bag – One Strap or Two, Save Your Back!

Carrying your golf bag and walking a full round can really be a great way to have a good time and also a great way to get exercise. The only problem is that you can actually do more harm than good if you are not doing it properly. It goes overlooked a lot, but the way you carry your golf bag can be detrimental to your health. But do not worry, this topic is usually not spoken about enough and


How To Clean A Golf Bag – Bringing It Back To It’s Former Glory

When you play a decent amount of golf, you are bound to have a golf bag that ends up getting a little dirty. Over time mud, sand, grass, and other forces of nature can lead the bag to look old and unpleasant. The good news is that this can be easily avoided if you stay on top of it and clean your golf bag every time that it starts to get dirty. In this article, I will break down how

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How to Improve Your Short Game – A Part Of The Game That’s Overlooked

A big mistake golfers make is putting way too much attention into their long game and not enough on their short game. Honestly, it should be the other way around if you want to score the best on the course. In a normal golf round, you might only hit your driver around 14 times, but you use your putter for over 30 strokes in a round! That is why if you know how to improve your short game, you will


Chip Shot vs Pitch Shot – When To Play Each Shot and Why?

You know the adage, ”Drive for show, putt for dough”. Yes, those big booming drives or long irons down the fairway can be very impressive and putting could count for around half the numbers on your scorecard. Now, what happens when you find yourself a bit short of the green or with a bunker or pond between you and the flag? Worse still, that sexy drive left the fairway and you find yourself in the rough amongst the trees with

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Golf Slice vs Hook – What’s the Difference and How To Fix it

Anyone that has played the game of golf for any length of time has probably experienced a slice or hook. A good number of golfers have actually probably experienced both at one point in time. This post will hopefully give you an idea of what is and is not a slice and hook, and hopefully, I can answer some popular questions that you have. I will also provide a few helpful resources that should be able to help you fix

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Golfing Attire for Women – What To Wear On The Course

Even when you have been playing golf for a long time, choosing the correct clothing for a round of golf can be overwhelming and confusing.  There are rules about golfing attire for women that have changed dozens of times throughout the years. Attire can be different in certain parts of the country and at private or public golf courses. We will do our best to tell you what you should be wearing and why.  After all, you must look good,

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How To Practice Golf At Home – 6 Steps To Practicing At Home

“The more I practice, the luckier I get” – Gary Player How much time do you spend practicing your golf game? The amount of time we spend honing our skills off the course is equally, if not more important than the time we spend playing. During a round is not the time to be making sure your fundamentals are correct or for tweaking your takeaway and putting stroke. It will end up doing you more harm than good. During the

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The Best Golf Books To Improve Your Game and Learn From The Pros

Every golf enthusiast would want to add some good books on the subject to his or her library, but they are spoilt for choice. To make it a bit easier, here are six selections from the best golf books to date. Not all are current, in fact, many are rather old. They all, however, remain relevant and useful to this day. They are some of the most classic and popular golf books around. The Top 6 Best Golf Books 1.

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