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The 20 Most Expensive Putters In Golf

The most expensive putters in golf fetch eye-watering figures that the average player can only dream about. This guide introduces you to the top ten most expensive putters ever sold and a list of options accessible to the average golfer. I will introduce you to premium mass-produced putters that any golfer with deep pockets can

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The 10 Best High MOI Putters

High moment of inertia (MOI) putters work wonders for amateur golfers as they increase stability to help prevent spin and speed dropoff on mishits. Our guide on the best high MOI putters for 2023 looks at the top 10 flat sticks in the category to highlight which is best suited to straight, slight, and heavily

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9 Best Fat Putter Grips

When golfers use a traditional putter grip, they often grip too hard, leading to tension in the hands, arms, and shoulders. With a fat putter grip, the pressure gets distributed more evenly, thus reducing tension and promoting a more relaxed and comfortable grip. The best fat putter grips are thicker than traditional putter grips and


7 Best Left-Handed Putters

Poor lefties, we understand your pain! It’s hard to find putters that you like, but then to add insult to injury, the putters you want are never in stock (good luck getting a left-handed Scotty Cameron!). That’s the curse of being a left-hander! But don’t you worry. This post is entirely for you. We scoured


The 5 Best Counterbalanced Putters

Putting never gets the respect it deserves. If you’re researching counterbalanced putters, I commend you for doing what 90% of amateurs don’t, and that’s care about their putting.  Chances are you’ve realized how many strokes putting can cost you compared to other parts of your game, and you want to change that. A strong-putting game

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The 5 Best Scotty Cameron Putters For 2023

Scotty Cameron learned the art of putter development in his garage as a kid and took his craft mainstream in the early 90s. By 1993, his flat stick had already won Bernhard Langer a Green Jacket, and since then, it’s been smooth sailing. In this post, I pay homage to Mr. Don T and reveal

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The 10 Best Putter For Mid-Handicappers

Mid-handicap golfers understand the intricacies of putting but require forgiveness to deliver consistent roll and accuracy. This post reveals the best putter for mid-handicappers to drain more one-putts this season. But each putter will cater to golfers with different strengths, so you’ll need to find the right one. Our list features the ten best putters

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10 Best Cheap Putters

Your putter is the most frequently used club in your bag. A new putter from the major brands can comfortably set you back by $300 before any customization. Locating a putter on a budget is challenging but well worth the effort. What’s the best cheap putter for your game? We have assembled a list of

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The 10 Best Putter For Beginners

In my experience, a solid short game helped me reach the ranks of a low-handicap player. My erratic long game forced me to master my chipping and putting stroke, which really worked for me. Can one of the best putters for beginners help you take your game to the next level? In this post, I

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The 8 Best Odyssey Putters

Owned by Callaway, Odyssey has been responsible for some of the most iconic putters in the world since they started making clubs in 1997. Odyssey putters truly inspire confidence behind the ball, and there is one to suit every stroke style under the sun. Yet, their range is so huge it’s sometimes challenging to pick

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The 8 Best TaylorMade Putters: In-Depth Reviews

Every good golfer knows that winning scores are made on the green. Whether you’re a tournament player or not, the putter you have in your bag will significantly impact your overall score each time you step on the course. While there are many brands renowned for making great putters, there aren’t many that can rival

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The 8 Best Putters For Women

The majority of golf product reviews focus on equipment best suited to men. Here at Golfspan, we have worked hard to add more information for the ladies of our game. In this post, I am revealing our picks for the best putters for women for 2023. I have compiled a list of the top 8


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