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The 5 Best Putters For Women In 2022

The majority of golf product reviews focus on equipment best suited to men. Here at Golfspan, we have worked hard to add more information for the ladies of our game. In this post, I am revealing our picks for the best putters for women in 2022. I have compiled a list of the top 5


The 6 Best Center Shafted Putters To Help Your Aim in 2022

How many different putter shaft designs have you used in your golfing career? According to’s Jonathan Wall, professionals and amateurs prefer to play with a heel-shafted putter instead of a center-shafted option. In this article, we are taking the path less traveled as we aim to discover the six best center shafted putters on


Most Forgiving Putter – The Most Important Club In Your Bag

Putters come in a variety of shapes and designs and making a choice can be quite overwhelming. To make this a bit easier we will go through the most important features that you need to consider before purchasing the best forgiving putter for you… Head Design: Let us start from the bottom up and look


The Best Putters Under $100 – Our Review Of The Top 5 Available

Your putter is the most frequently used club in your bag. A new putter from the major brands can easily put you back by $300 before any customization. Finding a putter for under $100 can be challenging but well worth it. We’ve assembled a list of 5 of the best golf putters for under $100.


Where to Buy Used Odyssey Putters Online

Odyssey is generally considered to be the number 1 putter in and was acquired by Callaway Golf in 1997.  They only design and manufacture putters and no other golf clubs. Odyssey, followed by the release of the Odyssey White Hot Putter Line in 2000. They are not cheap, but we will evaluate a few websites where to


Where to Buy Used Scotty Cameron Putters – The 4 Best Places

Used Scotty Cameron putters are much sought after and used by many professional golfers. These putters are stylish, well designed, built to exact craftsmanship, and rather expensive. To make these putters more accessible to the average golfer there are ample putters available on the pre-used market. In this article, we will assess and compare some

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Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Review – Tiger Woods Approved?

Putting is a skill that is all about feel and confidence, and selecting your putter is a personal decision. If your putter does not provide the feel and inspire confidence, you will struggle to hole many crucial putts. Driving the ball over three hundred yards counts the same as a 3-inch putt, but many golfers


10 of The Best Golf Putters of All Time – Is This The Greatest Putter List?

“Golf is a good walk spoiled”, famously attributed to Mark Twain, but apparently penned by writer Henry Leon Wilson in a novel back in 1905. Whoever it was, nothing can spoil a good game of golf more than not getting it in the hole. Three puts, and leaving it way short can be one of


Milled vs Insert Putters – What’s The Difference and Which Is Better?

There are two basic types of putter, those with a milled face and those with some sort of insert in the clubface. The question is, what exactly is the difference, and which option is better? Milled putters display a complex milled pattern on the clubface where the design attempts to produce the best feel and

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The 7 Best Blade Putters to Improve Your Short Game

Think about your average round and work out how many strokes on your scorecard were putts. That should put the importance of getting a decent putter into perspective. While mallet putters have become fairly popular, many golfers still prefer the more traditional blade design. Modern technology has improved this seemingly simple club and the best


7 of The Best Mallet Putters To Improve Your Putting Game

If you have been golfing for even a short time you have probably realized that putting is critical. Improving your putting is most probably the easiest way to save a few stokes and end up with a better score. This is true for golfers at all levels. Practice is important but selecting one of the

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The 10 Best Putters For 2022 [Reviews & Ratings]

The putter is the most used club in any golfer’s bag, and finding the best putter is an easy way to start reducing your score immediately. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a putter suitable for your game. But it is one of the most overlooked purchases. In this article, we will take you through


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