What Does Driver Release Mean?

The first shot played on a particular hole in any round of golf is played from the tee of that hole. The main challenge of the first shot off the tee is to hit the golf ball as far and as straight as possible. The best golf club to use to achieve the maximum distance


Who Makes Pinnacle Golf Balls? Brands Explained

There are very few golfers that can honestly say that they have never encountered a Pinnacle golf ball and tried it out. Although it is not the pinnacle of golfing technology, Pinnacle golf balls provide golfers with an affordable option golf ball manufactured by one of the premium brands in the golfing world. So, Who


Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls? Brands Explained

Playing golf using premium branded equipment and accessories can become rather expensive. Fortunately, several brands are committed to making it an all-inclusive sport offering affordable golfing.  Golf balls are a major contributing factor in escalating the cost of golf, especially when you are a beginner and are losing balls on a regular basis. Nitro golf


Do Pros Use Hybrids?

Hybrids were first introduced in the early 2000s and went by a few names including utility wood and rescue club. Both are very appropriate as they were primarily introduced to assist golfers who struggled to hit long irons consistently. The small hollow head resembles a 7-wood or 5-wood and is easier on the eye than


Who Makes Top Flite Golf Balls? Brands Explained

Anyone that has played a considerable amount of golf since 1971 will be acquainted with the Top Flite brand, whether it be golf balls, clubs, or other accessories. Looking at the history of the brand and its decline, the question arises whether they still make golf balls and who makes Top Flite golf balls.  Delving


What Wedges Should A Beginner Carry?

When it comes down to the selection of wedges to carry in the bag, an unwritten rule is to allow 4 to 5- degrees between each wedge. So if the pitching wedge is at 46-degrees, then a gap wedge could be added in between the pitching and the sand wedge. A sand Wedge of 56


Why do my Golf Club Heads Break off?

Golf clubs are an expensive commodity, and most golfers treat their clubs with tender loving care. On the other hand, beginners or players using a set of “hand down ”clubs, play the round and either leave them in the car boot or throw them in the garage. Extending the life of a set of clubs


What To Look For When Buying a Used Golf Cart

The cost of a new golf cart surprises many first-time buyers, as some vehicles fetch as much as a new car. $15,000, to be exact. However, if a new cart exceeds your budget. There are plenty of used options on the market. That is why in this article, we are highlighting what to look for


Is Golf an Expensive Sport And How Costly Is It To Get Started?

Although golf is the best sport on earth, it has often copped criticism for limiting its reach to society’s elite. This tag has hampered the growth of the game. It was particularly true in mid to low-income areas where the residents felt unwelcome in the typical Country Club environment. However, based on the recent boom


What Does Up And Down Mean In Golf?

It’s inevitable that at some point in your golfing journey you will come across the term “up-and-down”. So, just exactly what does “up-and-down” mean in golf? While it can be a relative description of one’s golfing game at a particular time, it’s also a part of the game that consists of a combination of certain


How Do Golf Tournaments Work?

If you are a higher handicapper, you may be reluctant to enter a golf tournament. I understand. You fear that you are not good enough to compete. I know the feeling well, but the reality is competitions are fun and give us amateurs a chance to experience what the pros do every week. In this


What Does A Golf Club Fitting Cost And Is It Worth It?

In a 2019 article, Golf Digest’s equipment editors answered questions posed to them by readers on whether they should get fitted for clubs. E. Michael Johnson and Mike Stachura responded with a resounding yes. While I concur with their sentiments, many average golfers feel that they are not worthy of getting fitted. The truth is


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