golf wedge distance chart

Golf Wedge Distance Chart: Average Distances for Most Golfers

Let’s face it. Bad approach shots are score-killers. You need to get the distance just right with your wedges. That’s where a golf wedge distance chart will help you identify what club you should use. You can also use it to easily compare your distances with other players. This knowledge is essential in helping you

how much do golf clubs weigh

How Much Do Golf Clubs Weigh? [Examples Included]

Whether you’re shipping your golf clubs or carrying your clubs for 18 holes, the weight of each club adds up. So, how much do golf clubs weigh? Most golf clubs weigh an average of 0.73 lbs (0.33 kg). Drivers weigh about 0.68 lbs, irons weigh about 1 lb, and putters weigh the most at 1.1 lbs.

tiger woods handicap

What Is Tiger Woods’ Handicap? Best, Worst, and Average

Considered the best golfer of modern times and across all time by many, Tiger Woods’ handicap certainly reflects that over the past 25 years or so. I mean, you don’t win 15 majors without an off-the-charts handicap. So, what is Tiger Woods’ handicap? As of 2020, Tiger Woods’ current handicap index was +6.5. When he

why do rich people play golf (1)

Why Do Rich People Play Golf? Top 5 Reasons

More and more people are playing golf, but it is traditionally considered a game for the wealthy. Why do rich people play golf? Wealthy people play golf for many reasons, but the top reasons are: Golf allows them to conduct business in an enjoyable setting. Golf allows them to get away from it all. Golf

driving irons vs hybrids

Driving Iron vs Hybrid: Which Should You Choose?

Driving irons vs hybrids is a hot debate, and while they each have their own pros and cons, there is significant use case overlap. Picking the right clubs for your golf bag can be a troublesome task. After all, you’re restricted to just 14, and what if you desperately need that one club you chose

how long 9 holes

How Long Does 9 Holes of Golf Take? (Estimated Time for 1-4 Players)

It can be tough to fit a round of golf into a busy schedule, which is why it’s so helpful to know the time it takes to play a round of 9 or 18 holes. How long does it take to play 9 holes? An average foursome could play 9 holes in about 2 to 3

Can You Rent Golf Clubs

Can You Rent Golf Clubs? Costs & FAQs

Whether you have somehow forgotten your golf clubs, simply fancy a last-minute practice at the driving range, or don’t own any clubs, all these situations beg the question as to whether you can rent golf clubs. So, can you rent golf clubs? Most golf courses allow you to rent golf clubs. The average cost to rent

what are the most playoff holes in golf history

What Are the Most Playoff Holes in Golf History?

Everyone loves a playoff in golf. It could go either way and adds extra excitement, given that it is not seen often. Given how well-loved it is, thoughts wander toward the longest golf playoff there has been, and it certainly went on for a while. So, what are the most playoff holes in golf history? We

man golfing peaceful sunset calming nerves

5 Ancient Practices to Calm Your Nerves on the Golf Course

We’ve all felt anxiety on the first tee. Whether you’re in front of dozens of people, or just three friends, first-tee jitters happen to everyone. Your heart starts pounding. Then your head gets hot, your stomach tightens, and your legs begin to shake. If the anxiety really takes over, negative thoughts flood your mind. You

What Size Golf Clubs Do I Need

What Size Golf Clubs Do I Need? The Complete Guide

Whether you are buying golf clubs for the first time or getting a new set, the question always arises as to how to size golf clubs. Of course, you don’t want them too small. Otherwise, you are bending over too much and have poor posture. Or if they are too long, it affects your swing

how to become a golf instructor

How to Become a Golf Instructor

Many golfers, like me, find out early in life that golf is a passion and that they want to pursue a career in this great game. If that’s you, in this article, I’ll show you that you don’t need to be the next Tiger Woods to be a golf professional. You can learn to be

most beautiful lpga players

The 10 Most Beautiful LPGA Players (+ Photos!)

If there’s anything better than golf with your buddies, it’s golf with sexy lady golfers. For some, the beer cart girl just doesn’t cut it, and we want to be around women who look great and love the game. With Instagram providing a platform for the generic female golfer model, we want to focus on


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