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How Fast Can A 48V Golf Cart Go? 

What is the fastest golf cart on the market? I get first-time buyers asking this question all the time. While having the fastest cart will bring you endless joy, the more pertinent question is: does the cart suit my needs? However, for all the petrol heads, I will answer the question of speed below. In


What Does HT Mean On TaylorMade Drivers?

Manufacturers frequently add abbreviations on the driver indicating some technology of performance areas that they have addressed in the driver. You may have noticed the HT lettering on some of the older TaylorMade drivers. So, what does HT mean on TaylorMade drivers? TaylorMade is renowned for its resourceful creations that bring the best out of


What Is The Average Price To Mow A Golf Course?

Golf Course Industry Magazine estimates that a club’s average operation costs are shy of $800,000 a year. Although more than twenty items make up the budget, mowing equipment accounted for 58% of the top capital budget expenditure. That data made me curious as to what the average price to mow a golf course is. The


Why Do Golfers Take Their Hats Off To Shake Hands?

Most professional golfers wear some sort of headgear to protect them from the effects of the sun on their faces, but why do golfers take their hats off to shake hands? Lifting Of The Hat or Cap – Where Did It Start? It is said that dating back to the knights in armor in medieval


Who Makes Srixon Golf Balls? Brands Explained

Srixon is a Japanese golfing brand, the fourth largest global golfing brand, with a registered trademark owned and operated by the specialized sports equipment manufacturer, SRI Sports Limited. SRI sports are a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, part of the Sumito Group founded back in 1615. Several professional golfers represent SRIXON on all professional tours


Who Makes Vice Golf Balls? Brands Explained

Everyone has a vice in life, some spend their money on luxury items at extravagant prices, expensive golf balls, or equipment. Well, Vice golf balls will not deplete your budget but still allow you to either save your money or spend it on other luxuries. Who is Vice Golf, Where are They Located, and Who


Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls? Brands Explained

Noodle golf balls are highly regarded by many golfers as one of the most affordable and reliable golf balls for beginners and high handicap golfers alike. It makes for interesting reading how the company progressed through the years and who makes Noodle golf balls now. Initially, the Maxfli brand was part of the Dunlop Slazenger


Who Makes Adams Golf Clubs? Brands Explained

Adams Golf was synonymous with golf clubs created for the best approach shot golf in the game of golf. This made them a frontrunner in easy-to-hit fairway woods, hybrids, and hybrid irons. Since they were successful and popular, many golfers mull over about who makes Adams Golf Clubs now? Well, Adams Golf was founded when


Who Makes Cobra Golf Clubs? Brands Explained

Cobra golf clubs are played by some of the biggest names on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour, and other professional tours. This often begs the question of who makes Cobra Golf Clubs and where are they made. Thomas Crow, the former Australian amateur golfer, founded Cobra Golf Clubs in 1973 after a spell


Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs? Brands Explained

David Glod founded Tour Edge and has been at the helm of the company since its founding in 1986. He is the person who designed and manufactured the first golf club under the Tour Edge banner. He had a great desire to play professionally and realized this dream playing pro-level golf for a short time


Who Makes Powerbilt Golf Clubs? Brands Explained

PowerBilt is a company with an extensive history in the golfing world that started in 1916. The company was founded in 1884 when 17-year-old John A. Bud Hillerich made his first Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Frank Bradsby Hillerich in 1911 to promote his love for golf. Hillerich & Bradsby was born and sold their first


Who Makes Top Flite Golf Clubs? Brands Explained

Top Flite is one of the most recognizable names in the golfing industry even though they do are no longer regarded as a premium brand like Callaway and TaylorMade. Although more renowned for their golf balls, Top Flite produces golf clubs under their brand aimed at golfers at every level. So, who makes Top Flite


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