What Is The Length Of A 3 Wood?

The 3 wood has been a popular club pretty much since golf began. It’s rare that anyone, from pros to amateurs, will be seen without this particular wood in their bag. The reason for this is quite simple: 3 woods have the potential to hit big shots whilst retaining a good amount of control. In


Why do Golfers Tape Their Fingers?

Professional golfers hit thousands of golf balls on the range to hone their games and spending 8 hours a day in between tournaments is a common practice and a necessity to stay at the top. Calluses develop especially on the hand which is not protected by a glove. Not too many pros play without a


Which Are The Most Used Golf Grips On Tour?

Golf is one of those games that has become very high-tech, and we get pounded with information about how each innovation will bring us more distance, accuracy, and pleasure. Special spring face heads, lower CG for higher ball flight, and wider soles to create confidence.  Heard it all before? When analyzing all these new ideas,


What Is The Most Used Golf Ball On The PGA Tour?

It must be understood that the balls and equipment the Tour Pros use are not necessarily the same equipment you will buy off the retail shelf. When it comes to clubs, they are vastly different as the shafts are fitted to fit the Pro’s total requirement to optimize his game. However, the ball is very


What Size Golf Tee Should I Use? Does It Really Matter?

Most golfers, including professional golfers on tours, use tees off the tee box to gain maximum advantage, yet the selection of a tee is one of the most neglected purchasing decisions. The question that arises is ‘what size golf tee should I use for a driver and other clubs’? Are they all the same length


Can You Have A Negative Handicap In Golf? Is It Possible?

Golf such a competitive sport and allows golfers of all abilities to compete in the game, the reason behind this is the golf handicap system. It enables a lesser experienced golfer to play more shots on a specific hole than an experienced golfer. Subtracting your handicap from your gross score (number of shots played during

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How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Most golf carts nowadays utilize the power of electricity, juicing up and cruising around at minimal expense to the environment. But for all the benefits of deep-cycle battery power, there’s no avoiding the inevitable expiry date. No battery can last forever. But when, exactly, is this expiry date? How long do golf cart batteries last?

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Do New Golf Cart Batteries Smell When Charging?

When you buy some brand new golf cart batteries and get them rigged up and ready to roll, you expect everything to operate smoothly. Fresh batteries, fresh start. However, you might find yourself asking the question…’ do new golf cart batteries smell when charging? Once you start charging your new batteries, you may find yourself


What Are Blades In Golf? Our Explanation, Along With Pros And Cons..

Like any sport, the game of golf has always looked for innovation to improve performance. It often leads us to ask questions about the new technology, questions such as ‘what are blades in golf?’. In the early day’s clubs were carved out of wood and then in the late 1870s steel heads became the game


How Many Golfers Are On The PGA Tour?

Regular watchers of PGA golf tournaments will know that there seems to be a large number of players that rotate in and out of tournaments. Some of the more successful players only partake in a few high-profile tournaments allowing for more professionals to participate on the PGA Tour. Earning your way onto the PGA Tour

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Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged In All The Time?

There is also lots of conflicting information that suggests that your batteries shouldn’t be left plugged in. Sadly, when it comes to the science of batteries, things are rarely simple. Hence, many golf cart owners rightly ask the question, ‘should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time?’ When it comes to golf


Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

Golf equipment manufacturers have over recent years had to realign the cost structures of their business to remain competitive, raising the question…which golf clubs are made in the USA? Just like Automotive and many Global manufacturers, China has “dangled the carrot” of low manufacturing costs, to every industry. Labor in China is abundant and low-cost.


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