viktor hovland witb

Viktor Hovland WITB in 2022 – What’s In The Bag?

One of golf’s many draws is that we get to talk about the latest equipment. And the right piece of equipment could help you get to the next level. Other sports aren’t like this— you don’t hear anyone talk about what kind of bat Aaron Judge uses or what type of helmet Tom Brady wears.

dustin johnson golf clubs

Dustin Johnson Clubs: What’s in the Bag in 2022?

Dustin Johnson is an American golfer with two major championships to his name: the 2016 U.S Open and the 2020 Masters Tournament (in which he received a record score of 268). But what equipment is Dustin using to perform at such a high level? I, for one, had to find out! Can you add one

brooks koepka what's in the bag

Brooks Koepka’s Clubs: What’s in the Bag?

Brooks Koepka holds the record for being the first golfer to win two major championships back-to-back, and he once held the number one rank for 47 weeks. Can you pick up one of the clubs he uses to improve your game? Well, you may be surprised to find out that he went for five years

justin thomas golf clubs

Justin Thomas Clubs: What’s in the Bag in 2022?

Having won two major championships and several other tournaments, Justin Thomas has cemented his place in golf history as one of the best to have ever played the game. This success enabled him to land a ‘club and ball’ partnership with the all-American golf brand, Titleist. In addition, he also has a footwear deal with one

jordan spieth golf clubs

Jordan Spieth Clubs: What’s in the Bag in 2022

Jordan Speith is arguably the best post-Tiger-era irons player. So, we’re excited to see what he’s packing for his irons and wedges. He is quite a well-known Titleist enthusiast. He has only used Titleist clubs for his entire professional career. So, you can expect to see top-of-the-line clubs from one of the biggest golf brands

rory mcilroy hitting a golf shot

Rory McIlroy Clubs: What’s In the Bag?

Rory McIlroy has become a favorite of many golf fans over the last few years. TaylorMade saw the opportunity to capitalize on his popularity back in 2017, and he’s been with them ever since. As a result, Rory has a full bag of 14 TaylorMade clubs. And he has used them to top many events,


How Do Tee Times Work In Golf?

Most golf courses are run like any other sales organization where the selling of rounds of golf to members or visitors, creates their turnover and profit. Ideally, they want to put the maximum number of people on the course every day, but without some control systems, it would be chaos. Hence tee times are allocated,


How Many Hole In Ones Has Tiger Woods Made?

The chances are you have never hit a hole in one before because that is one of the most difficult shots to do in golf. The odds of hitting an ace for us armatures are 1 in 12000. If you have, well done!! Hat’s off to you. Brilliant. At the young age of only 8,

Golf Carts

What Are The Average Golf Cart Dimensions?

While golf carts may appear to be relatively standard in size the dimensions do differ quite a bit. This is important for storage, comfort, and ease of use. We will explain the average golf cart dimensions. Standard Golf Cart Width Golf carts have become a common sight on most golf courses and are used more

how to hit a bunker shot with text and woman hitting from bunker

How To Hit A Bunker Shot – A Step-By-Step Approach

Have you ever hit a ball in the bunker and got excited about the shot you would get to hit next? Chances are, the answer is no. Most golfers hit their approach in a greenside bunker, and the panic of what comes next starts to settle in. If this describes your current relationship with bunker

Lead tape in golf

Lead Tape in Golf: Improves or Hurts Your Swing?

You may or may not have heard of using lead tape in golf or lead tape for golf clubs. It all comes down to the concept of swing weight. When I started out playing years ago, I would see other golfers with lead tape on their club, and I had always wondered why? Adding lead


Overlap Vs Interlock Grip for Golf: Which is Better?

3 basic golf grips have dominated the game over the years, and the interlock and overlap are the most popular and effective. The hammer or baseball grip is the 3rd grip which is not ideal for a player wanting to improve their golf. It may be the easiest grip for beginners but should be changed.


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