Where to Buy a Used SkyTrak Golf Simulator?

Golf simulators have become extremely popular with the golfing community and have helped many golfers improve their game considerably. We look at where to buy a used SkyTrak golf simulator to save you a bit of money on the purchase as SkyTrak is regarded as one of the leading premium golf simulators and can cost upward of $7,000 new. Since they have been available for a substantial period, the used market is experiencing significant growth and this is making golf


Where to Trade in Golf Clubs for Cash – Top 5 Options For Your Old Sticks

There is a massive market for used golf clubs and related equipment. Having said that, selling your golf clubs for whatever reason can be a challenging task. This is especially true if you need the cash and do not want to trade the clubs in for loyalty points. This article will give you some advice on where to trade in golf clubs for cash. Many online businesses trade in golf clubs and most of them offer a great service. Some


Where Are The Best Places to Sell Used Golf Clubs?

There is no doubt that golf is an expensive game. When starting out in golf (upgrading your current golf set) you don’t always have to buy new clubs. There are many options available for you to buy pre-owned clubs and to sell your used golf clubs. Although there are many new sets available at affordable prices you will be able to get a more advanced set if you look at the used market. In this piece, we will look at


How Much Space Do You Need For a SkyTrak Golf Simulator?

The SkyTrak simulator can be immensely helpful in improving your golf swing and can also provide hours of fun with family and friends. However, one of the questions I am often asked is – just how much space do you need for a SkyTrak golf simulator? Criteria to Consider 1. Assessing Space Start by assessing the space that you have available to install a golf simulator and whether you are prepared to sacrifice this space permanently. There are retractable screens


Going Solo – Can You Play Golf by Yourself and Should You?

People that are new to the game of golf might wonder if it is acceptable or not very proper to play golf by yourself. The answer is that you can absolutely play golf by yourself! There are a few exceptions to this rule, and there are also variations that you can add to your round the next time that you are playing golf by yourself. When Can’t You Play Golf by Yourself? Do not get me wrong, there are certainly


What is an AW Golf Club, What Does It Do & When To Use One

If you have seen the abbreviation AW when referring to golf clubs, you’re probably wondering what it actually stands for, which club it is and when to use it. Quick Answer: An AW is an approach wedge often referred to as a gap wedge by some golfers and companies. The two names basically mean the same thing and can be referred to each other interchangeably. The approach wedge golf club is a popular club that is carried in a 14-club golf


What Are Hybrid Golf Clubs & How Do They Differ?

A hybrid is generally known as a mixture of two different species or things, usually trying to get the best attributes of both. Quick Answer: Hybrid golf clubs are a mix of woods and irons in an attempt to get the best features of each into one club. The hybrid will take the easier swing mechanics of iron play and combine this with the more forgiving nature of the wood. What Are Hybrid Clubs – And How Do They Differ?


Who Invented The Golf Tee? The Quick Golf Questions & Answers

Golf is a sport that has obviously come a long way with today’s technology and inventions. Still, there are some things that are basically the same design from the beginning. That is exactly how the golf tee is. In this post, I am going to break down who invented the golf tee and some of the popular questions that arise from the topic of who invented the golf tee. Quick Answer: The man who is largely accepted as the inventor


The 7 Best Golf Club Shipping Companies & Comparison

Shipping golf clubs both domestically and internationally is big business. As this market has grown, we are no longer limited to the major shipping companies as several new players have started specializing in the shipping of golf clubs. The 7 golf club shipping companies we have reviewed and compared in this piece will provide you with a good idea of what is available in the market and how much it will cost. To balance the comparison, we have included the


Who is the Richest Golfer in the World? Is It Who You Think?

Even though it’s tough to answer this question without analyzing bank statements and tax returns, there is enough evidence and reason out there to analyze who the richest golfers in the world are based on their tournament wins. This post is going to break down the richest golfers in the world and look at how much money they have made in the sport from most angles with public information. The order goes from the richest golfer in the world to


How to Clean Golf Balls – Your Guide For Spotless Balls

Every golfer loves it when they look down at their club and see a golf ball that is fresh looking and does not have a speck of dirt, grass, or sand. I have met a few people that prefer a golf ball with a bit of character and wear on it, but those people are certainly outliers. For all of you that are normal and prefer the look of a clean golf ball, then this is the perfect article for


How to Ship Golf Clubs You’ve Sold or For Travel

There are a couple of reasons you’d want to ship your golf clubs? Either you’re playing away from home, perhaps internationally, or you’ve sold your clubs and need to get them to the buyer. Taking your golf bag along for your travels can be very cumbersome and cause delays waiting for it at the terminal if it was not misplaced by the airline. This could put a major downer on an otherwise exciting experience. In addition, since the 2nd hand

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