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What Size Trailer Do You Need For A Golf Cart?

Unless you are having your golf cart delivered upon purchase. You will need a trailer to move it from the showroom to your home or the parking area at your local club. If you plan on taking your cart with you to different courses. Then it makes sense to purchase a trailer. Recently I was


Which Are The Most Expensive Golf Shoes You Can Buy?

The Most Expensive Golf Shoes You Can Buy: Are they worth it? Golf shoes are crucial in maintaining stability and prevent sliding especially when swinging hard and fast for a few extra meters on the long par fives. Comfort and style combined with technology push the price of golf shoes up and can be quite


How Much Does A Golf Driver Cost? Examples And Advice.

Golf drivers are the most admired club in nearly every golfer’s bag. It stands the tallest, has the biggest head, and the longest shaft. It is often the most expensive club as well. Many golfers wonder, do they have to invest a fortune in a driver and how much does a golf driver cost? Why


Do Golf Balls Float? It’s Sink Or Swim Time!

It’s a question that’s often asked of small objects. Sink or swim? Generally speaking, it’s heavy objects that sink, and lighter ones that float. But what about golf balls? They’re not that heavy, are they? Wouldn’t it be nice if they floated, thus making them far easier to retrieve? But no, golf balls do not

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Where Is The Best Place to Buy A Used Golf Cart?

Buying a used golf cart isn’t always a straightforward process. There are precautions you should take, and it can be hard to know where, exactly, is the best place to buy a used golf cart. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about buying a used golf cart. Things to Consider Before

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How Much Do Golf Carts Cost? Are They Within Budget?

Golf carts aren’t cheap, but they’re a solid investment. Let’s try to answer ‘how much do golf carts cost?’, and the best places to buy them. Golf carts aren’t just practical – they’re a blast to drive, adding a whole new dimension of enjoyment to your round of golf. They can serve you not just

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Why Does My Electric Golf Cart Go Slow Uphill?

In this post, we are answering the common question, why does my electric golf cart go slow uphill? There is nothing worse than putting your foot on the gas pedal, only to get no response. At first, we push down on the accelerator with more force, but we soon realize that all power has been


Which Are The Worst Golf Balls Ever Made?

Deciding on the worst golf balls ever made is rather a subjective matter. It depends on what caliber of golfer is asked the question. For the Scratch golfer, his requirements will be totally different from that of the monthly social hacker. The ball the better player puts into play could be used by the hacker,

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Are Golf Carts Street Legal? Could You Be Driving ‘Off-Course’?

Forget Tesla – there’s a smaller, safer, and cheaper contestant in the Electric Vehicle Thunderdome. And in recent years, they’ve been cruising around streets as well as golf courses with increasing popularity. But due to their size and their lack of speed, many people question the legality of driving a golf cart on the street.

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Are Golf Cart Keys Universal? Should You Purchase A Replacement Key?

We have all lost keys at some point, and while it is annoying, there is always an easy solution. For example, we get a locksmith to size up the lock and cut us a new set. But, what happens when the keys you lose are for your golf cart? Are golf cart keys universal? In


Can You Play Golf With 5 Players? Is There A Player Limit?

Golf is one of the most sociable sports you can play. Though it can sometimes be great to play golf by yourself, you really can’t beat a day out on the course with your buddies. But you might be wondering, is there a limit on how many people you can play with? Can you play


How Do Golf Shoes Help? Think Stability, Balance & Flexibility!

The golf swing is a complicated combination of components that take a few seconds to execute from the initiation of the backswing until the completion of the release.  You need all the help you can get and many people wonder, how do golf shoes help? Why Golf Shoes Are Important? The downswing component takes less


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