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Sun Mountain boom 5-Way Bag

Sun Mountain Boom Bag Review – 5-Way With Speakers

Ever wanted a convenient way to play music while out on the course? Well, now you can! The Sun Mountain Boom Bag is the first-ever cart bag with built-in speakers. It’s also got plenty of room for your equipment and looks pretty damn stylish! I love the idea of listening to my favorite tracks while relaxing out on the course with friends. But is it worth it to have your speakers a part of your bag? Or should you buy

dustin johnson golf clubs

Dustin Johnson Clubs: What’s in the Bag in 2022?

Dustin Johnson is an American golfer with two major championships to his name: the 2016 U.S Open and the 2020 Masters Tournament (in which he received a record score of 268). But what equipment is Dustin using to perform at such a high level? I, for one, had to find out! Can you add one of these top clubs to your bag? Read on to see all Dustin Johnson’s clubs. Dustin Johnson’s Clubs in 2022 After scouring sources online, I

Best women's golf clubs for intermediate players

The 5 Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players in 2022

Although historically golf has been a sport enjoyed by men, we are seeing more women than ever flood into golf and it’s great to see. In response to this, manufacturers began producing golf sets solely designed for women (it’s only fair!). While these clubs often share the same composition as those for men, they are differently shaped, shorter, and lighter, to maximize a woman’s performance from the tee to the green. In this article, we will be providing a breakdown


The Five Best Illegal Golf Balls To Stay Straight And Long

Superior golfers consider the material, compression, spin, and aerodynamics of a ball. The average golfer simply demands distance and accuracy. In this post, I am unveiling my picks for the best illegal golf balls on the market to keep you straight and long. I will highlight the features and benefits of each ball and explain what type of player is best suits each design. Best Illegal Golf Balls 1. Volvik Magma Pros Easy ball to launch Suited to slow and


USGA vs PGA – What’s The Difference?

The golfing environment exists out of a variety of organizations that sometimes it is hard to tell the role that each organization fulfills. When the abbreviations are as close together as the USGA and the USPGA it can confuse golfers endlessly. Although they grew from the same basic golf family tree, they fulfill completely different roles and neither of them oversees the day-to-day activities of the other. Neither do they share tournaments even though there are a few where both

Golf Simulators

Phigolf Simulator Review: Is It Worth It?

Affordable golf simulators have become all the rage with many golfers having to spend long stretches indoors due to the pandemic lockdown and long freezing winters. To avoid boredom and getting totally out of touch with their golf game, a small investment is worthwhile. Having the ability to practice at home and entertain friends and family at the same time is growing the affordable golf simulator market at a rapid pace. Some of the better affordable golf simulators do not

Golf Simulators

Phigolf vs Trugolf: Is The High Price Worth It?

The dynamic growth in the use of golf simulators led to an explosion in the options available ranging from as low as $200 to more than $100,000 for a top-of-the-range option. Indeed, you will not get all the functionality and accuracy in a budget solution, but it is fair to say that it provides ample opportunity to track some data points and guide you in the right direction to improve your swing. The use of software makes the experience complete


How Do Tee Times Work In Golf?

Most golf courses are run like any other sales organization where the selling of rounds of golf to members or visitors, creates their turnover and profit. Ideally, they want to put the maximum number of people on the course every day, but without some control systems, it would be chaos. Hence tee times are allocated, which are specific times each group or 4-ball must start the round. Why Is It Called Tee Time? Simply put, the tee box is the

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The 10 Most Common Golf Injuries

One of the many great benefits is that you can generally play it into your golden years. The  popularity and availability of golf carts make this even easier. You can also start from a very young age, just ask some of the pros. Despite this, golf injuries can be common.  Have you ever wondered how is it possible for a golfer to get injured they only walk and hit a ball a few times an hour? It is certainly not

Golf Simulators

Phigolf vs Tittle X: Which Golf Simulator Is Better?

The world of golf simulators has become exciting as more competitors take on the challenge to produce affordable devices providing you with the option to improve your skills at home while entertaining friends and family. Phigolf and Tittle X are two of the more competitive options and in this article, we will compare how the two stack up against each other. Tittle X Golf Simulator E6 CONNECT Edition Pros The reaction rate of 0.1 second Compatible with E6 Connect gaming

Training Aids

Tittle X Review – At Last An Affordable Alternative To A Simulator

Club fitters have employed golf simulator technology for several years to help you gain insight into your game. However, their premium price tag made them inaccessible to the average golfer. That is why I am conducting a Tittle X review in this post. To determine if the affordable device is worth it. I will highlight the features and benefits of the micro-simulator to disclose its abilities and whether it is worth testing out. Things to consider before buying a Golf

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The Most Helpful Golf Driving Range Games

Golf is definitely one of those sports where input delivers output. In some sports, natural talent will allow you to succeed at a certain level, but golf requires practice to improve beyond the weekend hacker status. Every phase of the game requires the honing of skill level, and improvement brings more fun and enjoyment to the game. The Driving Range Golf being an individual sport allows the freedom to go to the range alone and get some serious practice through

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