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How to Pitch a Golf Ball – Perfect The Short Approach Shots

Pitch shots by definition are short approach shots to the green of about 20 to 30 meters. They can be longer or shorter depending on the proficiency of the player. The ball flies through the air to a target landing area on the green and then rolls out to the pin. There are many theories on how this shot should be played to achieve the best results, but getting the ball close to the hole is the objective. Pitch Shot


FlightScope Mevo vs Swing Caddie SC300 Review

In their forever quest to play better and precise golf, the use of distance measuring devices has become popular and provides a range of information that golfers can use to tweak their swing. We provide you with a Flightscope Mevo vs SC300 review today. The complexity of the swing dynamics is extremely difficult to analyze with the eye only. Having the technology available to assist you in identifying a specific area to address will aid you in rapid improvement. The


Best Used 3 Woods – Good Value For Money And Guarantees

Manufacturers are constantly moving forward with their innovation, however, development costs need to be recovered and this sometimes just puts the new technology out of reach for the average golfer. No need to despair, as many of the products become available on used sites, at reasonable prices, and in good condition. Today we take a look at the best used 3 woods… Best Used 3 Woods 1. TaylorMade Sim Max TaylorMade has a great range of Sim Max fairway woods


The Best Practice Golf Balls – Perfecting Your Skills At Home

Sadly, we cannot always make it to the golf course or the driving range. This could be for several reasons…bad weather, a lack of time, money, or a host of other reasons. The best practice golf balls will allow you to practice your swing in a small space and they are highly affordable. Some can be used indoors, others travel a bit further but are not going to break windows or injure people. There are different designs and materials so


Garmin Approach S3 Review – Are You Looking For An Accurate GPS Watch?

Garmin Approach S3 Golf GPS Watch Review Pros Easy access to distances Excellent course coverage No subscription fees to access the course database Easy to read display The glove-friendly screen Accurate layup and dogleg distances Cons No pre-mapped hazards Battery life could be longer Production discontinued and replaced by the Garmin Approach S4 Watch Garmin released a few earlier versions of the Approach GPS wearable technology watches before releasing the Garmin Approach S3 in 2012. Improvements on the earlier version


Garmin Approach G6 Review – Is This The GPS Device For You?

Garmin are renowned for their GPS devices ranging from wearable golf GPS watches such as the Approach S2, S3, and S6 that was later replaced by the S42 and S62. Some of the devices contain larger screens for ease of use around the course. This includes devices such as the Garmin approach G6. The color touchscreen that you have become accustomed to in previous versions of the Garmin handheld GPS devices is retained on the Garmin approach G6. In comparison


Best Used Golf Irons – Upgrade Your Clubs On A Budget!

With all the latest technology developments in the golf industry, there comes a hefty price tag, which not all golfers can afford or want. So the used club market has taken off and thrived and today we focus on the best used golf irons available. It is not necessary to lay out huge sums of cash if an upgrade to improve the game is desired. Used clubs are readily available on many golf sites on the internet, and are worth


Garmin Approach S6 Review – GPS Golf Watch Tried & Tested

Garmin is one of the leaders in the use of GPS technology to direct you between pints and accurately estimate distances. After a few iterations of their GPS golf watches, they released the Garmin Approach S6 golf watch with a touch screen that can provide distances between two points anywhere on the preloaded golf course. Although it is a huge amount of information on a small display carried on your wrist, Garmin devised a stylish solution implementing automatic zoom. Garmin


Callaway Rangefinder Reviews – Find The One That Suits Your Needs

To enhance your golfing experience and lower your scores you will quickly realize the benefit of having a rangefinder to provide accurate distance to within ½ yard rather than guessing where the flag is positioned and how far it is from the middle of the green as you would have to with a GPS device. Having an accurate distance available makes club selection much easier especially if you are in between clubs or undecided. I have frequently played golf on


What Is The Degree Of A 9 Iron Loft? Is There A Standard?

When it comes to choosing your iron lofts, which do you prefer? Strong, standard, or weakened lofts? Stronger lofted clubs deliver a lower launch and increased distance, and irons with weakened lofts are easier to launch higher and straighter. Today, the technology applied in manufacturing golf irons enables companies to deliver a high, straight launch in the long irons and a lower, more controlled launch with your short irons and wedges. This optimizes the performance of your irons through the

Golf Carts

Do Golf Carts Have Titles? Our Answers And Advice!

You have identified the golf cart of your dreams, paid the first installment, and arranged delivery to your house. What comes next? Of course, you need to charge it up before you take it for a spin, but do you need to register it at the DMV and get its licensing in order? The answer to the above question depends on your intended use for the cart, which we will uncover later in this article. This post intends to answer


Best Used Golf Drivers – Upgrade Whilst Saving Your Cash

An upgrade on a golf driver is like buying a new car, and we all become very enthusiastic to get out there and try it on the course. New prices however prevent many of us from making the change, but solutions are available, thanks to the many golf sites on the internet selling used clubs. Because they are used, does not mean they are past their best or are older models. Many golfers buy the latest drivers advertised to gain

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