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The Best Golf App For Apple Watch 2021

Golf apps offer an affordable and convenient option compared to a launch monitor or rangefinder device. However, in the past, these apps have not performed to the level of single-purpose golf technologies. Like anything, the app developers needed time and customer feedback to improve their products, which brings me to the point of this post. We are searching for the best golf app for Apple Watch to save you from going down the rabbit hole of finding the right option.


Cart Bag Vs Stand Bag: Which One Is Best For You?

What is your preferred method for navigating the course? Are you a walker? Or do you drive yourself around? The answer to this question gives you a good idea of the type of golf bag you should be using. We will touch on the different types of options in a minute, but our focus for this article is to review a cart bag vs a stand bag. We will look at the pros and cons of both, helping you decide


The Best Paint For Golf Clubs – To Repair Or Restore

Why Paint Golf Clubs? Golf clubs go through wear and tear, paint can chip. Before you throw out your old clubs,  make sure that they need replacing or are they just looking worn out. A coat of the correct golf club paint can restore your clubs to looking like new again. A new coat of paint or using paint to repair chips sky marks, and scratches can increase the resale value of the clubs. Golfers take pride in their equipment,

golf cart accessories

The Ten Best Golf Cart Accessories

In 2020 golf sales increased by 12% from the previous year, driven predominantly by young people. Research outfit Small Vehicle Resource predicts that sales will grow by 20% more in 2021. The new golf cart owner is looking to customize it. To turn it into a luxury, leisure vehicle. A far cry from those driven by our grandfathers. In this post, we are looking at the ten best golf cart accessories to help you pimp your ride, like the ones


The Best Epoxy For Golf Clubs

Replacing a clubhead or the shafts of your clubs does not require you to send your clubs to be refitted. As long as you follow the correct instructions for removing and cleaning the shaft and clubhead you can fit the shafts or clubhead yourself. That is, provided you use the best epoxy for golf clubs. The most important aspect in replacing a shaft is in selecting and applying the correct epoxy. If you have ever had a club head flying


What Does A Golf Club Fitting Cost And Is It Worth It?

In a 2019 article, Golf Digest’s equipment editors answered questions posed to them by readers on whether they should get fitted for clubs. E. Michael Johnson and Mike Stachura responded with a resounding yes. While I concur with their sentiments, many average golfers feel that they are not worthy of getting fitted. The truth is there is never a bad time to follow through with the process. Before you shun the idea of paying the golf club fitting cost, read


Noodle Golf Balls Review – A Look At Pros And Cons Of The Ball

There is a multitude of golf balls on the market to suit players of every handicap, swing speed, and ability. One of the best known, but not quite in the premium category any longer is Noodle golf balls. In this Noodle Golf Ball review, we will look at some of the best, most affordable, and most played noodle golf balls. The durability, affordability, and playability of Noodle golf balls have made them amongst high handicap and beginner golfers alike. Noodle


Izzo Swami Golf GPS Review and Comparison

Golf GPS devices have added a new dimension to playing the best golf possible for any skill level. The market is flooded with a multitude of options with varying features and prices to suit everybody’s needs. Unfortunately, manufacturers’ claims and marketing gimmicks do not always relate accurately to what the golfer thought he was buying. In this article, we carry out an Izzo Swami Golf GPS Review and Comparison, focusing on 3 models, namely the 4000, 5000, and top of


Are Volvik Golf Balls Illegal? Do They Fit USGA Regs?

Volvik is a South Korean company that started making golf balls in the early 1980s and soon became (and is still) the dominant golf ball manufacturer in that country. Expansion plans to move into the USA came to fruition in 2012, and their target market was the colored ball. Pricing was very competitive and their range has extended into the premium ball market worldwide. The LPGA Korean women have been at the forefront of competition in the LPGA, and many


The 5 Best Off Brand Golf Clubs – A Great Way To Save Money

For someone just starting to play,  getting into golf can be more expensive than anticipated. The cost of equipment that is needed ranges from golf clubs, to a golf bag, golf balls, correct shoes, a glove, and correct clothing to wear adds up. Then there are membership fees or entrance fees to golf courses. A good way to save money is to look at the best off brand golf clubs. Top Brand Name vs. Off Brand Golf Clubs Golf should


The 6 Best Golf Clubs For 12-Year Olds

Selecting the best golf clubs for 12-year old golfers is a much easier task than selecting for toddlers and young golfers. Your pre-teen golfer will have developed a better understanding of the golf swing and built power enabling them to swing faster and more accurately. The average height of a 12-year old boy is approximately 58.7 inches while a 12-year old girl averages at around 59 inches. At this age, classification of golfers into the 3 distinct categories of advanced,


The Five Best Golf Cart Brands On The Market

Stephen Metzger, owner of the research outfit Small Vehicle Resources reported that the sales of golf carts in 2020 totaled $1.5 Billion, a 12% increase from 2019. The sales boom stems from the demand created by younger buyers who are looking for a cart that does more than navigating a golf course. The demand has forced manufacturers to get creative and modernize their products to cater to a wider audience. In this article, we are looking at the five best

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