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How Of A High Ceiling For A Golf Simulator?

Golf simulators continue to grow in popularity. With the drop in prices making it affordable to the average golfer, more people are setting up indoor simulators. This enables them to continue practicing during lockdowns and freezing winter months. To have a great simulator experience you must have ample space to swing the longest club in your bag. Cognizance should be taken of the tallest person that will use the space. When a ceiling is too low you may tend to


How Many Hole In Ones Has Tiger Woods Made?

The chances are you have never hit a hole in one before because that is one of the most difficult shots to do in golf. The odds of hitting an ace for us armatures are 1 in 12000. If you have, well done!! Hat’s off to you. Brilliant. At the young age of only 8, Tiger Woods made his first hole in one. Hard to believe but Tiger Woods did this thus far 20 times in his career some would


Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

Living in a global economy puts loads of pressure on the manufacturing industry of financial economies such as the USA. The American golfing industry lost a substantial number of jobs to the Asian job market as the pressure to keep product prices affordable increased. America is rated in the top 5 golfing countries globally with more than 24 million active golfers and 268+ victories in Major tournaments. To remain competitive without sacrificing quality, many of the prominent American golf brands

Golf Carts

What Are The Average Golf Cart Dimensions?

While golf carts may appear to be relatively standard in size the dimensions do differ quite a bit. This is important for storage, comfort, and ease of use. We will explain the average golf cart dimensions. Standard Golf Cart Width Golf carts have become a common sight on most golf courses and are used more frequently for transport than ever before. Most golf courses cater to standard-sized golf carts and have designed their cart paths accordingly. However, as we all


Callaway SuperHot 55 vs SuperHot 70

Callaway has over the years been a leading manufacturer of golf equipment, and their range of golf balls is everchanging with innovations to satisfy all levels of golfers. Jon Rahm, the No 1 golfer in the world today plays a Callaway ball as does Zander Schauffele a young and upcoming star on the PGA Tour. The importance of putting the correct ball into play should never be underestimated, and time should be taken out on the course to test the


Callaway Rogue Vs Mavrik Irons Review

Callaway is an experienced campaigner, producing clubs that help the everyday golfer hit the ball longer and straighter. Included in this portfolio is a range of game improvement irons that promote optimal distance without sacrificing distance. In this article, we are reviewing the Callaway Rogue vs Mavrik irons to determine which irons are better and for who. By the end of the post, you will know whether they will benefit your game and if you should test them out on


Overlapping Vs Interlocking Golf Grip 

There are 3 basic golf grips that have dominated the game over the years, and the interlock and overlap are the most popular and effective. The hammer or baseball grip is the 3rd grip which is not ideal for the player wanting to improve their golf. It may be the easiest grip for beginners but should be changed. The interlock and overlap are not natural grips, but once mastered, game improvement will move at a more rapid pace. The grip

Training Aids

Garmin Approach R10 Review – Best Value Launch Monitor Yet?

Time constraints, the covid-19 pandemic, and inclement weather all contribute to golfers spending less time on the golf course and more time indoors. In this Garmin Approach R10 review, we will look at the transformation launch monitors have undergone and how the R10 fits into the personalized launch monitor space. To counter the effects of the time indoors and the lack of practicing golf in the outdoors, launch monitors are becoming increasingly popular and affordable. Some launch monitors/simulators can cost


The 8 Most Expensive Golf Courses in The World By Green Fees

A question that often comes up in conversation with my fellow golf nerds is what are the most expensive golf courses in the world? Although many articles address this topic, I have found the information to either be outdated or confusing. Many posts combine membership fees and green fees, resulting in an inaccurate outcome. That is why we are keeping this article simple and focusing on the most expensive courses based on green fees. 1. Shadow Creek Location: Las Vegas,


What Does Shaft Flex 6.5 Mean?

Shaft flex is an important factor in making a smooth swing that suits your swing speed. Any golfer that has been through the experience of purchasing golf clubs, especially woods, will be all too familiar with the LASRX (Ladies, Amateur, Regular, Stiff, eXtra-stiff) flex designations. This reasonably pronounceable abbreviation, LARSX, is now used in conjunction with the Brunswick Shaft Company patented numbering system. On August 2, 1995, Brunswick filed a trademark application for THE SHAFT COMPANY with the United States


Does Skytrak Measure Club Path?

Before delving into the question of whether Skytrak measures club path data we will look at the technology used and the possible application of these technologies. Launch monitors can be categorized as photometric devices based on high-speed cameras to record images in the impact area of contact between the clubhead and the golf ball. Laser devices taking readings of the ball in flight to calculate data when used indoors or track the ball until the end in an open space


Do Pros Use Graphite Irons?

Golf equipment has evolved from the days of hickory shafts to steel, graphite, and composite shafts. Golfers today are superb athletes and work out every day in the gym to strengthen their bodies. Swing speeds have increased and the ability to control the super fast swings and match them to a shaft that creates stability is the challenge faced by manufacturers and players. The shaft is the “engine” and flex, length and kickpoint determine trajectory, carry and ball flight. Why

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