How to Measure Putter Length Correctly: Steps and FAQs

Playing a putter that is the correct length for you will aid setup, consistency of stroke, and speed control. And it will directly affect the number of putts in your round.

But with all the custom fitting done in the modern golf world, the putter is often the last club considered. A classic mistake that golfers make is to focus more on tweaking their driver than their putter.

Here’s how to measure putter length correctly:

  1. Hold your putter so that the center is flat on the ground, even if your typical stance has the toe slightly up at set up
  2. Take the bottom of your measuring device and place it in line with the center of your putter.
  3. Keeping the measuring stick as close to the shaft as possible, line the top of the grip up with your ruler.
  4. The number that shows at the top of the grip is the length of your putter.

Most golfers’ putters will have a length between 32 and 35 inches.

Unlike an iron or a driver, the shaft of a putter is not always installed directly in the heel. This fact will change the way the putter is measured.

And you’ll want to be sure you get your length right since this is arguably your most important club.

After reading on, you will know how putter shaft length is measured with the best equipment, why it is important that you know how to measure the length of a putter and why it can differ between standard golfers and professionals.

Why Does the Length of a Putter Matter?

man putting on green

You can’t play your best golf with any old putter. You must measure putter length correctly as it impacts both your build-up and your putt itself. You need the best putter for you.

If you have a putter that is too long for you, it forces your arms upwards and elbows inwards for an unnatural putting stroke, which will not bring out the best version of you.

Alternatively, if it is too short, you will find yourself overcompensating for this by hunching your back over, taking away your posture so you may not be directly over the top of the ball.

With the wrong length of the putter, this will certainly add some extra shots to how you navigate the green, which could prove costly in a tight contest.

Common Lengths for Putters

Putters vary in length, generally from 32 to 52 inches.

  • If your putter is a stock putter off the shelf from a golf warehouse, then the length will likely be around 34-35 inches.
  • If you are getting a measurement of 34 ⅛, you are likely using a 34-inch putter.

Putters can be cut to custom lengths. The USGA has some restrictions when it comes to putters and length. A putter (like all golf clubs) must be at least 18 inches in length.

Drivers, woods, hybrids, and irons must remain less than 48 inches to be considered legal. Putters are not subject to this rule. There is no limit to the length of a putter.

Belly putters and long putters are longer than normal putters. But how can you be sure you know which golf putter length is right for you?

Supplies To Measure Your Putter Length

I’m sure you have a tape measure and a yardstick somewhere in your home. Unfortunately, many people try to use these to measure a putter, and results will be inconsistent. The correct equipment to use when measuring a putter is a 48” straight edge similar to this one.

In addition to the straight-edge ruler, you will also need a flat and level surface to work on. Trying to measure putter length while in the grass or measuring putter length on an uneven putting green can sometimes cause the measurement to be off.

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Another Method to Measure Golf Putter Length

Here is another five-step guide so you can measure putter length correctly without actually needing a club:

  1. Record your height
  2. Get into putting position (without a putter) in your normal posture for the stroke
  3. With the posture, release your arms and let them hang in a normal position
  4. Get someone to measure the distance from the top of your palm by your wrist to the floor
  5. You now have your putter length measurement, and you can see how that putter size fits for you

A Putter Length Fitting Chart Based on Height

Here is a guide on how to size a putter based on your height in feet and centimeters:

Putter length (inches) Height (feet) Height (centimeters)
32 5’ 0’” or under 152 or under
32.5 5’ 0” – 5’ 2” 152 – 157
33 5’ 2” – 5’ 4” 157 – 163
33.5 5’ 4” – 5’ 6” 163 – 168
34 5’ 6” – 5’ 8” 168 – 173
34.5 5’ 8” – 6’ 0” 173 – 183
35 6’ 0” – 6’ 2” 183 – 188
35.5 6’ 2” – 6’ 4” 188 – 193
36 Above 6’ 4” 193 or above

Putter Length vs Height

There is a direct correlation between the length of the putter and your height. So, if you know how to determine putter length, you can easily link this to your standing. On average, men tend to be taller than women hence the putter is a couple of inches taller for them.

Though there are instances where height and putter length aren’t linked. For example, the average putter length for men on the PGA Tour is 33.5 inches despite an average height of 6 feet. This is around 1.5 inches shorter than what other golfers of their size would use, so they can be over the ball and be able to dictate their shot from that angle.

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How to Know if your Putter is the Correct Length for You

close up of putter about to hit a ball towards the hole

Now that you know how to measure a putter length properly, you can make some decisions about the next steps. Are you looking to purchase a new putter that fits you properly? Putter length will directly affect consistency in speed and distance control.

Here are the most important things to remember when determining if a putter length is correct for your game:


When standing over the ball, you should be able to drop a ball from your eyes down to the ball in play. The two balls should collide. This is a simple trick to make sure you are directly over the ball and able to swing the club like a pendulum.

Your putter is too short if your stance is extremely bent over to get you into this position. If, however, you are trying to get this position and your hands have gone off the bottom of the grip and onto the golf shaft, your putter is too long.


The type of stroke you take when putting will also affect your stance. Some players swing the club more around, others are down the line, and, of course, there is the guy who invented his stroke.

Before cutting your putter or purchasing one that is custom fit to your height, make sure to practice lots of strokes with your traditional swing. One of the best ways to become a great putter is to have confidence. If you don’t feel comfortable, you will not have confidence.

Player Height

Player height can be a very good indication of a proper putter length measurement. As mentioned before, it’s also important to ensure you are comfortable and in your traditional stance, but player height gives you a great starting point. As a general rule of thumb, most players currently use a putter that is too long for them.

Walk into any golf store and see men’s putters sold at 34 and 35 inches. What you may not know is that the average putter length on tour is about 33.5 inches. You know just as well as I do that this is not because players on tour are shorter. Plenty of tall tour players that understand the benefit of getting their eyes over the ball at setup.

Women’s putters are almost always sold standard in 33 inches. Most will need to get their putter cut down to the proper length. I hope that in the coming years, we will see more progress with custom putters and easier accessibility to 31 and 32-inch putters for all players.

Check out the great video below on how to measure the putter correctly.

Final Thoughts

The actual process of measuring your putter is not a difficult one. Finding the right length for yourself and the perfect putter for your stroke can be a bigger project.

Just to review so, you remember how to measure putter length, ensure you have the correct tools and a flat surface to work on. Keep the center of the putter flat on the ground, and the measuring device lined up with the shaft the entire way up.

Your final measurement should be within the range of 32” – 35” unless the putter was already custom-cut or fitted.

Any professional club fitter will tell you that the most important part of finding the perfect putter for your game is the length.

Now you know how putters are measured correctly, you can be certain of what is the right size putter for you.


Can You Extend a Putter Length?

You can extend a putter’s length to make it the right length for you. You can do this by replacing the putter’s shaft or adding part of another club that you aren’t using anymore. This will be very handy if you are a taller golfer working with a small putter.

What Length Putter Do Pros Use?

The average putter length on tour stands at 33.5 inches, standing just below the standard men’s putter length of either 34 or 35 inches. This is because many tour players reap the benefits of having their eyes on the ball at setup.

What Is the Standard Putter Length?

The standard putter for men is between 34 and 35 inches. For women, this is usually 33 inches. Most standard putters stand between 31 and 35 inches across the board.

Nick is the founder of GolfSpan and an avid golfer. He's not quite a pro but has over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golfers worldwide. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf gear and finding the right setup for your game.

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