2 most comfortable golf shoes

The 10 Most Comfortable Golf Shoes (2022)

Have you ever got to around the 6th hole during a round of golf and felt a blister start to form? Or even worse, started to experience pain in the sole of your foot, ankle, or calves? One of the most important aspects to consider before going to the course is the shoes you intend

best callaway irons

The 10 Best Callaway Irons 2022

Callaway has produced golf equipment for professionals and amateurs since 1982. As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand, I thought I would pay tribute to the Callaway family by reviewing the best Callaway irons for 2022. Which of the best Callaway irons is right for you? I tested various of the company’s irons,

best golf shoe walking

The Best Golf Shoes For Walking in 2022

The ideal golf shoe will have a good balance of features, whether in dry or wet conditions or on the grass or sand. Most importantly, it will be comfortable whether you are taking your shot or walking across the course. While most golfers think about shoes to help their swing, your game could suffer if


Cobra Speedzone Driver Review – Great for Mid-Handicappers?

Cobra has been gaining a lot of popularity with skilled golfers recently. This is great because it’s pushing them to design clubs that can compete with the other big names, and when that happens, we all benefit. The Cobra King Speedzone Driver fills a gap for players who are well past beginner but not quite

titleist ts3 driver
Golf Carts

Titleist TS3 Driver Review – An Old Fashioned Club With Modern Features 

Over the years, many players have fancied a Titleist club while on the course. A quick look at Titleist’s history in the club-making industry clarifies why the brand is as popular as it is. Recently, multiple studies have seen Titleist appear among the top brands used by players in tournaments, including the PGA. The Titleist

The 4 Best Titleist Drivers in 2022

When considering what the best all-time club brands are, it would be no surprise to find that many players would have Titleist as their top pick. The brand’s popularity is for a good reason, as over the years, Titleist has produced some of the best clubs for use across the pro circuit and has been

The Best Ping Putters For 2022

When Karsten Solheim started Ping from his garage in 1959, he aspired to construct the perfect putter. And it mostly worked. Demand for the first Ping putter, the 1A, soared in the first half of the 60s thanks to their feel, sound, and enlarged sweet spot. Fast forward to 2022, and Ping still makes some

Callaway Epic Max LS Review: Forgiveness and Distance?

Following Callaway’s popular Jailbreak technology, they worked on and improved the current architecture to deliver a new Jailbreak A.I. frame that not only offered vertical stability but horizontal stability too. The result is increased speed with significantly higher forgiveness. Very alluring! The Callaway Epic Max LS is the most forgiving driver of the Epic 2021 line.

best golf ball display case

The 7 Best Golf Ball Display Cases for 2022

As golfers off the course, there are few things as cool as having a golf ball display case to preserve your most valuable balls.  Whether you want something for one ball or something that can hold multiple balls, there are so many options and variations of those when it comes to golf ball display cases.


PING G410 Driver Review – Increase Your Swing Speed?

Companies love to make drivers just as much as we love hitting them. Going driver shopping has to be one of our favorite things to do as golfers, but it seems like there are too many options these days. The PING G410 Plus Driver is one of three G410 drivers being made by PING, but

golf bag with cooler

The Best Golf Bag With a Cooler for 2022 – 5 Top Reviews

Whether you love to have a few beers during a social game of golf or keep your lunch as fresh as possible, a golf bag with a cooler pocket is the perfect solution. Which of the best golf bags with a cooler is best for you? There are plenty available on the market. So many

best taylormade irons

The Best TaylorMade Irons In 2022

I have played with TaylorMade irons for most of my teenage and adult life. My reasons are simple. Their irons are easy to launch long and straight. Can you add some of their clubs to your set? In this post, you’ll learn everything about the best TaylorMade irons available this year. Which of the best


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