6 vs 8 vs 12-volt golf cart batteries: Which One Should You Ride With?

In today’s review, we compare 6 vs 8 vs 12-volt golf cart batteries. According to US Battery, golf carts demand 48-volts of battery power to operate. Since batteries come in 6, 8, and 12-volts, vehicle owners may think that purchasing four 12-volt units instead of eight 6-volt’s is cheaper because it has a lower upfront


48 vs 72-Volt Golf Cart: Which One Performs The Best?

My experience of looking for a golf cart was nothing but a challenge. While I took advice from many self-proclaimed experts, they simply threw mathematical equations and scientific terms at me in abundance. Naturally, this amplified my confusion. But, I came to realize that the most important factor of your golf cart is runtime. How


What is a Uniflex Shaft? The Most Used Steel Shaft In The Game?

The golf industry is an ever-evolving dynamic challenge for manufacturers and technology embraces a continuous improvement philosophy. Amateurs and social golfers are lead by the exploits of the professionals, who hit the ball further, straighter, and with controlled spin. We all want to do the same. ContentsThe EngineSwing SpeedClubhead SpeedTypes of Shafts AvailableShaft Flex:Other Factors that

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Most Disliked Golfers Ever – On And Off The Course

Depending on individual likes and dislikes, the professional golf tour has many players that seem to thrive on controversy. Arrogance is possibly the best way to describe the actions and attitude of the list of golfers penned in this article. They are loved by many, but also disliked by others. ContentsPatrick ReadRory SabbatiniTiger WoodsIan PoulterVijay


Do I need Petite Golf Clubs? Find The Right Size Clubs For You…

Golf is a universal game that has developed into a major sporting activity for everyone to enjoy. ContentsWhat is a Petite set of Clubs?Standard Lengths:Grip:Shaft:Flex:Weight:Clubhead Speed:Who should use Petite clubs?Beginners:Women:Children:Height Guide:For exceptionally tall golfers, the shafts can be lengthened to fit.What is the make-up of the set?Final ThoughtsRelated Articles What is a Petite set of

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Duracell Vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – Comparison Of Performance

How important is a brand name to you when it comes to purchasing new golf cart batteries? Do you go with what you know, or are you open to trying new products? Would you go for a Duracell battery before an Interstate, simply because you are familiar with the brand? In this post, we are


Do I Need Longer Golf Clubs? Reasons To Increase Shaft Length

There are many theories and myths out there in the marketplace about adjusting club lengths and golfers often question “do I need longer golf clubs?’ Most of these theories emanate from our golfing friends and members of our golf club. Bryson De Chambeau has caused a new wave of ideas on shaft length and it

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Where To Buy Trojan Golf Cart Batteries – Online & Offline

In 1952, Trojan partnered with Autoette to manufacture the first deep-cycle golf cart battery. Ever since then, the company has been the preferred battery for 90% of the top country clubs and courses in the United States. Their popularity is a direct result of their batteries’ reputation of having the longest life span. In this


The 10 Best Golf Courses in Missouri – Rated By Real Players

With 400 golf courses spread around the state of Missouri, the golfer is spoilt for choice. Every type of course design from traditional, links, parkland, and a mixture are available. It is no easy task selecting the 10 best golf courses in Missouri, but the discovery of the quality tracks available is astounding. This task

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How Long Do Trojan Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Ever since Trojan pioneered the deep-cycle flooded golf cart battery in 1952, their products have been recognized as the standard in the industry. 90% of the best golf courses and Country clubs in the United States choose Trojan batteries to power their fleet of carts. The reason for this is the long-lasting lifespan their batteries

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Are Golf Cart Batteries Deep Cycle?

Purchasing golf cart batteries can be a complex and costly process without the correct information to hand. There are batteries from numerous brands that contain varying voltages, ampere-hours, and lifespans. The most common golf cart battery you will find is deep-cycles, designed to help your golf cart run consistently for longer. Based on the magnitude

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How To Clean Golf Hats And Avoid The Cost Of Replacing

Golf hats aren’t just a fashion accessory – they’re very handy at keeping the sun out of your eyes while playing. But where there’s sun, there’s usually also sweat. Over time, your golf hat will most likely become tarnished by sweat and dirt. But there’s no need to throw it away just yet. You can


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