how to break 90 in golf
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How To Break 90 in Golf: 10 Tips To Lower Your Score

As a PGA Professional and Coach, I understand that breaking a certain score barrier is one of the most common goals students seek to achieve. Depending on a golfer’s experience level and current abilities, that score barrier can vary greatly. Some may look to break 100, and others that are a little more advanced may

most beautiful lpga players

The 10 Most Beautiful LPGA Players (+ Photos!)

If there’s anything better than golf with your buddies, it’s golf with sexy lady golfers. For some, the beer cart girl just doesn’t cut it, and we want to be around women who look great and love the game. With Instagram providing a platform for the generic female golfer model, we want to focus on

best cheap golf balls

The 10 Best Cheap Golf Balls For 2022

You tear open a new sleeve of golf balls, tee one up on the first hole, and slice it out of bounds. When you play with the best cheap golf balls, the mood is less somber than if it were a Titleist Pro V1. In this post, I take you through the best cheap golf

golf grip size chart

What Size Golf Grips Should You Use? + Golf Grip Size Chart

It can be easy to shrug off your golf club grip and focus on the flashy driver head or a beautiful set of irons. But your grips could have more of an effect on your shots than you think. Your hands are the only thing in contact with the club, so they should be secure

golf cart weight

How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh? Everything You Need To Know

Whether you want to transport a golf cart or are just interested in the weight of your cart to see if it can ease up hills, here is everything you need to know about the average weight of a golf cart. How much does a golf cart weigh? The average cart weighs between 800 to 1000lbs.

scottie shieffeld witb

Scottie Scheffler WITB in November 2022

No one cares what kind of bat Aaron Judge uses or what type of stick Sydney Crosby uses to score goals. Golf is unique because what’s in the bag (WITB) is such a large part of the game and can be confusing for those just starting out. It’s always interesting to see how the pros

best budget golf rangefinder
Range Finders

The 10 Best Budget Golf Rangefinder For 2022 (Great for High-Handicappers!)

Golf laser rangefinders once carried a premium price tag that deterred the average golfer from leveraging the technology. Fortunately, a surge of players in the industry and reduced production costs have led to lower retail prices. In this post, I unveil the best budget golf rangefinder for 2022 to prove affordable options exist. I included

7 iron

Master the 7-Iron (Tips, FAQ, & Buyer’s Guide)

Because of its mid-length, average loft, and high forgiveness levels, a good number of players will tell you the 7-iron is one of the most valuable clubs you can have with you while on the course. If you lined up 100 random golfers, we guarantee that a good portion of them will tell you the

stableford scoring

Stableford Scoring: Can It Make Your Rounds More Fun?

Stableford scoring is the most popular format played by amateur golfers around the globe. On top of speeding up play, it enables high handicappers to compete in the same tournament as mid and low-handicap golfers. So, let’s dive right in: What is Stableford scoring? Stableford scoring tallies points for every hole based on your score.

how to hit 6 iron

How To Hit a 6 Iron (+ Best Irons To Buy in 2022)

6 irons are often considered to be a hard iron to hit. But hitting it, and the other mid-irons, well, can be the difference between getting low scores or finishing over par, so you should master how to use one in either case. Whether it be its ability to assist with getting out of tough

best golf gifts

The 45 Best Golf Gifts For 2022 (Including Christmas Gift Ideas!)

Is your loved one besotted with golf, but your knowledge of the sport is rusty, and you want to get them the perfect birthday or Christmas gift? Relax, and strap in. I have prepared a list of the 35 best golf gifts for 2022. You’ll find that the list features a variety of golf equipment,

kirkland wedges review

Kirkland Wedges Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

Of course, we all want the best of the best when it comes to golf equipment, but sometimes that may not be to our best advantage. While it’s probably rare to see a Costco wedge set at the top of your Christmas list, I caution you not to be so quick to judge. The Kirkland wedge


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