wilson d9 irons

Wilson D9 Irons Review – High Launch for Soft Green Approach

Wilson may not be the biggest name in golf products. Still, they have been consistently bringing out high-quality clubs since 1914. The D9 series is a testament to Wilson’s commitment to providing excellent equipment at a much more affordable price than many of its competitors. The D series of clubs has proven a popular choice

best ps4 golf games

The 7 Best PS4 Golf Games in 2022

Even the most committed golfers need some time away from the course to unwind, so golf video games can be a lot of fun. They are getting very realistic too. While the Sony PlayStation 4 was replaced by the PS5 in 2020, there are still a lot of stunning games, and you can find them

best golf shoes for wide feet adidas tech response

The Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet In 2022

My feet are wider than the average person, which has often presented challenges. As a result, I opted for a standard design. But they did not last long and often caused blisters. Fortunately, those days are gone. In this post, I unveil the best golf shoes for wide feet in 2022. Wider golf shoes often

best callaway golf balls

The Best Callaway Golf Ball In 2022

Callaway has been making products to make life easier for the average golfer since the 1980s. Today, they offer some of the best golf balls on the market. In this article, I look for the best Callaway golf ball for each type of player. Included in this Callaway golf balls review are low and high

Pxg 0211 driver review

Forgiveness On a Budget – A PXG 0211 Driver Review

I was shocked when I first picked up the PXG 0211 driver and had a swing at the driving range. I had seen them around before and dismissed them as a second-rate driver. But now they’re a hot contender to maybe be my next driver. The PXG 0211 driver massively overperforms compared to its cost. It

golf clubs set for intermediate players

The Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Players In 2022

Your game has come on in leaps and bounds, and your handicap is decreasing. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You have reached an intermediate level and owe yourself a new set of clubs. A couple of woods, irons, and a putter no longer cut it. This guide looks at the

best golf balls

Balls Out! The Best Golf Balls in 2022 for Every Player

If I were to jump back in a time machine to when I started playing and told young me to stop buying trashed second-hand golf balls, I’m sure I could have lowered my handicap much sooner. More so now than ever before— golf technology is improving rapidly. Flight time, accuracy, and distance can all be

the best callaway golf bag

The Best Callaway Golf Bag In 2022

When Ely Callaway Jr. started the company in 1982, he strove to manufacture clubs that helped the average golfer hit further and straighter. Fast forward 30-years and the company is a behemoth, producing everything from clubs, balls, apparel, and training aids. In this guide, I zero in on the best Callaway golf bag in 2022.

best golf clubs with a driver iron putter

The Best Golf Clubs For 2022

With all the options available to golfers, identifying your ideal equipment is time-consuming and overwhelming. I will save you from both in this post by laying out the best golf clubs for 2022. I have identified the best men’s golf clubs in each category ranging from complete sets to drivers, irons, and putters. Whether you

best golf podcasts with golf bag sunset
Golf Carts

The 10 Best Golf Podcasts For 2022

According to Statista, there were 387.3 million podcast listeners in 2021, which is expected to grow to over 420 million this year. Among those listeners are avid golf fans who have a growing list of options to enjoy. This list unveils the 10 best golf podcasts for 2022 that you could listen to. I have

best golf gadgets

The 20 Best Golf Gadgets For 2022

There is an abundance of products on the market to improve every facet of your game. Whether you need to boost your short game or improve your club selection, there is a gadget to assist. In this post, I look at the best golf gadgets for 2022. I zeroed in on the gadgets that add

masters tournament facts history statistics

Everything You Need To Know About The Masters Tournament

Given the 6-hour time difference between the East Coast and South Africa, the Masters tournament meant late nights and unproductive days for me. But over the years, it has been worth seeing such epic moments as Tiger retaining the title in ‘02 and Ernie losing to Phil by one stroke in ‘04. The Masters Tournament


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