The Best Online Golf Stores – For Tech Savvy Golfers

The golf equipment and accessory markets are growing at a rapid pace and a good portion of the sales are being done online. In our search for the best online golf stores, we came across a number of interesting statistics… Research carried out by Grand View Research indicates that the global golf equipment market was


The 5 Best Forged Irons – Are They Better Than Cavity-Backed Irons?

What works for one golfer might not work for another and a common debate is whether forged irons are better than cavity-backed irons. Today we will discuss the pros and cons of forged irons and then take a look at the 5 best forged irons currently available. ContentsWhat Are Forged Irons?Benefits of a forged ironDisadvantages


10 Best Golf Courses in South Carolina – Rated By Real Players

South Carolina has over 360 golf courses to play. It’s a fantastic place to tour and test skill levels against top-quality layouts.  Selecting the 10 best golf courses in South Carolina is a tricky task though. This task has been eased with a collaboration with TheGrint, our favorite mobile app that helps golfers track their


The 10 Best Golf Courses in Rhode Island – Rated By Real Players

Rhode Island may not have as many golf courses as some of the other States, but the 37 on offer are well worth visiting and taking the time to play. However, the selection of the 10 best golf courses in Rhode Island has proved a difficult task. This task has been eased with a collaboration


Trugolf vs SkyTrak: Launch Monitor Testing

In this post, I have decided to review two photometric launch monitors at different price points to see how their accuracy compares. The launch monitors in question are the Trugolf vs Skytrak devices. Over the past ten years, there has been a boom in golf launch monitors. There are two main types of options available;


Titleist DT Trusoft Review – An Affordable & Excellent Golf Ball

In the endless quest to improve their golf game, many players decide that it is necessary to play with premium golf balls. After all, they promise superior performance and allow the golfer to do things that simply wouldn’t be possible with cheaper golf balls. But the harsh reality is that premium balls are expensive. If


Best Illegal Golf Drivers – Take A Look At Non-Conforming Options

We all want to play a bit better, hit a little further, and have more control. Golf equipment technology is growing rapidly and there is some amazing equipment out there. However, not all of it is legal and this leads us to take a look at the best illegal/non-conforming golf drivers. Drivers are generally the


Callaway Superhot Bold Review: Tested For The Average Golfer

All major manufacturers now offer golf balls in color. In this post, we are conducting a Callaway SuperHot Bold review to see if they are worth giving up the white ball for. Although the first colored golf ball was released to the market in 1923, traditional golfers did not take them seriously until 1982. That


The 5 Best Golf Impact Bags – A Simple & Effective Training Aid

You could have the most technically advanced golf clubs, the shiniest shoes, the smartest clothes, and the fastest, most powerful golf swing in the land – but it will all count for nothing if the moment of impact, otherwise known as ‘the moment of truth’, isn’t quite up to par. That’s where golf impact bags


The 6 Best Golf Trips For Guys – Let Us Guide Your Tour!

After traveling to more than 60 countries in my short life, I have had the privilege of playing some stellar golf courses in epic destinations. As a result, I have gone ahead and put together my 8 best golf trips for guys. Socializing is potentially the best part of golf. Getting out on the course


The 10 Best Golf Courses in Pennsylvania – Rated By Real Players

Pennsylvania offers 655 golf courses throughout the State and the variety on offer will cater to everyone keen on testing their ability. Selecting the 10 best golf courses in Pennsylvania is an onerous task, considering the number of tracks. This task has been eased with a collaboration with TheGrint, our favorite mobile app that helps


Best Women’s Drivers for 2021 – Which Is Right For You?

The number of clubs designed specifically for women has increased as the number of women golfers has increased over the decades. The advancement in technology has made it a much simpler task to design golf clubs suitable for nearly every golfer. Today we focus on the best women’s drivers for 2012… Hitting a driver is


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