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Katie Kearney American Golfer Wiki / Bio

Katie Kearney is an American-born model, social media golf influencer, and beauty pageant contestant. In 2012 she won the Miss Missouri pageant and since then has become famed for sharing posts of hitting golf balls while dressed in a bikini, with her more than 400,000 followers on Instagram.  Katie is the daughter of former NFL

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Paige Renee Spiranac American Golfer Wiki-Bio

Paige Renee Spirinac is a retired American Professional golfer and social media influencer. She is one of the most followed personalities in the world of golf.  During her career, she played in multiple Cactus Tour events and The LET Dubai Masters. She made her professional debut in Dubai in 2015 and returned in 2016 for

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Paulina Gretzky American Golf Associate Wiki / Bio

Paulina Gretzky is an American-born singer, songwriter, actress, and daughter of legendary NHL player Wayne Gretzky. She is engaged to world number one golfer Dustin Johnson. Although Paulina is most famous for the celebrities she is associated with, she has had success in the music and modeling industries. As well as appeared in the films


Which Are The Most Used Golf Grips On Tour?

Golf is one of those games that has become very high-tech, and we get pounded with information about how each innovation will bring us more distance, accuracy, and pleasure. Special spring face heads, lower CG for higher ball flight, and wider soles to create confidence.  Heard it all before? When analyzing all these new ideas,


What Is The Most Used Golf Ball On The PGA Tour?

It must be understood that the balls and equipment the Tour Pros use are not necessarily the same equipment you will buy off the retail shelf. When it comes to clubs, they are vastly different as the shafts are fitted to fit the Pro’s total requirement to optimize his game. However, the ball is very

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Lucy Robson British Golfer Wiki / Bio

Lucy Robson is a British-born Instagram golf influencer, renowned for her training and fashion content that she shares with her nearing 1 million followers. Robson is a solid golfer who was the Treasure Coast Golf Association Player of the Year in 2012 and 2013. She would go on to play competitively at college, representing The


Two Guys With Balls Review – Used Golf Ball Performance

In this post, we take a look at products tested from Wisconsin-based Two Guys With Balls in our Two Guys With Balls Review. Let’s see how their used golf balls perform. Premium quality golf balls are an incredible creation and are attractive to golfers across the board. However, given their higher price tag and the


What Size Golf Tee Should I Use? Does It Really Matter?

Most golfers, including professional golfers on tours, use tees off the tee box to gain maximum advantage, yet the selection of a tee is one of the most neglected purchasing decisions. The question that arises is ‘what size golf tee should I use for a driver and other clubs’? Are they all the same length


Can You Have A Negative Handicap In Golf? Is It Possible?

Golf such a competitive sport and allows golfers of all abilities to compete in the game, the reason behind this is the golf handicap system. It enables a lesser experienced golfer to play more shots on a specific hole than an experienced golfer. Subtracting your handicap from your gross score (number of shots played during


The Best Super Game Improvement Irons Available In 2021

Manufacturers have recognized the importance of making the difficult game of golf just a bit easier for “newbies” and the older generation golfers losing their natural strength. Hence the development of the Game Improvement and Super Game Improvement irons.  We look today at the best super game improvement irons in 2021. For simplicity, we can


Golf Club Storage Ideas – Organise And Protect Your Gear

Storage space is often at a premium and golf equipment can be rather large and bulky. Putting all your golfing equipment together will not only make it less voluminous but also more accessible to quickly load into your vehicle. Golf club storage ideas will help with this challenge. Furthermore, storing your clubs in a protective

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Signs of Bad Golf Cart Batteries – What To Look Out For

When you’re cruising around the golf course, enjoying some leisure time with your pals, the last thing you want to happen is your golf cart battery suddenly packing in. Pushing it all the way to the parking lot wouldn’t really be an option, and you can’t just abandon it – so you’d have to arrange


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