Best Minimalist Golf Bag & Buyers Guide

The minimalist golf bag is also called the Sunday golf bag. A minimalist golf bag is smaller, weighs significantly less than a standard bag, and has fewer pockets. These golf bags can be used for a quick game, or a trip to the driving range, a weekend getaway, or your normal 18 holes. They are

Range Finders

Aofar Rangefinder Review – Is A Budget Model Worth It?

Our series on affordable rangefinder options continues. This time we are conducting an Aofar rangefinder review. So far, we have looked at golf rangefinders from Blue Tees, Boblov, and Leupold. But in this article, the attention turns to the Aofar GX-2S. Throughout this post, we will examine the pros and cons of the GX-2S to

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Right Arm & Elbow In Golf Swing – Explained For You

There is no correct or incorrect swing in golf, but certain fundamentals are required to play consistent golf. While many beginners or even seasoned golfers thrive on hitting the ball as far as possible all day, consistency and accuracy will win 99% of any matches. Take a look at Bryson DeChambeau as an example. He

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Wrists In Golf Swing – Tips For You

Many theories abound over the use of the wrists in the golf swing. One should bear in mind that the only contact with the golf club is with the hands and a good golf grip will set the wrists in the correct position to hinge and unhinge, creating a powerful strike on the ball. It

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Hip Turn In Golf Swing – Explained For You

Contrary to many golf beginners’ beliefs, the power in any swing is generated through the hips, and not through the power of the shoulders and arms. Power in the swing starts from the ground upwards and in that sequence, which we will discuss in this article. In any swing analysis, the term “sequence” will come

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Weight Shift In Golf Swing – Tips For You

Weight shift or transfer of the weight during a golf swing is a basic fundamental that has to be mastered to become a better player and consistent ball striker. This is also called the “power move” and without it, no power will be generated through the ball at impact. The same weight shift is employed


The Best Women’s Golf Shoes – Rated For You

Golf shoes have become a fashion item and women are able to match their shoes to their golf outfits. While this is true for all golfers, comfort and performance should be the top requirements when making a purchase. Soft Spikeless shoes dominate the shoe market. As shoes have developed, so has the pricing structure, so


Leupold Golf Rangefinder Review – All You Need To Know

It is no secret that companies in the US have outsourced manufacturing to developing nations to save costs. That is why it was refreshing to read a Leupold Golf Rangefinder Review that highlighted their commitment to manufacturing their scopes and launch monitors at their factory in Beaverton, Oregon. In this post, we conduct a Leupold


Blue Tees Rangefinder Review – All You Need To Know

I recently watched a Blue Tees Rangefinder review where Co-Founder Chris Markham explained why the company was born. Markham said they saw an opportunity when the only rangefinder options were cheap Amazon models or $400 premium devices. According to Blue Tees, over 50,000 golfers worldwide have added their devices to their bags. In this article,


Vessel Golf Bag Review – All You Need To Know

If you are looking for the most luxurious golf bag out there then the Vessel Player 2.0 could be the bag for you. This is a full-featured stand bag. The Vessel Player 2.0 has a patented Rotary Stand system built-in for your ease of mind that your bag will stay standing while you enjoy a

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Tempo In Golf Swing – Explained For You

Tempo or Rhythm in the golf swing has different meanings to different golfers. There is no right or wrong tempo in golf. Some great players like Nick Price had a quick tempo and he won more than his fair share on the Tour. The Big Easy, Ernie Els, swings the club so much slower than


Best Winter Golf Trousers – Keeping You Warm And Dry

Cold weather and golf are not an ideal combination. But, if your home course is open during the chilly months, you will need to kit up to combat icy weather. That is why we have compiled a list of the best winter golf trousers to keep you warm this winter. We will look at the


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