GCQuad vs SkyTrak Review: Tested And Evaluated For You

Ironically, the company at the forefront of launch monitor technology is called Foresight. They are famed for their GCQuad launch monitor, used by tour golfers and coaches. But, the price is well out of the budget of the average golfer. In this post, I review the GCQuad vs skyTrak launch monitor. I aim to see


GCQuad Review – Could This Launch Monitor Improve Your Game?

Recently I was watching the legendary Youtuber, Rick Shiels conduct a test of different launch monitors. While he has had the opportunity to try many launch monitors, it is the GCQuad that he swears by and uses to carry out most of his testing. As a result, I have decided to conduct a GCQuad review


Trackman Review – Is This $20k Launch Monitor Worth Investing In?

In this post, I am conducting a Trackman review to see what a $20,000 plus launch monitor has to offer, as well as who it would add value to the most. The launch monitor market has exploded in recent years offering a variety of products that range from a couple of hundred dollars to over


The 10 Best Golf Courses in Oklahoma – Rated By Real Players

Oklahoma State has 240 golf courses that will entertain and challenge all skill levels who love this game. Some of the layouts will remain in the memory for sometime after playing. Choosing the 10 best golf courses in Oklahoma has been a difficult assignment, but enjoyable at the same time. This task has been eased


The 10 Best Golf Courses in Oregon – Rated By Real Players

Oregon has over 200 courses on offer and the variety out there will satisfy most golf-nuts. The choice of the 10 best golf courses in Oregon, can be subjective, but stats generally give an accurate overview. This task has been eased with a collaboration with TheGrint, our favorite mobile app that helps golfers track their


Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers

Beginner and high handicap golfers require every bit of assistance that they can get, and a hybrid is especially beneficial to their long game. Today we look at the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers, but first, a little background detail. Hybrids are designed to offer golfers an alternative to long irons. These clubs


GCQuad vs Trackman Launch Monitor Review

The Trackman launch monitor is used by 700 professionals on tour. According to Geoff Ogilvy, “it is almost compulsory” to have one. However, hot on their heels is Foresight sports with their GCQuad launch monitor. Their device is used for testing by brands such as Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade. Given the status of both launch


Swing Caddie SC300 vs Trackman 4 – Comparable Launch Monitors?

Over the past ten years, affordable launch monitor options have hit the shelves, catering to everyday golfers. The question asked is, are they accurate. To answer this question, I decided to test the Swing Caddie SC300 vs Trackman 4. There is little debate over the effectiveness of launch monitors. Tour professionals and golf coaches swear


What Are The Advantages of Forged Irons?

What are the advantages of forged irons? For many years this was not even a question, as forged irons were the norm up to the late eighties. This is when manufacturing technologies developed the casting process and introduced cavity-backed irons. There is a major difference in the construction and materials used for these two types


The 5 Best Golf Clubs For Short People – Find Clubs To Suit Your Height

Golf may not be the most physical sport where the competition’s physical attributes can intimidate you as a shorter person. That is because you have more control over this individual, and sometimes a team, sport. A question is frequently asked, “What are the best clubs for short people?”. Taller and stronger golfers have an advantage


The 10 Best Golf Courses in Ohio – Rated By Real Players

Ohio hosts 768 quality golf courses to test your golfing skills. The variety is as good as it gets and irrespective of the skill level, most can be played and enjoyed. Selecting the 10 best golf courses in Ohio is a difficult task. This task has been eased with a collaboration with TheGrint, our favorite


The 7 Best Golf Clubs For Tall People – Find Clubs To Suit Your Height

Creating a wide arc enables you to generate more swing speed and thus create more ball speed and carry distance. While golfers of all sizes and shapes can play a quality game, it does not hurt to be tall. That is, provided you have the best golf clubs for tall people. Tall players have an


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