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Swing Caddie SC200 vs SC300 Review – Two Launch Monitors Compared

One piece of technology that is worth having in your golf bag is a launch monitor. To help you understand how a launch monitor can help you, I decided to conduct a review of the Swing Caddie SC200 Vs SC300. The device provides data on your swing, launch, and distance to help you improve your shot length and accuracy. Things to Consider Before Buying a Launch Monitor Launch monitors available in the market vary in terms of the data they

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Flightscope X2 Review – A Highly Regarded Launch Monitor

FlightScope has been in the business of tracking fast-moving objects since 1989. Initially tracking projectiles in the defense industry, they soon realized that the technology could add tremendous value to sporting codes where tracking and measurement of balls plays a significant role. At the outset of this review, I have to mention that the FlightScope X2 has been discontinued and replaced by the FlightScope X2 Elite. Since the FlightScope X2 is still available on the secondhand market and offers fair

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Optishot 2 Vs Optishot 3 – A Side-By-Side Comparison

Launch monitors and golf simulators have become enormously fashionable and widely used. The use of golf simulators provides families and friends with hours of fun and some companies use it as a source of income. The use of the launch monitor extends further than just fun. It is frequently used for club fitting, coaching, and indoor practice. Optishot is a world-renowned supplier of golf simulators and gaming software such as Optishot 2 and Optishot Vision (3-camera system). We will compare

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FlightScope X3 Review – Evaluate All Aspects Of Your Game

FlightScope is compatible with Apple and Android apps making it one of the most portable ball-tracking devices available. Datapoint measurements are made possible through the use of the FlightScope 3D radar motion tracking technology and advanced industrial electronics. The patented phased array tracking technology that is used in all FlightScope radar units is the most advanced in the industry today. FlightScope X3 Review FlightScope was originally founded in 1989 to measure projectiles for the defense industry. They soon found that

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Rapsodo R-motion vs Optishot 2

Golf simulators are an easy and effective way to hone your golf skills. We look at two of the leading affordable options on the market by comparing the Rapsodo R-motion vs Optishot 2, Optishot 2 Optishot is a golf simulator aimed at indoor use to provide you with an opportunity to sharpen your golf skills and combine this with having fun and competing with international golfers on the same platform. Affordability plays a big role in the selection process and


Rapsodo R-Motion Review – An Accurate & Affordable Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo R-motion is one of the most affordable launch monitors and provides accurate data considering the low price. In this Rapsodo R-Motion review. we’ll dive deeper into what makes this a popular training aid and the pros and cons of owning this device. It makes use of photometric technology which measures swing and ball data making it optimal for indoor and outdoor use while it provides instant feedback on a range of clubhead and ball statistics. Clubhead and golf


SC300 Swing Caddie Review – Thinking Of Buying? Read This First

Swing Caddie has used Doppler radar technology in their previous models and the SC300 launch monitor utilizes the same technology. In addition to the Doppler technology, Swing Caddie makes use of atmospheric calibrators to enhance the accuracy of the SC300. Voice Caddie has been in the launch monitor area for quite a while starting with the SC100 and then achieving enormous success with the SC200 model.  The SC300 is the latest in the range and it is larger than the

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The 6 Most Expensive Golf Simulators On The Market

Golf requires ongoing practice and quality golf simulators can allow for this throughout the year, day and night. While you get budget options, some are a sizable investment. We take a closer look at the most expensive golf simulators available. Golf simulators have become immensely popular and there are many to choose from. There are compact portable options, more basic and affordable models, highly realistic and sophisticated simulators, and the top of the range commercial options. None are quite as


The SC200 Swing Caddie Review – Can It Improve Your Swing?

Swing improvement and distance control are extremely important for growing in confidence and accuracy. Many professional and rising golfers have taken to launch monitors to aid them in getting to the top of their game. There are distance markers available on the driving range but these are based on a set position at the back of the range. To be more accurate in your distances the launch monitor will be able to report accurately on the distance that your shot

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SC100 Swing Caddie Review – How Does It Perform & Is It Worth It?

The world’s leading golfers on the various golfing tours, PGA, LPGA, European tour, etc. fine-tune their swings, accuracy, and distance control through the use of launch monitors. This comes at a huge expense, but they can afford it as they are either sponsored by the manufacturers or have earned sufficient purse money to afford one. The same is not necessarily true for the general golfing public. As the top end launch monitors sell for $10,000 or more several smaller companies

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