10 Best Portable Launch Monitors for 2024: Level Up Your Training!

Golf launch monitors are an imperative accessory as they help amateurs, pros, and coaches track progress and improve results. This post looks at the best portable personal launch monitor for 2024 by analyzing the various features and metrics each device measures.

Here are the 10 best portable launch monitors for 2024:

  1. FlightScope Mevo  – Best Overall 
  2. Swing Caddie SC200 Plus – Best Budget Pick
  3. Bushnell Golf Launch Pro – Best Mobile Launch Monitor for Mid-Handicappers
  4. Full Swing Kit – Best Launch Monitor for Low Handicappers
  5. Foresight Sports GC3 – Best Launch Monitor for Coaches
  6. SkyTrak Game Improvement – Best Launch Monitor for Skills Enhancement
  7. Ernest Sports ESB1 – Best Flight Tracker Golf Launch Monitor
  8. PRGR Pocket – Best Portable Launch Monitor for Beginners
  9. Garmin Approach R10 – Most Versatile Portable Launch Monitor
  10. Rapsodo Mobile – Best Launch Monitor for Video Recording

By the end of this post, you will know what data parameters our top 10 finalists track, how accurate they are, and whether they offer access to golf simulator software. In addition, I reveal the best picks for beginners, mid and low-handicappers, and golf coaches.

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Top 3 Best Portable Launch Monitors

Best Overall Best Budget Best For Mid-Handicappers
FlightScope Mevo Swing Caddie SC200 Plus Bushnell Launch Pro
  • Moderately affordable for a launch monitor
  • Accurate measurements
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Affordable
  • Voice distance output
  • Measures the swing speed without striking a golf ball
  • Golf simulation compatibility
  • Measures club and ball data
  • Accurate readings
  • It is not compatible with golf simulator software
  • Measures significantly fewer metrics than the Mevo +
  • Measures limited data points
  • Spin is only viewable on the app
  • Expensive for the average golfer
  • The Launch Pro software is $249 per year
Price Score 88.3 96.5 78.3
Accuracy 90.6 84.1 93.7
Portability 97.1 97.1 84.6
Usability 92.7 89.3 87.5
Rating 4.8 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.4 Stars

Why You Should Trust Us

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How We Reviewed These Products

Golfspan only shares equipment and brands we trust.

I’m an experienced golfer of 28 years and thoroughly researched and evaluated the products shared below. Then an editor reviewed and fact-checked the list. Finally, we conduct regular content audits to update and revise our reviews to ensure you receive the latest information. 

To select these golf launch monitors, we considered the following criteria:

  1. Cost
  2. Accuracy
  3. Portability
  4. Data points
  5. Weight

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Best Portable Launch Monitor 2024 Reviews

Feature Comparison Overview

best portable launch monitor comparison graph

1. FlightScope Mevo  – Overall Best Golf Portable Launch Monitor


  • Moderately affordable for a launch monitor
  • Accurate measurements
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Connects to FlightScope Mevo skills challenges
  • Measures 8 data parameters


  • It is not compatible with golf simulator software
  • Measures significantly fewer metrics than the Mevo +


  • Weight: 0.4375 lbs
  • Data Points: 8 Swing data points
  • Technology: Doppler radar
  • Simulator Compatibility: No

The FlightScope Mevo is our best overall portable launch monitor in 2024 for its affordability, light weight, and accurate measurements. In addition, the 3D Doppler radar device enables you to undertake challenges on the FlightScope skills app.

We found this pocket-sized launch monitor very easy to carry around. It easily fitted into a pocket compartment in our bag, so transport was hassle-free. As a result, it simplifies the task of practicing anywhere, anytime. Besides its portability, the Mevo tracks 8 data parameters, which return a relatively accurate read.

It tracks swing metrics determining ball speed, clubhead speed, apex, smash factor, flight time, spin rate, plus a few others. While serious golfers may demand increased parameters, we feel they are sufficient for the average golfer. It’s also worth noting that it’s the only monitor on this list to track flight time, so it has an edge in this regard.

Next, the Mevo combines with the FlightScope Golf and Skills app to help you analyze and enhance your training. The FlightScope Mevo app allows you to record each shot and apply a data overlay to analyze later. Plus, the golf app displays the measurements of every strike.

The FlightScope Mevo app operates on iOS and Android gadgets to function on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad.

To learn more, read our full Flightscope Mevo review.

Rating: 4.8

2. Swing Caddie SC200 Plus – Best Budget Personal Golf Launch Monitor


  • Affordable
  • Voice distance output
  • Measures the swing speed without striking a golf ball
  • Light and compact
  • Doppler radar technology


  • Measures limited data points
  • Spin is only viewable on the app


  • Weight: 0.50 lbs
  • Data Points: 7 data points
  • Technology: Doppler radar
  • Simulator Compatibility: No

Launch monitors often have a stigma of being high-ticket items that are out of the reach of the average golfer. However, the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus shows us otherwise, offering an entry-level option suited to high handicappers.

You will not see many data metrics and features on the SC200 Plus at its price. It is a no-frills option. However, it does cover seven of the most in-demand data points, including swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, and smash factor. Unfortunately, you can only see your spin by using the app. Overall, I feel the key metrics are sufficient for the average golfer to gain simple insight into each shot.

Two features that stood out from other launch monitors are its voice distance output and the fact that you do not have to strike a golf ball. You can take a practice swing and use the device to measure clubhead speed at impact. Therefore we feel the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus is one of the best swing speed monitors around.

Finally, the compact unit is approximately the same size as the FlightScope Mevo, making it easily portable.

You can learn more about this gear portable launch monitor by reading our review.

Rating: 4.5

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3. Bushnell Golf Launch Pro – Best Mobile Launch Monitor for Mid Handicappers


  • Golf simulator compatibility
  • Measures club and ball data
  • Accurate readings
  • High-powered camera technology
  • Displays six metrics on the monitor


  • Expensive for the average golfer
  • The Launch Pro software is $249 per year
  • Requires a U.S. internet connection every 45 days


  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Data Points: 7 Swing and ball data metrics
  • Technology: High-resolution Cameras
  • Simulator Compatibility: No

The Bushnell Golf Launch Pro monitor is a premium product for players seeking greater insight into each golf swing. Mid-handicappers looking to enhance their performance and enter the ranks of a low handicapper may appreciate accurate data and simulator compatibility.

The Launch Pro captures seven ball and club data points, including the vertical launch angle and even the horizontal launch angle. Six parameters are displayed on the launch monitor screen for you to review after each shot. However, the remaining metric is found on the FSX Pro Basic Subscription package, which runs you $249 a year after the first twelve months.

The FSX Pro package only operates on iOS but enhances the experience and employs graphs and charts for you to analyze. Bushnell allows golfers to upgrade to a Gold or Unlocked subscription if they desire to run a full home golf simulator.

A Gold subscription sets you back $699 per year, while the Unlocked package requires a once-off fee of $3,499. In our opinion, it is overpriced for what you get, especially considering it only tracks standard metrics and doesn’t include apex height or flight time like many other models. However, it gives you access to highly accurate data and the flexibility to add it to a home golf simulator setup, therefore, for more skilled golfers, it may well be worth picking up.

If you’re interested in purchasing, we recommend giving our dedicated Bushnell Launch Pro review a look over.

Rating: 4.4

4. Full Swing Kit – Best Golf Launch Monitor for Low Handicappers


  • Measures 16 data parameters
  • Accurate measurements
  • Advanced analytics
  • Compatible with E6 Connect simulator software
  • OLED color display


  • Expensive launch monitor
  • You have to upgrade to the premium package to store historical data
  • Low battery life


  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Data Points: 16 Swing data points
  • Technology: Machine-learning radar
  • Simulator Compatibility: Yes

The Full Swing Kit is produced by a company that Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, and Jordan Spieth trust for their golf simulator needs. Eldrick gives it his stamp of approval. I find it delivers incredibly accurate results, which makes sense, considering it measures 16 data parameters — the most of any of the models we looked at!

While the Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor is a high-end product, it’s significantly more affordable than items like the GC Quad or a portable Trackman 4. It is a wise investment for skillful low handicappers seeking maximum insight into their game.

Besides the standard parameters of distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, and smash factor, this machine radar learning device dives into the microscopic detail of each shot. It covers face angle and path, attack angle, club path, and side total distance.

Full Swing built a 4k camera into the launch monitor to record and analyze your golf swing on the manufacturer’s app. To fully leverage the analysis of this app, I suggest upgrading to the premium version to store historical shot data and videos. This will set you back $100 per year, but if you’re serious about improving, I feel it’s worth using.

Rating: 4.3

5. Foresight Sports GC3 – Best Portable Golf Launch Monitor for Coaches

Foresightsports golf launch monitor


  • Accurate readings
  • Measures 10 data parameters
  • Compatible with FSX golf simulator software
  • Touch screen display


  • Expensive launch monitor
  • Less battery life than the GCQuad
  • We expected more data points given the cost


  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Data Points: 10 Club and ball data points
  • Technology: Triscopic cameras
  • Simulator Compatibility: Yes

The Foresight Sports GC3 launch monitor is a premium device that delivers maximum accuracy and measures various metrics. Its high-quality performance, precision, and access to multiple features are ideal for golf coaches.

In addition, the device is compatible with FSX simulator software, allowing users to play virtual rounds of golf and undertake skills challenges. Besides its simulator features, the GC3 contains a barometric sensor to enhance accuracy in any environment.

Next, it monitors 10 data club and ball data parameters, including sidespin, club path, and angle of attack. While it is easily the most expensive portable golf monitor on this list, it does use top technology; it is the only device to make use of a triscopic camera system.

Finally, the launch monitor sits parallel to the impact zone, and we appreciated the brightly displayed metrics on the screen, as well as the battery life which reaches up to seven hours.

Although the GC3 Essentials package includes access to virtual golf courses, you can always upgrade to the Players Bundle. You can enjoy layouts like Pebble Beach, The Old Course, Carnoustie, and SpyGlass.

Rating: 4.3

6. SkyTrak Game Improvement – Best Golf Launch Monitor for Skills Enhancement


  • Packed with a host of entertaining games and skills challenges
  • Tracks 12 data metrics
  • Golf simulator compatibility
  • Durable metal protective case
  • Provides detailed insight into each shot


  • Distance and speed data were erratic on longer shots
  • Moderately expensive
  • Among the lowest battery life


  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Data Points: 12 Swing and ball data points
  • Technology: Photometric
  • Simulator Compatibility: Yes

SkyTrak simulators soared in popularity during the lockdown as the average golfer hurried to find a solution to practicing at home. Besides enabling us to train from the comfort of our homes, this launch monitor added an impressive array of skills, challenges, and games to entertain our buddies.

The photometric device measures five data points and calculates an extra seven to deliver relatively accurate results. However, on longer shots, I found the carry distance and clubhead speed were slightly off my averages.

I enjoyed the skills challenges and its simulator functionality thoroughly. However, I found the game improvement features invaluable. The wedge matrix feature effectively identifies distances with a full, half, and quarter wedge shot. Plus, the Shot Optimizer feature determined which distance I should hit each golf club.

Next, the Bag Mapping feature gave detailed insight into my yardage averages with each club, and the shot history highlighted my progress over time. Lastly, the Players Skills Assessment allows you to set targets and see how precise your distance control and accuracy are.

Needless to say, it’s a very impressive device, and worth considering if you have the cash to spend. Besides some dubious data on my longer shots and the cost, the only other drawback I could identify is the low battery life. While 5 hours isn’t awful, it isn’t great either as it’s joint lowest on this list with the Full Swing Kit.

Rating: 4.1

7. Ernest Sports ESB1 – Best Flight Tracker Golf Launch Monitor

ernest sports esb1 best golf launch monitor


  • Advanced ball-tracking golf technology
  • Affordable for a launch monitor
  • Contains on-course GPS functionality
  • Equipped with games and skills challenges
  • Enables video recording of each shot
  • Incredible battery life


  • Measures fewer metrics than other launch monitors
  • Data was not as accurate as other devices
  • Struggles to read shot direction


  • Weight: 1.87 lbs
  • Data Points: 6 data points
  • Technology: Doppler radar
  • Simulator Compatibility: Yes (ES Range App)

The Ernest Sports ESB1 launch monitor is affordable, entertaining, and informative, making it a suitable option for mid and high-handicap golfers. Its shot tracer technology, in particular,  stood out for me as I tracked the flight and landing of every shot.

Its flight tracker golf feature is handy for analyzing the results of all shots with a specific club — the tracer helped me identify how precise or erratic my performance was. Besides the shot tracing, I felt the games and skills challenges were fun to play alone and with buddies.

Next, the ESB1 tracks six data parameters, covering the standard metrics of distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, ball spin, and smash factor. These stats are shared with the ES Range app, allowing you to view and analyze past performances. Sure it’s limited with only six parameters, but just like with the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus, it’s likely all you’ll need.

Ernest Sports engineers applied video swing recording functionality to capture each shot and apply data overlays plus tracing. The ESB1 simplifies capturing your golf swing by enabling Voice Control to start or end recording. Yet what impressed me more than any other feature is just how long this little launch monitor lasts. With a staggering 20 hours of run-time, this unit just keeps going and going!

Rating: 3.8

8. PRGR Pocket – Best Portable Launch Monitor for Beginners


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Measures speed, distance, and smash factor
  • Relatively accurate for an economical launch monitor
  • Compact design


  • Covers limited data parameters
  • It is not compatible with a simulator
  • Runs on disposable batteries


  • Weight:0.308 lbs
  • Data Points: 5 Swing data points
  • Technology: Doppler radar
  • Simulator Compatibility: No

The PRGR Pocket launch monitor provides a simple, affordable solution for high handicappers to experience. It measures 5 swing data points, the fewest of all the models we looked at. These data points include club and ball speed, smash factor, carry, and total distance.

The screen only has space to display a handful of data points, requiring you to choose between carry or total distance. Speaking of toggling data, it allows you to display speed in mph or kph for golfers operating off the metric system.

Next, the lightweight device is compact and offers hassle-free transportation between your home and the driving range. In addition, it can calculate metrics even without striking a golf ball just like the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus. This proves handy for golfers with limited space at home for a simulator. On the other hand, I’m not so impressed that the device runs on disposable batteries, a rechargeable battery would have been far more fitting.

I thought the ability to view metrics from your past shots was a nice touch, which you can achieve by pressing the up and down buttons underneath the screen. Finally, the affordable PRGR Pocket Launch monitor pairs perfectly with the Super Speed training system to measure your progress.

Rating: 3.5

9. Garmin Approach R10 – Most Versatile Portable Launch Monitor


  • Measures 14 data parameters
  • Moderately affordable
  • The Garmin Golf App gives you distances on 42,000 golf courses
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • It is compatible with E6 Connect


  • The Garmin Golf App costs $99.99 per year
  • Sometimes gives inaccurate data
  • It does not track putting metrics


  • Weight: 0.487 lbs
  • Data Points: 14 Club and ball data points
  • Technology: Doppler radar
  • Simulator Compatibility: Yes

The Garmin Approach R10 is our top pick for the most versatile launch monitor because it offers GPS functionality. Besides measuring a remarkable 14 data points, the R10 provides distance measurements on over 42,000 golf courses — that will take some beating!

Although we found the accuracy of some measurements is slightly off, the impact is minimal for the average golfer. The Approach R10 records 14 metrics to give the average mid-handicapper an impressive overview of their club path and speed leading into impact.

The R10 pairs with the Garmin Golf App, which gives you access to digital scoring features and GPS functionality on 42,000 golf courses. A free 30-day subscription is included. After that, it is $100 a year. However, it also provides green contour data and your stroke averages, so there’s plenty of merit to paying the fee.

In addition, the versatile R10 is compatible with E6 Connect golf simulator software to enjoy virtual rounds and access to the driving range. Finally, the R10 records your golf swing and enables you to review it with data overlays.

You can read our full Garmin Approach R10 review here.

Rating: 3.3

10. Rapsodo Mobile – Best Launch Monitor for Video Recording


  • Excellent video playback
  • Shot tracing functionality
  • Displays shot dispersion
  • Provides club gapping insight
  • Affordable


  • It only records 6 data parameters
  • You need to use your phone as the screen
  • It does not offer golf simulator functionality


  • Weight: 0.6375 lbs
  • Data Points: 6 data points
  • Technology: Camera
  • Simulator Compatibility: No

Golfers like myself who learn more from visual aids will appreciate the Rapsodo Mobile launch monitor. I also enjoyed the shot tracer technology, which was highly effective.

The Rapsodo stand encourages you to transform your phone or tablet into a launch monitor and record every golf swing. Plus, it combines with the shot tracer technology to help you track the flight and landing of each shot.

A Rapsodo mobile launch tracks six data parameters, significantly less than most launch monitors on the list. However, it makes up for it with its wealth of other features that mid and high-handicappers will find handy.

Two additional features that I like are the club gapping and GPS Shot Dispersion Map. The club gapping feature provided insight into how far you hit each club on average and where gaps exist, helping you make better-informed club selection decisions.

Finally, the GPS Shot Map opened my eyes to which side of the target my golf ball consistently missed.

If you’re interested in learning more, consider reading our full review of the Rapsodo Mobile.

Rating: 3.2

What to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Launch Monitor

best portable launch monitor


As our portable golf launch monitor reviews demonstrated, portable golf launch monitors vary significantly in price. Entry-level launch monitors fetch less than $300, but premium models run as high as $10,000.

Consider that most affordable launch monitors are ill-equipped to power a simulator if that is your intention.

Data Metrics

Most launch monitors track standard metrics like ball and club head speed, smash factor, carry, and total distance. While these are sufficient for the average golfer to gain some insight into each shot, lower handicappers may desire more.

Advanced launch monitors measure club path, launch angle, apex, side landing angle, and angle of attack. In addition, low handicappers may desire a model that calculates putting data, a trait many affordable launch monitors cannot deliver.


Launch monitors from Trackman and Foresight Sports are considered the gold standard by the industry for accuracy. These models produce millimetric precision to help coaches, professionals, and serious golfers receive optimal insight and make better-informed decisions.

Premium models like the Trackman 4 or GC3 cost thousands of dollars and are out of reach for many golfers. Fortunately, devices like the FlightScope Mevo and Garmin Approach R10 are affordable and offer accuracy close to that of our affordable models.

The reason affordable models typically provide less precise readings boils down to the lack of parameters they measure. Plus, some devices use algorithms to calculate speed and carry. A lack of parameters factored in leads to inaccurate results.

However, I find the inaccuracy is manageable for the average golfer and still works a treat, giving us previously inaccessible insight.

Camera Or Doppler Radar

Launch monitor manufacturers typically employ two technologies to track your shot data. Doppler radar technology sends fixed-frequency waves from the monitor to the ball. Once it hits the ball, the waves are transmitted back to the monitor at a different frequency, enabling the device to calculate speed and distance.

Conversely, some manufacturers like Foresight Sports use photometric launch monitors. These devices feature tri or quadrascopic high-speed cameras, which slow down to capture multiple facets of the impact zone and your launch.

Doppler radar technology is a clear favorite in the industry, based on the top 10 portable launch monitors on our list. Only 30% of our finalists possess photometric technology.

Simulator Compatibility

Many golfers acquire a launch monitor with the thought of adding it to a DIY golf simulator at home. While I highly encourage this practice, not all launch monitors pair with simulator software. Most launch monitors offering this functionality cost well into the thousands and are not worth it for most golfers.

An alternative option is the Garmin Approach R10 which is well under $1000 but still requires annual subscription fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

best portable launch monitor

Is a Portable Launch Monitor Worth It?

Yes, a portable launch monitor is worth it because it helps you identify your progress, strengths, and weaknesses. You receive insight into your distance averages, ball striking consistency, club head speed, and ball speed. In addition, premium models track club path, launch angle, and sidespin.

Which Portable Launch Monitor Is Most Accurate?

The Full Swing Kit launch monitor is the most accurate launch monitor. It measures 16 club and ball data points to provide precise speed, distance, spin, and launch direction data on every shot.


Portable golf launch monitors are a game changer for the average golfer looking to track swing metrics at the range and at home. 2024 shows you do not need deep pockets or to be a pro to own a launch monitor. Low, mid, and high handicappers can enjoy the technology without breaking the bank.

While affordable launch monitors often deliver less accurate measurements and provide limited features, I felt the FlightScope Mevo bucked the trend. Our best portable launch monitor for this year was accurate, compact, and gave me access to skills challenges to improve specific elements of my game.

Although it is not compatible with golf simulator software, the Mevo is affordable, accurate, and fun, making it well-suited for the casual golfer.

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