The 6 Most Expensive Golf Simulators On The Market

Golf requires ongoing practice and quality golf simulators can allow for this throughout the year, day and night. While you get budget options, some are a sizable investment. We take a closer look at the most expensive golf simulators available.

Golf simulators have become immensely popular and there are many to choose from. There are compact portable options, more basic and affordable models, highly realistic and sophisticated simulators, and the top of the range commercial options.

None are quite as much fun and they do not provide the exercise that you would get on the golf course, but some of the top-end golf simulators get pretty close to the real deal in both look and feel.

Many offer the opportunity to “play” on some of the leading courses in the world. Some simulators even add fairway slopes and undulations on the putting green into the mix to make it more authentic. Other features such as variable weather conditions can make the simulators more versatile and realistic.

We will look at some of the most expensive golf simulators and provide you with an idea as to what you can anticipate paying for the top-end simulators and what you will get in return.

The 6 Most Expensive Golf Simulators on The Market

1. Full Swing Golf


  • ION3 high-speed camera
  • Energy absorbent diffuser screen
  • Cinema quality projector
  • Highly versatile


  • Price is at the top-end of golf simulators
  • This simulator has fewer courses available than some of the competitors

Full Swing Golf is one of the leading suppliers in the top-end golf simulator market. They offer a Pro series and Sport series. The company is recognized for its quality products and is used by the world’s finest golfers. The simulators are endorsed by Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods.

The technology used in the Full Swing systems is unique and they are the only manufacturer that combines infrared lightwave technology and high-speed cameras to produce authentic-looking ball flight instantaneously after contact between the clubhead and the golf ball.

For a more comprehensive experience, Full Swing added a Virtual Green floor that makes use of sophisticated patented technology enabling the golfer to adjust the slope and contours on the putting green for a more authentic experience. It provides a selection of 36 challenging putting surface scenarios via the high definition touchscreen.

To look at your line on the green surface you will have to acquire the Puttview add-on at an extra expense. This will aid you in finding the ideal line and the burden will be on you to strike the putt at the right speed to track the identified line.

The Full Swing Pro golf simulator comes with:

  • Solid wood enclosure and platform
  • 360-degree infrared tracks
  • ION3 high-speed camera
  • Energy absorbent diffuser screen
  • Cinema quality projector
  • Industrial grade carpet and hitting mat


ION3 technology makes use of high-speed cameras that captures the club and ball at impact, delivering HD playback of your clubhead and producing the most dependable ball flight and data feedback every single time. Teeing up your next ball is exceptionally easy and all you have to do is drop your golf ball in the drop zone and the ION3 will tee it up for you. The data points tracked by this technology include club path, club speed, and ball dynamics.

In-Flight Tracking

The infrared light waves utilized in the Full Swing Pro series are the quickest and most accurate technology available on the market. The ultra-high-speed club and ball flight tracking technologies deliver images instantaneously on the screen and there is no lag between clubface striking the ball and images showing on the screen. There are 688 infrared sensors installed across two tracks that calculate the ball mid-flight and it tracks ball speed, ball direction, and launch angle.

The Pro series optionally offers a flexible design that has everything from a compact simulator to a widescreen package that is 30% larger than the standard option. There are more than 60 size configurations available that will suit any space.

Golf simulators have become extremely popular and Full Swing presents opportunities for residential, commercial, and college use.


The software empowers you to add more golf courses to your collection, do an analysis of your swing and play other sports making it more than just a golf simulator.

There are more than 93 courses offered on the software and more are added frequently. All of this in high definition for an authentic experience.

Swing Analysis

The swing analysis system gives a clearer insight into the golf swing by indicating the pressure points of your feet as the rest of the body moves and changes the pressure points on your feet.

Multisport and gaming

There are 13 sports games available on the software should you want to take a break from playing golf for a while.

The price of the Full Swing Pro series starts at around $55,900 but can go as high as $100,000

2. High Definition Golf


  • Variety of flatscreen and widescreen options
  • Full package of components comes standard
  • Great putting software


  • Does not come with a multi-turf hitting mat

One of the most realistic golf simulators available is the High Definition Golf simulator. The precision and ease of use linked with the authentic images make this a product that is high in demand for use at home or commercial use.

The use of Computer Vision Technology (CVT) offers authentic photo capabilities to capture the spirit of some of the most prominent golf courses in the world and High Definition Golf was one of the first simulator companies to employ this technology. The realistic feeling is built from high-resolution images and satellite data.

There are 3 models available in the High Definition Golf collection:

  • HHD GOLF™ Simulator model 16:10 curved widescreen
  • HD GOLF™ Simulator model 4:3 flat screen
  • HD GOLF™ Simulator model 16:10 flat widescreen

The HD GOLF™ simulator comes standard with:

  • HD Golf™ Proprietary metal-frame
  • Multi-element nylon screen
  • HDTV Compatible LCD Projector
  • HP workstation
  • IST computer vision ball tracking system with Quadvision technology
  • Touchscreen
  • Swing-arm mount
  • Computer Cabinet
  • Professional Quality Golf Stance
  • HD Softstrike™ Tee Mat
  • Professional grade nylon turf
  • Custom draperies, baffles, and ceiling Tracks
  • 250W stereo sound system

The HD GOLF™ Software package includes:

  • Championship golf courses
  • Complete practice facilities
  • Competitions
  • Games such as Mini Putt, Tic Tac Toe, and many more…
  • Advanced ball/club tracking and trajectory analysis
  • Player statistics
  • Equipment comparison (clubs/shafts/balls)
  • Club fitting
  • Tournaments


The package contains a putting surface and HD AccuPutt line software for an exceptionally authentic putting experience. The HD AccuPutt software is included when you purchase the Active Software Warranty or available at an extra expense if you do not take the warranty.  HD AccuPutt Line highlights the best path to the hole, and you have to read the speed to make sure that you hole the putt.

World Championship Golf Courses

You have access to some of the best international championship golf courses such as Medinah, Pebble Beach, St Andrews old course, Pinehurst no2 and many more.

HD Golf Practice Range and Facilities

HD Golf Offers a wide selection of practice facilities to better your game and updates are free. An array of driving ranges such as Long Drive ranges, desert driving ranges, ocean driving, and mountain driving ranges. All the practice software is designed and built with the same attention to detail as the Championship courses. The practice range package incorporates features such as closes to the pin, chipping, putting, and chip-and-putt competitions.

Golf Tournaments

HD Golf™ Tournament allows you to compete in tournaments from anywhere and is based on the same terms and conditions as real-life tournaments but you do not have to pay the high entry fees, spend your whole day out on the course and most significantly, you will not lose any golf balls. Oh boy, what a saving this is. You can either set up a tournament or join in on an existing tournament. These tournaments do not have to be at a specific location bat can cover multiple locations as well. Tournaments can span a period and do not have to be completed at the same time giving you more flexibility.

The High Definition Golf simulator range from $35,000 to $70,000

3. TrackMan


  • Variety of flatscreen and widescreen options
  • All necessary components come standard
  • Great putting software


  • Software subscription required
  • Substantial add-on list

Looking for the best launch monitor you would have come across a TrackMan. Well, they are big in the world of golf simulators too. You can use the TrackMan for either home use or commercial use. You do not have to purchase all in one go as you can build onto your system as your budget allows. Since we are looking at the most expensive golf simulators we will not elaborate on this now.

The recommended room dimensions for the Trackman simulator are:

  • Width – 10 feet
  • Height – 9 feet 6 inches
  • Depth – 19 feet

The following is included in the TrackMan 4 indoor package:

  • 1-year hardware and software subscription
  • TrackMan Performance Studio
  • TrackMan Virtual Golf 2
  • PC for graphics
  • Touch screen
  • keyboard, mouse, cabinet
  • 6000+ Lumen projector
  • The enclosure is customized for your environment but included in the price. It consists of the structure, screen, impact protection, and foam-padded turf

Over and above the standard package you can add on:

  • TrackMan 4 outdoor license
  • Pro Lighting for impact location and video analysis
  • HD camera pack

The software used by TrackMan is the Virtual Golf 2 software and is loaded with features designed for fun. You can play some of the most in-demand courses such as Royal Portrush, Muirfield Village, PGA National, and all four of the St. Andrews Links courses. New courses are added to the collection constantly at no extra cost.

Practicing your shots and shaping the ball has never been easier and you can practice your approach shots and short game in a natural feeling practice range environment designed for improving your game.

The prices for the Trackman simulators range between $49,995 – $100,000

4. AboutGolf


  • Variety of flatscreen and widescreen options
  • Comes standard with all you need to get going
  • Great putting software


  • Software subscription required
  • Substantial add-on list

AboutGOLF has been active in the simulation industry for more than 25 years and provide the latest technology in their golf simulators. They aim to provide you with a natural playing experience from tee to green. All your shots will be captured and analyzed on the aboutGOLF cloud-based platform.

Included in the aboutGOLF package you will get:

  • 3TRAK – Ball & Club Tracking
  • ​HD projection- Up to 4K Resolution
  • ​AG FLIX – Video Analysis
  • ​Customized lighting – Automatic & Dimmable
  • ​AG BALANCE – Weight & Balance Analysis

In addition to the standard package, you can add on the following:

  • aG Balance golf measurement system is a platform that is concealed below the playing surface that measures the weight placed on each foot to display the shift of weight during your swing.
  • AV integration for push-button control allows you to start-up or shut down the system and all linked components at the push of a button.
  • Picture-in-picture capability will allow you to watch a show while playing the game.
  • aG Control multi-simulator management
  • Modified awning, flooring, and turf options
  • Projector and display upgrade options
  • Custom support, service, and content subscriptions

aG Links provides a comprehensive experience from tee to green on many world-class golf courses.

There are 3 different configurations available from aboutGOLF:

  • The flat screen is perfect for integrating not your home system and starts at around $40,400
  • Curve screen allows for more options in the width of a display generated by the simulator and the curved screen will require less space than a flat-screen. The curve model comes in many sizes like between 18 feet to 30 feet wide, 18 feet to 20 feet deep, and 9 feet to 11 feet tall. The pricing of the curve screen comes in at around $60,250
  • aG Max provides the ultimate solution in entertainment and multiple [players can play at the same time. The aG Max is highly customizable, and the pricing depends on your selection.


The 3Trak® system provides perfectly accurate information through the use of the 3D camera and tracking system. The data is extracted by the machine vision technology from the images recorded during your swing. The ball trajectory is calculated and projected onto the screen.

Swing Improvement

Your swing is recorded by 5 color and monochrome cameras and the use of the integrated video recording system called aG Flix. This will provide feedback on the datapoints throughout your swing and highlight areas that require improvement.

Pricing of the aboutGOLF systems range from $42,000 – $92,000

5. Golfzon


  • Full HD 3D graphics Projector
    190+ courses
  • Auto tee-up


  • Basic screen

GOLFZON is a popular golf simulator brand based in Asia and they provide accurate data through their use of the latest technology.

There are currently 6,200 GOLFZON sites on the internet spanning 62 countries linking 30,000 simulators where people play approximately 150,000 rounds of golf per day and 365 tournaments using the GOLFZON Live Festival software.

The Golfzon Vision premium comes with:

  • VISION Software
  • Basic Screen
  • 6,000 ANSI Lumens Full HD Projector
  • T1 Sensor
  • GS System, Console, Mouse, Keyboard
  • Card Reader and Membership Card
  • Swing Replay Camera
  • Basic Plate with Fairway-Rough-Bunker Mat
  • Auto Tee-up and Ball Retrieval System
  • Keypad Remote Controller

The dimensions of the Golfzon premium golf simulator are as follows:

  • Booth Width
    • Basic Type       13 feet 10 inches
    • Both Handed 15 feet 5 inches
  • Projector to Screen      26 feet
  • Booth Height              10 feet 5 inches


The T1 sensor is propriety technology developed by GOLFZON and installed in the T1 SensorTwo high-speed camera for precise tracking of club movement, golf ball and clubface impact, and ball trajectory.

The T1 sensor has wide measurement capability and can easily track and capture any mishits. Processing and displaying the data is a rapid process and the feedback is exactly accurate.

Moving Swing Plate

The PlateVISION technology enables the platform to adjust your stance according to the lie of your golf ball and the contours of the course. This can be set differently for advanced golfers and beginners.  moving swing plate technology will adjust your lie according to your settings at the start of the game. The system simulates uphill, downhill, and sidehill slopes taking into consideration the actual slopes of the real golf course that you have selected.

Multi-surface Hitting Mats

Their hitting mats enable you to play from the fairway, rough, and sand bunker depending on where your ball landed. This gives a very natural and realistic feel of the shot and the distance is calculated to mimic the real-life situation.

Swing Replay

You can view your swing in replay mode after completing the swing after every shot. The software will furthermore enable you to compare your swing to the swing of other golfers.

Smart Auto Tee-up

No more bending down to tee up your ball for every shot. There is an automated tee-up that will lift your ball to the same height for every shot. Just drop your ball in the drop zone and it will tee it up for you.

Competition play

Golfzon has an online network to enable you to challenge other golfers. Up to 6 players can play simultaneously to include family and friends in the fun. Even junior players can join in the fun since there are junior tees available to make the game more realistic and fair.

Courses available

There are currently 190+ world-class courses in detail and some of the most desirable courses such as St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, PGA National, Mission Hills are included.  New courses are added regularly at no additional expense.

The Golfzon Vision range in price between $40,000 – $70,000



  • Lightweight and portable
  • 8 players can play at the same time

TruGolf is a highly reputable manufacturer of golf simulators including a team of highly respected developers that brings the best of golfing to you. The TruGolf Vista 12 is top of the TruGolf range that offers high-definition images and enhanced swing analysis. It is straightforward to install and takedown.

The Vista 12 simulator comes with:

  • Large enclosure
  • Side nets
  • 1080-pixel projector
  • Overhead Light Bar
  • 165″ Impact screen
  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • 1 X 21-inch touch screen monitor
  • 1 X TruGolf level 2 computer
  • TruTrack2 tracking system
  • Premium hitting mat
  • 2 Year Basic E6 Connect subscription
  • Portable speaker
  • Library of 27 Golf courses
  • Vista 10 User Manual
  • Duffel bag for frame storage
  • 1-year limited warranty

The recommended dimensions for a comfortable setup is 15 feet wide X 10 feet high X 20 feet deep. Crystal clear images are displayed on the crease-free, high definition impact screen. Their matte-box design enclosure blocks the ambient light providing the feeling that you are on the golf course.

The 3 rows of high-speed optical sensors on the TruTrak2 system will track your clubs every inch of your swing and give feedback on the following data points:

  • Launch angle
  • Ball speed
  • Distance
  • Spin
  • Deviation
  • Clubface angle
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Club path

Using E6 Golf Connect software makes playing against golfers from all over the world a reality.

E6 Golf Simulation Software Features:

  • 5 Tee box settings
  • Course elevation setting
  • Boost setting for new golfers
  • Skills challenge features

The TruGolf Golf simulators range in price between $30,000 – $70,000

Final Thoughts

Golf simulators are a terrific addition to the golfing world and can aid you in improving your game while indoors irrespective of the time of day or the weather.

However, prices and functionality provided by the golf simulators vary tremendously and some of the cheaper golf simulators only provide basic features and will not give the same fun experience as the more expensive golf simulators

We have reviewed some of the most expensive simulators available in this piece to give you an insight into what is available and what budge you will have to stretch to for the ultimate in fun and functionality.

The winner of the most expensive golf monitors is not based on the price only but the features and functionality that goes with the price.

Our winner is the Full Swing golf simulator for the variety that it provides and the use of technology to ensure that families can enjoy fun times together and still provide the features that you require to make swing improvements.

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