The 10 Best Putting Aids

The best putting aids do wonders for your stroke on the dancefloor as they boost accuracy, distance control, and green reading capabilities. By the end of this post, you will know what the top 10 best putting aids for 2024 are and why you should consider snapping up one of these tools.

At the end of this guide, you will understand if a putting mirror trainer, laser, or green reading aid is best for your game. Plus, I will dive into the features and benefits of training aids and how it adds value to your putting game.

Here is a brief rundown of what you can expect to learn in our best putting aids for 2024 post:

  • Top 10 best putting aids
  • Types of putting aids
  • Why should you consider getting a putting training aid?
  • Are putter training aids worth it?

Top 3 Best Putting Aids 2024 

Best Overall Best Budget Best For Accuracy
Eyeline Golf Circuit Trainer GoSports Align Putting Gate Pelz Golf DP4007
  • The set covers every aspect of your putting game
  • Promotes a square putter face at impact
  • Encourages a consistent putting stroke
  • Entry-level price tag
  • Includes three putting gates for different distances
  • Promotes greater accuracy
  • Promotes a square putter face at contact
  • Helps you start your ball on the desired line
  • Improves your ability to read greens
  • More expensive than most putting aids
  • The mirror trainer can be affected by glare
  • Not the most advanced putting aid
  • It does not assist your stroke path or distance control
  • It takes a few putts to identify the correct line
  • No other complaints
Price Score 83.4 95.9 88.5
Usability  92.8 91.1 93.5
Effectiveness 95.1 91.0 92.6
Rating 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars

What Are The Different Types Of Putting Training Aids?

Visual aids can be really helpful to your putting. Putting training aids range from putting mirror aids, green reading, stroke path, string guides, and face clips. Putting mirror training aids enable you to view the path of your stroke for greater consistency.

Green reading devices sit behind your golf ball and advise which way the green breaks to improve your read. As a result, it promotes greater accuracy on all putts. 

Stroke path putting aids encourage a more consistent stroke to limit excessive rotation to square the face at impact. In addition, string guides guide your ball from the impact zone to the cup, while face clips promote a cleaner strike out of the sweet spot.

Why You Should Trust Us

Golfspan is independent and not pressured by manufacturers to recommend products. We were not paid for the reviews in this article. Our team has over 100 years of golf experience, has spent thousands of hours reviewing golf equipment, and has hand-picked these putting aids. We may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase something through our retail links.

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The 10 Best Putting Training Aids 2024 Edition

1. Eyeline Golf Circuit Trainer  – Overall Best Putting Aid

  • The set covers every aspect of your putting game
  • Promotes a square face at impact
  • Encourages a consistent putting stroke
  • Ensures optimal alignment
  • Enhances your distance control and accuracy
  • More expensive than most putting aids
  • The mirror trainer can be affected by glare

The Eyeline Golf Circuit Trainer beat the other putting training aids to claim the overall best prize for 2024. I appreciated the inclusion of three putting trainers, which enabled me to work on my stroke path, line, and ball position. In addition, Eyeline threw in 12 putting drills with video instructions to guide you to success on the green.

The Circuit trainer contains a blue, yellow, and mirror trainer designed to enhance every aspect of your putting stroke. The blue gate helps you square your putter face at impact to start the ball on the intended line. In addition, the yellow trainer improves ball position and restricts your stroke for improved distance control.

A mirror trainer is the final piece of the set and enables you to watch the path of your back and forward stroke for greater accuracy. Plus, it helps you align your eyes directly over the ball, promoting square shoulders and superior posture.

I found the three trainers handled every aspect of my putting game, from alignment and posture to stroke and accuracy.

Now that you know our best golf putting aid, enlighten yourself with the all in all best golf training aids.

Rating: 4.5

2. GoSports Align Putting Gate – Best Putter Alignment Aid On A Budget

  • Entry-level price tag
  • Includes three putting gates for different distances
  • Promotes greater accuracy
  • Helps you reduce the risk of three putts
  • Easily transportable
  • Not the most advanced putting aid
  • It does not assist your stroke path or distance control

Golfers without the capital to invest in premium putting practice aids can still acquire efficient tools at a discount. The GoSports Align Putting gate is an affordable setup that helps you deliver accurate putts from 3 to 20 feet from the flag.

GoSports includes three putting gates that extend 2, 3, and 4 inches wide, respectively. The narrow 2-inch gate is to help you boost accuracy on putts ranging from 3 to 6 feet. In addition, the 3-inch gate guides your ball when you are 6 to 10 feet from the cup.

The final gate is 4 inches wide and built to keep your ball on line when facing putts between 11 and 20 feet. These training aids are light and petite, making them easy to transport to the range and your office. Their construction allows you to work on your putting stroke indoors or on an actual green.

In my experience, the GoSports Align Putting Gate is a no-frills training aid that promotes accuracy. When your ball rolls off line, it will either clip the side of the gate or miss it altogether. When this happens, you adjust your aim and try again until it rolls cleanly through the gate.

Rating: 4.5

3. Pelz Golf DP4007 – Best Putter Alignment Tool For Accuracy

  • Promotes a square face at contact
  • Helps you start your ball on the desired line
  • Improves your ability to read greens
  • Includes a carry case
  • Easily portable
  • It takes a few putts to identify the correct line
  • No other complaints

Dave Pelz is one of the most influential short-game coaches on the planet, having trained numerous professionals, including Phil Mickelson and Patrick Reed. The Pelz Golf DP4007 training aid tops the best putting trainers for accuracy.

Leftie aided his pal, Pelz, in crafting this simple yet effective tool, which helps golfers start their ball on the intended line. The trainer features a black coat with a bold white stripe running down the center to show where you are aiming.

In addition, the trainer is equipped with three slots on either side of the release gate, reserved for the accompanying marble balls. These items ensure your ball starts on line, but if your putter face is not squared at impact, you will not make it through the gate and need to reassess your stroke path and contact point.

Once your face is squared up, your ball should go through the gate and begin its journey to the cup. Watch how your ball breaks and adjust the aim of the putting tool until your ball is rolling smoothly toward the cup.

Rating: 4.5

4. GoSports Down The Line – Best Putting String Guide Aid

  • Helps you keep your ball on line
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to setup
  • Effective for straight and breaking putts
  • It only focuses on your line
  • The string and poles get tangled easily

Putting strings are simple aids that help you determine the line to the cup using the assistance of the line. GoSports built a 10-foot setup, extending from the impact zone to the cup to keep your ball on line.

Although you can use it to maximize accuracy on straight and breaking putts, I found it most effective for the former. I used it to produce straight putts within 10 feet, and I could tell when my ball veered offline because it was no longer rolling underneath the string.

When I used it on breaking putts, I would extend the string from the impact zone to the break point to keep the ball on line. I felt this worked well, but it can take time for beginners and high handicappers to identify the correct breakpoint.

Finally, GoSports provide a carry case for you to transport the putting aid between the practice green and your home. Moreover, it takes only a few seconds to set up and get putting.

Rating: 4.5

5. Odyssey Golf Putting Mirror – Best Putting Trainer Mirror

  • Alignment pegs improve alignment and accuracy
  • Promotes a more consistent stroke path
  • Enables you to  watch your putter head during the stroke
  • Works for left and right-handers
  • Affordable
  • Does not assist your distance control
  • It does not punish severely off-center strikes

Putting mirrors are ideal golf putting aids to make you aware of your stroke path and to promote consistency through impact. The Odyssey Golf Putting mirror is in a class above the rest in this category. Besides a smooth stroke, it also helps you start your ball on the intended line.

The putting mirror aid is 12 inches long to cover your backstroke on short, moderate, and long putts. In addition, the putter manufacturing giants created the trainer for left and right-handed golfers.

Besides the mirror that reflects your backstroke and follows through for greater awareness, Odyssey includes alignment pegs to send your ball on the desired line. 

If the putter face is not square at impact, the ball will clip one side of the mirror, impacting distance control and accuracy. When you get the line right, your ball rolls through the gate and continues online to the cup. Lastly, the affordable Odyssey Golf Putting mirror includes a cloth bag for easy storage and transport.

Rating: 4

6. Pelz DP4008 – Best Putting Trainer For A Consistent Stroke

  • Promotes consistent strikes out the sweet spot
  • Includes a pack of 3 clips
  • Super affordable
  • Enhances your distance control
  • Generates instant feedback
  • Requires patience and practice to hit the sweet spot
  • The double-sided tape leaves a mark on my putter face, but nothing I cannot wash off.

The second product on our list for famed short-game coach Dave Pelz is the Pelz DP4008. During testing, it topped the list of the best putting trainers for a consistent stroke, thanks to its genius design. An affordable three-pack of clips attaches to your putter face to ensure a clean strike and optimal feedback.

These clips attach to your putter face with double-sided tape. The easy clip is the standard design, which is broader and easier to strike. I found it best to start with this and gauge your performance before graduating to the pro and super pro.

These narrow clips leave restricted room for error, with the standard, the broadest option, and the Super Pro, the most slender. The aim is to strike the ball on the red line every time for a clean stroke, optimal velocity, and improved distance control.

Whenever I caught the ball off-center, the clips provided feedback on my mistake and caused significant ball and topspin dropoff. This caused my ball to end up short of the cup. As a result, I eventually began striking the ball with the center red line, using the Super Pro. This assisted me in transferring that performance to the golf course.

Rating: 4

7. ACHIX Golf Putter Laser – Best Putting Aid For Alignment

  • Improves your alignment
  • The laser highlights where your putter face is aiming
  • Includes two modes
  • Fits on any putter
  • Affordable
  • The battery only lasts 30 minutes in Con mode
  • Looks like a cheap construction

Golf putting lasers incorporate modern technology to help you identify where your putter face is aiming at address. The ACHIX beat the other best putter training aids with a laser because of its affordability and effectiveness. Instead of guessing where your putter is, your aim lets the laser show you.

ACHIX built the laser aid to fit on any putter so that every golfer can benefit from the technology. The laser highlights your intended line based on the position of the putter face and helps you adjust until you aim at the correct putting line.

It is equipped with two modes, Con and Int. Con mode stands for continuous, meaning the laser stays on continuously. Personally, this is not worth it because your battery drains within 30 minutes, and after 4 recharges, they wear permanently.

Alternatively, you can employ Int mode, which stands for intermittent. Flip the switch in the side panel of the aid to activate Int mode and watch where the laser points for 10 seconds. Your battery stands to last longer in Int mode.

Rating: 4

8. Sure Putt Lite Golf Green Reader – Best Putting Aid For Green Reading

  • Provides relatively accurate green readings
  • Affordable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • Golfers may start becoming too reliant on the green reader
  • I found the accuracy was less precise than the Sure Putt Pro reader.

Green reading is a real challenge for the average golfer who struggles to understand what to look for. The Sure Putt Lite is among the most straightforward and best putter training aids for high handicappers learning the ins and outs of contoured greens.

Besides its effectiveness, it is super easy to use, as you only need to set it down behind your golf ball. It is a ball marker, except when you set it down, the center marker shows you which way the green is set to break.

When the marker is positioned in the center, the putt is purely straight. However, when there is break involved, you will notice the marker shift into the respective quadrant. For example, I had a few uphill putts breaking to the left. The round centerpiece deviated into the top right quadrant to highlight the upbreak to the left.

The only downside of this training aid is that it can cause some golfers to rely heavily on the marker and not read the greens themselves. 

Rating: 3.5

9. Back 2 Basics Pro Path – Best Putting Aid For Stroke Path

  • Encourages a natural 15-degree arch
  • Includes 4 putting gates for improved accuracy
  • The set features a putting mirror
  • A microfiber travel pouch houses the aid
  • It fits into the apparel pocket of your golf bag.
  • Moderately expensive
  • It is not set up for left-handers

Your stroke path impacts the position of your putter face leading into impact. If you produce excess arch, you may struggle to square the face at contact and deliver a wayward putt. The Back 2 Basics Pro Path assists you with an alignment mirror and putting gate.

According to Back 2 Basics, 2022 British Open Champion Cam Smith employs it in his putting routine. As the 8th best performer for strokes gained putting last season, you can see its efficiency. But, it is not only effective for professionals. I, as an average golfer, found it incredibly useful.

Back 2 Basics Pro Path is a putting mirror adorned with lines to help you track how much or little arch is in your stroke. The line veers towards the ball gate point to encourage a quality 15-degree arch stroke.

In addition, this popular training aid features four gates numbered 0 to 3. 4 is the widest gate and is suited to longer putts. Conversely, gate 0 is the narrowest and is designed for shorter putts which demand precision.

Rating: 3.5

10. SKLZ Golf Putting Cup – Best Putting Cup Practice Aid

  • Easy to transport
  • Enables you to practice putting wherever you want
  • Smaller hole diameter improves your precision
  • Encourages you to miss the high side of the cup
  • Highly affordable
  • The durability is questionable
  • It does not improve your stroke path and distance control.

Rounding out our best putting aids for 2024 is the SKLZ Golf Putting cup. Although it does not focus on any particular area of your putting stroke, it gives you a target to aim at, inside and outside. You do not need a putting green to work on your stroke with the SKLZ cup.

The design of the SKLZ putting cup enables you to attach it to a hole on the putting green and alter the angle. Work on reaching the high side of the cup by turning the opening to the right. Any putts curving to the low side too early will knock the cup and veer away.

This putting cup features a smaller than regular-sized design, measuring 2.75 inches. The more you drain putts with this cup, the larger the regulation holes will seem. In my experience, you feel like you have all the space in the world when putting during a round.

The SKLZ Golf Putting cup is a lightweight, portable design that can be used at the office, home, golf course, or hotel room. Find your best indoor putting mat to use your new putting cup at home or in the office.

Rating: 3

Why Should You Consider Golf Putting Aids

Improved Alignment

The first advantage of golf putting aids is that they help you improve your alignment. Often amateurs aim their putter face along the incorrect line or position the ball awkwardly in the stance resulting in an imbalanced setup.

Putting aids teach you to find the correct line, aim along it, and produce a square putter face at impact. In addition, they help you start your ball on the desired path for greater accuracy on the green. 

Consistent Stroke Path

When your stroke path is erratic, you struggle to square your putter face at contact and produce inaccurate putts. Putting aids such as mirrors are simple yet effective tools that help keep your putter head on path for a square position at impact.

Enhances Green Reading

Reading the line of a putt is immensely challenging for the average golfer, especially when we throw slopes into the mix. Putting aids such as the Sure Putt Lite Golf Green reader help you determine the direction of the break to ride the slant and get your ball close to the cup.

Whenever you misread the green, it is nearly impossible to get your ball close to the hole for an easy tap-in. As a result, you leave yourself a tester for the second putt and risk three-putting.

Greater Accuracy

The final advantage of a golf putting aid is the accuracy it encourages. Especially putting mirrors with slots to create a tee gate. These devices show you the correct way to start your ball on line and improve your chance of sinking the putt.


Are Putting Aids Worth It?

Yes, putting aids are worth it because they help you produce a consistent stroke, greater accuracy, improved alignment, and optimal distance control. After using putting aids, you find it easier to align your putter face with the target, keep it square at contact, and produce a clean stroke.

What Putting Aid Does Tiger Woods Use?

Tiger Woods is renowned for employing the tee gate drill in his putting practice to promote a square face and optimal line. I am unaware of any specific aid that Tiger uses besides his putter, golf balls, and tees.

What Is The Perfect Putting Arc?

According to Back 2 Basics Golf, the perfect putting arc is 15 degrees. However, truth be told, the amount of arch is irrelevant as long as you can get your putter face square at impact. Some golfers operate with less than 15 degrees, while others with more.

For amateur golfers, the less arc, the better, as it is easier to maintain a square clubface and promote straighter putts.


From mirrors and gates to face clips and green readers, those are your best putting aids for 2024. Whether you want to produce straighter, more accurate strokes or improve your line reading and alignment, our list has what you need.

However, if you prefer a robust offering that covers your stroke path, accuracy, ball position, and alignment, look no further than EyeLine Golf Circuit trainer. The three-piece contains everything you need to produce a consistent stroke, accurate aim, and clean roll on all strikes.

Once you have your desired green aid, I suggest reviewing our best putting drills to put your new tool to the test.

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