SC100 Swing Caddie Review – How Does It Perform & Is It Worth It?

The world’s leading golfers on the various golfing tours, PGA, LPGA, European tour, etc. fine-tune their swings, accuracy, and distance control through the use of launch monitors. This comes at a huge expense, but they can afford it as they are either sponsored by the manufacturers or have earned sufficient purse money to afford one.

The same is not necessarily true for the general golfing public. As the top end launch monitors sell for $10,000 or more several smaller companies have developed launch monitors to fill the gap in the market and provide the golfing community with affordable, yet accurate launch monitors.

It cannot be expected that the affordable launch monitors will provide the same functionality as the top-end devices. You can expect accuracy and consistency from the affordable launch monitors to aid you in improving your game and giving you more confidence when on the course.

SC100 Swing Caddie Review

The SC100 launch monitor is recommended for golfers who:

  • Want to be sure of the distance they achieve with every club
  • Select the right club on the course
  • Lack of confidence in their approach shots between 30 and 80 yards
  • Want to improve their shot distance when compared to swing speed
  • Often practice on driving ranges with short distances
  • Find practice inefficient and boring

The Swing Caddie SC100 launch monitor is a standalone portable golf launch monitor aimed at helping golfers by providing instant feedback on shots via a 4-inch LCD screen immediately after each hit. It stores information on up to 100 shots from your practice session for future use.

All the information is stored on the SC100 launch monitor and there is an app located on a mobile device to connect and transfer the data to. The SC100 launch monitor is ideal for serious practice sessions and a fun experience for golfers of all levels.

The fun factor is provided through 2 gaming modes, Target Mode and Random Mode while the serious practice session is delivered through the Practice Mode. This will be described in detail later in this piece.

The Swing Caddie SC100 utilizes Doppler radar sensor technology to measure contact data such as clubhead speed, ball speed and then calculates the smash factor. The collected data is then used to calculate your carry distance using the set loft for the club being used. The calculated distance is visible on the 4-inch LCD screen before the ball has landed.


SC100 Launch Monitor Specs

  • Dimension 89 inches high X 3.20 inches wide X 1.08 inches deep
  • Weight 86 oz
  • Color availability Black, White/Green
  • Display 4-inch LCD
  • Sensor Doppler radar sensor
  • Frequency K band 24 GHz
  • Battery Type 4 X AAA Alkaline Batteries
  • Battery life Up to 20 hours
  • Accuracy +/- 3% (ball speed), +/-5% (carry distance)
  • Measuring range between 30 and 300 yards
  • Positioning 40 inches to 60 inches directly behind the ball
  • Operating temperature 14 – 122°F

SC100 Data Points

The following data points are provided by the SC100 launch monitor:

  • Carry distance
  • Swing speed
  • Ball speed
  • Smash factor
  • Average statistics for each club
  • Overall statistics for the last 100 shots
  • Shot count for the session
  • Time display for the session

Contents and Initial Setup

1. Unboxing

The neatly polished two-piece box that the SC100 comes in provides a feeling of a quality product. When opening the lid, it prominently displays the overall build of the device and there are not many components in the box. Enclosed are the:

  • Voice Caddie Golf SC100 Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor – SC100 does not have voice option to provide verbal feedback between shots
  • 4 X AAA batteries the SC100 needs to operate
  • A drawstring pouch for easy storage
  • A slim external remote control that is compact and light enabling you to keep it in your pocket

2. Setup

The setup of the SC100 launch monitor is straightforward and takes a minimal amount of time. You just place the batteries in the back of the launch monitor and turn it on. No calibration required before you can start hitting golf balls.

You can select the desired mode, and the club you are using on the device or use the remote control. Place the SC100 launch monitor between 40 inches and 60 inches behind the golf ball and at the same level as the golf ball and you are good to go.

3. Ease of Use

As the SC100 launch monitor does not link to an external app on a mobile device you can recall up to 100 swings by scrolling through the data, one club at a time. The LCD screen is orange tinted with black data output making the SC100 easy to read irrespective of the angle of the sunlight.

You can change clubs and modes on the SC100 by using the remote control that is provided with the package and this you do not have to bend down every time you want to apply changes.

4. Easy to Carry

The compact and lightweight design makes the Swing Caddie SC100 launch monitor easy to store in your golf bag ensuring that it is always at hand when you want it.

5. Aesthetics

The SC100 provides a highly portable sleek design and I was sold on the look, feel, and performance. It is easy on the eye and feels comfortable as it fits in the palm of your hand almost like a big iPhone. The corners are nicely rounded, and it is not bulky at all. You will be able to hold in one hand to review your statistics while having refreshments with your other hand.

6. Distance and Consistency

Golfers always had to guess the distance that they hit a club when at a driving range. Although there are distance markers placed at points all over the driving range, they are not exact distances since they are measured from a set point on the tees. With the advent of launch monitors, golfers have been able to determine the exact distances that the ball travels through the air.

Although the distance that the ball travels is important, consistency is required for distance control distance since most golfers leave their approach shots short of the green. The Swing Caddie SC100 will improve your confidence that you will be able to reach the green by using the club that most often travels the distance that your approach shot is from the green.

Cognizance must be taken of the fact that range balls do not have the same characteristics as your normal golf balls thus they will not travel as far and impact on your data readings. The SC100 does not take the number of yards that the ball rolls into consideration when displaying the distance but only the distance that it travels through the air.

What Will You Not Get From The SC100?

The SC100 does not measure the apex height of your shot, angle of the club path, and the spin rate after impact. Considering the affordability of the SC100 launch monitor this is quite acceptable.

Do not expect the SC100 launch monitor to improve your swing as it does not provide information on your swing. You will have to invest a considerable amount to purchase a top-end launch monitor.

1. Performance

Looking at the performance of the SC100 launch monitor I want to define some data points:

Carry distance is the distance that your ball travels in the air and excludes any roll after the ball makes contact with the ground

Swing speed is the speed that your clubhead moves through the air

Ball speed is the speed that the ball travels directly after contact with the clubface

The smash factor is calculated by dividing the ball speed into the clubhead speed helping to build consistency in your swing. The smash factor is an indication of how well you strike the ball and how effectively the golf ball is compressed.

A high smash factor will indicate that there is a higher amount of power transferred to the ball resulting in more distance.

Considering the price of the SC100 and the target market as well as its competitors it performs well within expectations. The manufacturers set the accuracy rating at +/- 3% of the ball speed and +/-5% of the carry distance.

Accuracy seems to lower as you progress with longer clubs but remains within the range as set by the manufacturers

2. Modes, Information Displayed, and Accuracy

3 modes offer something different and useful that you can select from and will improve your game while having great fun.

3. Practice Mode

Practice mode is likely to be the most commonly used setting with the SC100, as this is the base of the club number and the loft angle. The unit will display distances and other data using the selected club based on history. The SC100 automatically registers your shot and will display the data on the LCD screen until you take your next shot.

4. Target Mode

Target mode lets you set a target distance between 40 yards and 200 yards and select the club that you want to use. This is aimed at challenging your accuracy, consistency, and distance control. Every round consists of 10 shots and the SC100 gives you a score out of 10 after every shot.

5. Random Mode

Random mode selects a distance on your behalf and you then select the club that you want to hit. The distances are randomly selected under generally under 100 yards. As in target mode, you get 10 shots per round and receive a score out of 10 after every shot. This will improve your club selection for random distances and accuracy.


  • It is compact and portable
  • It is incredibly easy to use
  • Turns practice into a fun exercise
  • Provides accurate and consistent data
  • Extremely affordable


  • It is not as accurate as some of the top-end launch monitors
  • It does not provide feedback on club path and clubface
  • You cannot hook it up to your phone or computer for data analysis


The world of technology grows at a rapid pace and the golfing accessories are following the trend. Golfers are always looking at ways to improve on their swing and game as a whole. Initially, launch monitors were only available to professionals and the well-heeled golfers.

Affordable launch monitors such as the SC100 are changing the game and launch monitors are now affordable to most golfers that want to improve the way that they strike the ball.

The SC100 launch monitor is not competing with the top-end launch monitor features and it is not priced to compete with them. It is priced to be a useful tool for golfers to improve on their understanding of how they strike the ball and the impact of that on their overall ball flight. The different available modes will turn a dreary range session into a fun exercise and make you concentrate on every shot.

There are no concerns regarding the accuracy of the SC100 and you will find it to be within the range as set out by the manufacturers and that is impressive considering the price that you pay.

Do not expect the SC100 to highlight flaws in your swing as this is not what it is aimed at. There are top-end launch monitors that will enable you to work on your swing but expect to pay for the additional features.

After using the SC100 for a period you will gain in your understanding of how far you hit every club consistently and increase your confidence that you are selecting the correct club for the approach to the green especially on wedge shots between 30 and 100 yards.

The SC100 is a great acquisition for golfers that want to improve their ball striking ability and work on their short games as the Random mode will train you to be accurate in selecting the correct club for the distance required thus enabling you to hit more greens and reduce your handicap.

You can also check out our SC200 Swing Caddie review here.

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