Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer Review: Is It Worth The Money?

In their constant search to improve their golf swing, golfers experiment with many training aids hoping to reach Utopia, a perfect swing that consistently produces distance and precision accuracy. 

You may have even wondered about the Lag Shot, and this Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer review will cover all the important details.

What is a Lag Shot Swing Training Aid?

The Lag Shot is a brand of swing training aid meant to improve your golf swing. It trains you with what would be the equivalent in weight, length, and loft of a 7-iron. 

The Lag Shot Training Aid is similar in appearance, length, and feel to a 7-iron. The difference between a Lag Shot Swing Trainer and a normal 7-iron is the heavier head attached to a blue shaft that flexes more than a normal steel or graphite shaft.

The aim of the Lag Shot Swing Trainer is not to solve all of your swing problems. It focuses on tempo and producing lag that will lead to a penetrating ball flight and add distance to your shots.

Before delving into the Lagshot swing trainer let’s define what is lag in golf and why it is so important to master the technique.

What is Lag in Golf?

Most clubs require a flat or downward strike hitting the golf ball before the turf.

Lag refers to the position (angle between your wrist and forearm), and timing of the clubhead release during the downswing. Reducing the amount of lag or releasing the club too early is called casting and it leads to weaker shots that generally fly much higher than anticipated.

Keeping the correct amount of lag will enable you to use a whipping action towards the lowest point of the swing arc for maximum clubhead speed.

To create lag, you must keep your hands ahead of the clubhead until after impact. The correct amount of lag delofts the club head at impact producing more compression on the golf ball for explosive distance and increased accuracy.

This is the main difference why professional golfers can hit the ball so much further than amateur golfers. However, the feeling of hitting your first few shots with lag is indescribable. Admiring the ball with its penetrating flight is something to behold.

Once you start hitting the ball consistently the feeling may wane, but not the adoration from your playing partners. That’s what makes this swing aid so worthwhile. 

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Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer Review


  • Lag and tempo benefits
  • Drills and video instruction are available
  • Durable
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Great for training shot consistency
  • Heavy 7-iron
  • Flexible shaft
  • Can be used anywhere, no balls are required
  • Quality construction and durable
  • In-depth video training included
  • Reasonable price


  • Not a quick fix


Lag Shot gives you the ability to get accustomed to the lag produced by the flexible shaft.

As I was testing the Lag Shot Swing Trainer, I learned there are some factors to consider when deciding whether or not to invest in the Lag Shot swing trainer: 

  • Your skill level: If you’re a beginner golfer who is still developing your swing mechanics, the Lag Shot swing trainer may be helpful in providing feedback and helping you develop a consistent swing. However, if you’re an experienced golfer who already has a solid swing, you may not benefit as much from this training aid. 
  • Your budget: The Lag Shot swing trainer is a relatively expensive training aid, so it may not be worth the investment if you’re on a tight budget. There are many other golf training aids and resources available that may be more affordable and effective for your needs. 
  • Your learning style: Some golfers may find that the Lag Shot swing trainer is a helpful visual and kinesthetic aid that helps them learn and improve their swing. Others may prefer different types of training aids or coaching methods. 

Unlike some of the most popular competitors such as the Orange Whip, the Lag Shot Swing Trainer allows you to hit real golf balls. 

Don’t expect to hit the practice range and immediately hit magnificent shots with the Lag Shot Swing Trainer. If you do, you are either extremely lucky or a golfing wonder. You will need to take thousands of swings before you start to see your game improve. 

When rushing your downswing with the Lag Shot, you will not be lucky as with a normal iron. The ball will fly all over the show.

If you are struggling it is advisable to start with shorter swings and work your way up to a full swing.

Ultimately, the Lag Shot swing trainer can be a helpful tool for improving your swing and generating more clubhead speed, but it’s important to carefully consider your individual needs and goals before investing in this or any other golf training aid.

Who Is It For?

Based on our research for this Lagshot review, the Lag Shot Swing Trainer is user-friendly to golfers at all levels striving to improve their golf swing or tweak specific areas without the use of a launch monitor. 

This golf swing trainer is not a replacement for the launch monitor of a professional golf coach, but it will enable you to ingrain some good basic swing dynamics. 

Still, even with it, you may still want to practice golf drills to improve specific elements of your golf game. 

How to Use the Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer

You may want to start using the Lag Shot with smaller swings—think like 30 to 40 yards. The instruction video will recommend the same. 

During the swing, rotate the body and close the club face with your hands. Many report solid contact right from the beginning. Watch the instruction videos especially because they prove your most valuable resource.

Most of the time, you only need to take from 5 to 10 swings in a session. You do this because you want to contemplate each of the swings and look at where to improve them. Pay special attention to your posture. 

Your two biggest thoughts when you swing the Lag Shot should be making a smooth transition and releasing your hands. 

Ultimately, this drill will let you start slowly and build speed toward the point of impact. This is ultimately a tool that will shorten the process of refining your golf swing. 

Benefits of the Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer:

  • Increase your golf swing speed
  • Take golf shots with greater accuracy
  • Simplifies golf problems without complications
  • Addresses common problems for high handicap golfers

Is The Lag Shot Golf Driver Worth It?

The Lagshot driver will hand you instant feedback that you can use to improve your game from even a few minutes of practice per day. This club will help you to become a better driver. 

You can feel the clubhead at the top of your backswing and the momentum it builds to the downswing. 

You will see this as an excellent tool to improve your tempo. Once you practice for a while, you can expect this driving aid trainer to add between 20 to 30 yards to your golf shots. At the same time, you will see a more consistent and repeatable drive swing.  


Orange Whip Golf

Differing much from our Lagshot Training Aid review, the Orange Whip is a counterweight swing trainer with an orange ball on the swing end enabling you to practice your swing positions and build muscle memory. Unlike the Lag Shot Swing Trainer, you cannot hit real golf balls with the Orange Whip Swing Trainer.

It is ideal for golfers of all levels and abilities to practice an ideal swing tempo.

IMPACT SNAP Golf Trainer

Voted as one of the best training aids in 2019, the IMPACT SNAP Golf Trainer won this award for the fourth year in a row. The golf trainer will help you to get the perfect swing position every time. It teaches you through muscle memory and returning to the original position. Even 22 of the to 100 golf instructors teach with this training aid.

One of the things that reviewers praised it for was improvements to wrist cock and hand position at the point of impact. This trainer teaches your wrists to release in the direction of the target, and how you position this will improve your swing speed. The wrist action taught by this trainer is the same action that you’d see with the PGA Tour pros using. 

Why Trust GolfSpan?

GolfSpan is dedicated to golf with passionate golfers who care about their readers. Many of the contributors at GolfSpan are experienced golfers who understand what works and what doesn’t. They often have many years of experience to draw from.  


Does the Lag Shot Actually Work? 

Many golfers have reported positive results after using the Lag Shot, including increased distance, improved ball flight, and better overall swing mechanics. The Lag Shot helps golfers develop the feeling of lag, which is the angle between the club shaft and the lead arm at the top of the backswing. This angle allows golfers to generate more clubhead speed and power through impact.

Who Owns Lag Shot Golf?

Gary G. Guerrero Jr. is the founder and CEO of Lag Shot Golf, and he first launched the company in 2020 in Florida. Within 18 months, his company had sold over 100,000 golf swing trainers. 


Swing trainers are aimed at making you a better golfer and allowing you to concentrate on specific areas of your game.

Lag Shot Swing Trainer is ideal to create a delay during the transition from the backswing into the start of the downswing. This golf trainer also aids in improving body rotation on your downswing and creating the lag required for pure impact, penetrating trajectory, and more distance. As far as golf training aids go, it does a good job.

We hope that this Lag Shot Golf review clarified the important things about this product and whether it would make sense for you. Our team of experts would recommend it as one of the best golf trainers on the market, and there’s a reason it is so popular with golfers. 

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