Lagshot Swing Trainer Review

In their constant search to improve their golf swing, golfers utilize many a training aid hoping to reach Utopia, a perfect swing that consistently produces distance and accuracy.

Lagshot swing trainer is similar in appearance, length, and feel to a 7-iron. The difference between a Lagshot swing trainer and a normal 7-iron is the heavier head that is attached to a blue shaft that flexes more than a normal steel or graphite shaft.

The aim of the Lagshot swing trainer is not to solve all of your swing problems. It focuses on tempo and producing lag that will lead to a penetrating ball flight and add distance to your shots.

Before delving into the Lagshot swing trainer let’s define what lag is and why it is so important to master the technique.

Mos clubs other than the driver require a flat or downward strike hitting the golf ball before hitting the turf.

Lag refers to the position (angle between your wrist and forearm), and timing of the clubhead release during the downswing. Reducing the amount of lag or releasing the club too early is called casting and it leads to weaker shots that generally fly much higher than anticipated.

Keeping the correct amount of lag will enable you to use a whipping action towards the lowest point of the swing arc for maximum clubhead speed.

To create lag, you must keep your hands ahead of the clubhead until after impact. The correct amount of lag delofts the clubhead at impact producing more compression on the golf ball for explosive distance and increased accuracy.

This is the main difference why professional golfers can hit the ball so much further than amateur golfers. However, the feeling of hitting your first few shots with lag is indescribable. Admiring the ball with its penetrating flight is something to behold.

Once you start hitting the ball consistently the feeling may wane, but not the adoration from your playing partners.

Lagshot swing trainer review

Lagshot Swing Trainer


  • Lag and tempo benefits
  • Drills and video instruction are available
  • Durable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Great for training shot consistency
  • Heavy 7-iron
  • Flexible Shaft
  • Can be used anywhere, no balls are required
  • Quality construction and durable
  • In-depth video training included
  • Reasonable price


  • Not a quick fix

What is the Lagshot Swing Trainer?

Lagshot’ s swing trainer is an iron-like club with the dimensions of a 7-iron except for a heavier clubhead weighing in at 20 ounces and thicker, heavier, and flexible shaft.

Its aim is to teach you to swing at a consistent tempo, sequence the components of your swing dynamics better, improve the swing path, and most importantly, create more lag.

Since it looks like a 7-iron the first thing you want to do when you take delivery of the training ais is to swing it in the same manner as you swing your normal clubs.

However, it is not that simple, and if you try this out on the practice range before going through the provided instructions and video material.

Included in the purchase you will get a series of training videos presented by Adam Bazalgette, a 3-time PGA teacher of the year

This club pledges to assist you in your quest to:

  • Master lag
  • Create a smoother transition
  • Create a better golf swing sequence
  • Achieve consistent solid contact
  • Achieve more distance and accuracy

This cannot be left to the swing trainer alone, you have to work at it consistently and put in the effort but will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Some bad shots with a normal 7-iron can still produce a relatively good result.

This is not the case with the Lagshot swing trainer. It is aimed at identifying the weaknesses in your golf swing and providing you with the training material on how to change the weakness into a strength.

Key areas that the Lagshot swing trainer addresses are to create a slight pause at the top of your backswing and improve your body rotation to keep your arms connected and not to become too “armsy”.

These are essential components of a good swing enabling you to square the clubface up at impact for straighter shots.

Once you have acquitted yourself with the Lagshot swing trainer by watching the videos you will be ready for your first couple of swings.

No need to go to the practice range immediately.

Before getting the Lagshot swing trainer I often spent a few minutes every day swinging a club in the garden to satisfy my addiction to having a golf club in my hand and to remind me of the swing mechanics complexity.

Lagshot enables you to swing the club at home building confidence and getting accustomed to the lag produced by the flexible shaft.

Unlike some of the most popular competitors such as the Orange Whip, the Lagshot swing trainer allows you to hit real golf balls.

Don’t expect to hit the practice range and immediately hit magnificent shots with the Lagshot swing trainer. If you do, you are either extremely lucky or a golfing wonder.

The real test is whether the Lagshot swing trainer will perform on the practice range. Now is your chance to hit real golf balls with the Lagshot and practice the creation of lag in your swing.

Ideally, you should have no more than 1 swing thought, maybe you can get away with two no more, whenever you stand over the golf ball. Keep your mind clear and have a vision of what you are about to do.

When standing over the golf ball with the Lagshot swing trainer the only thoughts you should have is to transition the club smoothly from your backswing to your downswing and to release your hands later in the swing.

When rushing your downswing with the Lagshot, you will not be lucky as with a normal iron. The ball will fly all over the show.

If you are struggling it is advisable to start with shorter swings and work your way up to a full swing.

Who Is It For?

Lagshot awing trainer is user-friendly to golfers at all levels striving to improve their golf swing or tweak specific areas without the use of a launch monitor.

It is not a replacement for a launch monitor of a professional golf coach but will enable you to ingrain some good basic swing dynamics.


Orange Whip Golf

Orange whip is a counterweight swing trainer with an orange ball on the swing end enabling you to practice your swing dynamics and build muscle memory. Unlike the Lagshot swing trainer, you cannot hit real golf balls with the Orange whip swing trainer.

It is ideal for golfers of all levels and abilities to practice an ideal swing tempo.

Tour Striker 7 Iron

The Tour Striker 7 Iron is similar in appearance to the Lagshot swing trainer to improve ball contact and enhance control on scoring shots.It is designed to intuitively show golfers the proper way to create impact with the sweet spot of the clubface with the center of gravity below the golf ball.

Unlike the Lagshot swing trainer, it has a regular shaft that is not as flexible.


Swing trainers are aimed at making you a better golfer allowing you to concentrate on specific areas of your game.

Lagshot swing trainer is ideal to create a delay during the transitioning from the backswing into the start of the downswing. It also aids in improving body rotation on your downswing and creating the lag required for pure impact, penetrating trajectory, and more distance

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