Srixon Z Star Review – Could They Enhance Your Game?

A good swing technique is the most important thing for any golfer, but it will only take you so far. You also need the right clubs, the right accessories, and a decent set of golf balls. If we want to push our golfing performance to its absolute limits, we must first acknowledge one simple fact: not all golf balls are created equally. 

In this Srixon Z Star review, we will cover if the new Z Star golf balls are worth the price. 

The Srixon Z Star – a premium golf ball – has been designed to fly straight with one of the softest feels on the market.

But does it live up to its premium expectation? Can it enhance the game of the average golfer


  • Incredibly soft, offering maximum control on greens
  • High levels of spin for chipping, pitching, and irons
  • Good distance
  • Highly durable


  • Slow swinging players may not benefit from the FastLayer core

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The fifth generation of the Z Star is packed full of the quality craftsmanship that we have come to expect of Srixon golf balls Z Star. Its technology and design have been subtly refined since the earlier models, granting cutting-edge levels of feel and control. We have no reservations in comparing the quality of this ball to that of the Titleist Pro V1.

This three-piece golf ball is one of the softest balls we have ever tested. It is extremely soft off the putter, with a soft sound to match. On the greens, these things were a joy to hit; we felt totally in control of our putts.

Stepping off the green to try out some chips and pitches, we were treated to some seriously high levels of spin. They don’t spin quite as much as their Z Star XV counterparts, but they are more than capable of providing you with good stopping action for some precise pitching.

You can learn more about the Srixon Z Star vs the Z Star XV in the video below:

Regarding iron and wood play, you might think that the softer structure significantly affects distance. While it’s true that these golf balls won’t go the absolute farthest, we couldn’t help but notice that these things are still capable of some serious distance.

The Srixon Z Star truly lives up to its premium status in terms of durability. After a few joyful sessions of smashing these things around with wedges, irons, and drivers, the wear and tear were minimal.

And, of course, they look great. The pristine cover is dressed in the simple and sharp Srixon design we know and love. It also features the oh-so-helpful double-arrowed line-up graphic.

If you’re the kind of player who favors a soft golf ball, who is looking to push their game into new realms of control without sacrificing distance, the Srixon Z Star could be your perfect match. Higher handicapped players are welcome to give these balls a whirl, but they probably won’t get as much game advancement as a lower handicapped player.

If you would like a golf ball buying guide, we have written about that in our review of the best golf balls.  

Features and Benefits

Fast Layer Core

As far as three-piece golf ball designs go, this is about as good as it gets. The FastLayer Core consists of a soft center that gradually becomes firmer towards the edge. This is targeted mostly toward fast-swinging players, allowing them to get good feel while achieving decent ball speeds and distances.

We can certainly attest to the exceptional feel of this ball. It is not as noticeable with the long-game, but the ball speeds and distances we recorded speak to the excellent design of the FastLayer Core. 

4th Generation Spin Skin with SeRM

The cover of the Srixon Z Star is crafted with a special urethane coating, containing flexible molecular bonds that enable it to dig into the grooves of wedges and irons. The goal is to achieve maximum spin, control, and stopping power.

Mission accomplished. These things can spin like crazy, wielding a stopping power, the likes of which we rarely see. We are new to urethane covers, but we would welcome their use in future golf balls.

Speed Dimples

In order to combat the distance-lowering consequences of a softer design, Srixon has built this golf ball with 338 speed-enhancing dimples. These dimples promise to offer less drag and more lift, encouraging straighter flights and greater distances. They also work to counteract the wind.

These certainly flew further than we were expecting, given their softness. And from where we were standing, they flew like a charm, undeterred by drag and wind. 


The Srixon Z Star golf ball compression clocks in at around 90. You have a softer mid-launch model with low driver spin and the highest greenside spin. 

At a 90 compression rating, golf players who swing the driver anywhere from 80 to 105 mph will see the most reward. Compared to the rest of the market, the Srixon Z Star golf balls offer plenty of firmness. For high handicappers, they can grab plenty of extra distance. 


We give the Srixon Z Star balls 4 out of 5 stars. Its highlight features are ball compression, FastLayer Core, speed dimples, and a 4th generation spin skin. 

If you want a few more yards, the Z Star XV offers a little better launch, and we would consider this the distance ball. On the other hand, the Z Star delivers a slightly better greenside spin. We consider the Z Star more of a mid-launch ball compared to the XV’s higher launch. 

If you’d like to learn more about who makes Srixon golf balls, you can read our full answer. 

Srixon Z Star Alternatives

If you read this Srixon Z Star golf balls review all the way through, and the balls aren’t quite the right match for you, not to worry. Here are some alternatives which you could also check out.

1. Titleist Pro V1

Pro V1s have dominated the market for almost two decades, and their latest incarnation shows no signs of letting up.

Having now entered a new technological space, these balls feature a 17 percent thinner cover than their predecessors – part of a full design aimed at creating more distance than ever before.

No doubt about it, these things truly go the distance – usually further than the Z Stars. Like the Z Star, the cover is made from urethane, meaning decent levels of spin can of course be achieved.

However, since the entirety of the ball has been designed with distance as the priority, it doesn’t offer quite as much control as the Z Star.

Regardless, these balls are used by countless pros, and in the right hands, they can produce some extraordinary results.

2. Callaway Chrome Soft

The latest Callaway Chrome Soft ball pretty much ticks all of the premium boxes. Its four-piece construction features a dual-core, which works to provide a strong and stable ball flight.

It can achieve remarkable distances, even when faced with some tricky winds.

With irons and wedges, they can be struck with the confidence that they will stop to attention, meaning you can be aggressive with your lines.

In fact, the spin and control is almost equal to that of the Z Star, granting some of the best short-game potential in the market.

3. TaylorMade TP5

Continuing their unique heritage of using a five-layer construction, TaylorMade have once again, quite literally, hit it out of the park with the TP5.

This time, special attention has been paid to the layer just below the cover, which is made of the “fastest material that TaylorMade has ever used in a golf ball.” 

Needless to say, the distance potential of this ball is up there with the best; it can match the likes of the Pro V1 yard for yard.

Additionally, thanks to the varying levels of firmness in their other layers, the TP5 has a lot to offer in the way of control. It’s not quite the spin king that the Srixon Z Star is, but its overall performance is undeniably brilliant.


Who Should Use the Srixon Z-Star?

The Srixon Z-Star makes sense when you want to maximize your greenside spin with plenty of distance. It would make the perfect choice for those who swing a driver at 80 to 105 mph. They designed it especially for low handicappers. 

What’s the Difference Between Srixon Z-Star and Srixon Z-Star XV?

The Srixon Z-Star differs from the Srixon Z-Star XV in that the XV flies higher than the Z-Star. One golf expert weighed in by saying that both new generation balls fly lower than in the past. The Srixon Z-Star offers greater greenside spin than the XV.

Who Plays Srixon Z-Star?

Brooks Koepka, a professional player on the PGA Tour, is known for using the Srixon Z-Star. In fact, he signed a deal with Srixon toward the end of 2021, which became one of the biggest player moves in the last few years. 

Are Srixon Z-Star Good for High Handicappers?

Many high handicappers will appreciate the Srixon Z-Star because many design features were made for them. For example, the softer compression of 90 makes it the ideal choice for high handicappers. The compression will deliver velocity, distance, and a higher launch. 

Do Any Pros Use Srixon Z Star?

Currently, five Tour pros have it in their golf bag. Z-Star Golf Balls have gained popularity among the PGA Tour players like Russell Knox, Shane Lowry, Keegan Bradley, Hideki Matsuyama, and Graeme McDowell. When golf professionals trust the equipment, there must be something to the product. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap up our Srizon Z Star review. Srixon’s goal with the newest Z-Star golf balls was to combine a soft feel with superior distance – a feat not easily achieved. However, we can say with confidence that they succeeded. These little gems are among the softest balls we have ever played with, yet they are still capable of some serious yardage.

On the greens, we had maximum control. When pitching, we were greatly encouraged by the stopping power. When driving, we had accuracy and distance. We can only imagine how good these balls feel in the hands of a scratch golfer.

Of course, balls of this quality don’t come cheap. If you’re a high-handicapper, you’ll want to think carefully about whether or not these golf balls are worth your hard-earned cash. Sure, they’re amazing, but you might not notice much difference compared to standard golf balls. They’re not the best golf balls.

If you’re a more advanced player, however, go nuts. Offering unparalleled levels of control and spin without sacrificing any significant distance, the Srixon Z-Star golf balls could be the key to unlocking the next levels of your game. 

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