TP5 vs TP5x Golf Balls: Differences, Pros, Cons

The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x have the same technology and 5 layers, but they play differently. I found the TP5x was longer and launched higher than the TP5. However, I relished soft feel and elevated wedge spin from the TP5.

I recently tested the TaylorMade TP5 vs TP5x golf balls to compare the ball speed, launch, flight, distance, spin, and feel, so here are the results:

TP5 vs TP5x Golf Balls: Overview

Feature TP5x TP5
Constructions 5 Layers 5 Layers
Ball Speed Fastest Faster
Cover Soft Tough Urethane Soft Tough Urethane
Playability Piercing Workable
Launch High Mid
Feel Soft Softer
Wedge Spin High Higher
Colors White/ Pix Graphics White / Pix Graphics

Despite their differences, both golf balls are built for advanced golfers, evident in the premium price tag. Before you overspend on the wrong golf balls, keep reading to see if the TP5 or TP5x balls suit your swing speed and skill level.

TP5 vs TP5x: Differences

Feature TP5 TP5x
Compression Lower Higher
Cover Thickness Thinner (0.20″) Thicker (0.40″)
Distance 261 yards 264 yards
Workability Highest Moderate
Around The Green Softer feel, higher greenside spin (> 10,000 rpm) Slightly firmer feel, less greenside spin
Putting Feel Softer off the putter face Slightly firmer off the putter face

Cover Thickness

The TP5x has a thicker cover, measuring 0.40″ In my experience, the thicker girth prompted a soft feel off the clubface and etched into my grooves better on short game shots, generating increased spin.

Despite being outplayed by the TP5 in greenside spin, I was still satisfied with the revolutions of the TP5x compared to most distance balls I typically play.


During my test of the TP5 versus TP5x, I noticed that both balls registered higher compression ratings. However, the stiff layers in the TP5x result in a higher rating, better suited to faster swing speeds than mine.


The higher compression and the lower spin rate saw the TP5x fly farther than the TP5. It proved the lowest spinning design, generating 2700 rpm backspin versus 3000 from the TP5.

My low spin rate, combined with the fast, flexible design of the TP5x, led to rapid ball speed, a powerful launch, and increased yards. My average with the TP5x was 264 yards, which is just below my standard figures but still impressive for my moderate swing speed on a high-compression ball.

Despite flying longer than the TP5, I produce more consistent distance with softer compression golf balls.


In my experience, the added spin on the TaylorMade TP5 resulted in enhanced workability on the approach. I induced more draw or fade shapes on my shots for improved control when attacking the flag stick.

Conversely, the TP5x produced straighter and higher ball flight. This feature caters better to players who do not work the ball into the green and prefer the safety of a direct line to the target.

Around the Green

The TP5 feel is slightly softer than the TP5x due to the softer outer urethane cover. This becomes more evident as you approach the green. I found the TP5 a reliable counterpart on wedge shots. The soft cover gripped into my wedge grooves and produced elevated spin levels for improved greenside control.

My TP5 spin rate exceeded 10,000 rpm on wedge shots, surpassing the TP5x by 900 rpm. However, with the naked eye, I thought the TP5x stopped rapidly compared to my usual ball, the Srixon Soft Feel.

Putting Feel

Putting is very subjective and depends on your preference for the feel of the ball. The softer outer core on the TP5 produced a soft feel off the putter face, while the TP5x will come off the face slightly firmer.

Should You Play TP5 or TP5x?

Category Better Golf Ball
Fast Swing Speed Tie
Long Game Distance TP5x
High Launch TP5x
Workable Flight TP5
Greenside Spin TP5
Softest TP5
Overall Winner TP5

I have provided a few tips below to help you determine if you should play TP5 vs TP5x golf balls. You must consider your swing speed, launch preference, distance, workability, and greenside spin.

High Swing Speeds

I find that the TP5x and Tp5 are both built for faster swing speeds, which require minimal assistance getting the ball airborne. Players who rip a driver over 110 mph will thrive with both golf balls. However, you can get away with it if you surpass 100 mph with the big stick.

Long Game Distance

Golfers searching for added long-game distance are better off with the TaylorMade TP5x. It is fast, spins low, launches high, and flies straighter than the TP5 to optimize length off the tee.

Workable Flight

If you enjoy inducing a draw or fade to enhance your control, then I recommend the TP5. The added spin rate helped me increase my sidespin to execute my desired shape on each shot. Although I did produce some shape with the TP5x, I found it traveled straighter overall in comparison.

Short Game Spin

I generated the most spin with the soft cover on the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball. My ball checked rapidly on chip and pitch shots, allowing me to attack the flag stick. My experience was vindicated when I checked the data and found myself producing over 10,000 rpm backspin with the TP5.

Pro Tip: From this comparison, the TP5s are the better choice. But if you’re a strong golfer, the TP5xs are also great. Jason Day and Dustin Johnson both use the TP5x, and seem to be doing okay.

TP5: Pros & Cons


  • Smooth feel
  • Increased short-game spin
  • Encourages workable flight
  • Enhanced putter feedback


  • Expensive new ball
  • Not suited to slower swing speeds

TP5X: Pros & Cons


  • Produced longer distance
  • Lower long-game spin
  • Encouraged straighter ball flight
  • Increased shot-stopping power


  • Premium price tag
  • Not ideal for mid or slow-swing speeds
  • Less greenside spin than the TP5

TP5 & TP5X Features

tp5 vs tp5x irons

The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x boast a unique 5-layer construction designed for carry distance, control, spin, aerodynamics, and feel. The Reactive Core, High-Flex Material, and soft urethane cover enhance energy transfer, speed, and greenside spin.

Introduced in 2019, the TP5x’s stiffer fourth layer, made from High Flex Modulus Material, is optimized for high-impact shots, ideal for golfers with a driver speed over 105 mph. The Expanded Reactive Core aids in powerful shots, though it’s more suited to high swing speeds than medium ones.

I appreciated the Soft Tough Urethane cover for its exceptional spin and control on short shots despite the clicky acoustics compared to the Titleist Pro V1. The Tour Flight 322-dimple pattern enhances aerodynamics, offering stable flight and controlled landings – a feature PGA Tour pros appreciate.

Overall, these golf balls aren’t great for average golfers. But they’re amazing for players with higher swing speeds, as the 5-piece construction and compression rating cater to powerful, high-speed shots.


Which Professional Golf Players Use TP5 or TP5X?

Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood, Brooke Henderson, and Rickie Fowler use the TP5X. However, Nelly Korda uses the TaylorMade TP5 on the LPGA Tour.

Does TP5X spin more than TP5?

No, the TP5x does not spin more than the TP5. In my experience, the TP5x spans 900 rpm less than the TP5 with a wedge. I generated over 10,000 rpm on pitching wedge strikes using the TP5, but that number dipped below 9200 rpm with the TP5x.

Final Thoughts

My TaylorMade TP5 vs TP5x golf balls review revealed 2 products with the same technology that perform differently. The TP5x was the first to impress with its high rebound design, elevated launch, straight flight, and increased distance over previous models.

However, it was the TP5 that won me over for its all-around performance. It is not the longest ball in the series, but it is workable, feels incredible, and spins high on wedge shots. I appreciated its control over the TP5x from tee to green, making it my preferred option.

Before signing off, I must mention that only higher swing speed players will extract the true value of these golf balls. I felt my moderate swing speed was lost on the innovative technology, and I cannot justify the premium spend. However, high swing speed and low handicappers have a gem waiting for them in the all-around performance of the TP5.

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