Who Makes Pinnacle Golf Balls? Brands Explained

There are very few golfers that can honestly say that they have never encountered a Pinnacle golf ball and tried it out. Although it is not the pinnacle of golfing technology, Pinnacle golf balls provide golfers with an affordable option golf ball manufactured by one of the premium brands in the golfing world.

So, Who Makes Pinnacle Golf Balls?

The company that produces the world’s bestselling and most played / successful premium golf ball, Titleist Pro V1, manufactures the range of Pinnacle golf balls. Acushnet designs, manufacture, and tests Pinnacle golf balls at their golf ball facility in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

So rest assured that when you buy a Pinnacle golf ball you get the same quality control, consistency, and efficiency as the top golf ball but at an affordable price point.

As one of the first manufacturers of 2-piece golf balls, after Top Flite introduced the 2-piece and multi-layer golf balls, Pinnacle understands the requirements for a ball that travels straight and far.

The first iteration of the Pinnacle golf ball had a solid rubber core and durable thermoplastic resin cover that felt like a rock off the clubface. Complaints from clients forced Pinnacle into producing a ball that felt softer off the clubface but retained the length off the tee.

Spalding, including the Top flite brand, introduced a core consisting of a combination of zinc and petroleum polymer polybutadiene created a change in the 2-piece golf ball market which Pinnacle soon adopted into its range.

The most popular Pinnacale golf balls in 2021 are:

Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

  • 2018 Golf Digest Hot List Silver Rating award for performance and price
  • Aimed at golfers with slower clubhead speeds but still requires distance off the tee 
  • Soft feel and lowest compression in the Pinnacle stable
  • Soft ionomer cover with an advanced dimple design 

Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls

  • Pinnacle’s proprietary high-energy core increases ball speed with any club
  • Soft and durable 332-dimple pattern ionomer cover for a more consistency 
  • Available in white, or optic yellow for increased visibility

Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls

  • The Pinnacle Gold golf ball is one of the most versatile golf balls in the Pinnacle range 
  • The Gold soft-compression core provides great distance without sacrificing the soft feel required for greenside control. 
  • Surlyn cover with an advanced 392-dimple pattern is designed to provide ideal ball flight for farther shots
  • Available in white, or optic yellow for increased visibility

Pinnacle Bling Golf Balls

  • Two-piece construction with a low-compression core enhances distance
  • Durable ionomer cover for soft feel and greenside control
  • High Optix Technology increases visibility against the green of the golf course and provides some bling to your game 
  • Available in white, pink, yellow, and orange 

Pinnacle Reload Golf Balls

  • Pinnacle’s version of the recycled golf ball produced by the leading manufacturer of recycled golf balls
  • Packaged as 24 Pinnacle golf balls from a variety in the Pinnacle range
  • The lowest price point in the Pinnacle stable

Final Thoughts

Pinnacle Golf supplements the premium golf balls in the Acushnet stable that produces Titleist golf balls coming in at a lower price point but yet provides golfers with the assurance that it is made by a reputable manufacturer.

It may not provide the feel and consistency that the Pro V1 offers bit you will get distance off the tee if that is what you need.

How does the Pinnacle range fit into your game? Please add your feedback in the comments section below.

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