Boblov Rangefinder Review – All You Need To Know

Although Blue Tees has led the charge in the realm of affordable, quality rangefinders, other companies are following suit. To highlight this, PGA Golf Professional Steve Buzza conducted a Bushnell Tour V4 Slope vs Boblov Rangefinder review.

The outcome of Buzza’s review highlighted the quality of Boblov rangefinders, despite costing three to four times less. In this post, I am reviewing the Boblov Slope Switch rangefinder. The aim is to highlight the features and benefits to help you decide if it is the best device for your game.

What To Consider Before Buying a Rangefinder

GPS or Rangefinder

Based on my experience of testing distance measuring devices, I have found that rangefinders are superior in accuracy and functionality. However, the advanced features found on rangefinders are not necessary for all golfers.

Weekend golfers may only want estimated yardage and don’t see the need to splurge on a fancy product. If that describes you, then an affordable GPS device or mobile app is all you need.

However, if you prefer precision and are serious about your distance control and lowering your scores. I recommend a rangefinder.


When rangefinders burst onto the scene, you only had two options. Super cheap or expensive. The affordably priced models were notorious for their terrible durability and were not worth the purchase.

Thankfully, these days there are entry-level, mid-range, and premium rangefinder options. That is why I suggest setting a budget, which will save you time looking at products you are not prepared to spend on.

Pinseeker Technology

Pinseeker or Flag Lock technology is a common feature in most rangefinders on the market. Once you set the device to this mode, the laser actively seeks out the flagstick and vibrates once it locks onto it.

Rangefinders equipped with this technology speed up the time it takes to receive your yardage, consequently accelerating the pace of play.

Tournament Legal

Most premium quality golf rangefinders feature slope or elements mode to optimize the accuracy of measurements. Slope mode factors in the gradient between your ball and the target, giving you plays like distance.

Rangefinders with elements mode factor in altitude and temperature to the measurement. Like the Bushnell Tour XE Laser. These features are excellent training aids. However, they are prohibited by the USGA in tournament conditions.

If you decide that one of these rangefinders best suits your needs, you will need a device that enables you to deactivate these features. That will help you avoid disqualification in your next tournament.


If you acquire a distance measuring device and it is inaccurate, it is a counterproductive endeavor. That is why it is vital to test the accuracy of a rangefinder before you hand over your credit card.


The range of a rangefinder device determines the maximum distance that the model can measure. Most par 5’s do not exceed 600 yards. That means that we can check the yardage to every point of the hole in our line of sight. For more accuracy, I suggest looking at models that exceed 800 yards in range.


Magnification is important to help you increase the speed of your yardage readings. The higher your device’s magnification is, the quicker it can focus on a target and give you the distance.

Yards/ Metres

Most rangefinders that I have tested give you the option to receive distances in yards and meters. However, it is still necessary to check that your device offers this feature.

Boblov Rangefinder Review

Boblov Slope LF600 AG


  • Slope Mode
  • Affordable
  • Other than golf, you can use it for hunting and bow hunting
  • Speed measure detects wind pace
  • One year warranty
  • Fast flag lock


  • Slope mode only accurate to within 3-yards of the actual distance
  • Decimal points made the yardage reading increase and decrease erratically while trying to focus.

When you think about rangefinders, the Shenzhen Lvyouyou Technology Company is not the first name that comes to mind. However, they are making a name for themselves with their affordable, premium quality Boblov rangefinders.

The Boblov LF 600 AG rangefinder is a premium version of the standard LF 600. Although I praised Blue Tees for the quality and affordability of their models, this Boblov device gives the Californian company a run for their money.

The device seeks out the pin and delivers accurate measurements to the nearest yard within one second. Plus, you can customize your device’s vibration if you feel it is too faint or invasive.

Furthermore, the device is equipped with slope mode and speed mode, improving the accuracy of yardage reads. And, 6x magnification increases the speed at which the golf rangefinder locks onto targets.

Sure, there is still work to be done if Boblov rangefinders intend to cement their place in the industry history books. However, it currently offers the best value for money on the market, which is why it is ideal for mid to high handicappers looking for advanced distance measuring features.

Features & Benefits

Pin Acquisition Technology

The Shenzhen Lvyouyou Technology Company employed its pin acquisition technology to increase the speed of the Boblov LF600 AG. In less than one second, the laser searches for the pin and locks onto it.

This feature helps to increase the time it takes to receive your yardage, which ultimately speeds up play.

Slope Compensation

We have come to expect quality launch monitors to include slope compensation. This function factors in the gradient of the slope between your ball and the target. Optimizing the accuracy of your measurement.

The downside of this feature is that it is only accurate to 3-yards. However, for the average golfer, this is not the end of the world.

Speed Measurement

Although slope compensation and elements mode feature prominently in premium rangefinders, it is rare to find speed measurement functionality. The LF600 AG measures the speed of moving objects, which helps you factor this into your shot plans.

Although it is only accurate to 3.1 mph of the actual speed, I will cut the manufacturers some slack, given the rarity of this function in their competitor’s rangefinders.

Vibration Technology

The vibration technology in the Slope LF600 AG partners with the pin acquisition technology to speed up and simplify your yardage measurements.

Once the rangefinder’s laser locks onto the pin, your device will emit vibrations to let you know that the measurement on the monitor is to the pin and nowhere else.


Like premium rangefinders, the Boblov Slope LF600 AG boasts a magnification capacity of 6x. That accelerates the device’s ability to zoom in and focus on a target. The less magnified a model is, the more it struggles to pick out a target from hundreds of yards away.

Boblov Slope LF 600 AG Rangefinder Alternatives

1. Cobalt Q6 Slope

My go-to when it comes to top-end laser rangefinders is Bushnell. However, I have noticed a direct-to-consumer company called Cobalt. They are winning over amateur golfers across the globe.

It is priced at the top end of the market, but the Cobalt Q6 Slope offers outstanding performance and quality.

For starters, Pinsense technology helps the device to locate the flagstick. Reducing the time it takes to receive your yardage. Once the device has locked onto the pin, it emits a vibration to let you know that it has calculated the distance to your target.

Furthermore, the Smart Switch feature allows you to turn slope mode on and off. Ensuring that you do not violate USGA rule 4.3a. Plus, Cobalt employed an ergonomically sound design allowing you to toggle between screen brightness and yards and meters.

Finally, the premium optics of the Cobalt Q6 Slope, coupled with its accuracy, enable you to detect the flag from 600 yards away. Accurate to the nearest 0.5 yards.

Those looking for a premium quality launch monitor and who have the budget should look closely at the Q6 Slope model.

2. Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Slope

Earlier in the article, I sang the praises of Blue Tees for their quality and affordable rangefinders. That is why it makes my list as an alternative to the Boblov Slope LF600 AG. Blue Tees is now the rangefinder brand of choice for more than 50,000 golfers worldwide.

Featuring slope measurement, the Series 2 Pro Slope provides accurate yardage readings that factor in the degree of the gradient between the flag and your ball.

Added to its accuracy is its ability to lock onto a target from 800 yards away. That is two hundred further than the Cobalt Q6 Slope. The device searches for the flag and vibrates to notify you that it has the measurement to your desired target.

Finally, the Series 2 Pro Slope is a slick design that fits seamlessly into the palm of your hand. Plus, it is waterproof and suited to regions with high rainfall. And, it also contains a magnet that enables you to fix the device to your cart.

Given the quality of the design, affordable price point, and exceptional features, the Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Slope is ideal for the average golfer looking for more details from your yardage measurements.

3. Raythor Sport Pro

Raythor’s Sport Pro launch monitor offers us average golfers an affordable rangefinder with some premium features. With 6x magnification, the Sport Pro provides precise measurements that are accurate to 0.1 yards from 250 yards out.

Like the Boblov Slope LF600 AG, the Raythor Sport Pro comes equipped with slope adjustment technology. It factors in the undulation between your ball and the target to deliver superior measurements.

Furthermore, this rangefinder also includes speed mode to measure the pace of the wind. It helps you factor the wind speed and direction into your shot plans.

Finally, Pin Sensor technology enables the device to scan and detect the flag, speeding up the time it takes to receive your yardage reading.

If you are happy with an affordable device that contains a few premium features. You may appreciate the Raythor Sport Pro. However, if you are looking for a device that compares to a Bushnell, be prepared to spend more.

Final Thoughts

It is positive to see the quantity of affordable, quality rangefinders gracing the market with their presence. While our Boblov Rangefinder review showed that the manufacturer has some work to do, you cannot fault the performance given the current price point.

Pin acquisition technology, slope compensation, and speed measurement are costly features. However, the Shenzhen Lvyouyou Technology Company has found a way to bring these premium functions to the average golfer at a highly affordable price.

With that in mind, the LF600 AG is not perfect, and there is still room for improvement. However, if you don’t mind sacrificing accuracy for advanced features, take a closer look at the Boblov LF600 AG here.

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