Best Winter Golf Trousers – Keeping You Warm And Dry

Cold weather and golf are not an ideal combination. But, if your home course is open during the chilly months, you will need to kit up to combat icy weather. That is why we have compiled a list of the best winter golf trousers to keep you warm this winter.

We will look at the features and benefits of our top five options to help you identify your perfect trousers. Let us jump into it.

Quick Overview: Best Winter Golf Trousers

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  • Drawstring closure
  • USAG Four Pocket Design
  • Full Range Stretch Stitching
No products found.
OUR RATING: 4.9/5gstblcr-table__imageAdidas Frostguard Insulated Pants
  • Belt closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Regular tapered fit
OUR RATING: 4.2/5 gstblcr-table__imageZero Restriction Packable Pants
  • Made in Viet Nam
  • Color: Navy
  • Package Weight: 0.29 kg
OUR RATING: 4/5 gstblcr-table__imageFit Space Climastorm Rain Pants
  • Button closure
  • Weatherproof
  • Machine Wash
gstblcr-table__imageUnder Armour Cold Gear Infrared Pants
  • Built with UA Storm Technology
  • Four-way stretch and super comfortable waistband
  • Moisture wicking

Best Winter Golf Trousers Overall

1. U Suck at Golf (USAG) Sweatpants

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Features of USAG Golf Sweat Pants

Full Range of Motion

As you would expect from golf trousers, the USAG Sweat pants contain four-way stitching to provide a full range of motion during swinging and walking. The freedom of movement ensures that the material does not stick to your thigh and hinder your hip rotation.


According to UNIQLO, fleece is a popular material for winter clothing. Thanks to its warm and stylish qualities. USAG used fleece to keep you warm and fashionable, which we often need to choose between when it comes to winter pants.

Cuff Hems

When pants feature a loose fit, the hems drag along the ground and pick up all the moisture around them. As a result, your socks get wet, as well as the upper part of your shoe. The hems of these pants are cuffed to provide a perfect fit and to avoid becoming wet.

Stretch Waistband

If the fleece sweat pants design weren’t comfortable enough for you, USAG also added a stretch waistband. This feature enables you to tighten or loosen the fit of the pants for maximum comfort on the golf course.

Value For Money

The USAG sweat pants are not the most expensive golf pants on the market, but are they good value for money?

While I appreciate the comfort and warmth they provide, they lack waterproof and windproof capabilities. As a result, there are other options in the same price range with superior features that I would consider before these.

U Suck at Golf. As if we ever needed a reminder. However, that is less of a statement and more the quirky name of the final winter golf trousers on our list. When I started playing golf, I never would have imagined that golfers would wear jogger pants. But here we are.

The golf sweatpants from USAG offer a comfortable and warm design crafted for winter rounds. These fleeced stretch waistband pants feature a four-way stretch design for increased freedom while rotating your hips.


Those who desire comfort, warmth, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends will appreciate a pair of the U Suck at Golf sweat pants. However, the lack of waterproofing and windproofing puts me off buying a pair at that price.

2. Adidas Frostguard Insulated Pants (Currently Out Of Stock, Will Update Soon)

Features of Adidas Frostguard Insulated Pants

Frostguard Insulation

The Adidas Frostguard insulation adds an inner layer of warm fleece to keep your legs warm during frosty conditions. Furthermore, the insulation contains body heat inside your trousers for optimal comfort.

Sweat Wicking Material

The downside of thermal apparel is that it causes you to sweat when the temperature warms up. I have often experienced the problem over the years when teeing off at the crack of dawn in near-freezing temperatures.

While the thermal feature keeps you warm for the first few holes, sweat quickly builds up and causes significant discomfort.

That is why Adidas designed these pants with moisture-wicking material that pushes sweat away from your body to optimize comfort and increase dryness.


Although the Adidas Frostguard pants are constructed with 92% polyester to increase their warmth, it also features 8% of elastane dobby. The latter material increases the stretch of the pants and optimizes freedom of movement. Therefore, enhancing your comfort while rotating your hips or walking.

UV 50+ Protective Clothing

Keeping you warm is the priority of these golf pants, but that doesn’t mean that Adidas forgot about sun rays. Even when you are playing in cold weather, you are still exposed to the sun’s rays. That is why the Frostguard’s include UV 50+ protection.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV 50+ protection means that the pants block out 98% of the sun’s rays. As a result, you lower your risk of contracting skin cancer.

Ankle Zips

The addition of ankle zips increases the ease of your ability to remove the pants without having to take your shoes off. That helps you save time on the course when your legs are on fire, and you want them to feel the cool breeze.

Value For Money

These Adidas golf trousers are priced at the higher end of the scale, ruling them out as an option for those on a budget. While the features of these pants are exceptional, there are better value options on the market.

When a pair of pants are called Frostguard, you expect nothing less than for them to keep you warm. Adidas has not disappointed by constructing golf trousers that feature optimal insulation and wind and water resistance to keep you sheltered from all the elements.


I appreciate the quality of the Adidas Frostguard golf pants, and those who can afford them will enjoy a long-lasting quality pair of slacks. However, there are other golf pants on the market at more affordable prices that I may consider before these.

3. Zero Restriction Packable Pants

Features of Zero Restriction Packable Pants

Motion Tuned

To successfully rotate your hips during your swing, they need to be free to move. The motion-tuned design of the Packable pants promotes optimal movement while swinging a club or walking, increasing your level of comfort.

Adjustable Waistband

The motion-tuned design of these pants provides freedom of movement during your swing. And the adjustable waistband enhances comfort at all times.

If you feel that the trousers are excessively tight, adjust the waistband to loosen the fit. Conversely, if they are loose, alter the band to tighten the fit. The waistband offers the best of both worlds to ensure optimal comfort throughout your round.


While these pants don’t have the waterproof ability of the Fit Space Climastorm’s. Their waterproof rating is still high, at 15,000 mm. This means that it protects you from heavy rain and wet snow to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable.


Winter breezes are painfully cold. That is why Zero Restriction windproofs their Packable pants, restricting cold gusts from blowing directly onto your skin. As a result, you stay warm and dry throughout your round.

Ankle Hugger Snaps

If your golf trousers are waterproof, but your shoes are not, you still susceptible to becoming soaked. Leading an uncomfortable round in wet socks.

To counter this challenge, Zero Restriction fitted ankle hugger snaps. They cover the upper part of your shoe to provide additional waterproofing.

Value For Money

The Zero Restriction Packable pants are priced at the higher end of the market, making them a premium product. As a result, there is better value for money options out there that are half the price of these trousers.

Zero Restriction has built up a reputation from premium quality golf apparel, and they haven’t disappointed with their Packable pants.

The workmanship of these pants is impeccable, as you would expect when they cost double the price of many competitor products. However, the waterproof, windproof, and motion-tuned features of these slacks are central to its success.


Although the Packable pants fetch a higher price than their competitors, they are of exceptional quality. The motion-tuned design of the pants, combined with their waterproof and windproof features, make them worthy of a look.

If you frequently play in windy or rainy conditions, acquiring a high-quality pair of winter golf trousers may not be the worst option.

4. Fit Space Climastorm Rain Pants

Features of Fit Space Climastorm Rain Pants

Adjustable Elastic Waistband

To optimize your comfort around the waist, Fit Space included an adjustable elastic belt. If you feel that your trousers are too tight, you can adjust them to loosen the fit. The only downside is that the belt may not tighten enough for the skinnier players among us.

Waterproof System

Fit Space spared no expense when it came to waterproofing the Climastorm rain pants. Upon testing the quality of their work, the manufacturer found that the trousers carry a waterproof rating of 20,000 mm +.

What that means is that the pants can withstand heavy rain and snow without you becoming wet.

Furthermore, the pockets and their zippers feature additional waterproofing to protect any valuables that you are storing.


While waterproof trousers are vital in wet climates, their hard work is undone when pants are not wind-resistant. Without it, your bones will feel the chill of winter gale-force winds, resulting in a cold, miserable round.

The Fit Space Climastorm rain pants are wind resistant and shield you from icy winds during the winter.

Four-Way Stretch

Four-way stretch material enables your pants to deliver exceptional freedom of movement while rotating your hips. Fit Space employs the material to enhance your experience when walking, swinging, or crouching down to read the line of your putt.

Without four-way stretch material, your pants may get caught and restrict movement when you rotate your hips. As a result, four stretch materials maximize the comfort of your experience.

Leg Opening Zipper

If the conditions warm up and the rain dissipates, you may want to switch out the trousers for shorts. The leg opening zipper on the Climastorm rain pants allows you to remove the trousers without taking your shoes off, increasing the convenience of your experience.

Value For Money

The fact that these golf trousers are designed for any weather makes them an asset. As a result, they are worth the money that you pay for them.

They are not the cheapest pants you will ever acquire, but their practicality and performance offer excellent value for money.

The FitSpace Climastorm rain pants are not winter trousers per se. They go one step further and are suitable to wear in all weather conditions.

These Fit Space golf pants are windproof and feature waterproof pockets to save your scorecard and other valuables from becoming soaked. Plus, they are light, breathable, and are built to deliver four-way stretch for enhanced freedom of movement.


If the winters in your neck of the woods are wet and windy, the Fit Space Climastorm pants are worth taking a closer look at. They shield you from the wind and deliver exceptional waterproofing and stretchability, keeping you comfortable, warm, and dry.

5. Under Armour Cold Gear Infrared Pants

Features of Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Pants

Four-Way Stretch

Although warmth and dryness are the star attractions in winter golf trousers, stretchability is essential for comfort. The ColdGear Infrared pants feature a four-way stretch design that optimizes flexibility while rotating your hips and walking.

Stretchable Waistband

Besides the four-way stretch material, Under Armour fitted a stretchable waistband to these pants. The waistband stretches when you walk, bend or rotate your hips to optimize comfort and reduce tightness around your waist.

Storm Technology

Under Armour’s storm technology is your best friend when you are playing in the rain. It repels water from your pants and dries rapidly to avoid being soaked for the remainder of your round.

ColdGear Infrared Lining

Pants that are flexible and dry are of no use in winter if they don’t keep you warm. Fortunately, Under Armour has no problems there, as there included a Cold Gear Infrared lining to solve that problem.

The lining contains a thermal inner coating that preserves body heat to enhance warmth on cold days.

Value For Money

I have definitely paid less for trousers in my life. But, they weren’t as warm, comfortable, and quick-dry as these. Based on the quality and performance of these golf trousers, it is fair to say that they are good value for money.

If you are bold enough to venture out and play during the winter, I salute you. I also suggest kitting up with warm, dry pants. The Under Armour Cold Gear Infrared pants tick all the boxes, for what you need from apparel, which is why it tops our list as the best winter golf trousers.

Storm technology combines with moisture-wicking material and thermal inner coatings to provide a pair of warm, dry golf pants.


Under Armour must be commended for the design of their ColdGear Infrared pants. They are comfortable and keep you warm and dry during wet and cold winter conditions.

Final Thoughts

There you have our list of the top winter golf trousers to keep you warm during those cold days.

Before signing off, let’s recap our picks for the five best golf trousers for winter.

Topping our list as the best overall option was the Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Showdown pants. We were impressed by the storm technology, infrared lining, and four-way stretch stitching.

Adidas Frostguard pants were our first choice for the warmest golf trousers, while Fit Space Climastorm’s took the prize for the best waterproof option.

The premium Zero Restriction Packable’s topped the charts for the best windproof pants. And USAG took the prize for the most comfortable golf trousers.

If you intend to play golf this winter, you better kit up. Otherwise, you will be miserable and cold. It wouldn’t harm to take a closer look at a pair of Under Armour ColdGear Infrared pants.

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