Best Cold Weather Golf Gear and Clothing: Top 5 Must-Have Items

As long as you are willing to brave the elements, cold temperatures can be just as much fun as warmer weather — provided you wear the correct cold weather golf gear. 

A complete set of cold weather golf attire would have:

  1. The right golf balls
  2. Warm golf trousers
  3. A warm golf hat
  4. Cold-weather golf shoes
  5. A light but warm pullover or windbreaker

You want to be out on the course all year round, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your golf even with a drop in temperature. Winter golf is tough, but as long as your course is open, and you have the right equipment, you can get out there to keep your game on top form.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best winter golf gear that is going to help keep you warm during the cold winter rounds.

A Few Tips On Playing Golf In The Colder Weather

best cold weather golf gear brendon elliott shows pullovers from free fly apparel personal

  • If the temperature is cold, then you will be more prone to injuries if you don’t warm up properly. Check out these seven great warm-up exercises that will help get you ready for your round.
  • Make sure you take advantage of the club’s winter rules: preferred lies, casual water, and the embedded ball rule.
  • Remember that the golf ball isn’t going to travel as far in the winter so choose your shots wisely, and take more club.
  • Add more loft to your driver which should help you get a little more distance when there is no roll on the fairways
  • Carry your bag if you can. Most courses will ban trolleys in the winter, and carrying your bag will help keep your body temperature up.
  • Clean the soles of your shoes after every hole. In the cold weather when there can be ice or mud on the course, your shoes can clog up causing you to lose grip while taking a shot.
  • Don’t forget to take your winter tees so you are not fighting with the rock-hard ground while trying to insert your tees.

Cold Weather Golf Gear and Wear

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Cold Weather Golf Gear

OUR RATING: 4.8/5gstblcr-table__image Choosing The Right Golf Ball
  • Suited to more advanced players
  • High launch angle
  • Distance, forgiveness, and accuracy
OUR RATING: 4.8/5gstblcr-table__image What About My Legs?
  • Exceedingly adjustable
  • Laden with technology
  • Motivated by supercars that Cobra nicknamed “aeroficiency”
OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__image Keeping Your Hands Warm
  • Designed by artificial intelligence
  • Flash Face and Jailbreak tech for stability and speed
  • Motivated by supercars that Cobra nicknamed “aeroficiency”
OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__image adidas Men's Codechaos Boa Golf Shoe
  • Designed by artificial intelligence
  • Flash Face and Jailbreak tech for stability and speed
  • Motivated by supercars that Cobra nicknamed “aeroficiency”
OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__image Keeping Your Upper Body Warm
  • A terrific shaft and changeable loft
  • High launch / low spin
  • An impressive mix of features and performance

1. Cold Weather Golf Balls


  • Super low compression of 38
  • Available in pink, orange, red and green which may help even more with visibility
  • A great price. With more chance of losing balls in the winter, you don’t want to be spending a fortune on them
  • Straighter drives
  • Great around the greens


  • The matte finish might not be for everyone
  • Green version can be awkward to find
  • Can feel a little too soft

Deciding what golf ball to use during the cold weather can have a huge impact on your overall game. When choosing a ball for the colder weather you want to make sure you are picking a low compression, low spin golf ball which will help the ball to travel as far as it can in the colder conditions.

Equally as important is the visibility of the golf ball which is not as good during those cold winter mornings, so a yellow ball like the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls is going to help you to keep an eye on it through the air, as well making it that much easier to find on the fairway.

2. Cold Weather Trousers


  • Great fit
  • Require very little ironing
  • Very little drag during the golf swing
  • Quality material


  • Quite expensive
  • Not fleece-like warmth
  • Too warm to wear all year round

Piling up the layers on your upper body is standard practice during the colder months, but many golfers will still just wear a standard pair golf trousers, leaving their legs to brave the elements, not realizing that cold weather golf trousers are available.

The UA Infrared Showdown Golf Pants are specifically designed to help keep your lower body temperature up, leaving your legs warm and toasty during your round.

Thanks to their UA Storm technology the trousers are both windproof and water-repellent but still manage to maintain a nice level of breathability, meaning that you won’t be sweating while wearing the trousers.

Read more: These are just our favorite winter trousers – our full review of the best winter golf trousers has more models so you can see which is right for you.

3. Cold Weather Golfing Gloves


  • Still allow for feel during short game shots and putting so you can keep them on all round
  • Very warm
  • Extremely durable
  • Can still be used with touch-screen phones


  • Fit can be loose so be sure to check sizes before purchasing
  • Stitching can be a little poor
  • A second glove takes some time to get used to

Winter may be the only time you can rock the ‘two glove’ look. If it’s going to keep you warm then who cares what it looks like. Winter gloves come in pairs, are a lot thicker than their summer counterparts, and as well as being fleece-lined to help keep you warm, cold weather golf gloves are often waterproof which will help with your grip.

The FootJoy Men’s WinterSof Golf Gloves have a water-resistant grip on the palm to help keep control of your club, and they have an extended cuff that is knitted for extra warmth and helps to keep out the cold.

They have a reflective strip for high visibility both on and off the course and are both wind-resistant and waterproof.

Read more in our detailed article about the best winter golf gloves.

4. adidas Men’s Codechaos Boa Golf Shoe


  • Super easy to clean
  • Comfortable, and not overly heavy
  • Great support for your ankles
  • Saves having to tie and buy shoelaces


  • Sizes run a little small
  • Can take a while to get used to
  • Not overly stylish

Golfing during the winter months requires the right kit and that starts from the ground up. Having the right pair of shoes is paramount in making those cold rounds of golf, both more enjoyable and successful.

It’s not so much about keeping your feet warm as it is giving you the best grip possible during the cold and sometimes icy conditions. The is nothing worse than teeing off on winter mats and having your feet slide away from under you because you are not wearing the right golf shoes.

Adidas may have the answer to this problem with their Codechaos BOA Golf Shoe. A boot more than a shoe, these lightweight leather golf boots feature the Adidas technology that offers fantastic protection from all of the elements.

They will help to keep your feet dry, warm, and more comfortable during the colder periods. And with the special BOA fit system, they provide an airtight fit that keeps any leaks out with none of the hassles of laces.

5. Best Cold Weather Pullovers


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Perfect both on and off the course
  • Great quality material
  • Lightweight enough you can still wear your waterproof jacket on top if needed


  • Sizes run a little small
  • Elastic on the cuffs and waist can be a little tight
  • Detailing inside of the collar looks unfinished

Men’s Bamboo Flex Quarter Zip

free fly apparel quarter zip

I reviewed the Bamboo Flex Quarter Zip in the Heather Graphite color. As mentioned, I’m a big boy, so wearing something comfortable and breathable is critical. This quarter zip jacket hit the mark and was very, very comfortable. As noted before with the polo, going a size up is suggested if you are a big guy like me.

Living in Florida and coaching the game as a PGA Golf Professional requires regularly being out in the sun and heat. Having peace of mind that my shirt and outerwear will keep me cool and protect me from the sun with its UPF 50+ protection is invaluable. 

Women’s Gridback Fleece Jacket

free fly apparel fleece jacket

My wife, Melisa, tried out Free Fly’s Women’s Gridback Fleece Jacket in the stone color. She was blown away by how incredibly soft it was. She said that it was a unique blend of the softness of fleece on the inside and the more hardy weather-resistant outer shell you might find in a rain jacket. Melisa had the following comments to share on this jacket:

The softness and warmth you get from the fleece inner is nice, but that, combined with the really unique weaved outer shell, really makes this a next-level jacket. This is perfect for the golf course, soccer games, or running errands here in Florida during the winter, where it actually does get chilly for a stretch. For those in parts of the country where it gets really cold, you could wear this as you layer up in the winter.

Read more about all the models of the best golf windbreakers.


What should I wear to golf in cold weather?

You should layer up with golf cold weather gear allowing you to remove some of the layers as the day warms up. 

Your hands must be protected as this is the only contact you have with the golf club. Keeping a pair of mittens in your bag to keep your hands warm between shots is advisable.

Furthermore, your feet need extra protection since they are in constant contact with freezing ground conditions.

It is also advisable that you keep your lower and upper body warm by wearing thermal underwear if you expect the conditions to prevail throughout the day.

Lastly, heat escapes through your head, and by wearing winter golf gear such as a beanie you can retain the heat thus making the round more pleasurable.

How do I keep my golf clubs warm in cold weather?

Freezing cold weather tends to damage the glue that keeps your clubhead attached to the shaft as well as the glue that keeps the grip to the shaft.

A few rounds in freezing weather are unlikely to affect your clubs too much. However, if they are stored in an area, such as a garage or outbuilding that gets extremely cold, the clubs can be damaged in the long term.

To protect them from the cold, many golfers store their clubs indoors in their study or spare rooms where the temperature is more acceptable

How do you play golf in the winter?

Playing golf in winter can be rather challenging. Keep your blood flowing and your body warm by walking rather than taking a mechanical cart.

The golf ball also tends to travel a shorter distance than in summer, so club up to reach the green.

It is also advisable to take some warm food and beverages to consume during the round.

Can I wear a fleece for golf?

Fleece is a lightweight material that can keep your upper body warm. This makes it ideal for winter golf 

Can you play golf in cold weather?

Golf can be played under any condition as long as you can advance the ball from the tee to the putting surface, “green” may be the wrong word to use here.

Many golfers enjoy playing in snow or icy conditions to challenge their abilities under extreme conditions.

Do warm golf balls go further?

Golf balls are designed to achieve optimal performance in warm conditions. The warmer the weather, the further the ball will travel through the air because the air is less dense as a result of the heat.

If you are unable to keep the golf balls warm, it is advisable that you use a harder ball for your winter golf exploits.

How much distance do you lose in winter golf?

It is estimated that for every degree that it gets colder, you are likely to lose as much as yards in carrying distance.

Final Thoughts

Golfing during winter may not be any golf lover’s first choice, but with the right cold weather golf gear you can still enjoy yourself. If you’re asking yourself what to wear golfing when it’s cold, you know have the answers. 

You have to expect to take a few more shots than you would in the warmer conditions, but as long as you are having fun out there, what more could you ask for? A bad day on the course has to be better than no day on the course!

Playing in the cold weather is great exercise, it’s an excuse to get in some more practice in readiness for the summer golf season, and if everyone is playing winter rules the general pace of play may even improve.

It’s all about being prepared, and by following some of the tips provided in this article and kitting yourself out with some of the cold weather golf gear we have suggested, you can get out there and tee it up whatever the weather.

Try these cold weather golf balls:

These are our favorite cold weather trousers:

The right cold weather golfing gloves are one of the most important pieces of gear:

Wear more heavy-duty golf shoes like:

Finally get a Dry-Fit pullover:

Remember that heat escapes through your head and our article on the Best Winter Golf Hats can help keep you warm during those freezing rounds too.

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