Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls

Playing night golf has been around for a few years, and the equipment and the golf ball have developed in line with the popularity, which includes the best glow in the dark golf balls. Originally it was all about golf clubs looking for ways to increase their income stream in what previously was “dead” hours of the course.

The concept extended to corporate and company golf days where sales staff or executives did not have the time in their busy schedules to get out and play a few holes of golf during the day, and combined golf with a sales meeting or sales get-together. It was a fun way to engender team spirit and team building, without huge costs attached.

The golf clubs used it as fundraisers and the format would see 9-holes played at dusk, with a dinner after the first 9-holes, and then complete the 18-holes thereafter. Sponsors were invited to participate and the game “livened” up after dinner, where a few glasses of wine or beer were consumed. The golf did not improve, but the laughter and fun element finished off a great day’s entertainment.

Many new brands saw the opportunity to get into the golf industry, without having to fight against established brands like Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade, to mention a few.

Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls

Golfers enjoy getting on to the course after work to play a few holes, but the enjoyment is curtailed by the fading light of day. Fluorescent, bright color golf balls were introduced for people with bad eyesight and those who tended to lose a few during a round. They also extend the playing hours before darkness prevails and most golf clubs run a 9-hole competition on a Friday evening, mainly for the players who cannot play mid-week golf.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for 10 Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__image BattlePulse LED Golf Balls
  • Our night golf balls glow after impact, with a led light that stays on for up to 10 minutes.
  • we have designed a premium set of 6 LED light glow golf balls
  • They have a 3-layer design with an extra-thin cover for a soft feel and good control
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstblcr-table__image Ilysport LED Golf Balls
OUR RATING: 4.3/5gstblcr-table__image Thiodoon Glow Golf Balls
  • Easy To Find & Fun Night
  • Long Lasting Light Up Ball
  • No charger needed
OUR RATING: 4.2/5 gstblcr-table__image Sundown Golf Balls
  • Soft, full compression balls
  • Quick and easy to charge
  • The UV flashlights use 3 AAA batteries
OUR RATING: 4.2/5 gstblcr-table__image Night Eagle CV LED Golf Balls
  • No Timer! Don't loose your ball before you get to it.
  • Approximately 30 hours of continuous use.
  • High quality 3 layered golf ball
OUR RATING: 4.2/5 gstblcr-table__image Crestgolf LED Golf Balls
  • You will not need to hit the ball to find.
  • The 4 LED lights inside the golf ball more brighter than 2 LED lights inside the golf ball.
OUR RATING: 3.8/5 gstblcr-table__image GoBright Golf Balls (Currently Unavailable)
  • Ultra bright Blue LED light.
  • Ready to use. No batteries or charging necessary.
  • Easy and fun to use for twilight and night golf.
OUR RATING: 3.5/5 gstblcr-table__image Night Flyer Golf Balls
  • Product Possess High Durability.
  • Ball will stay lighted for nine to ten continuous minutes.
  • Recreation Ball.
OUR RATING: 3.4/5 gstblcr-table__image GlowV1 Golf Ball
  • Activates under UV or white light.
  • Compression core and soft, urethane skin.
  • Glow brightly for up to 15 minutes, glow dim for up to six hours.

1. BattlePulse LED Golf Balls


  • 50-hour life span
  • Recognized by the USGA and the R & A
  • Good all-round playability


  • Ball a little hard at impact
  • Pricey
  • Multi-colors not for all

Golf is a fantastic pastime and the fun and exercise aspect should never be overlooked. During lockdown. golfers are seeking ways to overcome boredom, and playing night golf is just the tonic! Night golf is a great way to introduce kids to golf.


Manufactured with a 3-layer design, the feel and playability are enhanced by the additional extra-thin layer, which will appeal to the better golfer induced to playing night golf with some of his “hacker” mates. The thick inner resin layer provides durability and the balls can be reused over and over. Water hazards present no problem as the ball is waterproof.

A 10-minute light span is produced when struck with a golf club, which is ample time for wayward shots to be retrieved. The BattlePulse LED golf ball has a 50-hour battery life, which is one of the longest on the market. The LED ball also meets the standards of the USGA and the R & A, which is a bonus for the good player. Packed in a 6-pack with pink, orange, white, red, green, and blue balls, a net carry bag is included.

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2. Ilysport LED Golf Balls


  • Lights up automatically at impact
  • Long-lasting durability
  • No Chargers required


  • Same features as other balls
  • 40 hours life span average
  • 6- pack not for all

The Ilysport Glow in the dark golf ball is super bright and provides great entertainment for players of all capabilities venturing out for a night game or an early morning 9-holes before work.


Battery life of 40-hours with super bright luminous color matches most of the glow in the dark industry norm. Put in another way, the ball can be struck over 800 times during its life. The ball remains constantly lit after impact, for a period of 8 minutes. Very easy and convenient to use as there are no chargers or batteries requiring a recharge.

Hit it and it lights up automatically, leaving a beautiful colorful streek in the night . Easy to be found and no long waits while players looking for lost balls in the rough. A great gift for golfers who have everything, but night golf balls in the bag. Allows the early rises to get a few holes of golf in before the rest of the family wakes up. Sold in a multi-pack of 6-balls with red, green, white, pink, orange, and blue colors.

3. Thiodoon Glow Golf Balls


  • Highly luminous and user friendly
  • Good color options and durability
  • Waterproof


  • Ball construction for social players
  • Elasticity cannot be controlled
  • Not everyone likes bright colors

Golf fanatics that run out of daylight during a round, and want to continue playing, now have a solution. No worries about losing the ball as the bright glow-in-the-dark golf balls on offer from Thiodoon will allow the round to be completed.


The tracer-like flight path can be followed in the air until the ball finally comes to rest on the ground. The ball glows constantly, without flashing, and lasts about 8 minutes after being struck, allowing ample time to find it and play the next shot.

The battery within the ball lasts up to 40 hours. The ball lights up immediately it is struck or bounces on the ground. No flashlight or charger is required. The ball is made of rubber and a synthetic resin. A 6-pack of balls comes in 6 different colors. White, red, green, yellow, blue, and pink. These are fun golf balls and are designed more for the social player and friends. Once the light has expired the ball can still be used during daylight.

4. Sundown Golf Balls


  • Soft standard compression ball with a urethane cover
  • No batteries or timers malfunction to contend with
  • Easy and quick recharge


  • Carrying a flashlight during play
  • Ball unlikely to perform to all golfers requirement
  • 15 minute glow time is too long

Golfers who cannot get onto the golf course during working hours, still have an opportunity to play a few holes before sunset or thereafter, with the use of Sundown glowing golf balls. Sundown has introduced a phosphorescent coating that stands up to any normal playing conditions, including bunkers and water.

Distance and playability are comparable to a standard soft feel golf ball and glow time averages up to 15 minutes. A UV Flashlight is provided to recharge the ball.


A soft urethane cover plays like a standard full compression ball and will not damage clubs. No batteries or timers malfunction so playing time of 15 minutes reduces the time-wasting of searching for the ball in the dark, after only a few minutes, like LED balls.

The UV Flashlight is used to recharge the ball by simply rotating the ball within the beam after 15 minutes, for 30 seconds. The UV Flashlight comes standard, but 3 AAA batteries need to be purchased. Each package includes 6 vivid glow-in-the-dark golf balls and two UV Flashlights.

5. Night Eagle CV LED Golf Balls


  • A performance ball for golfers of any status
  • Stays lit once activated
  • Easy recharge with Smartphone light


  • Smartphone recharge is not ideal
  • Compression of the ball is not stated and may not suit all swing speeds
  • Pricey

Night Eagle has a patent-pending all-new technology with the CV LED golf ball, which allows the ball to stay lit constantly. Starting or finishing a round has just been made easier for golfers playing in the dark.


The Night Eagle CV LED golf ball activates differently from other glow-in-the-dark LED balls. Activation can be completed by shining a smartphone camera light about a half inch from the printed circle on the ball. A computer will automatically turn the  LEDs on once the bright light is sensed. Once activated, the LEDs will continue to emit light until another bright light is sensed.

The Night Eagle CV LED golf ball has no timer device inside, and once activated will remain lit until turned off. Tested and designed for the good player in mind, the playability, control, feel and performance will match the daytime golf balls on the market, with the glow an added bonus.

6. Crestgolf LED Golf Balls


  • 3 layer construction
  • Ultra-bright 4 LEDs in the ball
  • 50-hour life span


  • More a fun golf ball
  • Only 5-minute glow-time
  • No recharge available

Crestgolf LED golf balls offer a range of bright luminous golf balls to put into play either early in the morning before sunrise, or after sunset. It is all part of a new generation of golfers wanting to add playing time due to their tough work schedules.


A 3 layer golf ball constructed of soft and elastic material that adds durability, whilst also offering payability to players of all skill levels. These layers protect the built-in 4 LED lights inside the ball. A life span of 50 hours is above the average in this glow-in-the-dark market. The 4 LEDs are far brighter than any 2 LED lights and offer easy recovery from the rough. The impact from the clubhead initiates the LEDs and the ball remains lit for 5 minutes.

7. GoBright Golf Balls (Currently Unavailable)


  • Every shot initiates the bright LED light
  • No charging or batteries required
  • The ball stays lit for 8 minutes


  • Ball hard off the clubface
  • Lifespan not consistent
  • Limited time of glow

A good ball for those who play twilight or early morning golf. Easily visible in trying conditions. Play the first few holes with the GoBright ball and switch to your normal ball when normal light conditions prevail.


The light stays on for 8 minutes giving ample time between shots to find the ball should it be in the rough. The bright LED light is initiated by contact with the clubface and is easily visible along its flight. Manufacturers claim up to 40 hours of playtime with each ball and therefore no batteries or charging are required. The ball is durable and well packaged for easy access.

8. Night Flyer Golf Balls


  • 3- layer construction with a surlyn cut-proof cover
  • 80 to 85 compression suits most golfers
  • Built-in timer conserves glow factor


  • Pricey
  • 12- pack may be too large if budget constraints are applicable
  • Compression will not suit fast swing speeds

Night Flyer golf balls offer a great ball with the added advantage of a bright glow when struck with the club.


It is electronically lighted and the 3-layer construction, with a cut-proof surlyn cover, will appeal to golfers who prefer to play a golf ball that flies and feels like the real thing. Compression of 80 to 85 will also suit most golfers’ swing speed to get the ball out there.

The bright glow is activated on contact and stays illuminated for 9 to 10 minutes. Batteries are conserved by a built-in timer that shuts off until the ball is struck again. This newly designed timer extends the life of the glow for anything between 150 to 180 minutes. Manufacturers claim a 40 hour LED time. The 12 ball package offers 2 balls each of red, white, orange, blue, yellow, and green.

9. GlowV1 Golf Ball


  • A true 90 compression core
  • Urethane skin for soft feel and durability
  • Glow pigment in the skin for prolonged light


  • Pricey
  • Social night golfers don’t require the technology
  • Recharging options can be a hassle

GlowV1 offers a golf ball that is an industry leader in glow ball technology. It performs as well as the standard golf ball with the added advantage of being used at night. It plays with the same characteristics for flight, distance, and feel.


Unlike other LED golf balls, this ball has a core, mantle, and skin with consistent performance. Better players will enjoy the night round with a ball they don’t have to make adjustments, in terms of distance and control. Manufacturers claim it is the first-night golf ball that has a true 90 compression COR rating and eliminates the dead feeling of a battery core.

The ball uses a photoluminescent glow in the skin to light up the ball. Using the UV Glow Charger or UV Flashlight, the ball is easily charged by placing it on either for a minute. Power glow is restored for up to 8 to 10 minutes, followed by a gentle glow for hours.

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Final Thoughts

Twilight golf has been around for many years, but tight, long work schedules, have increased the popularity of “squeezing” in a few holes before or after work. The glow in the dark golf ball has improved over the same period and many manufacturers claim to deliver the same playability and feel, as a standard daytime ball.

Either way, playing golf at night can be a great bundle of fun, whether it be with mates, family, or work colleagues. Get out and try it!

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