The 5 Best Garage Golf Simulators

Home golf simulators are all the rage these days. Their affordable price tags and convenient setups enable golfers to practice from the comfort of their abode. Today, I am looking at the best garage golf simulator products on the market.

Besides listing your options, I also provide specs and features to consider. My goal is to help you save as much money as possible when setting up a golf simulator.

If you have set up a golf simulator before, this guide acts as a refresher. However, you can also find the latest technology in our review of the best golf simulators for this year. Golf retail outlets and coaches may prefer learning about the best commercial golf simulators instead.

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What To Consider When Setting Up A Golf Simulator In Your Garage?


The cost of simulator equipment varies greatly. Those with an extended budget might consider acquiring a full simulator package offered by companies like Trackman or Foresight Sports. However, DIY setups can make superior garage golf simulators that fit the average player’s budget.

Opting for the DIY route means you have to purchase each piece of equipment separately. Conversely, a complete set includes everything you need.

The starting price for a total simulator solution from Trackman is over $40,000. Even if you had the money, you could save substantially by doing it yourself. However, the data accuracy and overall experience are out of this world.

On the contrary, a DIY setup will set you back approximately $2,000. That depends on the launch monitor you acquire, the type of screen, and the software subscription.

Our review how much does a golf simulator cost offers a deeper insight into the expenses involved.

Garage Floor Space

Before pulling the trigger on a golf simulator, pull out the measuring tape and ensure that your garage provides sufficient floor space. Your garage floor must be at least 15-feet wide to ensure that you do not strike any walls during your swing.

In addition, there needs to be 5 to 6-feet between the hitting mat and the nearest wall or obstruction. Any closer may see you smash your clubhead into it on your backswing.

Finally, you need between 8 and 9-feet of space from the mat to the screen or net. This helps the launch monitor more accurately measure your launch data.

Without sufficient garage floor space, you will struggle to receive accurate data. Plus, you run the risk of damaging your clubs or home.

Ceiling Height

Aside from the floor space requirements, your ceiling must be high enough for you to swing freely without hitting anything. The standard recommendation is to leave 10-feet between the floor and the ceiling.

That should leave the average golfer ample space to induce a normal swing. However, taller golfers may feel more comfortable swinging under higher ceilings.

We have a complete article dedicated to how high your ceiling needs to be for a golf simulator. It will help you determine what height is ideal for your situation.


Running a golf simulator setup requires a constant internet connection. You probably have wifi running through the house, but you must ensure that it reaches the garage. If the signal is weak, you will need to acquire an extender. I have found the TP-Link AC750 wifi extender to be an affordable and efficient option.


The issue of bounceback is vital to consider when setting up your garage golf simulator. If your screen or net is not durable, it can cause the ball to ricochet into objects in the room. Conversely, the ball can penetrate the net or screen and smash into the wall behind before shooting in any direction.

I have found that the best way to avoid this is to acquire a thick, durable screen instead of a net. A screen gives you the best of both worlds. For starters, it is thick and slows your ball down upon impact. Secondly, it enhances the display of your ball flight and overall simulator experience.

It is more pleasant to watch your ball flying on a big screen instead of your laptop or LCD monitor. An affordable, high-quality design is the Aikeec Impact Screen and Display Monitor. This screen is wrinkle-free, produces crystal clear graphics, and stops your ball at impact.


Once you have decided on your equipment, the next step is to focus on comfort. Garages can get super cold in winter, and if you do not prepare for that, it can put you off enjoying your golf simulator.

Consider installing an electric heater to warm up the general vicinity of the room. Ensure no gaps in the construction for warm air to escape. If your floor is freezing, consider installing central heating. Alternatively, place artificial turf down to shield your shoes from ice-cold cement.

Contrarily, if your garage gets super hot in summer, you might need to add an air conditioner to the equation. Keeping the room cool on scorching days also sets a suitable environment to enjoy your simulator for hours.

The Best Garage Golf Simulators For 2024

1. OptiShot2 Golf In A Box – Overall Best Garage Golf Simulator


  • Affordable
  • Complete simulator setup
  • It gives you access to 15-courses and 6-games
  • The hitting mat resembles actual turf
  • The set includes an impact net


  • It does not measure ball data
  • Reduced data accuracy compared to premium models

The OptiShot2 Golf In A Box tops the list of garage golf simulators because of the set composition and affordable price. Few products offer a complete simulator setup for under $1000. The OptiShot2 is one of them.

The Golf In A Box package features a hitting mat, a swing pad, and a net. In addition, a purchase grants you access to 15-virtual courses on the OptiShot software.

Unlike other simulators, the OptiShot2 does not require a launch monitor to feedback data on each shot. Instead, 16-high speed 48MHz infrared sensors are placed on the swing pad to detect clubhead and swing data.

On top of data analysis, the OptiShot platform gives you access to a host of virtual golf courses and games. These allow you to practice complete rounds of golf on Torrey Pines or improve your skills with various challenges. You can also take on your friends and family in 6-different games.

Furthermore, the OptiShot hitting mat is crafted to resemble actual course turf. The purpose is to replicate the experience of hitting off the fairway. Finally, a 7’ by 8’ by 1’ is included to absorb the impact of each shot.

Overall, the OptiShot2 Golf In A Box is a complete, affordable simulator. It is ideal for the average player who values entertainment and practice.

Rating: 4.5

2. Phigolf Mobile And Home Smart Golf – Best Budget Golf Simulator For Garage Use


  • Affordable
  • It does not require the quantity of space needed for a standard golf simulator
  • No net or impact screen required
  • Play on famous championship courses
  • Take on your buddies in challenges
  • Access to 3 golf simulator software


  • You cannot use your golf clubs
  • It does not enable you to hit your balls

If you are not prepared to spend more on a simulator than golf clubs, this Phigolf composition is worth learning about. It tops the list of best budget golf simulators thanks to its rock bottom price, access to world-class golf courses, and the multiplayer feature.

One downside of this product is that you cannot use your actual clubs and a ball to practice. The set includes a 9-axis 3D swing sensor stick, and your shot results are determined by swing speed, angle of attack, and impact position.

Not using your golf clubs creates weight disparity, leading to inaccurate shot data. Despite the shot data, this simulator offers access to 3 simulator software: WGT, E6, and Phigolf.

The added software options increase the number of championship golf courses you can enjoy from the comfort of your cave. Golf courses included Pebble Beach, St Andrews, and Royal St George’s. That allows you to fit a practice round in after work or whenever you have a moment.

Moreover, you can take on your buddies in head-to-head challenges to see who possesses superior golfing skills. Ultimately, Phigolf is an ideal garage golf simulator setup for players looking for an entertaining option.

This is not the answer if you require a highly accurate simulator to gain deeper insight into every facet of your swing, launch, and flight.

Rating: 4

3. FlightScope Mevo+ – Most Accurate Golf Simulator For Garage Use


  • Highly accurate data
  • 16-data parameters
  • Gives you access to 5-virtual courses
  • Portable
  • Practice on 17-driving ranges


  • Expensive
  • No hitting mat or impact net included

Serious golfers looking for detailed insight into their shots may prefer spending more for a highly accurate simulator. The most accurate model this year is the FlightScope Mevo+. Naturally, there are other precise devices, but you can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for this setup.

The FlightScope Mevo+ is significantly more expensive than the OptiShot2 or Phigolf simulators. Plus, it does not include a net, screen, or hitting mat. I added it to the list because of its accuracy and performance.

Purchasing this model includes a subscription to E6 golf software, which allows you to play on 5 courses. In addition, you can tackle 17 practice ranges and a variety of games and challenges.

Where this product really thrives is data analysis. It records 16-parameters to cover every area of your swing, impact, and ball flight. The increased parameters lead to accurate readings, enabling you to make better-informed decisions about club selection, path, and shape.

The Mevo+ pairs with your mobile device to provide visuals of your ball flight. That gives you the luxury of using the simulator in your garage and at the range. Obviously, when you take it to the driving range, you do not require an impact screen or hitting mat.

Overall, the FlightScope Mevo+ serves as an ideal companion for mid to low handicappers searching for accurate data. However, it is relatively expensive and does not include a hitting mat or impact net.

Rating: 4

4. SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan – Most Entertaining Golf Simulator Garage Setup


  • Measures a diverse range of data parameters
  • Allows you to play on different virtual golf courses
  • Ideal for entertainment
  • Practice your game on the range
  • Take on players around the world
  • The launch monitor is portable


  • Expensive
  • You need to pay extra for the software subscription
  • Reduced accuracy on mid-iron and wedge swing speed

Sales of SkyTrak golf simulators boomed during the pandemic. At one point, there was a three-month delivery backlog. This golf simulator offers the average player an exceptional device to practice and have fun.

The SkyTrak simulator measures ball and clubhead data to boost the accuracy of shot data. However, one area that it falls short in is clubhead speed. I find it struggles to accurately determine the apex of mid and short-iron shots, resulting in inaccurate results.

In addition, to the data points, this simulator is available in 3-packages: basic, game improvement, and play and improve. The Basic package only gets you access to the virtual driving range and a free trial of the game improvement package.

The Game-Improvement option allows you to play a variety of virtual golf courses through E6 connect software. Plus, you can tackle different challenges to test your skills. You can also invite your buddies over for an evening of fun and challenges on your SkyTrak golf simulator.

A downside of this simulator is that you only receive the launch monitor with your purchase. You need to fork out an additional $99.95 for a year’s subscription to the game improvement package or $199.95 to the Play and Improve Setup.

In conclusion, the SkyTrak golf simulator is ideal for the average golfer looking for an advanced setup. It boosts your training experience and allows you to enjoy hours of entertainment alone or with your friends.

Rating: 3.5

5. SwingLogic Micro Sim – Most User-Friendly Garage Golf Simulator


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Pairs with E6 connect software
  • Easy to use
  • Provides detailed clubhead data


  • It does not measure ball speed data
  • Launch angle is not measured.

.The SwingLogic Micro Sim is the easiest golf simulator to set up and use. A 7.9-gram microsensor device clips onto the shaft of your club and detects clubhead data. This highly affordable simulator tops the list of the most user-friendly options this year.

We conducted a review of this model earlier this year. Back then, it was known as Tittle X. It is now housed under the SwingLogic brand. A free subscription to the standard edition E6 software is included for 6-months.

However, you need to cough up $9.99 per month thereafter to retain access to one course, practice facilities, and challenges. Another annoyance is the erratic data provided on off-center strikes. When the club vibrates viciously, it causes the sensors to go haywire, producing inaccurate measurements.

Furthermore, the minute size of the device enables you to transport it between your garage and the driving range. That allows you to receive insight and make better-informed decisions for improved results.

The SwingLogic Micro Sim is not built to compete with Trackman or Flightscope. It offers a super affordable model for high handicappers and beginners to practice on.

Rating: 3.5

Garage Golf Setup FAQs

Can You Put a Golf Simulator in Your Garage?

Yes, you can put a golf simulator in your garage. In fact, if you do not have a spare room for one, the garage is the ideal place.

Is a Garage Big Enough for a Golf Simulator?

That depends on the specs of your garage, but I have seen numerous golf garage simulators. As long as your garage has the following dimensions, it is big enough for a golf simulator:

  • 15-feet wide
  • 15-feet long (8 – 9-feet from the mat to the net. 5 – 6-feet from the mat to the back wall.
  • 10-feet high

A garage this size will prevent you from hitting walls or ceilings and is wide enough to fit a quality impact screen.

How Do I Hit a Golf Ball in My Garage?

Before you take a swing in your garage, you need to have a hitting mat and an impact screen. You may cause irreparable damage to your clubs at impact when not using a mat. The lack of an impact screen or net might see your ball ricocheting off walls or smashing through windows.

Once you are set up, you can take your normal swing and strike the ball into your net or screen.

Final Thoughts

A garage golf simulator is a suitable way to entertain your friends and family while improving your skills. It also allows you to practice whenever you have a moment. You can also reduce the time spent in traffic driving to the range by training at home.

There are a wealth of quality golf simulators on the market. However, I left off the extremely pricey options as I feel the average golfer cannot justify dropping tens of thousands of dollars on a premium setup.

The Phigolf Mobile And Home is the best budget garage golf simulator this year is. FlightScope Mevo+ took the prize for the most accurate, while SkyTrak is the best for entertainment.

The Micro Sim is your most user-friendly option, and the OptiShot2 Golf In A Box is the best overall garage golf simulator for 2024.

If you are a newbie to golf technology, you need to start with the basics before purchasing any equipment. I recommend browsing through our guide on how do golf simulators work.

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