Precision Pro NX9 Slope Review

When rangefinders first reached my rural hometown in South Africa, the average golfer couldn’t afford one. Many continued to use the golf course yardage markers so had erratic distance control. Fortunately, times have changed, and inexpensive rangefinder options like the Precision Pro NX9 exist.

The NX9 rangefinder is an affordable device with premium features such as slope mode, Target Acquisition Technology, and Pulse Vibration. It has a magnification of 6x and can accurately read a pin from up to 300-yards. It’s a great option for mid or high handicappers.

Weekend golfers happy with an estimated measurement can save a few dollars and go with a GPS device or watch.

Precision Pro NX9 Review

Total Score 89.2
Star Rating 4 Stars
Range 84
Accuracy 89
Magnification 94
Features 91
Price 88


  • Accurate to the nearest yard
  • Slope mode provides plays like distance
  • The magnet enables you to attach the rangefinder to the frame of your cart
  • 6x magnification picks the target up rapidly
  • 600-yard range


  • The battery life is short
  • Slight delay between locking onto the target and pulse vibration.
  • Less range than premium devices

Precision Pro NX9 Slope Features

Precision pro nx9

Slope Mode

A few years ago, slope mode was found only in premium devices that cost more than $400. However, the Precision Pro NX9 offers slope mode for considerably less.

Slope mode factors in the gradient angle between your ball and the target. As a result, it provides more accurate readings than devices without this feature.

The USGA prohibits using slope mode during tournaments, so Precision Pro Golf allows you to toggle it on and off. Therefore, you can benefit from plays like distance during practice and turn it off during tournaments.

Magnetic Grip

Those who drive golf carts will be pleased about the magnetic grip on the Precision Pro NX9.  The durable construction of the magnet grips onto the frame of your buggy. It remains in place throughout the round, even while navigating uneven terrain.

That saves you from taking the device out of its cover for each shot — increasing convenience and the speed of play as a result.

Pulse Vibration

Pulse vibration activates once the device locks onto the flagstick. This indicates that the laser has detected the pin and measured the distance. That saves you from checking that the yardage displayed on the screen is to the flag and nowhere else.


The magnification feature determines how clear the optics will be, impacting the time it takes to relay the measurement to you. The Precision Pro NX9 features an impressive 6x magnification and delivers crystal clear optics for a rapid, precise read.


With a maximum range of 600-yards, the NX9 measures less than a premium rangefinder. The topmost range of a high-end device typically exceeds 1000-yards.

However, 600-yards is still sufficient to determine the distance to the flag on most holes, including par 5’s. The challenge comes in with the accuracy. A rangefinder with a 1000-yards range may provide more accurate readings from 300-yards out than one that offers less range.

In essence, the further away your target is, the more inaccurate the reading will be. While this may not impress serious golfers, it is suitable for mid to high handicappers.


This golf rangefinder provides good accuracy up to 250-yards, but the further away you measure, the less accurate it becomes. I found that anything beyond 250-yards is 2 to 5-yards off compared to my Bushnell Pro XE, which is highly accurate.

With that said, the discrepancies are marginal and will not hamper the performance of the average golfer. It will not appeal to lower handicappers who require precise measurements for supreme distance control.

The average golfer is not accurate enough for 2 to 5-yards to make a significant difference, so this will work well enough.


Added to its impressive features is a water-resistant case. It is constructed to repel rain and moisture from the device. While that enhances the rangefinder’s durability, it is insufficient to protect against heavy rain.

If you live in a high rainfall area, I suggest searching for a waterproof option such as the Aofar GX-2S.

Target Acquisition Technology (TAT)

TAT is Precision Pro Golf’s version of Pinseeker Technology. The device scans ahead and picks out the flagstick without actively searching for it. This saves you time and ensures that the device is measuring to the pin and not a different target.

Lifetime Battery Replacement

Precision Pro Golf offers customers a lifetime battery replacement free of charge. It remains to be seen how many batteries you can practically order before the device dies.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Rangefinder


When you are serious about purchasing a rangefinder, the first step is to create a budget. These products used to run you several hundreds of dollars, but now there are options for less than $100.

Premium devices with advanced features and modes will set you back at least $400. Conversely, entry-level devices with basic measurement functionality are around the $100 mark. Then there are plenty of options in between, like the Precision Pro NX9.

Slope Or Elements Mode

Slope and Elements mode are two features to contemplate if you wish for highly accurate measurements. Slope mode factors the gradient into its measurement, while the Elements mode considers barometric details.

It is more uncommon, but some rangefinders even measure speed and include it in their calculations.

Keep in mind that the more features your device carries, the higher the price tag typically is. Therefore, I advise focusing on a few key features you value above the others. That way, you can save yourself from overspending on unnecessary functions.


The magnification capability of your device impacts the clarity of the optics and the time it takes for the laser to detect the target. 6x is the magic number in most devices, while superior models contain 8x.

The higher the level of magnification, the clearer your view should be, and the quicker it is to detect the target and receive a measurement.


Range refers to the maximum distance that a rangefinder can measure. Entry-level or mid-range products tend to calculate up to 600-yards. Conversely, premium models often exceed 1000-yards.

600-yards is more than enough range for the average golfer. However, the measurements become less accurate, the closer you get to 600-yards away.


Every golf rangefinder manufacturer has its own pinseeker technology to enable the laser to detect the flagstick. Instead of struggling to focus on the pin, the technology helps the laser pick out the target and lock onto it.

This technology increases the convenience of distance measurements. Plus, it ensures the yardage is to the flagstick and no other area.

NX 9 Slope Rangefinder: FAQs

Is The Precision Pro NX9 Waterproof?

No, the Precision Pro NX9 is not waterproof, it is water-resistant. That means it is difficult for water to infiltrate the device. However, it will not hold if exposed to excessive rain or moisture.

Is The NX9 Slope Tournament Legal?

Yes, the NX9 Slope is tournament legal. Even though it contains slope mode, you can deactivate it when playing in tournaments.

How Do You Use A Precision Pro NX9 Slope?

Turn the device on by pushing the green button at the top of the rangefinder. Once it is on, you can hold down that button again to activate the laser, or you can continuously scan for the distance to various points in front of you.

The Precision Pro NX9 Slope only has two modes. You can toggle slope mode on and off by pressing the black mode button on top of the device.

If you don’t see a clear image through the lens, you rotate the eyepiece clockwise or counter-clockwise for superior focus. Once you can clearly see, point the crosshair of the viewfinder at your target to receive the distance measurement.

How Do You Change The Battery In A Precision Pro NX9?

To remove the battery from an NX9 Slope, you slide the door down in the opposite direction to the eyepiece. Take the existing battery out and replace it with the new one. Then turn on your device to ensure that the battery is charged and powering the rangefinder.

Precision Pro NX9 HD Alternative Options

1. TecTecTec ULT-X Rangefinder


  • Maximum range of 1000-yards
  • Accurate to 0.3-yards within a 300-yard range
  • Features slope mode
  • Pin Seeker technology with vibration
  • 6x magnification


  • It takes time to receive a clear view of your target

The TecTecTec ULT-X rangefinder is an excellent alternative to the NX9 because of its increased range and superior accuracy. It detects the flagstick without hassle from 300-yards out and carries a maximum range of 1000-yards. Plus, the Pin Seeker function locks onto the flag and vibrates once it has a reading.

In addition to its range, the ULT-X delivers accurate readings to 0.3-yards up to 300-yards. Measurements beyond 500-yards are accurate to within 1-yard.

Furthermore, TecTecTec ULT-X rangefinder also enables continuous scanning to detect the distances to water hazards, landing zones, and bunkers. Lastly, this rangefinder includes slope mode. It factors in the angle of the undulation into the calculation.

Overall, the TecTecTec ULT-X rangefinder offers superior range and accuracy at a similar price to the Precision Pro 9X. It is an option worth considering for mid and low handicappers.

2. Gogogo Sport VPro Laser


  • Affordable
  • 6x magnification
  • Pinseeker technology
  • Measures speed to factor wind into your measurement
  • Slope mode


  • Struggles to detect the pin from beyond 150yards
  • Reduced accuracy

The Gogogo Sport VPro Laser Rangefinder offers a cheaper alternative to the NX9 if you are on a budget. Surprisingly, it includes speed and slope in its calculation.

Its maximum range is 650-yards, but Pinseeker technology only detects the flag between 150 to 170-yards. However, in my experience, it struggled beyond 150-yards.

Moreover, it provides accurate readings to the nearest yard, sufficient for the average golfer.

Ultimately, the Gogogo Sport VPro Laser Rangefinder is best suited to beginners and those on a budget. While it includes some impressive features, its accuracy can be questionable.

3. Callaway 300 Pro


  • Superb accuracy
  • Locks onto the flag from 300-yards away
  • Maximum range of 1000-yards
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • You need a steady hand for the viewfinder to focus on the target
  • Optical clarity is challenging in low light

The Callaway 300 Pro is a reliable rangefinder option that is more affordable than the NX9. It is featured on this list because of its consistent accuracy, optical clarity, and range.

Slope function on the 300 Pro offers precise measurements to make better-informed club selections. Plus, Callaway suggests that it has a range of 1000-yards and is accurate to the nearest 1-yard.

More impressive is its Pin Locking Technology detects the flag from 300-yards away to help you better plan your holes. Furthermore, their Pulse Confirmation feature vibrates once the rangefinder has locked onto the flag.

Finally, this functionality is packaged into a molded hard carry case designed for superior durability.

In conclusion, the Callaway 300 Pro is a reliable, accurate rangefinder at an affordable price. It is well suited to players of all levels looking for value for money.

Conclusion Of The Precision Pro NX9 Slope Rangefinder Review

There you have our Precision Pro NX9 Slope review. Before we wrap it up, let us recap the pros and cons of this affordable, impressive rangefinder.

The NX9 is a relatively accurate device, with a maximum range of 600-yards. It features 6x magnification and is equipped with slope mode to deliver plays like distances in casual rounds. In addition, it is built with a magnet to attach to the frame of your cart.

Although the Precision Pro NX9 is not super accurate over 250-yards, it offers enough detail to the average golfer to thrive. Plus, its battery life is less than desirable.

With that in mind, it is clear that this rangefinder performs admirably for its mid-price point. It may not appeal to advanced golfers, but it offers mid and high handicappers everything they need.

If you are searching for an affordable rangefinder with premium features, look at the NX9 Slope here. Alternatively, if you wish to save a few extra bucks, consider the NX7. Those demanding more options can read our review of the best golf rangefinders.

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