The Five Best Golf Cart Brands On The Market

Stephen Metzger, owner of the research outfit Small Vehicle Resources reported that the sales of golf carts in 2020 totaled $1.5 Billion, a 12% increase from 2019. The sales boom stems from the demand created by younger buyers who are looking for a cart that does more than navigating a golf course.

The demand has forced manufacturers to get creative and modernize their products to cater to a wider audience. In this article, we are looking at the five best golf cart brands on the market to help you find your chariot.

Whether you are a golfer, a neighborhood cruiser, or a corporate entity, we will identify the best brands for your needs.

What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Golf Cart?

Before you make a final decision on a golf cart. It is best to possess adequate knowledge on a few key topics, which we will cover below. For example, is an electric or gas cart best suited to your needs? Or what voltage is the cart, and how will that impact your battery cost.

What’s Better An Electric Golf Cart Or Gas Golf Cart?

While it is a common question, the answer is not so simple. The better cart depends on your preferences.

For example, if you use your cart for work and run it for hours on end, you may find that a gas cart is better. However, if you are only driving your cart a few miles per day and never run the batteries down. You could save some capital by acquiring an electric cart.

Which Cart Is More Expensive?

According to the good folks at State Farm Insurance, the price of a new gas or electric cart is the same. The company goes on to state that a reused gas cart is more expensive, given the higher cost to maintain batteries in an electric vehicle.

Which Cart Is More Affordable To Maintain?

First-time buyers have the perception that electric carts are more expensive to maintain compared to their gas counterparts. However, the team at North Florida Golf Carts explains that when you run the numbers. An electric cart is more affordable to maintain.

To put it into perspective, they suggest that a set of batteries for a 48V golf cart will run you between $650 to $ 750. The batteries last an average of five to eight years, depending on how well you look after them. Crown Battery company tells us that AGM batteries are an ideal option, as they eradicate the need for maintenance.

Which Cart Is Faster

Another misconception is that gas carts are faster than electric carts. The folks in North Florida have debunked the theory in this post. Electric carts are faster and have more torque than gas carts.

However, the longer an electric cart runs without a charge, the slower it will become. Therefore, while an electric cart is faster. A gas cart is a better option if you run it for hours on end.

The Best Golf Cart Brands On The Market

1. Club Car

If there is an industry that uses golf carts or utility vehicles, Club Car probably supplies them. The company manufactures carts for specialized use by entities in the golf, education, government,, and hospitality industries.

Furthermore, Club Car stocks carts for industrial and personal use. In terms of golf carts, Club Car manufacturers vehicles for golfers, greenskeepers, and the food and beverage department.

If the golf carts don’t pique your interest, there are a range of personal vehicles to choose from, with the option to customize it.

If you intend on using your cart on the roads in your neighborhood Club Car also offers street-legal vehicles.

From classic two-seater carts to modern-day street-legal cruisers, this brand offers a cart for every purpose.

Our Best Club Car Cart –Tempo Lithium Ion Golf Cart

2. Yamaha

While the Yamaha brand has stood tall since the 1880s, it only started producing golf carts in the 1970s. Whether you are looking at a vehicle for personal, golf, or commercial use, Yamaha has various options.

If you are a fan of the silence that an electric cart offers. But you require the stamina of a gas vehicle, you will appreciate Yamaha’s QuieTech technology. It reduces the noise of gas carts without impacting their torque.

Tim Gavrich from Golfpass praises Yamaha along with E-Z-Go for their designs. He is particularly fond of Yamaha’s alternative approach to carts that use GPS. Instead of fitting it to the roof, the device rises up from the center console.

In conclusion, Yamaha is a reputable brand that continues to improve and redefine its golf cart designs.

Best Yamaha Cart – Hyperlite Zero Double Strap Stand Bag

3. E-Z-Go

E-Z-Go began operations in 1954, three years after the first marketable golf cart was released by Marketeer.

These days E-Z-Go stocks three predominant vehicles Cushman, TXT, and RXV. If you are looking for a standard golf cart, stick to the latter two categories. Whereas if you need a labor-intensive vehicle, you will need to look at options in the Cushman range.

Although most cart companies offer you the choice of an electric or gas cart. E-Z-Go goes one step further. They offer an elite lithium battery option for some of their models.

Best E-Z-Go Cart –Elite Lithium Powertrain

4. Garia

Stephen Metzger claims that the driving force behind the surge in golf cart sales is younger customers.

This clientele enjoys luxurious products and is looking for more than the standard golf cart their grandfather drives. That is where Garia comes in. The Danish manufacturer epitomizes luxury, and the new kid on the block is evolving the style of carts.

Whether you are a golfer, a resort, or need a street-legal cart, Garia carries various options. Their carts are also kitted with USB ports, an icebox, a storage box, a horn, and LED head and tail lights.

Best Club Car Cart – Garia 2-Seater Golf Cart

5. Cushman

We touched on Cushman carts in the E-Z-Go section, as they are now part of the same family. However, Cushman carts are workhorses and offer more value to businesses and their employees than the individual.

From mobile bar carts to shuttles and a vehicle for the greenskeeper, we see that these are not the carts that the average golfer will buy. However, Cushman produces quality products for the working men and women in the world of golf.

That is why it rounds out our list for the top five golf cart brands.

Final Thoughts

Although golf cart sales have risen over the past year, the market still features very few players. Our review of the five best golf cart brands shows that Club Car is still the dominant force in the industry. Thanks to its ability to cater to a variety of sectors.

E-Z-Go and Yamaha offer the best carts as far as design is concerned, whereas Garia cannot be beaten when it comes to luxury. Finally, if you need a cart for work, you can find more Cushman options here.

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