How Fast Can A 48V Golf Cart Go? 

What is the fastest golf cart on the market? I get first-time buyers asking this question all the time.

While having the fastest cart will bring you endless joy, the more pertinent question is: does the cart suit my needs? However, for all the petrol heads, I will answer the question of speed below.

In this article, we are answering the question, how fast can a 48V golf cart go? Along the way, we will discuss the design, features, and benefits of this cart design so that you can decide if this is what you should be test-driving.

Introduction To A 48V Golf Cart

A 48-volt golf cart operates on six 8-volt or four 12-volt batteries. Unlike a 36-volt vehicle, the 48v draws a third less amperage. As a result, a 48v golf cart is more efficient, leading to longer battery life.

Which Is Better, 36V or 48V Golf Cart?

According to the team at King of Carts, batteries on a 48v golf cart last longer than on a 36v vehicle. As we mentioned above, the 48-volts cart uses less amperage than a 36-volts cart, meaning that the lifespan of the battery and that charge cycles increase.

Furthermore, a 48-volt cart holds an increase in low-end torque that delivers quicker acceleration than a 36-volt cart.

While the differences are minimal, one can conclude that a 48-v golf cart is better than a 36-v one.

What Is The Average Golf Cart Speed?

According to J’s Golf Carts in North Carolina, the average speed of a standard golf cart ranges between 12 to 14 miles per hour. However, if you modify the cart, you can increase the top speed to over 20 mph.

This video shows the fastest golf cart in the world. It clocked a phenomenal 118.76mph.

Are Electric Or Gas Carts Faster?

The team at North Florida Golf Carts explains that electric golf vehicles have a higher top speed. If we look at the speeds of an electric golf cart, we see that it ranges between 20mph and 24mph. Conversely, gas carts are clocking 18mph to 20mph.

The downside of electric cars is that their speed begins to reduce as the battery runs low.

Read the full comparison of Gas vs Electric Golf Cart.

How Fast Can A 48V Golf Cart Go?

We have identified the average speed of electric and gas carts, but how fast can a 48v golf cart go? The standard 48v golf cart will travel between 12 to 14 mph. However, if you apply modifications to the vehicle you can expect top speeds of 20 to 24mph.

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How Do I Increase The Speed Of My Golf Cart?

J’s carts recommend that to increase the speed of your cart you need to undertake three steps.

Speed Code

The first step is to alter the speed limitations imposed on the cart. You can do that by changing the cart’s computer’s speed code.

Larger Tires

The second way you can help your cart generate more speed is to increase the size of your tires. The larger your tires are, the more surface area there is to create friction. That leads to faster and more powerful propulsion.

Motor Upgrade

Finally, for optimal speed, you will need to insert a new, powerful motor. Altering the coding will only increase your speed to an extent. For total performance, you will need a new motor.

How Fast Do Street Legal Golf Carts Go?

Before you can take your cart onto the street, you need to have the relevant documents in check, as well as various safety modifications. One such modification is that your cart needs to be able to do at least 20mph.

Once it reaches these speeds, it will be permitted to travel on a 35mph road. Assuming all your other modifications are complete.

Final Thoughts

In answer to the question of how fast can a 48v golf cart go. We have discovered that the standard vehicle travels between 12mph to 14mph. However, as soon as you add modifications to a 48v golf cart, you can increase its top speed to between 20mph and 24mph.

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