Ping G700 Irons Review – Does This Big Brand Deliver?

Sure, you can get around a golf course with an average set of irons and a few other clubs. You will, however, do so much better with quality irons.

If you consider that most of your shots are played with an iron, they should be one of the first areas you look to upgrade your equipment.

If you want an ultra-forgiving set of golf irons with great distance and good playability, you cannot go wrong with the Ping G700 Irons.

What sets them apart? Well, Ping has always been known for cutting-edge research and development and they are constantly improving on an already great formula.

The Ping G700 Irons sport a hollow build with a maraging steel face. What this means for you is greater flex in the face which allows for high ball speeds and an easy high launch and awesome forgiveness.

Who would not want that?

The bottom line is that these irons are easy to hit and will suit a wide range of players. Beginners to more advanced players will appreciate these fast, forgiving, and high launching game-improvement irons.

They feel like some of the better hybrids but with the looks, feel, and playability of a traditional iron.

What you need to think about before buying a set of irons

Most golfers do not replace their irons al that often so are often a bit bewildered by the vast array of options available. While it would be great to replace them every two or three years, most of us do not have this luxury.

It is, however, important to your game to keep up with the technology and design advantages that modern irons offer.

Here are a few things to consider before replacing your set of irons:

Think about your needs

No two golfers are alike, all have their strengths and weaknesses, even the pros. There are a number of styles of irons to choose from depending on your specific needs.

Blades are more suited to experienced and skilled golfers that can get height and distance but want great playability. For most golfers, hollow-backed irons would be better.

These create an easier hit with great forgiveness and a much better loft. Somewhere between the two are muscle-back irons which play like blades but have weighting and forgiveness close to a hollow-back iron.

Hybrid irons are also popular but will give you less playability.

The three main things you want to look for in an iron, unless you are a pro, is loft, length, and forgiveness.  Fortunately, some iron sets combine all three very well.

Do not go and buy a set of blades unless you have the skills and experience to handle them. It will just frustrate you. A good set of game- improvement irons will give you a better score and a much better experience on the course.


Another important aspect is to get the right shaft. If you want to have a good feel with maximum distance then you need the right shaft flex to suit your swing speed and style. The weight of the shaft is also important.

Graphite shafts are lighter and therefore more suitable for slower swing speeds while steel shafts are better for faster swings and greater consistency.


You do not have to stick to just the standard irons that come in the set you purchase and you can get additional wedges with different lofts. This will give you greater control over your short game.

Ping G700 Irons Review

Ping introduced their G-Max irons some years ago and the G700 range replaces the popular G400 irons. They are great irons for those wanting to shave a good few strokes off their game with more distance and great forgiveness.

You do not have to worry about wayward balls when you hit off center and should always be able to get a great lift, even from a difficult lie.

The G700s are 17-4 hollow-body irons with a variable thickness maraging steel face. They use a shaft and toe-screw for perimeter weighting.

This, combined with the hollow design and maraging steel face make for ultra-forgiving irons with good distance and an easy launch.

They are game improvement irons but will suit a wide range of players. Pros and very low handicap golfers might want a bit more playability but everyone else will enjoy them and benefit from the design.

Apart from functionality, these are great looking irons. The hollow design creates a rather unusual and powerful sound on impact.

Some love while others do not enjoy the untraditional iron sound.

If you want to invest in a new set of irons to help with distance, loft, and forgiveness, the Ping G700 is a good choice.

  • Superb forgiveness
  • Easy high launch
  • Good distance
  • Great appearance
  • Some players do not enjoy the “hollow” sound produced
  • Not suitable for low handicap players that want perfect control and playability

Features & Benefits

The Ping G700 has a number of features that make it a top choice:

Hollow-body design

While most manufacturers shy away from the full hollow-body design, Ping has embraced it. It makes for a unique but not unpleasant sound. The performance is really where it is all about and the irons have plenty.

The hollow design gives the head great flex which means exceptional forgiveness. It also delivers a high COR which results in excellent ball speeds and easy high launches.

This is pretty much everything the majority of golfers needs, forgiveness, launch and distance.

Maraging Steel Face

The strong C300 maraging steel face also helps to increase the face flex for higher ball speed and therefore distance. The perimeter weighting on the heel and toe increases inertia while reducing dispersion.

Generous Sole

The wide sole has bounce and forgiveness. Added to that. the offset design gives it great performance on grass and even tricky lies.


Let’s be honest, we all want our clubs to perform well while still looking great.  Fortunately, the Ping G700 irons do both. They have a sleek and attractive Hydro Pearl finish.

Apart from looking good, it is also effective at dealing with moisture at impact. This is handy when playing in the rain, in the morning dew or out of the long rough.


The standard shaft is the steel Ping AWT 2.0. This is great for most players. Those with a slower swing speed can opt for a Ping Alta CB Graphite Shaft.

Alternatives To The Ping G700

While the Ping G700 irons are great, one should always look at a few alternatives to find the set that works best for your game. Here are a few popular alternatives:

Wilson C300 Irons

Wilson’s main claim to fame with these irons is the Power Hole technology and many golfers love it.

It also has a maraging steel face and many other features but it is the 10 Urethane-filled power holes that give it a lot of kick.

You will get good forgiveness and distance with these irons.

The sound and feel appeals to many golfers and they suit a wide range of players.

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Mizuno JPX 900 Irons

Mizuno has three types of iron sets in this range. There is the Hot Metal option for beginners, the forged irons for most of the field and the tour irons for the top golfers.

By including boron in the technology, they have made forged irons accessible to the average player.

The JPC 900 irons have good workability while still giving you great forgiveness and distance.

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Callaway X20 Irons

These are true game improvement irons. They deliver an effortless launch, impressive distance a good accuracy. They are a top choice for beginners and well likes by many intermediate golfers.

They might not be as forging as the Ping G700 Irons but have a lot going for them.

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If you want a versatile set of irons that offer a bit of everything then the Ping G700 has to be considered. They tick all the right boxes for all but the pros and the absolute beginners.

These irons are highly forgiving while still giving you excellent loft and distance. They are not the most workable irons but for this range of the market, the benefits will outweigh this.

Nick is the founder of GolfSpan and an avid golfer. He's not quite a pro but has over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golfers worldwide. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf gear and finding the right setup for your game.

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