Wilson C300 Irons Review – Are They Worth Buying?

We golfers are a demanding group. We have high expectations of equipment and are not easy to please. While we all want to improve our game and hit starter and further, we still want playability and control.

Wilson has really tried to please the average golfer across the handicap range and most agree they have done a good job with the C300 Irons.

Building on the success of their C200 set, they have improved and advanced their FLX Face™ Power Hole technology. This will give you good playability while allowing for outstanding distance and great forgiveness.

In this article, we look more into the C300 range and the other great features of the Wilson C300 Irons.

Things to consider before buying new irons

It is important to consider all club purchases carefully but particularly irons. They form the majority of your clubs in your bag and are used for most of your strokes in a round.

There is a lot to think about and take into consideration so do your homework and make an informed decision.

One of the most important aspects is to be realistic about your skills and abilities. Some irons are designed for experienced golfers that play off a very low to scratch handicap, some are for beginners and many are for intermediate players.

If you select the wrong style of iron you will either be very disappointed or very frustrated.

Think about aspects such as distance, control, loft, forgiveness, and playability. Everyone has differences in their game and certain irons will have subtle differences that will work better for you.

Getting the right clubs for your game will improve your score and make each round more rewarding and enjoyable.

Wilson C300 Irons Review

For a while, Wilson was seen as the underdogs or budget club choice in the market. They did not have the same reputation or prestige as some of the bigger names.

This is no longer the case and Wilson has more than proved themselves over the last few years and continue to improve. They now rank right up there with Ping, Callaway, and other top names.

Not that they really need to prove themselves as many pros have found success with Wilson clubs however the mainstream market seems to forget this and favors the “bigger” brands.

Wilson first found success with their innovative Power Hole Technology with the C200 Irons. Based on how popular and well received these were by many golfers they have taken the design even further and expanded the technology.

This is the main feature of these irons and means you will get exceptional forgiveness across the face and brilliant distance.

These are game improvement irons that still have a good amount of playability or workability. They will suit a wide range of players with the exception of the very low handicappers.

  • Great feel
  • Highly forgiving
  • Straight shooter
  • Excellent distance
  • Pleasing sound
  • Value for money
  • Not as workable as some players would like
  • Bulky head appearance and some don’t fancy the look
  • Not all golfers enjoy the power hole technology

Features & Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of the Wilson C300 Irons and how they can help your game.

Power Hole Technology

The expanded Power Hole Technology on these irons gives greater face flexibility and a larger sweet spot. This not only makes them ultra-forgiving when you hit off-center but also improves ball speed and distance.

It makes for amazing consistency throughout your game.

Wilson has increased to a total of 10 Urethane-filled power holes and not just on the sole but now also on the toe and the top of the face. The result is less face material for a higher COR and that wonderful trampoline effect on impact.

Wilson has included an adjustability notch situated on the hosel for easier adjustment.

Face technology

There is a 17-4 high-strength steel chassis with Rockwell Hardness C40 insert that is welded on. This gives a rigid thin face for power, accuracy, and playability.


The first thing you notice is the large glossy stainless steel heads. Some people love the look and others not so much. The large head does inspire confidence at address and the Power Holes give it a bit of character.


The Urethane-filled power holes create a sound that is powerful and pleasant. Most golfers enjoy it.


Another area most players agreed on is that the design and construction give the irons a great feel. This was a common comment from those that have tested or played with these irons.


The standard shaft is the firm and lightweight KBS Tour 90 Shaft. It will work well for most golfers from the lower to middle of the handicap range.

Those with a much higher handicap and/or a slower swing speed might want to look at an alternative shaft.

The shafts are .5inch longer than a standard shaft for greater distance. Beginners may want to keep them short for more control.

Alternatives To The Wilson C300 Irons

Ping G700

These are great all-rounders popular with a wide range of golfers. Ping has found a good balance between launch, forgives and distance. Despite these benefits, the G700s still offer a fair amount of workability.

The hollow body design, maraging steel face, and strategic weighting make them forgiving with a stunning launch and impressive distance.

Mizuno JPX 900 Irons

The Mizuno Forged JPX 900 Irons look amazing. More importantly, they play really well and will suit the mid-range golfer well.

The feel and feedback is a bit less than other irons in this category but they make up for it in distance. They have enough forgiveness for most golfers and good workability.

Callaway X20 Irons

Another option you might consider is the Callaway X20 Irons. These are good value for money, durable and highly competent irons.

They launch well, deliver good distance and forgive the odd off-center hit. The Callaway X20 Irons work well for a wide range of golfers.

Read more: Callaway X20 Irons review


The Wilson G300 Irons are a popular choice for those wanting a game improvement set of irons. They are accurate and extremely forgiving.

They also give a brilliant distance. Another benefit is that they are quality irons at a reasonable price.

The G300 Irons are certainly worth looking at when considering your iron choice.

Nick is the founder of GolfSpan and an avid golfer. He's not quite a pro but has over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golfers worldwide. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf gear and finding the right setup for your game.

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