The Best Winter Golf Hats To Keep You Warm And Dry

We have been on a mission of late to bring you our top picks for winter golf clothing this season. We have looked at trousers and gloves, but now it is time to focus on our heads. In this post, we reveal our five best winter golf hats to warm your game.

This article focuses on the features and benefits of each hat to help you find the right option for you. Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

Quick Overview: Best Winter Golf Hats

OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__imageTitleist Winter Heathered Beanie
  • An acrylic 5-gauge, tricolor knit with single-color cuff and Pom Pom top
  • Microfleece performance liner for enhanced comfort and warmth
  • No-run, no-fade color-fast materials
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__imageCamoland Winter Beanie
  • Acrylic,Fleece,Wool
  • Hand Wash Only
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstblcr-table__imageTrailheads Fleece Ball Cap
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstblcr-table__imageZylioo Woolen Baseball Cap
  • Buckle closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Classic cotton dad hat
gstblcr-table__imagePuma Lifestyle Beanie
  • Classy Trim Line
  • Puma Golf Woven Label
  • Trim Details

Best Winter Golf Hat Overall

1. Titleist Winter Heathered Beanie

Features of Titleist Winter Heathered Beanie

Acrylic Knit

According to Icelandic brand Ice Wear, acrylic is a warm fabric that promotes limited breathability to maintain heat. It is not as warm as wool and cotton but still performed admirably when used in winter headwear.

Titleist employed a tri-color, 5-gauge knit to provide a light, warm design that does not weigh down your head and keeps you warm.

Microfleece Performance Liner

To enhance the warmth abilities of the Winter Heathered beanie, Titleist fitted a microfleece performance liner. The soft material enhances your comfort and rapidly warms up your ears, neck, and head.

No-Run, No-Fade Colors

Titleist waste no time on giving their colors fancy marketing names. Instead, they stuck to basics by with a black, a grey, and a blue option.

The design team crafted the color acrylic fabrics not to run or fade. That means that you can throw it in the washing machine without the colors fading. The no-run, no-fade design increases the lifespan of the winter wear, as it maintains its original look for longer.

Value For Money

The Titleist Winter Heathered beanie is an affordable purchase. Plus, it keeps you warm and preserves the original coloring for longer. As a result, we can conclude that this headwear is a value for money buy.

The Titleist Winter Heathered beanie may not represent innovative golf winter headwear, but it gets the job done. An acrylic tri-color fabric knit combines with a microfleece liner to deliver a snug, streamlined design to keep your noggin warm this winter.

Furthermore, the classic pom-pom design comes in three different colors. All of them contain no-run, no-fade materials, resulting in a longer lifespan.


Simple but effective. That is the ideal description for the Titleist Winter Heathered beanie. It sports a traditional beanie design that delivers optimal warmth, comfort, and durability. Therefore, if you prefer to wear a beanie than a winter golf hat, this may be worth considering.

2. Camoland Winter Beanie

Features of The Camoland Winter Beanie

Suppresible Earflaps

The Camoland Winter Beanie features suppressible earflaps that you can roll up or down. When your ears are cold, you roll the flaps down to cover them up and keep them warm and shielded from the wind.

Shield Visor

The shield visor of the headwear benefits you in two ways. The first benefit is that it shelters your face from rain, snow, or sun. And, the second advantage is its ability to shield your eyes from glare to prevent long-term eye damage.

Fleece Lining

The challenge that I have had with beanies is that acrylic or polyester cotton scratches your skin, leaving you with a rash and days of itching. To avoid this, Camoland fitted the beanie with a fleece lining. Fleece is soft and non-invasive to your skin, resulting in less itching and more comfort.

Value For Money

Considering that the Camoland Winter Beanie is half the price of some competing products, its features are impressive. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that this winter golf hat is good value for money.

Camoland’s Winter Beanie isn’t designed for golf. But it is purposed to thrive in chilly outdoor conditions.

The beanie comprises a combination of wool and acrylic that feature suppressible earflaps, a fleece lining, and a shield visor to keep your ears, neck, and head warm and comfortable during your winter rounds.


Camoland has upped the ante of wooly hat designs with their hybrid Winter Beanie. It is refreshing to see a warm beanie that shelters your face and eyes from wind, rain, snow, and glare.

Therefore, if you feel that the traditional beanie design is ineffective, you may appreciate the multi-purpose nature of this design.

3. Trailheads Fleece Ball Cap

Features of Trailheads Fleece Ball Cap

Flexible Fit

TrailHeads were cautious in declaring that their Fleece Ball Cap is one size fits most construction. For this feature to work, the designer’s fitted an inner band that increases the stretch of the cap. That enables you to adjust to the size of your head. As a result of this design, there is no adjustable closure.

Folding Fleece

The folding fleece setup of this cap is a standout feature. The fleece allows you to fold it over your ears and neck when the temperature is on the lower side. However, once your neck and ears are warm, you can roll them up to expose your skin to the surrounding fresh air.

The folding fleece feature saves you from needing a cap and a beanie in your bag during winter.

Curved Bill

Another area where Trailhead’s Fleece Ball Cap is superior compared to a beanie is the curved bill. The dark underbill reduces your eye’s direct exposure to bright glare to lower the risk of eye damage over time.

Furthermore, the upper bill of the cap protects your face from direct sunlight to lower your chance of sunburn.


Besides the warmth and protective qualities of this Trailheads cap, it delivers exceptional comfort. The use of fleece provides a soft, cushioning material that protects your skin and keeps you warm.

Value For Money

If you compare the price of the Trailhead Fleece Cap with a beanie, you notice that the former costs more.

However, it is a cap and a beanie in one design. That saves you from needing to buy two products. Plus, it keeps you warms and shields you from the sun. Therefore, it is safe to say that this winter golf cap offers good value for money.

Trailheads is not a brand you would associate with golf, but their Fleece Ball Cap’s cater to all of us who love the outdoors. The unique design allows you to roll the fleece material down to cover your ears and neck for optimal warmth. Plus, the dark underbill shields your eyes from glare.

This Fleece Ball Cap offers you the best of both worlds, shielding your eyes and face from the sun’s rays while keeping your head, ears, and neck warm. Although it is priced higher than the average beanie, it offers double the features.


The Trailheads Fleece Ball Cap provides a practical solution to shielding from glare and keeping your head warm. Although the company is not known for its golf-specific product, this cap serves golfers as well as it does skiers.

For those of you looking for a two-in-one hat and beanie design, this is worthy of consideration.

In conclusion, it tops our overall list for the best winter golf hat for its comfort and ability to keep you warm while shielding you from the sun.

4. Zylioo Woolen Baseball Cap

Features of The Zylioo Woolen Baseball Cap


In a test conducted by Scientific American Magazine, they found that wool is warmer than cotton. During the test, they covered two glasses of water with a wool and cotton sock. Once they removed the socks, they checked the temperature of each glass. The wool came out on top, measuring one degree centigrade higher than cotton.

In line with Scientific American’s findings, Zylioo employed a total of 50% of wool fabric to construct their woolen baseball cap. As a result, it keeps your head warmer than the materials used in beanies.

Fleece Lining

While wool works to keep your head up toasty, it combines with a light fleece lining that enhances comfort and breathability. The breathable fabric enables moisture to push to the outside of the cap, keeping your head dry and warm.


Another perk of the Zylioo Woolen Baseball cap is that you can wear it off the golf course. You can use it while working out, hiking, or even as an accessory for your casual outfits. There is no occasion where this cap doesn’t add value to your appearance, comfort, and warmth.


If this cap has caught your attention, you have the choice of two sizes. One size fits all and XX-large. The one size fits all is best suited to those with a head circumference of 22 to 23-inches. Conversely, XX-large fits those in the 23.5 to 25-inch category.


Zylioo offers their Woolen Baseball cap in seven different colors, which is more options than most of the winter golf hats on this list. However, if you are looking for a funky design, keep looking. All these colors are variants of black, blue, and grey.

Value For Money

Those on a budget will be happy to know that you can find quality for an affordable price. Depending on your head size, you could purchase three of these caps for the same price as some beanies.

It may look like a standard baseball cap, but Zylioo’s woolen design delivers ample warmth to your head and ears. Wool and polyester combine with a fleece lining to provide a combination of heat and breathability for optimal comfort during winter rounds.

Those of you with sizeable noggins will be pleased to hear that these caps are oversized. As a result, there are very few heads that won’t fit into it.


It is pleasant to see a headwear company that takes the plight of big-headed golfers into account. The Zylioo Woolen Baseball cap provides exceptional warmth, comfort, and breathability at an entry-level price and is well worth considering. More so if you prefer caps to beanies.

5. Puma Lifestyle Beanie

Features of The Puma Lifestyle Beanie


If anyone knows about handling freezing temperatures, it would be the Icelanders. After reading a report from Icewear, it appears that polyester is the fourth-best material for winter hats, behind wool, cotton, and knit.

Keeping in line with Icewear’s findings, Puma employed 50% polyester to optimize the warmth provided to your head, neck, and ears.


The team at Icewear further claims that acrylic is a soft, warm material. The Lifestyle Beanie is composed of 50% acrylic. That increases the softness of the fabric on your skin, and as a result, maximizes your comfort.

Wind Resistant

The star feature of the Lifestyle beanie is its resistance to the icy winter winds. It stands firm to shield your neck, head, and ears from the breeze.


Unlike Titleist, this product features fancy color names. Such as Puma Black and navy blazer-bright white. I hope you appreciate black or blue because those are your only options.

Value For Money

The Puma Lifestyle beanie is a standard design at an affordable price that keeps your head warm and shelters it from the wind. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is a good value for money purchase.

Puma’s Lifestyle Beanie excludes a pom-pom which I appreciate. However, you cannot ignore its durable and wind-resistant qualities. That is why it tops our list as the best beanie to wear in the wind.

Acrylic and polyester combine to keep your head, ears, and neck warm and sheltered from the wind.


Those of you who appreciate a classic beanie design should warm to the idea of the Puma Lifestyle Beanie with ease. Overall, it is best suited to golfers who play in icy gale-force winds and are looking for a solution to keep their ears and neck free of cold gusts.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better understanding of the features and benefits of a winter golf hat, what will it be for you?

In concluding our review on the five best winter golf hats, let us recap our findings. The TrailHeads Fleece Ball Cap topped our list as the overall best choice for cold weather, thanks to its warmth, comfort, and ability to shield your face from the elements.

Our best overall golf beanie went to the Titleist Winter Heathered design, while Puma’s Lifestyle Beanie is the most wind-resistant golf headwear.

Furthermore, Zylioo’s Woolen Baseball cap topped our list as the best in the category for winter golf. And capping off our top five is the Camoland Winter Beanie, which is our pick for the most protective winter golf hat on the market.

If you are looking for maximum value for money and a combination of warmth, comfort, and protection from the elements. The TrailHeads Fleece Ball Cap is worthy of consideration.

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