Project X LZ Review – Is This Popular Shaft Worth A Try?

True Temper is one of the leading manufacturers of golf shafts and used by professional golfers on all of the major tours. Project X shafts are one range of shafts within their stable.

The Project X standard shaft is one of the most popular shafts on Tour and in high swing speed player’s bags.

With the introduction of the Loading Zone technology, Project X offers the precision and advantages of Project X standard shaft to a larger player base.

They are available in chrome and blackout finish.


  • Reinforced tip and butt sections offer ultimate stability
  • The thinner midsection promotes mid-launch trajectory and gives a signature smooth feel
  • A less demanding profile makes it more player-friendly
  • Loading Zone technology provides a 7% increase in energy transfer for longer shots
  • The thinner midsection allows LZ shafts to feel smooth without a decrease in performance


  • Not ideal for high swing speed players as it may launch the golf ball too high
  • No ultra-light shaft option available in the range
  • One of the most expensive iron and wedge shafts available

Design and Technology

The iron shaft adds innovative technology to True Temper’s much-admired stable of steel iron shafts.

The Project X LZ combines the benefits of premium materials into an innovative design to couple responsiveness and feels into a stable iron shaft.

Project X LZ (Loading Zone) features True Temper’s proprietary technology which is specifically positioned to maximize shaft load for greater energy transfer and increased ball speed. This is achieved by thinning out the mid-section walls for increased flexibility to produce maximum shaft load during the downswing for greater energy transfer.

By keeping the butt and tip sections reinforced, it assists in increased stability and control. The variable wall thickness creates a unique design, profile, and feel that is visible in the rapid tapered steps from the grip through the midsection of the shaft.

A reduction in the stiffness of the mid-section, Project X LZ iron shafts are designed to boost speed and spin properties accordingly through each flex in the range.

Innovative design principles offer Project X LZ shafts all the playing benefits of the Project X standard shaft with the enhanced launch and feel, especially at slower swing speeds.


There are four models in the Project X LZ shafts based on their unique weight and flex profile. A number is used to delineate the increase in stiffness.

All shafts in the range measure between 36.5 and 40 inches in length, with a tip diameter of 0.355 inches and a butt diameter of 0.600 inches, and produce a mid-flight launch trajectory.

The first option is the 5.0 Project X LZ Steel shafts available in regular flex, weighing in at 110g.

For a stiffer and heavier option, the 5.5 Project X LZ Steel shafts available in regular plus flex, weighing in at 115g.

A third option is the 6.0 Project X LZ shaft available in stiff flex weighing in at 120g.

The final option is the 6.5 Project X LZ shaft available in extra-stiff flex weighing in at 125g.


The standard Project X shaft has a uniform stiffness profile throughout the entire shaft that creates a sturdy and consistent feel.

Loading Zone technology redeploys the weight and stiffness of the shaft to the butt and tip for enhanced stability and a signature smooth feel.

A firmer butt and tip section retain some of the stiffness of the Project X standard but the LZ provides an overall crisp and active.

The backswing retains the stable and firm feel of the standard version.

It is in the downswing where you will feel the biggest difference. You can feel a precise kick and snap with the LZ compared to other PX shafts.

You can feel much more of a kick with the LZ compared to If you are looking for the performance advantages of Project X with a smooth feel, the LZ is the shaft for you.

The softer feel of the Project X LZ will improve your wedge play if you are looking for a softer feel than the Project X Standard offers.


Designed to be a mid-launch iron shaft it performs well against the design platform.

Besides, the smooth feel created by the LZ technology translates into enhanced performance and playability.  It will empower you to shape your shots better with more control, thus broadening the shot selection that you can call upon under various circumstances.

The additional kick that you get on the downswing through impact will keep the ball trajectory low without loss in distance.


1. Project X Standard shaft

Project X is the original shaft and is a trusted brand name to the top professional golfers requiring a low penetrating ball flight that is ideal for high swing speed.

Produces as a rifle shaft that the steel is smooth from top to bottom and has no steps providing you with precision, accuracy, and distance control.

2. KBS Tour Shaft

The KBS Tour is the signature shaft from the KBS brand and is available in a variety of weight options.

This shaft is aimed at golfers that require shot versatility and a high launch trajectory. The trajectory is much higher than that of Project X LZ.

Shafts are available in a variety of weights and flex

  • Tour (110g for regular, 115g for R+, 120g for stiff, 125g for S+ and 130g for X-stiff)
  • Tour V (100g for regular, 110g for stiff, and 120g for X-stiff)
  • Tour 80 (100g for regular and stiff flex),
  • Tour 90 (95g for regular flex and 102g for stiff flex)
  • Tour 105 (105g for regular, 110g for stiff, and 115g for X-stiff)

Tip diameter options are either 0.355 or 0.370. The .370 Parallel Shaft is a single length shaft that will be tip and butt trimmed to your required length although this can change how the shaft will play.

KBS Tour is made to be one of the smoothest shafts for irons and wedges to deliver a signature soft feel and increased responsiveness.

3. N.S. Modus 3 Shaft

The Modus 3 is Nippon’s most complete golf shaft line-up using weight and bend profiles to deliver three ranges of golf shafts made for each style of the golf swing and provides enhanced control over trajectory, distance, and direction.

The three key areas that Nippon aimed at excelling are

  • Desired trajectory
  • Accurate distance
  • Tight dispersion

This was achieved through a high tip rigidity design that steadies the tip through impact reducing unwanted spin, low mid-section rigidity to control shaft flex for control at any swing speed, and low butt rigidity to improve tempo for a comfortable and smoother feeling on impact.

Shafts are available in a variety of weights (105g, 120g, 125g, and 130g) and flex options (R, S, X, TX)

All shafts in the range measure between 37 and 41 inches in length, with a tip diameter of 0.355 inches and a butt diameter of 0.600 inches.

Final Thoughts

Project X shafts are well known across the globe and used on all professional tours.

Introducing the Project X LZ technology made the shaft became more accessible to a wider range of golfers that do not have a fast wing speed like professional golfers.

Variable wall thickness creates an extra kick at compact for a mid-launch trajectory without sacrificing stability.

Although this is the closest you will come to a universal shaft, it is highly recommended that you conduct proper testing to ensure that the shaft is suited to your swing.

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