KBS Tour 90 Review – Setting A New Standard In Steel Shafts

The story of KBS Tour shafts is the joining of two paths into a committed partnership aiming to establish a new vision of golf shaft performance and design.

FEMCO Steel Technology (FST), the golf branch of the Far East Machinery Co. Ltd, aims to provide high-quality and cost-effective steel products including golf shafts through constant innovation and technological advancements. FST continues to provide high-quality shafts at affordable prices.

Kim Braly designed innovative golf shafts throughout his career. He has validated his designs with golfers playing on the various professional golf tours. Furthermore, Kim used feedback from these golfers in the development of new products.

In 2008 FST America Corporation decided to partner with the most sought-after golf shaft designers to incorporate pioneering designs with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This led to the partnership between FST and Kim Braly.

Since its launch, KBS has set a new standard in steel shafts with its unparalleled growth and acclaim.

KBS shafts have grown a significant share of the market and are now used in the irons of most major golfing brands as standard or for custom fitment. It is swiftly turning into the fastest growing steel shaft brand in the industry.

Adopted by over 150 professionals, the KBS Tour shafts have recorded multiple wins including several majors.

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  • Stable tip section
  • Higher CG location
  • Firm shaft design
  • Light-weight construction
  • Good trajectory
  • High spin
  • 2-flex system


  • Not suitable for fast tempo golf swings

Design and Technology

As the lightest shaft in the KBS Tour range, the KBS Tour 90 shaft is designed to offer golfers with a slow tempo more spin, a higher trajectory, and distance.  It is 20% lighter than a standard steel shaft thus aiding increasing swing, ball speeds, and distance.

The firm shaft design on the Tour 90 offers a softer tip with a higher center of gravity to create a higher ball trajectory.

Combined with the 2-Flex system on the KBS Tour 90 offer a more flexible than the normal shaft.


Tapered tip technical specifications

Regular shaft flex:

  • Weight 95g
  • Tip diameter .355 inches
  • Butt diameter .600 inches
  • Length 36.5 inches to 40.5inches
  • Available for 2-iron through 9-iron, and PW

Stiff shaft flex:

  • Weight 102g
  • Tip diameter .355 inches
  • Butt diameter .600 inches
  • Length 36.5 inches to 40.5inches
  • Available for 2-iron through 9-iron
Parallel tip technical specifications

Regular shaft flex:

  • Weight 101g
  • Tip diameter .370 inches
  • Butt diameter .600 inches
  • Length 41.25 inches
  • Available for 2-iron through 9-iron

Stiff shaft flex:

  • Weight 102g
  • Tip diameter .370 inches
  • Butt diameter .600 inches
  • Length 41.25 inches
  • Available for 2-iron through 9-iron

.370 Parallel shaft is a single length shaft that will be tip and butt trimmed to your required length which can change how the shaft will play.


For the best feel, you must have a smooth tempo. You can still achieve a high swing speed even if you have a smooth tempo.

With the right tempo, you will receive precise feedback on the impact point of the ball on the clubface. No tingle to your fingers even on the coldest days.

Its kick is remarkably smooth with the right tempo swing but if your tempo is too fast, you are sure to encounter difficulties.


KBS TOUR 90 is the lightest shaft in the KBS Tour range designed for golfers requiring a higher trajectory, additional spin, and maximum distance.

Performance on the short irons is most noticeable with the wedges and 9-iron generating a high trajectory and more spin. This gives you great green-side control.

Golfers with a moderate-to-slow swing speed and slow tempo will achieve the best performance from the KBS Tour 90.

Independent testing reveals that the KBS Tour 90 to be in the region of 9% longer and generate 5% more spin than its foremost rivals.

This video will give you some more insight into KBS shafts.


1. Project X LZ

Project X shafts are used on all professional tours and a follow up on the Project X Standard version making it accessible to golfers that have swing speed that is lower than that of professional golfers.

Variable wall thickness creates an extra kick at compact for a mid-launch trajectory without sacrificing stability.

Although this is the closest you will come to a universal shaft, it is highly recommended that you conduct proper testing to ensure that the shaft is suited to your swing.

All shafts measure between 36.5 and 40 inches in length, with a tip diameter of 0.355 inches and a butt diameter of 0.600 inches, and produce a mid-flight launch trajectory.

Weight varies between 110g and 125g with 5g intervals.

Flex is available in R, S, and XS.

2. N.S. Modus 3 Shaft

Nippon’s comprehensive golf shaft use weight and bend to suit every golf swing and tempo offering improved control over trajectory, distance, and direction.

Nippon excels in three key areas

  • Desired trajectory
  • Accurate distance
  • Tight dispersion

The high tip rigidity design steadies the tip through impact thereby reducing unwanted spin, low mid-section rigidity control shaft flex for enhanced control, and the low butt rigidity improve tempo for a smoother feeling on impact.

Shafts are available in 105g, 120g, 125g, and 130g and R, S, X, TX flex options

The shaft lengths vary between 37 and 41 inches, with a tip diameter of 0.355 inches and a butt diameter of 0.600 inches.

Final Thoughts

Amalgamating the paths of Kim Braly and FST America Corporation In 2008 was a turning point in the golf shaft industry.

The KBS Tour 90 is 20% lighter than comparable steel shafts and ideally suited for golfers with a moderate swing tempo that requires a higher ball trajectory.

Happy golfing with your higher trajectory.

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