What Size Golf Grips Should You Use? + Golf Grip Size Chart

It can be easy to shrug off your golf club grip and focus on the flashy driver head or a beautiful set of irons. But your grips could have more of an effect on your shots than you think.

Your hands are the only thing in contact with the club, so they should be secure and comfortable. Golf club grip sizes come in five main denominations and are related to the size of each person’s hand size. Read on to use this golf grip size chart to answer the question, ‘What size golf grips should I use?’

Golf Grip Size Chart

golf grip size chart

The quickest way to find which grip thickness golf size you need is to measure your hand. This can be done by using a ruler and measuring from the tip of your middle finger all the way down your open palm to where the heel of your hand meets your wrist.

Once you’ve done so, you can easily match your hand size to grip size.

Hand Size Golf Grip Sizes
Less than 5” Junior golf grips
5” – 6.5” Undersize golf grips
6.6” – 7.5” Standard golf grips
7.6” – 9” Midsize golf grips
9”+ Jumbo golf grips

How To Choose The Right Golf Grip Size

Measuring your hand is the most optimal way. Still, if you’re in a rush you can use your glove size to point you in the right direction of the proper grip size golf.

First, ensure you have the correct glove size. A golf glove should be tight, like a second skin. There should be no extra room at your fingertips; it should cover your entire palm down to your wrist.

Glove Size Golf Grip Sizing
Junior Junior
Women’s S/M/ML/L Undersize
Men’s S & Cadet S Undersize
Men’s M/ML & Cadet M/ML Standard
Men’s L/XL & Cadet L/XL Midsize
Men’s XXL/XXXL & Cadet XXL Jumbo

What Makes The Perfect Golf Grip Thickness?

golf grip all finger

Since we are swinging at very high speeds, we must achieve the best grip possible. However, because we need to have a sense of touch around the greens, the golf club grip size needs to be receptive and comfortable. Finding this balance is what makes a grip perfect for your hand size.

Holding the club in the fingers gives you this combination of strength and feel. If your fingers are wrapped around the grip and overlapping with your hand, those grips are too small for you.

If you have a grip that’s slightly too large for you, that is preferred to a grip that is too small. Smaller grips allow the hands to be more active during the swing. They can turn over easier and faster. Beginners and high-handicappers should favor a grip that may feel slightly oversized at first, but after some practice, the benefits will become evident.

Smaller Grips Are Best For…

  • Juniors and women with smaller hands
  • Advanced players who want to engage their hands
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to wear a glove

Larger Grips Are Best For…

  • Anyone with noticeably larger hands, otherwise standard size will be fine
  • Those who want to reduce the use of their hands through impact
  • Golfers who play in wet weather or have sweaty hands

Grip Size Vs. Hand Size

There is a direct correlation between your hand size and which grip size you should use. This is to ensure you get the best grip on the club but also maintain some feel when those delicate shots are required. But because of this side of the game, you should experiment with different grips before committing to one size.

Our hand size is hard to classify because many variables are at play. Many people take time to find their right glove size because, after a few rounds, they tend to stretch and conform. Grips can do this as well, but it takes much longer.

Since we have so many different hand sizes, there is a way to customize your grip. Many players like the lower half of their grip to be a similar thickness as the upper half and choose to reduce the taperedness.

You can also easily do this to achieve the perfect grip for your specific hands.

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How To Customize Your Grips

If you find yourself between grip sizes and not sure which way to go, get the smaller one and use this method to slightly enlarge it. If you have a too big grip, there is no way to make it smaller.

When you go to re-grip your clubs, have the pro shop add layers of grip tape under the grip to fill it out a bit. A rule of thumb is that four layers of grip tape equal one grip size.

E.g., If you are between a standard and midsize grip, get the standard grip and add anywhere between one and three layers of grip tape. If you need four layers, then just get the midsize grip.

Another option is to add a layer or layer to only the lower half. This helps neutralize the lower hand if you tend to over-rotate through impact. It also helps if you tend to flip your wrists during short chips and pitches.

3 Best Grips Available

Finding what size grip for golf club is only half the battle because there are so many different designs. If you’re on the fence, choose any of these three to ensure the best results.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip


  • Soft feel for delicate shots
  • Tacky outer layer for fast swing speeds
  • Simple black design is non-distracting
  • Easy to adjust with underlying grip tape


  • Wears down quickly
  • Not made for wet weather

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Golf Pride grip sizing is accurate and consistent so once you find your optimal grip size, you can match it to your favorite design. Many players choose the Tour Velvet for its combination of feel and tackiness.

While it may not be the best in wet weather, it’s the most popular grip on the PGA Tour.

The soft outer layer makes it comfortable for those delicate shots around the green. It’s also quite thin so it’s easy to add layers of grip tape underneath if you need to bulk it up.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip


  • Available in many design patterns
  • Super tacky cord material weaved throughout
  • Durable upper part will resist wear and tear
  • Tapered shape allows for full mobility of lower hand


  • Will tear apart your glove quicker
  • Might be overkill if you only play in pleasant weather

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This one is the most recognizable of the Golf Pride Grips. It has gained massive popularity among the amateur ranks due to its stylish design and ultra-tacky surface.

This grip is available in an endless amount of color schemes. You can get it to match your favorite sports team or your home country, just to name a few.

In addition to its eye-catching appearance, it’s laced with cord to help create a rougher surface on the grip. This is great for rainy days as the cord is ribbed to provide maximum friction. If you prefer to play without a glove, then try this grip.

Lamkin Crossline Swinging Grips


  • Deep grooves add friction
  • Soft exterior provides feel around the greens
  • Thicker material provides full contact with the grip
  • Available with cord for even more security


  • Wears down quickly
  • White gets dirty fast

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For something that falls right in the middle of the previous two grips, look to Lamkin. Arnold Palmer worked with this company for years to develop a very strong line of grips. Their signature Crossline grip is known to many experienced golfers and should be more prevalent at your local club.

Deep grooves offset the soft exterior to maintain a firm grip. This is similar to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet, but the Lamkin is tackier.

Lamkin tends to be a bit bulkier than other companies as well. Golf Pride midsize grips feel thinner despite their measurements being so close. Be sure to always start with a Lamkin standard grip and add grip tape underneath as needed.


What Happens If Your Golf Grips Are Too Big?

If your golf grips are too big, you may have trouble rotating your hands through impact. This will leave the club face open and cause right-handed golfers to hand their shots out to the right in a weak and ugly fashion. Your bottom hand should be flexible to easily rotate through impact to hit shots with a square or slightly closed face.

How Do I Know If My Grips Are Too Small?

You will know that your grips are too small if your fingers wrap around the golf club and interfere with your hand. You may also notice your shots hooking more or having trouble getting airborne. This is a sign that your hands are very active in de-lofting the club and closing the face.

Who Should Use Midsize Golf Grips?

Golfers who should use midsize golf grips are those whose hands measure between 7.6”-9” from the heel to the tip of the middle finger. Midsize grips can also be used by players whose golf glove size is Men’s L/XL and Cadet L/XL.

What’s The Difference Between Standard And Midsize Golf Grips?

The difference between standard and mid-size grips is the circumference of each. Midsize grips are 1/16” larger than standard. While this may not sound like much, these 1.6mm make a world of difference in your hands.


If you’re asking, ‘What size golf grips do I need?’ then that’s a good sign that you’re dialed into your game and want the most optimal equipment. The importance of grip size for golf clubs is often overlooked, but this is our only connection to our golf club and, by extension, the ball.

Use this golf grip sizing chart above to give yourself an idea of where to start but ultimately, go for what feels right. That will be what helps you the most so you can focus on practicing more and lowering your scores.

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