The 12 Best Grips For Sweaty Hands in Golf

It’s tough to play golf on a good day, but it becomes nearly impossible when your hands are dripping with sweat. With all the things we have to think of during a golf swing, wondering if the club will come flying out shouldn’t be one of them.

Thankfully you can solve this problem with the correct equipment. Having a grip is important to every golfer, but if you’re susceptible to sweaty hands, then you need the best grip for sweaty hands in golf to give yourself a fighting chance.

There are many options these days, so let’s get right to it.

Things To Consider Before Buying Grips for Sweaty Hands

The best way to choose the right grip for you is to try them out, but that can be hard to do. Ensure your grips check all these boxes before ordering, and you’ll avoid catastrophe and most likely will have a grip that you love.


Determining whether you’re a ‘grip it and rip it’ type player or prefer the finesse side of the game will help you choose your texture. There’s everything from soft to firm, so choose a softer texture if you value short irons over long.

Of course, we all know how important the short game is but having a soft grip in your longer clubs can promote twisting and thus throw your shots off line. Finding that balance is the key to getting the best grip for your game.

Wrap Design

This is more personal preference than performance-driven. The design should support your top hand first and foremost; that’s where your power comes from and most of your handling. Many design patterns promote stability and a neutral feeling.

If you want something with more texture, choose a wrap design called a ‘wrap.’ These are made to look like the old leather wraps that were used for hundreds of years on golf clubs. They are comfortable and provide more surface feel.

Many newer designs focus on wicking moisture away and preventing twisting, which can result in a dull feeling when it’s in your hands.


Choosing the right size is very important. If it’s too small, your hands will be too active and maybe turnover too early. The opposite could be true if it’s too large. I recommend always erring on the side of too big. Your hands should turn over naturally, but you want them to still be in sync with your body.

Standard-size hands should use standard-sized grips. You could get away with a midsize but if you want some extra girth in your standard grip, just ask your pro shop to add a couple of extra layers of tape under the grip when they install. This allows you to create a custom thickness that lands in-between standard and mid-size.


If you’re not excited about your grip, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You should feel great confidence when you clutch your club; that all starts with a grip. Try out every grip you can before making a decision.

Grips are not easy to change as you need the proper tools. Knowing this, you want to spend time trying out as many as possible. Try to identify which grips feel bad, and hopefully, that will lead you to the opposite end of the spectrum, where you’ll find the best golf grips for sweaty hands.

In-Depth Reviews – Best Grip For Sweaty Hands in Golf (2024)

SuperStroke Traxion Wrap Golf Club Grip – Best Overall

Recommended Size Standard
Color Options 3
Outer Material Polyurethane
Pattern Wrap + X-shapes
Weight 50g

SuperStroke is most known for their putter grips which have been taking over pro shops for almost a decade now. Getting into the standard grip game is tough with so many stalwarts already dug in, such as Golf Pride. But this grip could change that.

Its specially made, multi-layer design is a minor breakthrough and balances tackiness and feel perfectly. This makes it great for players concerned about their performance from inside 50 yards.

The rubber core provides stability, while the outer polyurethane is soft to the touch and very grippy.

To make this one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands, the X-shaped Traxion treads help to channel moisture away from the surface. This means your hands will only be in contact with the driest point of the grip.

The deep geo speed channels portray the look of a traditional wrap grip and help to wick the moisture. They also serve as a comfort feature for anyone who prefers the old-school design.


  • Multi-layer design
  • Soft touch polyurethane layer
  • X-shaped treads
  • Deep geo speed treads
  • Minimal taper to add surface area


  • Only available in three pedestrian colors

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Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip – Most Versatile

Recommended Size Midsize
Color Options 5+
Material Rubber
Pattern Triangular
Weight 59g

This is the grip everyone is talking about and has been using for many years now. At first, it seemed like just another marketing ploy that so many golf companies are guilty of. But that was before people started using it.

The genius part of this grip is that it feels slightly different in your top hand compared to your bottom hand. You get power and tackiness in the upper and a controlled feel in the lower.

The addition of cord easily makes this one of the best golf grips for humid weather, and even those who denounce the use of cord have to admit that this grip works.

Another popular aspect is the enormous range of available color options. You could get new grips every day of the year and never get the same color twice. Match them to your golf bag, favorite sports team, or home country. The sky’s the limit!


  • Different feel for each hand
  • Added cord to create more friction
  • Great for humid weather
  • Variable design pattern to increase durability
  • Available in tons of colors


  • Might be too rough for some

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Golf Pride CP2 Pro Golf Grip – Best Feel

Recommended Size Midsize
Color Options 1
Material Rubber
Pattern Squares
Weight 63.5g

We have to include a second Golf Pride grip if we’re talking about the best grips for sweaty hands. They are the champs when it comes to grips, and this one deserves a spot on this list.

It’s perfect for any player who wants something simple but unwilling to sacrifice tackiness. Somehow, this grip holds up in humid and rainy weather. I think it’s mostly to do with the inner core, which allows your hands to maintain consistent grip pressure.

This is also great for creating feel around the greens. This grip is perfect for all wedges, so not only are you protected when it’s bad weather, but on sunny days you’ll be able to excel.

The pattern is simple but split from top to bottom. The top is riddled with deep and shallow channels to provide maximum wicking ability. This is where most of your pressure will be, so keeping this dry is paramount.

The bottom is more subtle, so you can relax grip pressure a bit and really focus on getting dialed in on the feel of each shot you face. It promotes lighter grip pressure, so your forearms and shoulders remain loose.


  • Made with Golf Pride’s superior attention to detail
  • Simple and professional appearance
  • Inner core promotes consistent grip pressure
  • Many different sized channels to keep hands dry
  • Split grip design to optimize top and bottom hand


  • Could wear down quickly

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Iomic Swinger Grips – Square Sticky 2.3 – Most Technologically Advanced

Recommended Size Standard
Color Options 4+
Material Elastomer
Pattern Square
Weight 50g

Iomic is relatively new to the grip game, but they know what they’re doing. This is one of the stickiest grips around, to the point where some players find it too sticky.

The reason for this is their construction process. They use a material called elastomer, incorporated with high-pressure injection molding.

You don’t have to look down to know when you’re holding an Iomic grip.

They haven’t lost a lot of feel with this process either. It’s just soft enough to prevent any twisting in your hands on off-center hits. Sometimes when a grip is soft, it can oscillate even though your hands haven’t moved. Iomic solved that problem with this grip.

The straightforward grip pattern is a fan favorite. With square shapes that are carved deep, you get a consistent feel from top to bottom. They’ve even gone as far as making sure this grip releases negative ions, which increases the blood flow in your hands and, by doing so, helps to improve your touch around the greens.

Now that’s going above and beyond!


  • Proprietary material creates an ultra-tacky surface
  • Consistent grip pattern throughout
  • Deep squares help keep moisture at bay
  • Soft outer layer comes from high pressure injection molding
  • Available in many colors


  • Tackiness will attract lots of dust and dirt

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Winn DriTac Standard Midsize Grip – Best For Beginners

Recommended Size Midsize
Color Options 1
Material Polymer
Pattern ‘X’-shapes
Weight 50g

For many years, Winn was known as a great grip as long as you never got a single drop of water on it. I used them on my putter for years because it felt like nothing else on the market, and who cares if the putter grip gets wet, right?

Well, it got wet a few times and lost all the soft feel I got it for in the first place.

After dealing with many public outcries, Winn shifted gears and began incorporating their soft feel into a grip that would also provide a high-performance. Fast forward to now, and you have one of the best golf grips for rain.

The special polymer material provides a soft feel but extra grip in moisture. This recipe also provides exceptional shock absorption. These grips are great for beginners who have trouble hitting the sweet spot. It’s also great for any level of golfer who plays in the cold.

The design pattern is kept very simple and doesn’t really draw any attention. However, for beginners, it has a few lines to help you line up your thumbs so you can square the clubface easier.


  • Special material makes this great for playing in the rain
  • Thick compound provides excellent shock absorption
  • Design pattern is simple but benefits beginners most
  • Understated design pattern
  • Best for long clubs in your bag


  • Appearance is almost too simple

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Lamkin Crossline Cord Grip – Best Golf Grip For No Glove

Recommended Size Midsize
Color Options 1
Material Rubber/Cord
Pattern Diamond
Weight 63g

If you’re not looking for a healthy balance of soft feel and tacky surface, check out the Lamkin Crossline Cord. Its rugged and rough feeling gives you confidence that this grip isn’t going anywhere.

Although some would consider this too rough, it’s perfect for those who have sweaty hands but don’t want to wear a glove. Similar to the Golf Pride MCC, this has a cord material that’s woven throughout it. The difference, though, is that this grip is covered with cord.

It’s also noticeably firmer than the other grips on this list, making it great for the 7-iron and up but may be difficult for some people around the greens. Lamkin also makes a grip just like this one but without the cord.

Using those on your wedges and the corded grips on your full-swing clubs is not uncommon.

Being heavier also helps your longer clubs move the center of gravity closer to the grip. This promotes a smooth tempo and prevents wristy shots from happening.


  • Full-length woven cord
  • Provides maximum friction
  • Firm feel for more control in longer clubs
  • Heavy weight helps with swing tempo
  • Durable and will last a long time


  • Sacrifice feel in short irons

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Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grips

Recommended Size Standard
Color Options 1
Material ACE Foundation
Pattern Diamond
Weight 63g

This isn’t Lamkin’s first rodeo. They are famous for having worked with Arnold Palmer for many years, so they know how to make some of the best wet weather golf grips. This might be their flagship grip, and it just happens to be great for sweaty hands as well.

I listed the full cord grip one spot higher because it is a little tackier, but this still has cord, just in a more understated way. This grip technology makes it an excellent overall grip for all clubs in your bag.

This grip uses ACE foundation material that is much softer to the touch than conventional rubber. The simple traction pattern allows your hands to connect with the inter-woven cord and this new unique material.

It’s great for absorbing shock in longer clubs but still feels great for those touchy shots around the green. The underlayer increases torsional control, which is a fancy way of saying it resists twisting very well.


  • Minimal cord used for more feel
  • New ACE foundation material adds softness
  • Simplistic traction pattern is versatile for all clubs
  • Multi-layer design absorbs shock
  • Bottom layer prevents twisting


  • Only available in standard and undersize

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Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Recommended Size Standard
Color Options 4
Material Rubber
Pattern Wrap
Weight 48g

If you’re not into all this technology, updated designs, or fancy colors, then I included this grips specifically for you. It has a classic look and feel, but the construction means you can still use this with sweaty hands and have success.

Even though it looks like something Ben Hogan used, it sure doesn’t perform that way. The compound rubber provides a very tacky surface that will last a long time. Durability is one of the best features of any Golf Pride grip, but this one is the most durable.

It translates well throughout your entire set, so using a driver with it is just as comfortable as your gap wedge. That’s why this design pattern has been around for so long.

It’s available in a few different colors if you like experimenting, but I recommend avoiding the white. They will be dirty by the end of your first round, and no matter how much you scrub these grips, they’ll never look as good as they did right out of the box.


  • Universal design pattern
  • Traditional simulated wrap
  • Special compound rubber makes them very tacky
  • Material is durable, so they will last a long time
  • Available in a few different colors


  • No style or pizazz

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Lamkin Sonar

Recommended Size Standard
Color Options 1
Outer Material Hybrid rubber compound
Pattern Sonar
Weight 53g

The name says it all with this grip as the pattern is shaped after sonar waves that you see on military submarines’ screens. This pattern is great at wicking moisture away and keeping the pressure points of your grip firmly attached.

Lamkin uses a special process on this grip to produce a micro-textured surface which are a bunch of tiny grooves that zig-zag across the entire grip. Having the grooves be this small helps to create more feel

The shape also helps as this is less tapered than most. Your bottom hand has more to grab onto as a result, so there is more surface area to create friction.

The material is a hybrid rubber compound that provides durability and a softer outer layer. This is highly sought after by players who prioritize their short game. Feeling the club and having confidence it won’t twist are two things any grip should accomplish.


  • Unique traction pattern
  • Micro-textured surface
  • Less tapered shape
  • Hybrid rubber compound
  • Sonar pattern helps keep moisture at bay


  • Not very Stylish
  • Not good use without a glove

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Golf Pride ZGrip Cord Golf Grip

Recommended Size Mid-size
Color Options 1
Outer Material Rubber and cord
Pattern Z-shape
Weight 57.5

This is another grip that makes use of cord although not as prominent as some of the others. This lightly added cord is just enough to provide excellent grip when your hands are sweaty.

The pattern’s consistency is popular among skilled golfers here; its tackiness is surprising despite being more subtle than others.

Having Z-shape grooves helps this grip repel moisture and keep your hands securely in place. This also gives it a great look. This grip is recognizable from far away yet not as flashy as other grips such as Iomic grips.

This is a very versatile grip that is useful both around the greens and off the tee. It can be hard to find a grip that is both rigid enough to withstand high swing speeds with the driver and soft enough to get great control around the greens. This one does that very well.

An advantage to corded grips is that if a section starts to wear down, you can roughen the surface with regular sandpaper. This will remove any oils left from your hands and raise the cord slightly to make them feel like new again.


  • Subtle use of cord
  • Z-shape grooves to channel moisture away
  • Consistent feel throughout your set
  • Great for both long and short game
  • Style is understated but recognizable


  • Only available in one color scheme

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JumboMax JMX UltraLite Tapered Grips

Recommended Size Jumbo
Color Options 1
Outer Material Rubber polymer
Pattern Cross-shaped
Weight 50g

One surefire way to improve your grip during hot days is to get a bigger grip. By having more of your hand touching the surface of the grip, you increase your chances of being able to hold on with confidence.

This grip is quite large, and you may not need one this big to take advantage of this theory, but if you have large enough hands, these were made for you.

There are many jumbo-sized grips, and some of the ones listed in this review are available in that size, but this one is different. This is the one Bryson DeChambeau used to win the 2020 U.S. Open.

I’m sure the tension at a U.S. Open can cause some pretty sweaty palms, so it’s crucial for Bryson and everyone on Tour to be confident in their grips.

This grip was also easy because it’s roughly 20% lighter than any other jumbo-sized grip and lighter than most standard-sized grips. This grip’s weight and girth help promote relaxed hands and thus relaxed arms, which create higher clubhead speed.


  • Jumbo-sized to increase surface area
  • Ultra-light to create more clubhead speed
  • Used to win the 2020 U.S. Open
  • Cross-shaped pattern is comfortable in-hand
  • Rubber polymer material increases lifespan of the grip


  • Not good for anyone with smaller hands

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SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip

Recommended Size Jumbo
Color Options 8
Outer Material Synthetic
Pattern Subtle ‘X’s
Weight 65g

If your hands are perspiring on full shots, then you’re bound to work up a sweat on the putting surface, especially on the 18th when all the skins are on the line. To keep your hands dry, check out this new SuperStroke grip.

It’s an improvement on older models by using a new material that is softer but still stays dry during pressure-packed putts. This advanced surface texture provides maximum feel with very little rigidity.

The shape is consistent throughout, so both hands can apply equal pressure. This is crucial when putting, so both hands work harmoniously to keep the putterhead on a straight-back and straight-through path.

It specifically weighs 65g to add weight to the top end of your putter. This helps take your hands and wrists out of the equation and promotes a smooth shoulder rock. Who knew a grip could improve so many aspects of your putting game?


  • Large circumference to maximize contact with hands
  • Parallel shape for equal pressure
  • Improved softer material
  • Heavily weighted to help with temp
  • Material is soft and provides excellent feedback


  • More expensive than other putter grips

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Tips To Help You Reduce Sweat

If you’re looking to get a new grip soon but have a tee time tomorrow morning, try these tips to help you post a good score before getting grips that will solve the problem right away.

Remove Glove Between Shots — Your glove is not ventilated and will double the amount of sweat you produce. Let your hand breathe between each shot to dry off and prepare for the next shot.

Carry Multiple Towels — Having a towel is one thing, but if you sweat a lot, then you’ll need more than one. I recommend carrying a few face cloths in your bag. They take up less space than towels, and you can easily tell which ones are dry and ready for use.

Play In The Morning Or Afternoon — An easy solution would be just to play when it’s cooler outside. Sunrise especially is cooler than the nighttime, so if you’re the first one off, you’ll probably be more worried about wearing a sweater than your hands sweating.


What Golf Grip Is Best For Sweaty Hands?

The best golf grip for sweaty hands is the SuperStroke Traxion Wrap. It combines multi-layer technology with a traditional wrap design to provide a tacky yet soft feeling. The underside contributes by preventing twisting in your hand, and the ‘X’ shapes are great at wicking away moisture.

How Do I Stop My Hands From Sweating When I Play Golf?

To stop your hands from sweating when you play golf, you can play either earlier in the morning or late in the afternoon. These times of days are typically cooler and will prevent perspiration. You can also carry quick-dry towels and use them just before each shot after you’ve gone through your pre-shot routine.

Do Golf Rain Gloves Work For Sweaty Hands?

Yes, rain gloves work for sweaty hands because they provide an intense grip on the palms and each finger. Be sure to wet them slightly before use as this activates that texture on the gloves. The only warning is that you will lose some feel because rain gloves are thicker than standard leather golf gloves.

What Size Golf Club Grip Do I Need?

The size golf club grip you need is where your bottom middle finger comes as close to touching your hand when wrapped around the grip. For a large majority of people, this will be a standard grip. Choose a mid-size or even jumbo if you find your fingers overlapping your hands.

Are Thicker Golf Grips Better?

Yes, thicker golf grips are better because they prevent your hands and wrists from being too active. They also help to prevent torsion in the club at impact. However, having too big grips will slow your hands down and cause you to leave the face open at impact.

Should Golfers With Sweaty Hands Wear Gloves?

Yes, at least golfers with sweaty hands should always wear a glove on their top hand. This should provide enough grip to prevent the club from twisting or coming loose. If you feel you are still slipping, you can also try wearing a glove on your bottom hand.


This can be a huge problem when you’re out on the course trying to enjoy a nice warm afternoon. It all starts with the best grip for sweaty hands in golf, so if the SuperStroke Traxion Wrap is not quite right for you, try one of the others. While you don’t have to have the same grip on all your clubs, it’s best to keep it as consistent as possible so there are fewer surprises when you’re out there. Golf is already hard enough.

Clint is PGA-certified and was a Head Teaching Professional at one of Toronto's busiest golf academies. He was also featured on Canada's National Golf TV program, "Score Golf Canada," twice. He graduated with a degree in Golf Management from the College of the Desert in California and studied under Callaway's co-founder, Tony Manzoni. He has a handicap index of 6.2 and spends the winters near Oaxaca, Mexico, where he plays twice a month at the Club de Golf Vista Hermosa. He's written over 100 articles at GolfSpan since 2021. You can connect with Clint at LinkedIn, FB, his website, or

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