Vice Golf Balls Review – Performance and Affordability?

The beauty of Vice Golf Balls is that they offer a premium product at an affordable price. What’s more, they have an extensive line of products to suit all golfers.

Besides your green fees, golf balls will be your main ongoing cost if you enjoy the game. The right ball that works for your swing and style will make all the difference to your round.

Are Vice golf balls right for you? Which one is best for your game? 

Read on to learn everything you want about Vice’s best-selling models. 

Why Vice Golf Balls?

You might not know who makes Vice golf balls (hint: two surfing lawyers!), and they’re not as popular or well-known as the Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade, Callaway, or others, but that is not to say they are not a great option for many golfers. They compete with the best of the best and offer a range of benefits.


Not all golf balls are equal, far from it. You get the good and the bad. These balls are German-engineered, and much research and development went into the design. They are well made from quality materials and are built to a high standard.

Generally, the best golf balls are quite expensive. The beauty of the Vice range of golf balls is that they are well designed and built with precision yet are still highly affordable. They offer great value for money.


The cost of golf balls can add up very quickly and add to the cost of a round. You will not perform at your best with the “bargain basket” balls. While some might be OK, you do not know where they have been. They could look great but have spent a month or two at the bottom of the lake. Playing with a quality ball is important.

The truth is, even better players will lose a few balls. Beginners will lose more and can get away with purchasing balls for beginners. The harder the course, the more water or rough, the more you will go through.

It is part of the game. You do not want to be paranoid about losing an expensive ball, yet at the same time, you do not want to play with an inferior ball. A quality ball will make a noticeable difference to your game.

Vice gives you quality at an affordable price to have the best of both worlds.


Different golfers need different balls; there are great balls for women and different balls for men. Then seniors can gain an advantage with the best balls too. There is no one-size-fits-all. Your swing speed, golf style, and game plan will determine the best ball for your needs. Using the ball most suited to your specific game will significantly impact results.

Some people want distance, others more control. You might want one that has more spin or less spin.


This is always a special touch, and customization makes your golf balls more meaningful. They are also easier to identify. Your name or company logo on your balls will make them even more valuable to you as a player.

This will explain a bit about Vice Golf Ball Production.

How To Select The Best Vice Golf Ball For Your Game

Consider these aspects before pulling the trigger on a box of Vice golf balls.

What Do You Want From Your Ball?

This is the first question, as each Vice ball has a specific key feature. As we have mentioned before, some are designed for distance off the tee; some will give you more control over your short game, and others perform better on the green for more accurate putting. If you suffer from a slice or a hook, certain balls can help to mitigate this problem.

Look at your strengths and weaknesses to determine the ideal ball for you. What feature will help improve your game and reduce your score?


The ball’s spin is one of the critical factors to consider when evaluating the various Vice golf ball options. To put it simply, you will want less spin for longer drives. This will give you a good launch and greater distance. For control around the green on your approach shots, more spin is preferable.

Give some thought to your priorities and where you need help from the ball. This will help you to make the ideal selection.

Compression Rating

The ideal compression ratio is determined primarily by your swing speed. All other things being equal, a golfer with a faster swing speed will benefit from a Vice ball with higher compression.

Conversely, if you have a slower swing, you will want a Vice golf ball with less compression.

While the compression does affect your entire game, it relates primarily to your speed driving off the tee. It is important to know your swing speed.

Read more: The Best Golf Balls for Slower Swing Speeds


Feel is important; it relates to your clubs and your ball. The importance of feel cannot be overlooked. It’s somewhat personal, so what works for one might not necessarily be the same for other golfers.

Choose a Vice golf ball that provides you with a good feel. This is particularly important with your short game and on the green.

Vice Golf Balls Ratings At A Glance

Vice Tour Vice Pro Vice Pro Plus Vice Pro Soft
Spin 81 90 91 97
Feel 85 91 95 95
Durability 92 90 89 82
Distance 90 89 94 88

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for The Best Vice Golf Balls

OUR RATING: 4.8/5gstblcr-table__imageVice Tour
  • Suited to more advanced players
  • High launch angle
  • Distance, forgiveness, and accuracy
OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstblcr-table__imageVice Pro
  • Designed by artificial intelligence
  • Flash Face and Jailbreak tech for stability and speed
  • Motivated by supercars that Cobra nicknamed “aeroficiency”
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__imageVice Pro Plus
  • Exceedingly adjustable
  • Laden with technology
  • Motivated by supercars that Cobra nicknamed “aeroficiency”
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstblcr-table__imageVice Pro Soft
  • Exceptional feel
  • Durable design
  • Glossy casing
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstblcr-table__imageCallaway Warbird Golf Balls
  • A terrific shaft and changeable loft
  • High launch / low spin
  • An impressive mix of features and performance

The Vice Golf Ball Range – Reviews of the Best Vice Golf Balls

There is a ball for all players, all abilities and all swing speeds. Consider the factors we have discussed to find the ball best suited to your game and your needs.

Here is just some of what Vice has to offer:

1. Vice Tour


  • Excellent durability
  • Highly versatile
  • Great control around the green
  • Aerodynamic
  • Decent alignment aid


  • Slightly more expensive but still value for money
  • Not as much feel as some of the other options

In this Vice Tour golf ball review, you’ll learn these are mid-spinning balls with medium compression. The design makes them extremely versatile and great for the average to better golfer. The Tour balls have a 3-piece design with an ultra-tough DuPont™ Surlyn© casing.

They feature the signature HESC technology to give you legs off the tee. The 392 dimple pattern is aerodynamic and effective in various environments on the course. The Tour balls are firmer than the average Vice ball. They offer exceptional control around the green.

[Check Customer Reviews]

2. The Vice Pro


  • Good speed and distance
  • Control on the green
  • Well-priced
  • Durable
  • Stable in the air
  • Decent alignment aid
  • Soft pleasing feel


  • Not the best ball for slow swingers
  • Distance not as good as other Vice options

For medium to fast swingers this is a great option. This versatile 3-piece ball has good feel and a good compromise in terms of spin. It will give you impressive driving distance while still offering outstanding control on the green. This is largely due to the S2TG (stick to the green) technology that  offers the stopping power you want on your short game without taking much away from distance off the tee.

The “High Energy Speed Core (HESC)” ensures few will be disappointed by the distance. The 318 large dimples promote stability in the air for accuracy and control. It has a cast urethane jacket for durability and performance. This also improves feel and control.

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3. Vice Pro Plus


  • Affordable
  • Highly durable
  • Low flight
  • Reduced spin
  • Delivers good distance
  • Pleasing feel


  • Slightly less green-side control
  • Not ideal for golfers with a slow swing speed

This is a 4-piece ball that is designed for distance. It has a 366 dimple design for aerodynamics and speed. The cast urethane casing gives the ball durability and promotes a low flight for added distance.

The larger “High Energy Speed Core (HESC)” is the feature that delivers the distance you want off the tee. It also features a dual mantle that is elasticated to reduce spin and deliver even more carry.

The Pro Plus makes use of S2TG technology. This is what gives it a quality feel and controls the spin. It will also give you a bit more grip on your short game. While this might not be the perfect ball for players with a slow swing speed, it will give most golfers great distance off the tee with a minimal sacrifice on control. The feel is appreciated by most golfers.

Distance need not be a concern as the “High Energy Speed Core (HESC)” technology will give you impressive distance with your driver, woods, and long irons. It has a good balance of spin to offer distance with your tee shots while still providing the control you need on approach shots.

[Check Customer Reviews]

4. The Vice Pro Soft


  • Exceptional feel
  • Durable design
  • Glossy casing
  • Impressive distance
  • Highly versatile
  • Also available in neon red or green


  • Some sacrifice on distance

The Pro Soft is designed for golfers that value feel, an extremely important aspect of golf ball selection. The ball is ideally suited to players with an average swing speed. It has a 3-piece design with a durable urethane exterior. The Pro Soft has low compression, which is what gives it such an enjoyable feel.

Distance need not be a concern as the “High Energy Speed Core (HESC)” technology will give you impressive distance with your driver, woods, and long irons. It has a good spin balance to offer distance with your tee shots while still providing the control you need on approach shots.

[Check Customer Reviews]

Vice Golf Ball Alternatives

If you’re not 100% sold on the Vice golf balls, these are our favorite alternatives.

1. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls


  • Delivers accelerated ball speed on all shots
  • The compressible high-energy core provides optimal distance opportunities for golfers with all swing speeds
  • The HEX Aerodynamic design limits drag, promoting a powerful launch for consistent airtime
  • Affordable
  • Available in white and yellow


  • When softened, ionomer covers reduce their durability, becoming more susceptible to scuffing
  • Golfers have found it hard to gain consistency and spin around the greens with the Warbirds

The Callaway Golf Warbird golf balls are affordable 2-piece golf balls built to deliver accelerated ball speeds on all shots. The highly compressible core aids players who are looking for additional ball speed to achieve a powerful launch and more consistent distance.

Callaway employed their HEX aerodynamics technology to construct a ball that reduces drag, and encourages a powerful launch for added ball speed, carry, and distance. 

Furthermore, the Warbird golf balls are affordable.

The recommended sales price for a dozen Warbirds is $17.99, which is a few dollars more than a dozen Vice Golf Drive golf balls.

There are downsides to the Warbird balls. Their durability is not in the league of a urethane cover. However, you cannot complain given its affordable price.

The second disadvantage is that many amateurs have found it hard to achieve spin and consistency around greens. The ball’s distance capabilities help lower spin on shots throughout the bag. However, this leads to a lack of spin in your short game.

[Check Customer Reviews]

2. Titleist Velocity


  • 2-piece design will increase distance
  • New NAZ+ cover provides feel around the greens
  • Perfect for mid-handicappers looking to shave strokes
  • Low-spin keeps drives in the air for longer


  • Priced a little higher than most 

You can never go wrong with the right Titleist ball if your willing to shell out a few more bucks. Titleist is the benchmark for golf ball design, and because of that, they get to charge a premium. You can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth with their quality and performance. 

Velocity is one step below the flagship Pro V1 line and is great for golfers who are not quite single-digit handicappers but looking to break through. 

The cover is the star of the show here and provides nice feel around the green so you can get your pitching and chipping dialed in with the correct spin. The NAZ+ cover also helps with distance by keeping the spin low.  NAZ+ cover

As a two-piece ball with its patented LSX core, it helps increase distance without sacrificing feel. This applies to all shots from your drives down to your short irons. 

3. Bridgestone e12 Contact


  • Re-designed dimples help with distance
  • They help to reduce sidespin
  • They increase stopping power on the greens
  • Compression core ensures maximum distance with all clubs


  • Only skilled players with faster swings speeds will see a difference with this ball 

This three-piece ball is similar to the Vice Pro Soft and is meant for players who are near the top of their game. The revolutionary dimples attract world-class players such as Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau, and Lexi Thompson. 

Science is a wonderful thing when it helps you gain distance off the tee. The dimple design increases surface area by 38% upon contact. More contact area means energy is efficiently transferred from your clubhead to the ball.

The aerodynamics of the dimples also assist with the direction of your shots as well. They help to reduce sidespin, so when you inevitably make that one bad swing that we all do, this ball will correct it and keep your ball in play. 

Lastly, due to the re-design of the dimples, you get better stopping power on short shots around the green. They increase the friction the ball creates so they can grab hold of fast and closely-mown greens. 


Are Vice Golf Balls Good For High Handicappers?

Yes, Vice golf balls are good for high-handicappers if they choose the correct one. The Vice Tour is great for high-handicappers because it combines distance with durability. High-handicappers should value durability until they have more control and can accurately predict how to strike the ball and where it will go. 

Are Vice Balls As Good As Titleist?

Yes, some Vice golf balls are as good as Titleist. The closest resemblance to a Titleist ball would be the Vice Pro. It provides a well-rounded feel that will assist golfers with a faster swing speed. This ball is quite durable and yet still provides great feel around the greens. 

What Is Different About Vice Golf Balls?

Vice golf balls are different for one main reason, they are inexpensive. They use the same materials and golf ball design as many of the other brand names, but with less overhead and no PGA Pros to pay sponsorship fees to, they can pass the saving along to their customers. 

What Is The Difference Between Vice Pro And Pro Plus?

The difference between Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus is: that Vice Pro is a 3-piece, and the Vice Pro Plus is a 4-piece design. The Pro Plus is made to increase distance with its dual core-mantle. This helps to reduce spin, so your ball stays in the air longer but with a lower ball flight to prevent ballooning shots.

Which Vice Golf Ball Spins The Most?

The Vice golf ball that spins the most is the Vice Pro Soft. It has a high-quality urethane cover that provides durability but also soft feel for even the firmest greens. This 3-piece ball will create spin no matter your swing speed, but you may have to sacrifice some distance off the tee with this golf ball. 

What Compression Are Vice Golf Balls?

The compression of Vice golf balls is typically on the lower end. While each ball has its own optimized compression rating, they all are meant for golfers with moderate to fast swing speeds. Low compression means the ball won’t travel as far unless struck hard. Vice golf balls are the middle of the road regarding compression. 

Do Professionals Use Vice Golf Balls?

No professionals on the PGA Tour use Vice golf balls. This has nothing to do with performance, though, as players earn lucrative contracts to play big-name golf balls. This is why Vice golf balls are so affordable, the company isn’t paying millions of dollars to tour stars, so you save money. 

Final Thoughts

If you are brand conscious, you might not naturally gravitate towards these Vice golf balls, but that should be the only reason. They compete with the best balls on the market but at a significant discount. Vice has a wide range, so there is something to cater to all needs. 

Decide on what is important, which will guide you to select the best ball for your needs.

While they are all great options, the Vice Pro Plus is our winner. This well-designed ball gives you a great balance of distance and control, the two most important things you want from a golf ball. It looks great, has a decent feel, and is highly durable.

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