7 Best Bridgestone Golf Balls: Pros & Cons

Bridgestone golf balls are among the oldest in the industry, with close to 90 years under the manufacturer’s belt. 

This post will help you see if their best golf ball offerings for the 2024 season are right for you.

At the end of this post, you will know what golf balls Bridgestone produces and the ranges that suit your swing. 

You may also appreciate the all-around performance of their Tour golf balls. However, you might find their entry-level distance balls deliver improved consistency in your game. 

Here is an overview of what you can expect to learn in our best Bridgestone golf balls review:

  • 7 best Bridgestone balls with specs, pros, and cons
  • Which best Bridgestone balls are best for me
  • Factors to consider when purchasing the best Bridgestone golf ball for you.
  • Are Bridgestone golf balls good?

Let’s dive in!

Bridgestone Golf Ball Comparison Chart

Ball e12 Contact e6 Soft Tour B RXS Tour B X Tour B RX Tour B XS Lady Precept
Type Distance Distance Tour Tour Tour Tour Distance
Cover Material Ionomer Ionomer Urethane Urethane Urethane Urethane Ionomer
Compression 70 44 75 94 75 86 50
Ideal Swing Speed  Mid Slow Mid  High Mid High Slow

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The Top Bridgestone Golf Balls

1. e12 Contact  – Overall Best TaylorMade Golf Ball

  • Improves energy transfer at impact
  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • Limits long game spin
  • Promotes straighter flight
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Not the highest-spinning golf ball
  • Not suitable for higher swing speeds
  • Construction: 3 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 70
  • Dimple Pattern: Contact Force
  • Colors: White, matte yellow, 

The e12 Distance ball claims the top spot in our 2024 Bridgestone golf ball reviews thanks to its affordability, spin consistency, velocity, and flight. Out of all Bridgestone’s golf balls, the e12 is best suited to an extensive range of golfers, making it the overall best pick.

The 3-piece golf ball carries a mid-compression rating of 70 to suit moderate swing speeds for ample forgiveness to the average golfer. The star component is the Contact Force Dimple design which enhances energy transfer by boosting surface contact between the clubface and ball by 38%.

Adding to improved energy transfer is the Gradational Core, which accelerates ball velocity and lowers spin for a high, straight launch and optimal carry distance. The ionomer Active Acceleration Mantle, which supports the Core, boosted my ball speed for consistent velocity on long shots.

The third piece of the e12 Contact is a durable ionomer cover built to lower spin and maintain speed in your long game. While the e12 Contact improves feel on short game shots, it lacks the spin of a Tour ball. Finally, a Contact Force Dimple pattern lines the cover and promotes straighter flight for improved accuracy.

Bookmark our overall best golf balls review to see how Bridgestone’s constructions compare.

Rating: 4.5

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2. e6 Soft – Best Bridgestone Golf Ball For Slower Swing Speed

  • Low compression 
  • Boosts ball speed
  • Lowers long game spin
  • Encourages straighter flight
  • Affordable
  • Limited short-game spin
  • The Delta dimples reduce workability
  • Construction: 2 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 44
  • Dimple Pattern: Delta
  • Colors: White, optic yellow

The lower compression-rated e6 Soft claims the prize of the best construction for slow swing speed in our Bridgestone golf ball review. I adore its consistent ball pace, low spin, ease of launch, and impressive carry distance.

Although Bridgestone suggests mid-handicappers play this ball, plenty of my slower-swinging counterparts found consistency with the e6 Soft. The 2-piece construction is powered by a soft and enhanced core for superior connection, energy transfer, and ball speed.

In addition, I found the super low compression rating helped slow and mid-swing speed launch the ball higher and longer for greater carry distance. Furthermore, its durable ionomer cover further increases pace and limits speed on drives and long shots for improved distance.

Finally, the affordable e6 Soft is fitted with Delta dimples that fight drag and boost lift, producing exceptional slipstream for longer distances. It also reduced the severity of my off-center strikes to deliver straighter ball flight. However, that does not mean it gets you onto the fairway or green every shot.

Rating: 4

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3. Tour B RXS – Best Bridgestone Ball For Mid Swing Speeds

  • Improves energy transfer for rapid ball speed
  • Lowers spin on long game shots
  • Increases spin in your short game
  • Produces consistent trajectory
  • Made for golfers with swing speeds under 105 mph
  • Priced at a premium
  • Not suited to slow swing speed
  • Construction: 3 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Tour
  • Cover Material: Reactiv Urethane
  • Compression: 75
  • Dimple Pattern: Dual Dimple
  • Colors: White, optic yellow

Our first two Bridgestone golf ball reviews focused on Distance balls, best suited to mid and high-handicappers. We change course and look at the Tour B RXS, our best Bridgestone pick for moderate swing speeds. The Tour style B RXS provides golfers with distance, speed, and spin for all-around performance.

The 3-piece Tour B RXS carries a Gradational Compression Core for a soft feel and easy launch. In my experience, the core generated an excellent energy transfer and helped my moderate swing speed deliver spectacular ball zip.

Wedged between the cover and the core is an ionomer mantle which adds to the speed produced at impact. The third piece of the Tour B RXS is a Reactiv IQ cover crafted from urethane and designed to improve your spin revolutions on short game shots.

Lastly, the Tour B RXS is equipped with Bridgestone’s popular Dual Dimple design, which reduces drag and promotes an efficient trajectory for greater control.

Rating: 4

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4. Tour B X – Best Bridgestone Golf Ball For High Swing Speeds

  • The cover reacts differently depending on the force of the strike
  • Low spin on long game shots
  • Maximum ball speed
  • Exceptional wedge spin
  • Generates a lower ball flight
  • Expensive golf ball
  • The higher compression is not suited to slow swing speeds
  • Construction: 3 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Tour
  • Cover Material: ReactiviQ Urethane
  • Compression: 94
  • Dimple Pattern: Dual Dimples
  • Colors: White, optic yellow

The Tour B X proved our best Bridgestone golf ball for high swing speeds thanks to its high compression, length, and wedge spin. The B X is built for golfers swinging a driver above 105 mph and searching for low spin and speed off the tee and high wedge spin on short game shots.

A Gradational Compression Core is the driver behind your ball speed and works to enhance energy transfer on all shots. The accelerated velocity and reduced side spin combination help you deliver a powerful strike for optimal long-game distance.

The Gradational Compression Core is further supported by an ionomer mantle which firms up the golf ball. I find it helps you produce extra speed and lower spin for maximum distance off the tee and on approach.

Bridgestone opted for a ReactiviQ urethane cover which is soft and created to spin. The intelligent cover design springs off the face rapidly on long shots for increased ball speed while keeping it on the clubface longer for short strikes. As a result, it lowers spin and ball speed on long shots and increases spin around the green.

Rating: 4

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5. Tour B RX – Best Bridgestone Golf Ball For Distance

  • Optimal distance
  • Versatile cover 
  • Increases ball pace on long game shots
  • Lowers spin off the tee
  • Increases wedge spin
  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for slow swing speed
  • Construction: 3 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Tour
  • Cover Material: ReactiviQ Urethane
  • Compression: 75
  • Dimple Pattern: Dual
  • Colors: White, yellow

High-swing speed golfers require a higher compression golf ball which boosts speed for maximum distance without sacrificing spin. The Tour B RX is a 3-piece golf ball that feels soft, travels long, and spins high on greenside shots. This equips superior golfers with all the features they need, from tee to green.

Bridgestone engineers stuck to a winning formula with the Tour B RX, adding their popular Gradational Compression Core. The high-performance core amplifies energy transfer at impact to boost ball speed for mid-high swing speeds.

The ReactiviQ cover softened the feel and enhanced feedback on short shots. Its urethane material helped the ball grip into my sharp grooves, prompting superior spin and feel around the green. Conversely, the cover caused the ball to create boosted spring and velocity on long shots for maximum length.

Finally, the efficient Dual Dimple pattern on the Tour B RX boosted lift, eradicated drag, and ensured consistent flight. As a result, I enjoyed increased control and carrying distance from tee to green.

Rating: 4

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6. Tour B XS – Bridgestone’s Best Golf Ball For Spin

  • Cover limits spin on long shots
  • ReactiviQ cover Increase spin in your short game
  • Boosts ball speed
  • Generates an efficient trajectory
  • Built for swing speeds exceeding 105 mph
  • Priced at a premium
  • Not recommended for slow swing speeds
  • Construction: 3 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Tour
  • Cover Material: ReactiviQ Urethane
  • Compression: 86
  • Dimple Pattern: Tour Flight
  • Colors: White, yellow, white Tiger Woods edition, 

Sticking with the Tour B range, we move on to the XS model created for players with higher swing speeds. These golfers swing a driver over 105 mph, and Bridgestone crafted the Tour B XS to produce maximum short-game spin. Another neat feature of the Tour B XS is that it was developed in conjunction with Tiger Woods.

The high spin from Tour B XS is produced by the Reactiv iQ urethane cover, which delivers different results depending on the force of the shot. In my experience, high-impact strikes like drives limited the spin and boosted the ball speed. Conversely, lower-impact short-game strikes had improved friction and increased spin.

Underneath the hood of the 3-piece golf ball sits an ionomer mantle that produces explosive ball speed at impact. However, the mid-high compression rating provides less spring assistance and promotes a lower, controlled flight.

Next, the popular Gradational Compression core helps faster swing speeds optimize energy transfer to impart explosive velocity on the ball. Finally, Seamless Cover Technology and a Dual Dimple pattern create exceptional aerodynamics for a controlled flight and maximum carry distance.

Rating: 4.5

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7. Lady Precept – Best Bridgestone Golf Balls For Ladies

  • Affordable
  • Easy to compress
  • Generates low spin
  • Promotes maximum ball speed
  • Produces consistent carry distance
  • Limited greenside spin
  • Not suited for ladies with high swing speeds
  • Construction: 2 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 50
  • Dimple Pattern: Seamless pattern
  • Colors: White, optic pink

Our Bridgestone golf ball comparison closes with the best pick for ladies in 2024. The Lady Precept is a low-compression golf ball that is easy to launch high, straight, and long. This suits ladies with average swing speeds looking for greater consistency in their long game.

Bridgestone crafts the 2-piece Precept golf ball in an optic pink or white color, with the former easier to trace in the air and spot on the ground. The driving force of the Precept is a soft core, which is easier for slower swingers to compress and launch long.

The softer Gradational core is then covered by a durable ionomer plastic, accelerating speed and restricting spin. Ladies I know admire these features off the tee as it does wonder for their distance.

However, the low spin nature is less than ideal around the green as it provides limited control on short shots. Despite the spin situation, volunteers who tested this for me said the 330-seamless dimple pattern fought drag and boosted launch for a higher flight and soft landing.

Learn how the Bridgestone Lady Precept matches up against the best golf balls for women.

Rating: 4

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Why You Should Trust Us

Golfspan is independent and not pressured by manufacturers to recommend products. We were not paid for the reviews in this article. Our team has over 100 years of golf experience, has spent thousands of hours reviewing golf equipment, and has hand-picked these golf balls. We may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase something through our retail links.

What To Consider When Purchasing The Best Bridgestone Golf Balls


The best Bridgestone golf balls range in price from approximately $20 per dozen to over $50 for a box. Their entry-level golf balls are typically 2-piece distance designs, built to minimize spin and accelerate ball speed in your long game. However, these balls lack short-game spin.

Conversely, the more expensive Bridgestone golf balls generally incorporate three pieces. A Gradational Compression Core, ionomer mantle, and ReactiviQ urethane cover. These tour golf balls generate maximum long-game distance and enhanced wedge spin for all-around performance.

Type Of Ball

Engineers at Bridgestone construct Tour and Distance golf balls to cater to every player. Distance golf balls are simple two or three-piece designs with low to mid-compression scores. They are easy to launch and generate optimal ball pace and low spin in your long game for added distance.

The downside of distance balls is the lack of spin provided on short game shots, relinquishing your control around the green. However, these golf balls tend to launch higher and land softly.

In addition, Bridgestone Tour golf balls are built to provide limited spin and accelerated ball speed in your long game. Unlike Distance golf balls, the Tour designs conjure enhanced spin revolutions on short game shots for maximum control.

Compression Rating

Your swing speed impacts the best golf ball compression score. For example, golfers who swing a driver below 72 mph are slower-speed swingers and suit low compression-rated balls. While players exceeding 105 mph are fast swingers.

Low-compression golf balls range from 30 to the mid-60s and are better for slow swingers to transfer energy and launch. Mid-compression golf balls run from the mid-60s to 90 and work for moderate swing speeds. Finally, a high-compression golf ball exceeds 90 and performs best for high swing speeds.

Cover Material

Like most golf ball manufacturers, Bridgestone use ionomer or urethane covers to protect the interior of their golf balls. Ionomer covers are popular on entry-level or mid-range distance golf balls and increase durability, lower spin, and boost ball speed for maximum long-game yardage.

The negative effect of an affordable ionomer golf ball is the lack of greenside spin it produces. As a result, your gains in length are relinquished in short-game control.

Contrarily, manufacturers employ urethane, a premium, soft material that features on Tour golf balls. Urethane usually covers balls with 3 or more pieces and enhances your feel, feedback, and spin on short game shots.


Which Bridgestone Ball Is Like Pro V1?

The Bridgestone Tour B XS is their closest golf ball to a Pro V1. Both golf balls feature high compression scores, urethane covers, 3-piece constructions, and a Tour performance. The Bridgestone Tour B XS, like the Pro V1, travels long off the tee and spins superbly on short game shots.

Which Bridgestone Golf Ball Is Best?

The e12 Contact is the best Bridgestone golf ball because it caters to a range of amateur golfers, is affordable, and performs optimally. 

Despite its increased feel on short game shots, it does not produce the spin of the Tour B XS. However, it is the best Bridgestone golf ball because most golfers can strike it.

Which Bridgestone Ball Is The Longest?

During our testing, the Tour B RX claimed the prize for the longest Bridgestone golf ball. I felt the Gradational Compression Core and ionomer mantle accelerated ball speed and lowered spin for maximum distance.

However, slower swinging amateurs may enjoy greater distance consistency with a 2-piece ball like the e6 Soft.


Our best Bridgestone golf balls review highlights the quality and standards the veteran manufacturer adheres to. Whether striking a 2-piece distance ball or a 3-layer Tour design, you enjoy the intended benefits of the engineer’s work.

In my experience, their Tour balls deliver superb all-around results from tee to green, which every golfer appreciates. However, these designs are better suited to fast-swinging low handicappers with the ability to compress a higher compression ball.

Therefore, the average golfer is better off with a distance ball that is more affordable, easy to launch, and maximizes length. The only downside of these golf balls is the lack of spin, but their higher launch and flight promote an aggressive descent for a soft landing.

While I have plenty of respect for the high caliber of Bridgestone tour golf balls, I found the e12 Contact to be their best option. It is an affordable, mid-compression golf ball that promotes distance and straighter shots. Overall it stands to benefit a broader range of golfers, which is why it tops the charts.

Check back with us at Golf Span later this year when we cover our findings on the new Bridgestone golf balls 2024, like the e9 Long Drive.

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