10 Best TaylorMade Golf Balls For 2023

Despite their industry experience, TaylorMade golf balls have been around for less than twenty years. In this guide, I detail the progress of their work and advise which best TaylorMade golf balls suit slow, medium, and fast swing speeds.

By the end of this post, you will know which are the best TaylorMade golf balls, how many layers they have, and their cover materials. Furthermore, you should have no problem deciphering whether a low, mid, or high-compression TaylorMade golf ball suits your swing.

Here is an overview of what you can expect to learn in our TaylorMade golf balls review:

  • Top 10 best TaylorMade balls with specs, pros, and cons
  • Which TaylorMade ball is best for me
  • Factors to consider when purchasing the best TaylorMade golf ball for you.
  • Are TaylorMade golf balls good

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The Best TaylorMade Golf Balls In 2023:

1) TP5x  – Overall Best TaylorMade Golf Ball

  • Produces explosive ball speed
  • Low spin on long game shots
  • High wedge spin
  • Soft feel
  • Delivers piercing flight for maximum length
  • Premium price tag
  • The higher compression is better built for higher swing speeds.
  • Construction: 5 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Tour
  • Cover Material: Soft Tough Urethane
  • Compression: 97
  • Dimple Pattern: Tour Flight
  • Colors: White, yellow, pix

The TP5x is a complex, 5-piece tour golf ball that does everything you need from tee to green, which is why it’s used by some PGA pros. Despite my slower swing speed, I felt it working to boost ball velocity and lower spin on drives while enhancing revolutions on short game and wedge shots.

The High Flex Material (HFM) proved pivotal during testing. The flexible casing worked with the enlarged, energy-charged core to explode the ball off the clubface for faster ball speeds. However, accurate results will only be experienced by players with higher swing speeds.

The level of spin produced on shorter shots enables you to attack the flag stick and achieve optimal bite for superb distance control. Finally, TaylorMade constructed the soft feeling, 5-layered TPx in a white, yellow, and pix design.

Rating: 4

Taylormade TP5x box side golf ball

I enjoyed the piercing flight of the Tour Flight dimple pattern, which fought drag, enhanced lift, and promoted stability through the air. Besides its long-game antics, I appreciated the increased spin on short iron and wedge shots.

Matt Callcott Stevens, Golfer Since Age 4, Handicap 10.8, & Sports Marketing Degree

2) Noodle Soft – Best Budget TaylorMade

  • Entry-level price tag
  • 15 golf balls included in the box
  • Low compression to boost ball speed
  • Lowers driver spin
  • Encourages straighter flight
  • No greenside spin
  • Not suited to moderate and fast swing speed.
  • Construction: 2 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 34
  • Dimple Pattern: Aerodynamic
  • Colors: White

Noodle Soft balls fall under the Maxfli brand, owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods. TaylorMade sold Maxfli to Dick’s in 2008 but still manufactures Noodle golf balls. This is why I decided to add it to the list. The Noodle distance ball is the best budget TaylorMade ball in 2023 for its straight flight, consistent distance, and low compression.

A 34 compression rating is ideal for the slowest swing speeds, requiring added spring off the clubface at contact. In my case, I launched the ball high with consistent carry distance, although I prefer a lower trajectory. However, it was consistent and forgiving.

The soft core combines with 342 aerodynamic dimples, which fight drag, enhance lift, and boost stability for straighter ball flight. The higher flight did prompt an aggressive descent which encouraged a loft on short full shots.

The biggest downside of the forgiving 2-piece Noodle Soft was the lack of spin produced around the green. As a result, I struggled to control my shots losing distance control and accuracy.

Rating: 4

3) Distance + – Best TaylorMade Distance Ball

  • Generates consistent distance
  • Boosts energy transfer at impact
  • Prompts rapid ball speed
  • Limited long-game spin
  • Durable cover
  • Produces minimal greenside spin
  • Not suited to super slow swing speeds
  • Construction: 2-layer
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 77
  • Dimple Pattern: Aerodynamic
  • Colors: White and yellow

As the name suggests, Distance + is the best TaylorMade golf ball for distance in 2023. The 2-piece golf ball scores 77 on the compression test and is made for high handicappers with moderate swing speed, seeking consistent long game length.

TaylorMade employed a durable ionomer cover to increase stability for reduced spin and rapid ball speed on long shots.

Like the Noodle Soft, the elevated ball flight caused a rapid descent and soft landing on shorter full shots. However, it lacked greenside spin and increased the challenge of controlling chips, flops, and pitch shots.

Lastly, TaylorMade engineers employed a React Speed Core to boost energy transfer at impact for an optimal coefficient of restitution. As a result, the average player stands a greater chance of producing explosive ball speed on long shots.

Rating: 3.5

Taylormade Distance+ box multiple golf ball

I generated a mid-to-high launch on most strikes and a stable flight thanks to the 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern.

4) Noodle Long And Soft – Best For High Handicappers

  • Promotes straight flight
  • Low compression
  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • Lowers long game spin
  • Provides maximum spring off the clubface
  • It offers limited greenside spin
  • The low compression is not ideal for moderate and fast swing speeds
  • Construction: 2-layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 34
  • Dimple Pattern: Aerodynamic
  • Colors: White and yellow

The Noodle Long and Soft offer high handicappers everything you need in a ball, such as forgiveness, speed, length, and accuracy. Plus, they fetch an affordable price to not break the bank every time you hit the links.

The Long and Soft ranges are covered in a tough ionomer cover which restricts spin and boosts ball speed. In addition, the low, 34 compression core helps slow swing speeds achieve boosted spring off the face for superior energy transfer and ball zip.

Adding to its velocity and spring is an impressive Impact Propulsion Core that optimizes energy transfer through impact. Next, TaylorMade employed their efficient 342 Aerodynamic dimple pattern, which mitigated the outcome of my open-face strikes.

The ball still veered right of the target, but the straighter flight took some of the curve off compared to the regular results of these shots. Finally, despite its distance capabilities, the Noodle Long and Soft offered restricted greenside spin and felt hard for my liking.

Rating: 4.5

5) Tour Response – Best TaylorMade For Mid Handicappers

  • Produces rapid ball speed
  • Delivers additional spring off the clubface
  • Generates optimal spin on short game shots
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • Suits moderate swing speed
  • Expensive, but less so than most urethane golf balls
  • Not recommended to slow swing speeds
  • Construction: 3-layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Tour
  • Cover Material: Urethane
  • Compression: 77
  • Dimple Pattern: Tour Flight
  • Colors: White and yellow

We change course in our TaylorMade golf ball reviews to 3-piece constructions. The Tour Response is a mid-compression golf ball with a urethane cover, a Hi-Spring core, and an ionomer mantle. I found it offered the perfect balance of long game distance and short control, ideal for mid-handicappers.

A Hi-Spring core is the centerpiece of the golf ball and does wonders for energy transfer at impact. In addition, it blasts the ball off the clubface for accelerated ball speed and a welcome launch.

The ionomer mantle sits between the core and the cover. It works to restrict spin on long game shots and support the core with additional velocity. In my experience, the core-mantle collaboration performed admirably to ensure optimal distance off the tee and on long approach shots.

The third part of the ball is a soft urethane cover that grips into your wedge grooves at contact and imparts phenomenal spin on the ball. Next, TaylorMade engineers applied their successful Tour Flight Dimple pattern, which served me well in the air thanks to its superb aerodynamics.

Lastly, the 77 compression TaylorMade golf ball works well for moderate swing speeds like mine. Therefore, the average mid-handicapper should have no challenge launching the Tour Response.

Rating: 4

6) TP5 – Best For Low Handicappers

  • Performs optimally from tee to green
  • Low driver spin
  • High wedge spin
  • Optimal wedge spin
  • Built for faster swing speed
  • Premium price tag
  • Not fitted to slower swing speed
  • Construction: 5-layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Tour
  • Cover Material: Soft Cast Urethane
  • Compression:85
  • Dimple Pattern: Tour Flight Dimple
  • Colors: White and yellow

No TaylorMade best golf ball list is complete without their flagship design, the TP5. The TP5 delivers exceptional results from tee to green, but its mid to high compression score makes it best suited to higher swing speeds. When comparing the TP5x with the TP5, both feature 5-layers for increased length and spin.

The larger core is the engine of the golf ball and does well to maximize energy storage and release at impact. As a result, it provides speed assistance for accelerated velocity and low spin on long shots.

I appreciate the firm inner ionomer cover, which supports the core in lowering spin and boosting ball zip. These two components are responsible for optimal launch, flight, and carry distance from tee to green.

TaylorMade engineers employed a Sofft Cast Urethane cover to the ball for a soft feel and impeccable spin revolutions. The ball cover did well to sink into my grooves on short iron and wedge shots for rampant spin and control.

The TaylorMade TP5 is one of the most popular choices among professional golfers. Find out what is the most used golf ball on the PGA Tour.

Rating: 4.5

Taylormade TP5 box side golf ball

I felt the ball glided threw the air with ease thanks to its Tour Flight Dimple Pattern, fighting drag and enhancing the slipstream.

7) Soft Response – Best For Seniors

  • Easy to trace in the air
  • The colors make it easy to find in the long grass
  • Moderate compression rating
  • Limits long game spin
  • Boost ball speed
  • Reduced greenside spin
  • Not ideal for faster swing speeds
  • Construction: 3-layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 50
  • Dimple Pattern: Extended Flight Dimples
  • Colors: White, yellow, red

Senior golfers require a low to mid-compression golf ball with an optic-friendly finish to track it effectively. The TaylorMade Soft Response is my top pick for seniors in this TaylorMade golf ball review, thanks to its 50 compression score and easy-to-follow red cover.

The star feature is the Zn0 Flex Core which sports an ultra-low 35 rating for added spring at impact. Furthermore, the low-compression core enhances energy transfer at contact to impart optimal speed and minimal spin on the golf ball.

Next, the stable, ionomer Speedmantle further restricts long-game spin and enhances velocity for maximum length. The durable, sturdy, ionomer cover enhances speed and distance.

Finally, the Extended Flight Dimple Pattern has shallower U-shaped dimples that fight drag. It also enhances lift for a high, long flight, resulting in optimal carry distance.

Rating: 4

Taylormade soft response box golf ball

8) Kalea – Best TaylorMade For Women

  • Limits long game spin
  • Boosts ball speed
  • Affordable
  • Generates considerable distance
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Limited greenside spin
  • Not built for higher swing speed
  • Construction: 2-layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 60
  • Dimple Pattern: Aerodynamic
  • Colors: White, peach, purple

Ladies deserve a golf ball that is easy to strike and generates sufficient speed for a high, long launch. Next on our TaylorMade golf ball comparison is the Kalea, a 2-piece distance golf ball that lowers driver spin accelerates ball zip, and fights drag upon lift-off.

The engineers decided on the High-Energy REACT core, which shoots off the clubface at contact, equipped with optimal ball speed and low spin. As a result, ladies are bound to enjoy an effortless strike and consistent carry distance.

TaylorMade covered the High-Energy REACT core with a sturdy ionomer cover which adds speed to the ball and limits spin on long game shots. However, the ball cover also struggles to provide meaningful spin and control on short game shots.

Finally, the 342 aerodynamic dimpled Kalea is crafted in white, peach, and purple colors for a more attractive finish for female golfers.

For more options for females, learn about the overall best golf balls for women this year.

Rating: 4

9) Tour Response Stripe – Overall Best Alignment Aid

  • Simplifies alignment
  • Easy to follow the ball in the air
  • Low spin on long shots
  • Rapid ball speed
  • Superior spin on wedge strikes
  • Expensive
  • Not suited to slower swing speed
  • Construction: 3-layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Tour
  • Cover Material: Cast Urethane
  • Compression: 70
  • Dimple Pattern: Seamless Tour Flight Dimple
  • Colors: White and yellow stripe

The Tour Response Stripe carries the same features as the Tour Response, except it has an easily identifiable stripe down the middle. Besides making it easy to follow in the air, the line simplifies alignment and provides feedback on your putting roll.

The 3-piece construction features a low 40-compression core to help moderate swing speeds generate rapid pace off the clubface. When combined with the soft urethane cover, the ball carries a total compression score of 70.

Between the softcore and urethane cover sits a High Flex Material (HFM) speed system to accelerate ball pace and lower spin. I felt the HFM system was integral to my distance and flight requirements on each shot.

Next, the Tour Flight Dimple pattern provided exceptional stability through the air to keep it flying longer for added carry distance. Finally, the Cast Urethane cover provided a soft feel and incredible spin on short shots.

Rating: 3.5

10) TaylorMade Project A – Longest TaylorMade Golf Ball

  • Generates superb length
  • Accelerates long-game ball speed
  • Restricts long-game spin
  • Increases short-game spin
  • Optimal aerodynamics
  • Not built for slower swing speeds
  • Only available in white
  • Construction: 3-layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Tour
  • Cover Material: Urethane Soft Tech
  • Compression: 70
  • Dimple Pattern: Seamless pattern
  • Colors: White

We cap off our best TaylorMade golf ball review with the best distance performer. The 3-piece design is built to deliver optimal length for moderate swing speeds and greater control on approach. All in all, I appreciate its all-around performance and reduced price compared to standard urethane golf balls.

A React Compression Core, with a 40 rating, is built to enhance velocity off the clubface on all strikes. This proves valuable for moderate and slower speeds seeking to boost long game distance.

Next, the engineers employed an ionomer spin mantle to restrict revolutions on long game shots. I found this beneficial to my forward momentum and length off the tee, resulting in greater carry distance.

The TaylorMade Project (a) is covered by a Urethane Soft Tech Cover, which produces a squishy feel and exceptional spin. Despite reducing revolutions on long game shots, the ball enhanced spin on the wedge and short iron strikes for maximum control on approach.

Rating: 3.5

Why You Should Trust Us

Golfspan is independent and not pressured by manufacturers to recommend products. We were not paid for the reviews in this article. Our team has over 100 years of golf experience, has spent thousands of hours reviewing golf equipment, and has hand-picked these golf balls. We may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase something through our retail links.

What To Consider When Purchasing The Best TaylorMade Balls

Taylormade TP5x box golf ball


Our TaylorMade golf balls review shows that the brand creates a variety of products ranging from entry-level prices to high-end. I recommend beginners and high handicapper golfers stick to the affordable golf balls, as your rate of losses is high, and you need to reduce your expenses.

However, mid and low-handicappers looking for a Tour golf ball that travels long and spins hard on wedge shots must increase their budget. In your case, a complex, urethane-covered golf ball is the way to go, but these are often double the price of affordable distance balls.

Type Of Ball

In our TaylorMade golf ball review, you will learn about tour and distance balls. TaylorMade craft complex Tour golf balls for superior golfers, while simple Distance balls suit the average golfer. Tour golf balls provided low spin and rapid pace on long shots while producing increased spin on short game strikes.

However, simple distance golf balls help golfers minimize spin and maximize ball speed for greater distance. However, these golf balls provide limited spin and control around the green, increasing the difficulty of your short game.

Compression Rating

The compression rating of a TaylorMade golf ball determines how much spring assistance it provides off the clubface. A golf ball with a low compression rating of 34 is easier for a slower-swing-speed golfer to strike and generate rapid velocity.

In my experience, slower swingers such as seniors, ladies, and juniors are better equipped for low compression-rated balls. Conversely, higher compression-rated golf balls like the 97 TP5x are crafted for higher swing speeds, requiring limited spring assistance.

Cover Material

Our TaylorMade golf ball review reveals two predominant cover materials used on their golf balls. Entry-level, 2-layer distance balls generally contain durable, ionomer material, which blasts ball speed and lowers spin.

On the contrary, premium tour golf balls sport soft, urethane covers which bite into your wedge grooves to produce sensational spin. Keep in mind that urethane-covered golf balls typically fetch a premium and are most commonly used by lower handicap golfers.


Are TaylorMade Golf Balls Good?

Yes, TaylorMade golf balls are good. The company offers an array of 2, 3, and 5-layer golf balls to suit high, mid, and low handicappers. Their most popular golf ball is the TP5, a Tour design built to maximize long-game length and enhance short-game spin for superior results from tee to green.

What TaylorMade Ball Is Similar To Pro V1??

The TP5 golf ball is more similar to a Pro V1 as it lowers long-game spin, boosts ball speed, and increases wedge spin. The TP5, like the Pro V1, are Tour golf balls. However, the main difference is the 5-layer design on the TP5 compared to the 3 on the Pro V1.


After testing and analyzing the lineup of golf balls from the behemoth brand, I have my answer to ‘Are Taylor Made golf balls good?’ In short, yes. The company creates a wealth of low-cost distance and premium tour golf balls to suit every skill level.

If you are a high handicapper seeking an economical distance ball or a low handicapper searching for a premium tour design, Taylormade has it. Although every TaylorMade golf ball on this list is worthy of a look for specific golfers, the TP5x is the best overall.

Despite its higher compression rating, I appreciated the spin, speed, flight, and distance capabilities of the best TaylorMade golf balls for 2023.

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